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I Animated A Red Pill Top All Time Post - How To Get Laid Like A Warlord

by LiveAFTSOV on /r/TheRedPill
27 October 2017 12:34 AM UTC
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This is an animated, extensive introduction on the what's, how's, and whys, when it comes to scoring model-tier girls though controlling frame.

As I go about my day driving, cooking, or showering, I love listening to pod-casts like Joe Rogan, or watching videos by channels like FightMediocrity and Illacertus.

That's when I discovered that there was no active channel doing the same thing for Red Pill Topics!

I've always been an animator and film maker, so I decided to give back to a community that has helped me grow as a person in one of the best ways I know how.

I'm open to hearing critique and feedback, and if there's interest in seeing anymore.

I might make more videos like animating "Dirty Sheets," "How To Be An Old Guy," and "Eunichs of TRP." We'll see where it goes

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Title I Animated A Red Pill Top All Time Post - How To Get Laid Like A Warlord
Author LiveAFTSOV
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Date 27 October 2017 12:34 AM UTC (2 years ago)
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48 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

How To Get Laid Like A Warlord

Was expecting a primer on how to raid local villages and cart off women.

5 upvotesWilliam_Shatonher2 years ago

If you're the cart guy in your crew don't be a piece of shit with a shitty cart. Make the cart right and don't skimp on parts. I can't tell you how many wooden spoke wheels I've seen fall apart with a full load of bitches in it.

4 upvotes185poundsofhatredWIP2 years ago

So you didn't read the sidebar? Smh.

4 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

Historical commentary lost?

3 upvotesSPREAD_THE_LOVE_77912 years ago

Are you joking? Do you see the flare?

63 upvotesex_addict_bro2 years ago

10/10, I saw a bit and had fun. Except that background tune. Some 4-channel MOD done on Amiga 500, royalty free, I get it, but it makes your voice harder to hear sometimes.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I actually loved it! What bothered me was some non smooth transitions and sometimes a few words felt like they went through a strong reverb effect

5 upvotesTroll_Name2 years ago

Seconding this. If you're not a musician and you want music in your video, find a musician. Find someone who plays several instruments proficiently and composes. Don't just toss random noise into the pot like a 1990s answering machine.

Too many books are made by non-writers. Too many "games" are made by non-developers. Too many of humanity's decisions are made by non-thinkers. Pick the right tool for the job. This isn't a historical norm; it's a recent phenomenon where everyone tries to do everything themselves and therefore they do it unsuccessfully.

Short version: get more bros.

7 upvotesLiveAFTSOV [OP]2 years ago

everyone tries to do everything themselves and therefore they do it unsuccessfully.

Feel this way so much, wish i had a team to help, hate having to animate all my films myself and shit

Short version: get more bros

I tried assembling a video crew, or a team of bros, but they either were not interested in working with me, or were uninterested in making films. So fuck them. Fuck them all. Ill do this shit myself.

4 upvotesex_addict_bro2 years ago

There's this subreddit, there's trp.red, there's that user called 'redpillschool'. Try to get some funding. And find an alternative platform (like trp.red maybe), because sooner or later YouTube is going to block your content.

Looks like you've found your niche. Great work.

2 upvotesLiveAFTSOV [OP]2 years ago

Yeah, im not alone. Im glad i can give back to the community. I hope i dont get banned lol.

Im interested in animating your experiences with BPDs

1 upvotesThrowFader2 years ago

Good luck, I really like what you are trying to do

1 upvotesBluepillProfessor2 years ago

Yep, all of these will be demonitized but it is good work.

2 upvotesuntonyto2 years ago

That's the spirit. Do it yourself. Better than dragging in some unenthusiastic partner who will bring in half-assed effort. Do it enough, you get better. SKILLS!

1 upvotesNoFapColdShower2 years ago

I'd recommend going on to soundcloud and networking with some small/undiscovered artists. Often times from my experience all you have to do is shoot them a PM and they'll say yes, you can use their music royalty free. Smaller artists might even be willing to sign an agreement. PM me if you need help with this. I also dick around with sound engineering as a hobby and might be able to offer you some pointers or help you If I get the time.

