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Your time is your greatest asset. Be selective about how you spend it.

by c-novo on /r/TheRedPill
23 May 2018 05:04 AM UTC
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It took me some time to realize what SMV really meant. On the surface, it boils down to a number on scale of relative attractiveness. And there's definitely some truth to that. However, in order to better understand the concept, I think it's important to break it down further.

How is the value of anything in a particular market established? What does every market attempt to capture? Only the most valuable currency known to this planet. Human attention.

Paying attention to something is a way of assigning value. The quality and amount of attention given determine relative value. And the more you pay attention to someone or something, the more you signal to the rest of the world (and your own brain) how valuable you believe it to be. This makes sense because if this wasn't the case, logically you wouldn't waste your time or energy on that thing or person.

Pre-selection is powerful. When people pay attention to a particular product, it grows in popularity and demands an increase in price. This is why billions of dollars are spent each year on marketing and advertisement.

Women market themselves through sexual availability and physical appeal. Those who men pay attention to the most have the highest sexual market value. This is fairly obvious. This is why men can easily be attracted to women in seconds, while women generally take longer to become attracted because they seek out behavioral traits that aren't quite apparent at first glance.

When you give your attention away freely, it becomes clear that you don't value your own time. People are well-attuned to sensing this subconsciously. When a man orbits a woman, he broadcasts the fact that her time is more valuable than his, and will therefore supplicate to her whims and emotions. This is such a turnoff to women because women are attracted to value. And when you don't provide value, you are of no use to her.

In the age of social media, women have been inundated with validation from men who don't know the value of their own time. This causes some women to believe that they are much more valueable than they really are. And as we all know, perception is reality.

The trick to this is, if your frame is unshakeable and you truly believe something, reality will bend to your psychological frame of reference because reality is based upon the perception of obvservers.

However, your brain isn't stupid, you can't fool yourself forever. Repeating a mantra of "I am alpha and tough and all women want me" is no substute for actual self-improvement. The basis of a strong frame is actually going out and becoming successful, no matter how you might define it. In order to truly believe that you and your time have value, you must improve yourself. Investing money into a product will increase its value. Investing time in yourself is no different. When the reality of your time being valuable is nested in sound logic, when you know it to be true, women's emotional reality has no choice but to bend and accept the logically stronger frame.

As far as human nature is concerned, the man with the strongest frame of reality, the self-actualized successful man, is the man with the highest Sexual Market Value.

The human brain is an excellent servant, but a terrible master. Left to its own devices, it will seek to conserve and hoard energy. In the modern world of excess this manifests as laziness and gluttony. Your natural desires for success are placated by virtual fantasies transmitted through black mirrors in our pockets and living rooms: video games, porn, tv, social media, etc. But these virtual successes are short-lived and unfulfilling. People are so depressed, anxious, and short-tempered these days because they are trapped by webs and filtered by screens.

Time will go by regardless. It is how you invest that time which determines your success in life. The more you value your time, the more you will spend it wisely. The more wisely you spend your time, the more valuable your time will become. Its a positive feedback loop.

But you must be selective about how you spend your time. Don't get caught in the virtual web of distractions. Take intelligent action to improve your life and nature will reward you for your efforts. This doesn't mean you must be a slave to productivity 24/7. In order to maximize the value your time provides, relaxation and rest are absolutely essential as well. Optimization requires balance.

It may be a stretch of the term, but I'm of the opinion that life is really just an elaborate shit test, designed to screen out the unworthy who aren't strong and intelligent enough to shape reality for themselves. Fortune favors the bold and nature destroys the weak. This is natural selection in action. If you can't figure out how to survive and thrive, nature has no place for you and it will shit on you with no remorse. Nature is amoral and your time is valuable. Act accordingly.

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209 upvotesasadi11 year ago

This is the most valuable and relatable I've read on here. Thank you for the reminder. Wish you well.

27 upvotesD_Gandy1 year ago

Life Changing advice if you put it into action.

In one year I look forward to thanking OP after meeting some goals I just set.

54 upvoteschazthundergut1 year ago

Great observation OP.

Women's demands for a man's time is a shit test.

And another one: life is really just an elaborate shit test

Pure gold. I have the same exact thoughts.

This reminds me of a video I saw talking about 300 and how the Spartans would have a guy inspect the babies and whichever ones were deformed got thrown off a cliff. And the video made a great point:

Women are that selector

It is their job to shit test. It is their job to prevent the weak from reproducing. It is their job to preserve strength and masculinity, for the good of our species.

That is why hatred for women is so counter-productive. Realize what they are doing, accept them for what they are (and stop expecting them to be what they are not) and get to the long and difficult task of transforming yourself into a high-value Man.

162 upvotesperfect_comment1 year ago

This is honestly post of the year , it sums up everything. Life is about your precious time .

10 upvotesakzunamoon1 year ago

yes, life in general. not only your smv.

1 upvotesNuclear-Caveman1 year ago

As a guy who criticizes a lot of unintelligent babble on TRP, you have my compliments on this read. High value, easy to read, organized efficiently and did not waste my time at all. Good. Fucking. Shit.

1 upvotesstarky-kun1 year ago

We're all gonna get banned, but I feel like some of these contributors don't even pull.

1 upvotesdontbethatguynow1 year ago

i've always wondered how lax the criteria is. Must tell someone their a Beta Cuck x100

1 upvotesjamesbond81811 year ago