16 upvotesbeta_bud2 years ago

Dude! This is great! Can't wait to see the others.

11 upvotesFlamesofRedemption2 years ago

Nice Work. Definitely keep up the videos.

70 upvotesbsutansalt2 years ago

Thread approved. Let's see where this goes. Some feedback... the video is way too long for today's ADD audience. Chop it up into bit sized segments and then post the full all-in-one video.

Invest in a better microphone, or get closer to the one you have. Also write the script first and read it rather than winging it, which this sounds like you did at times.

90 upvotesSelfTaughtPiano2 years ago

fuck today's ADD audience.

People who don't have the patience to read a book and instead need a condensed form of the condensed form of the book disgust me, tbh. As if their time is that precious.

1 upvotesresoredo2 years ago

Nah really, 12 minutes is just too long. I love reading because I can do it on my own pace and I am a fast reader but most videos are just too long AND slow.

21 upvotesExtremely_Photogenic2 years ago

Watch it on 2x now it's 6 minutes

1 upvotesresoredo2 years ago

I have a Chrome addon and I watched it on 1.7x - the annoying BG music gets much more annoying tho but fortunately he is not talking in slomo anymore.

1 upvotesExtremely_Photogenic2 years ago

Does your addon let you do more than 2x? Most of the time I think I'd prefer like 2.5-3. The only time I think 2 is good is ben Shapiro since he talks fast normally

7 upvoteswendysNO1wcheese2 years ago

Wow I was expecting it to be 30-40 min.. 12 minutes? If your fragile little mind can’t focus that long then fuck off.

1 upvotesresoredo2 years ago

As said, it's not about focus, it's about the content and there is a reason why most videos are about 3 to 8 minutes long. Learn something about cogsci and memory blocks and then get back to me, grunt.

4 upvotesLiveAFTSOV [OP]2 years ago

Yeah people typicallt remember 5 + or - 2 bits of information, but i figured viewers would pause and continue watching at theit leasure

1 upvoteswendysNO1wcheese2 years ago

I guess you should tell some of the biggest youtubers that. Take your little intro to “cogsci” or whatever little bullshit article you read about it and go fuck yourself.

2 upvotesabstractplebbit2 years ago

Nigga what about listening to audiobooks in cars? Time IS that precious

4 upvotesp3n1x2 years ago

My time IS that precious and I don't have ADD. Fuck people who use computers and not stone tablets anymore. Simply disgusting .../s

Your gatekeeping is weak.

Suppressing masculinity and then forcing drugs into high energy boys isn't something you should see as "like, oh my god".

1 upvotesabstractplebbit2 years ago

ADD here

I love forcing addy into my high energy masculine self it just gives me more energy

1 upvotesheporantik2 years ago

ADHD here. I never complain and I don’t like those who complain. Because medication works and every ADHD person must use it IMO. But it’s not just ‘patience’ it’s defect in brain. You can not just push yourself to do things because your brain will not let you get that dopamine to do things. I just wish everyone was conscious about this disorder.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I don't think they literally meant "ADD", they meant "Fuck today's (low attention span instant gratification) audience. But you probably knew that.

-8 upvotesaDrunkenWhaler2 years ago

ADHD here.

Here we go.

I never complain and I don’t like those who complain.

You just complained in this post

Because medication works and every ADHD person must use it IMO. But it’s not just ‘patience’ it’s defect in brain. You can not just push yourself to do things because your brain will not let you get that dopamine to do things.

How about training your brain and fixing this problem instead of complaining? Things like deleting all social media, stop watching porn, removing sugar from your diet, daily meditation and actually pushing yourself like your life depended on it. And stop relying on meds to fix the effects instead of attacking the cause.

I just wish everyone was conscious about this disorder.

People are concious about the disorder, we just don't take it seriously because it is self inflicting, produced by today's society and your own weakness and used as an excuse. Everybody is diagnosed with it nowadays.

Ps- no different to fat people complaining they can't loose weight. And in both situations there are very few extreme cases that can't be fix.

1 upvotesPluglord2 years ago

You speak about it like its some club or some shit. Its a brain fuckin disorder. Look up the definition of "disorder".

16 upvotesTheStumblingWolf2 years ago

I think most people who are like that don't actually suffer from ADD though. They're just impatient due to our current instant gratificaton culture.

4 upvotesSelfTaughtPiano2 years ago

Its a self-induced habit induced by smartphones and instant gratification

2 upvotesfollow_that_rabbit2 years ago

I always laugh about this american tendency to label every defect, be it lack of patience or something else, as a serious mental disorder. That's one of the reason you guys chug adderal, ritalin and various drug when really they aren't necessary.

18 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

12 minutes is too long? Where are these men who are not able to listen for 12 minutes?

8 upvotesdumgum2 years ago

In this case it's not even really about the length, but the content is way too information rich and way too good to process in such a huge lump - there's a lot of stuff that's crammed into these 12 minutes. It would be better educationally too, to have it be 3 minutes of content - after which you have time to think and internalize that shit - then you move on to the next 3 minute video.

The info density here is large enough to really warrant it even without "piece-of-shit ADD millenials"-type reasons.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You think that's dense, try taking quantum mechanics, lol. And my professor is super quiet, it's not like algebra where I can show up drunk and not take notes.

3 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

Where are these men who are not able to listen for 12 minutes?

When I read and post here, it's mostly likely because I'm in some meeting, conference call or waiting for either. I can take it in small bites and give back in small bites, but sinking myself into something big--I generally have to reserve that for the established writers, like say Rollo. Or when one of the snot-monsters gets me sick; then you get a lot more of my attention.

8 upvotesEl_Shakiel2 years ago

At work, taking a dump. More than 3 minutes will look suspicious to the bitter post-wall female manager !

6 upvotesfailingtheturingtest2 years ago

Or the Red Pilled man who doesn't waste 12 minutes at a time of his day in the shitter playing on his phone.

-3 upvotesPluglord2 years ago

Oh look at you. You take quick shits and get back to business. You're so masculine. /s

Dudes who have real shit going on dont have time to watch 15 minute cartoon videos.

7 upvotesfailingtheturingtest2 years ago

I think you're confused. That's my fucking point.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

The progression or order was solid. If you break it up, keep that for context for each successive video. Good work.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

To add to this, I enjoyed it but mostly stopped watching and just listened to the audio instead. Personally I find this visual style of video worse than a powerpoint deck.

1 upvotesLiveAFTSOV [OP]2 years ago

Thanks for the positive critique.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Lol +1000000000 upvotes.

That was the funniest, simplest, most legit video ever.

This is a great service to the red pill community and every guy who wants to learn the true basis of the red pill.

However, it should be said this obviously doesn't apply 100% of the time with all girls and all situations. This is reality though, its all about how women perceive you.

6 upvotesKawaiiHero2 years ago

Great post man! I’m looking forward to future videos! I like when you add on more than the article. I’d change the music though

5 upvotesinaddictaquate2 years ago

I wasn't a fan because:

  • the background music - you need new music
  • the text - because of the amount of text in the video, I would prefer to read (could be my personal preference)
  • the narration/script - lacking in personality, intonation, and inflection (could also be mic quality)
  • the length - I can digest a post much faster than a video

Basically, I think there might be something with video as a medium for teaching, but, for me, this wouldn't be an effective tool because it isn't entertaining or engaging enough. Because the visual part of the video isn't useful, the content would've served as well as a mini-podcast or audio-only. Art is good though. Appreciate you trying something new and contributing.

4 upvotesLiveAFTSOV [OP]2 years ago

Really greatful for the constructive criticism. Ill take these to heart and hopefullt you stick around to see improvements

10 upvotesProto_Sigma2 years ago

I'm all in favor of it. While we're at it, animate the whole side bar. Also, if you can get EC's to participate, I'd actually pay to see it. Imagine u/GayLubeOil 's narration of his most infamous posts. I can here the youtube feminists screeching already.

2 upvotesLiveAFTSOV [OP]2 years ago

Id like to do that but i think glo wouldnt want to maybe van vas and matty

1 upvotesBeyond_The_Scope2 years ago

Off topic, I once asked the EVE Online forums how I could become a Warlord. Needless to say, the thread went really well.

I showed them though, when I reached Diamond on the SC2 ladder!

2 upvotesGraphThis2 years ago

The ability to recognize and build talent in the other warriors they choose to surround themselves with.

5 upvotespostreformedpua2 years ago

Personally not a fan of the auto generated 'drawing' style video. They were cool when they actually required the artist to have the skill to do it. A bit of code generating a rapidly moving hand isn't getting the point across better.

6 upvotesEzaar2 years ago

Good shit and informative. I thought the video was very smooth, well presented, and articulate.

5 upvotesMattyAnon2 years ago

This is great, but you should have linked to (use archive.is) and credited the original author.

OP, here's a link for you: http://theredarchive.xyz/archive/39524 And the original author is u/MikeHaines.

Other than that, great work! This kind of presentation can make information sink in faster.

5 upvotesLiveAFTSOV [OP]2 years ago

I did credit the OP in the title card, but i used the original link rather than the archive, will correct that now

2 upvotesYGDieciseis2 years ago

Great vid, only thing I hated was the music

1 upvotesLiveAFTSOV [OP]2 years ago

When you diss the music, is it cus of the choice or, the fact theres music at all?

2 upvotesbookofcookies2 years ago

It was entertaining. Nice song too, helped me stay commited.

2 upvotesLiveAFTSOV [OP]2 years ago

Im glad someone liked the music

2 upvotesFuture962 years ago

Great video. I absolutely enjoyed it. However, you need a better microphone. Aside from that, it's a totally perfect video.

2 upvotesFeddoX2 years ago

Thanks to you i understand frame now. Couldn't get my head around it. Maybe i needed a visualisation of it. thank you!

2 upvotesLiveAFTSOV [OP]2 years ago

I had a feeling some people felt this way. Youre welcome thanks for watching

2 upvotespennynotrcutt2 years ago

As a woman I'm not going to comment on TRP related stuff, but I wanted to say you are an AWESOME illustrator!

2 upvotesDSetupDTitleDMenu2 years ago

Hate to get all blackpillish on you lot, but that "How to Get Laid Like a Warlord" post is the worst top-rated post on theredpill by far. It's dumbed-down, PUA-esque wishful thinking.

It's got a solid explanation of what "frame" is, sure, but like confidence, frame should be the glue that holds the product together (the product being you in this case) rather than having frame or confidence be the actual product of "seduction" or whatever.

4 upvoteshtbf2 years ago

I don't see the added value of the video compared to just reading the article.

1 upvotesJustSomeThief2 years ago

i like it because it's something for me to listen to while I'm showering or eating or something, idk it's kinda like an audio book, similar to a book summary, but his video went into more detail

1 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

like an audio book

There is a lot of utility in doing this sort of thing, so yeah, it was a good idea. However, the music..... ug.

1 upvotesLiveAFTSOV [OP]2 years ago

When you diss the music, is it cus of the choice or, the fact theres music at all?

2 upvotesObeyTheCowGod2 years ago

You have those greater than less than symbols around the wrong way. Also why didn't you link back to the original content? Good job by the way.

2 upvotesLiveAFTSOV [OP]2 years ago

I did link, its in the description

0 upvotesObeyTheCowGod2 years ago

I'm not seeing you link to "A Red Pill Top All Time Post". You did not link to the source material you based your video on. Or am I just seeing a differn't version of the internet from everybody else?

2 upvotesLiveAFTSOV [OP]2 years ago

Look in the youtube video desc

2 upvotesThickDickWarrior892 years ago

The best part ab this video is that it’s a white guy mackin on a black bitch!

2 upvotesJailhouseredpilled932 years ago

Whats up with the brown characters? Snow flake management? It smells like liberal virtue signaling. HAY LOOK I GOT BROWN CHARACTERS EVEN THOUGH IT WOULD HAVE BEEN EASIER TO JUST MAKE THEM ALL THE SAME COLOR. Smh.

1 upvotesLiveAFTSOV [OP]2 years ago

nigga stfu lol.

Im a white guy that likes smashing black girls.

2 upvotesJailhouseredpilled932 years ago

Why? Never mind. I like white girls. Asians are hot. The writing is good. Stick figures would have been better so as not to offend the "ethnically challenge." That is all.

1 upvotesdecadentwesternperv2 years ago

Who's offended?

You: Eww brown ppl my eyes

Also you: Calling other people "ethnically challenged"

1 upvotesJailhouseredpilled932 years ago

Lol. You have to admit it looks like virtue signaling. Just pointing it out.

1 upvotesJailhouseredpilled932 years ago

Im the ethnically challenged one i was referring to btw. Facetiously.

1 upvotesLiptusg2 years ago

Rule 2

Stopped watching right there. If he makes a Tinder profile with the pictures of an average GeekCon ( And I mean the natives, not the tourists ) guy with as much frame as he could possibly muster and gets a single message, I'll transfer my bank account to him. Meanwhile the internet is full of guys with muscular dude pictures sending texts to women like "I'm autistic, I'm super shy" and so forth to absolutely no avail in sweeping down their interest in most cases.

The female brain is attracted to frame, but at the same time it isn't "color-blind" to the two other pillars that must supplement frame, appearance and social status. An hot guy signals that he's got the right genetics, a muscular guy signals that he's got the power and willingness to pursue it, a guy surrounded by friends in a party demonstrates his social position.

Let's compare it to pretending that you are a gangster to a group of actual gangsters. You'll need the frame, even gangsters within the group do, but you'll also need the status ( I.E Other gangsters vouching for you ), and if you don't have the status, then you're gonna need the appearance. Let's look at Simon from The Walking Dead. I chose him in particular because he isn't the most muscular or physically intimidating like Negan or Abraham, in another world he can be some drunk scrawny homeless old guy, but his facial structure and features are still needed to augment his "frame" ( In this context, the role he is acting ).

Simon looks like the kind of old-timer redneck who has some boys "ways down south" who might pack your corpse into their pick-up truck and bury you in their backyard. His rough eyes, cheeks and so on give the impression of someone who might not shy from a confrontation. So if someone who looks like Simon pretends he's a Gangster, actual gangsters might stop for a minute to question just how much weight might be behind his words.

Now take famous Eggman here or Gabe Newell. No matter which haircut, clothes, bling-bling or expression you photoshop on those guys, unlike Simon, they have very "soft" features, and natural expressions ( When Smiling for example ) and are never going to make a convincing gangster for anybody.

Same goes for Frame. No, you can't make an ugly guy become Chad with "frame", you can at best find average men with enough status and talent to "pass". No, I don't see any Eggmans or "Neckbeard"-type guys with Sorority girls anywhere. Go to google and find pictures of Coachella festivals or some kind of college event and point the ugly guys who are a couple with any woman in the scene at all, let alone "hot ones".

This kind of nonsense is only meant for selling purposes.

7 upvotesLiveAFTSOV [OP]2 years ago

If you watched the whole video youll know i said you have to pass a certain amount of looks threshold to even have frame be a factor.

6 upvoteselcarlosmiguel2 years ago

Hahaha black pill idiots, this video is about cold approach, not tinder

If you would listen to the stuff being said instead of looking for something that makes it ok for you to be a lazy piece of shit

You are doing exactly what the video says about unattractive man.

Its all about mentality. You have to like yourself. I bet you never cold aproached more than a 100 times( my bet would be zero)

I am a ugly guy with a great body and yeah its way harder for me thats why i had to cold approach 10, 15 times each day . Yeah its hard asf but i did it during almost 6 MONTHS, now i have a great girlfriend and fucked 10 girls yeah its few compared to the girls i approached but im getting better and better.

Your problem is it looks like you dont want to win, you reek of depression and insecurity go out there and start going to the gym and approaching girls


1 upvotescorsega2 years ago

You're missing the point. The video is literally about attracting model-tier girls.

The essay claims

Women would rather fuck an ugly guy with a strong frame than a handsome guy with a weak one

Bullshit. Women are attracted to looks first. It's a fitness indicator.

A girl can ONLY get horny for you if you have a stronger frame than her.

Bullshit. Women fuck beta chads all the time, just because they're attractive.

You can't fuck 9s and 10s unless you are in the top X% of men, looks-wise OR you "pay" for it with status/money. If anyone finds me a concrete example that disproves this, I'll GLADLY change my mind, but you can't.

2 upvotesgreenlittleman2 years ago

I know the guy who looks like a 5-6, but fucked 9 and 10. Though he have status and money, BUT he didn't demonstrate it. If you want to sleep with 9 and 10, but don't have high level pickup skills (framing is just beginner level) then indeed, you don't have a chance. And if this girl is not only good looking, but have high social status, then your looks is not enough.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Me. I'm really hot, used to do male modeling, but I rarely get laid. I'm not beta, just have several severe mental illnesses.

1 upvotescorsega2 years ago

That's not what I'm asking for. I'm asking for a guy who's not attractive that fucks "model-tier" girls.

1 upvotesLiveAFTSOV [OP]2 years ago

Hi. That's me. I look like an average joe, with a 5% better than average body, and I've fucked 1 runway model and 1 photo model in the last 8 months.

1 upvotesgreenlittleman2 years ago

Looks matters only in internet AND a little at beginning of interactions. I know a guy who looks like a model and have strong game, but even so he get rejected from the start more than 1/7 in cold approach (by rejected I mean he didn't start lead a girl to his/her home, if she gives you phone BUT you can't meet her its rejection too), because of how probabilities works IRL he once have had almost 100 such rejections straight (later he have had 10 lays out of 20 approaches - anyone who done 1000+ approaches know about such funny way probabilities works).

But I'm agree with you about one thing - different types of frame works for different types of people. For fatty dominant frame would work worse, unlike, for example, frame of funny guy.

1 upvotesCrazyHorseInvincible2 years ago

It took you at least 10 minutes to type this. It takes me .3 seconds to hit "remove".

The black pill is nothing but the desire to make others share your self-defeating attitude.

Take it somewhere else.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Fantastic job man keep it up. Would love to see more sidebar material animated.

1 upvotesMeatcape2 years ago

This was amazing, great art style and nicely narrated Good work bud

1 upvotesWorldNewPilla2 years ago

That is awesome man!!! Keep doing those!

1 upvoteszeussingh2 years ago

Good job !! Keep them coming !! We definitely need a channel for red pill content . I dont mind reading the long posts. But sometimes its good to listen to bullet points, to let it sink completely.

And I agree ... 12 minutes is a bit too long. After a couple of minutes you start loosing the grasp of the main idea. Keep them around 7-8 mins and do bullets well.

1 upvoteszattraction2 years ago

Live victoriously... really!? haha video was ok though

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Great video bro, I'm looking forward to the remaining two.

1 upvotesSirKolbath2 years ago

This was brilliantly done!

If I were to give any feedback, it would be pretty much what has already been covered. There were a couple of times when it sounded like you were too far away from the microphone and there was an echo, and also a couple of times where you stumbled during the narration. However, the quality of the presentation overcame all of this.

Unlike some of the others, I think it was about the perfect length. Ten rules in twelve minutes including introduction and a quick recap is about perfect. Much shorter than this and you won't be able to explain the material in enough depth to make the video worthwhile. Much longer than this and you're going to lose the audience.

I like to listen to YouTube videos while I drive, so I didn't get the full benefit of your animations, but what I did see I thought was very well done. (Hehe! "U want sum fuk?")

I am subscribed to your channel and am looking forward to the rest of your productions. Well done!

2 upvotesLiveAFTSOV [OP]2 years ago

I really appreciate your comment. Thank you.

1 upvotestyrextyvek2 years ago

Awesome video. Great animation and fantastic presentation. Cheers!

1 upvotesabdout772 years ago

I had some hard time understading some of the rules but using the examples in the video makes them more clear now

1 upvotestehwankingwalruses2 years ago

LOL. I love how the cavemen talk like black guys. Nice touch OP.

1 upvotesN0WHER3_MAN2 years ago

OP sounds 14. Learn to talk with your diaphragm.

1 upvotesmecevik2 years ago

A subtitle must be included to reach those who aren't native speaker of english.

1 upvotesgreenlittleman2 years ago

How many people get laid by this guide alone? There is not enough "success stories" about it.

I've read other posts by the author and subscribed to his emails and then get disappointed by him. Some of his advices either doesn't work, or even blue pill, plus he promotes his paid product as if he needs me to buy it no matter what, giving overly exaggerated promises and screaming "buy, buy, buy please".

This guide is not something you can check in one day, you need to follow it for weeks, or months to know how effective is it.

So my question again - who have had some great results by this guide alone?

1 upvotesenjoy_life882 years ago

Hahaha I really liked the video, also can't complain about the music. Some commenters here need to practice rule #5 more apparently...!

1 upvotesFlying_Wingback2 years ago

This is very well done. You should do one on the 16 commandments of poon

1 upvotesCollectivePsychosis2 years ago

why does everyone commission the same artist for their cutesy-fast-drawing-voice-over videos?

1 upvotesLiveAFTSOV [OP]2 years ago

Its because of collective psychosis

1 upvotesTRPmc1172 years ago

Wow, this is really cool, thanks for doing it. This is a stylistic nitpick, but the hand drawing the words out is super distracting and is a strain on the eyes after awhile. Simplicity is the key to making these videos great. Take a minimal approach. Remove things that are unnecessary (textures, objects in the frame, too many colors, etc).

That said I love what you're doing, great first attempt. Keep it up.

1 upvotesLiveAFTSOV [OP]2 years ago

Thanks for the constructive feed back, ill keep thst in mind

1 upvotesYellowSoldier2 years ago

Need for Madness was a good game

1 upvotesSavingMasculinity2 years ago

This is great! As a fellow film-maker, this is well done. And quite helpful. Keep up the great work!

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

This was great man keep it up

1 upvotesbvg682 years ago

Nice graphics, confident tone of voice and clear enunciation. The music is a too loud and the volume should be lowered. OP has a good voice it should be featured rather than being secondary to the music.

1 upvotesLiveAFTSOV [OP]2 years ago

Really appreciate that feed back

-2 upvotesWolfofAnarchy2 years ago

Man, you should've picked a better post. Some of Woujo's posts are really good and groundbreaking, this post was simply upvoted because it says 'it doesnt matter what you look like as long as you have frame1!11!!' which is obviously bullshit. Sure, it's very important to have frame, but the post goes as far as saying that even if you lift and look orgasmic, the ugly fat dude with amazing frame will get more women. That's so fucking false it's laughable.

Honestly, to everyone here, GO OUT. Stop reading TRP every day and GO OUT. Most people on this sub are probably virgins, and they just sit and read, basking in their glory of being 'red pilled' and woman-hating. Meanwhile people who we would call blue pilled actually have the balls to approach, and they get laid more. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that is the 'red pill' you should take.

TAKE ACTION. After you've read the top 30 posts on this sub, after you've read ±5 books on the subject (some Rollo, some NMMNG, some Marcus Aurelius), you ought to be basically done here.

0 upvotesKingoftheflow2 years ago

I love the video! Cant wait for more. BTW, what is this amuse mastery u mention early on in the video? Is it a program?

0 upvotesForcetobereckonedwit2 years ago

Good job Live. Keep it up. Work that YT ad train and add bucks to your game.

0 upvotesOnlyTRP2 years ago

This is pretty good shit man, Id like to see more of these, I was glued to the screen the whole time!

1 upvotesLiveAFTSOV [OP]2 years ago

thanks for the love man, be sure to sub to see the new ones. i will def make more

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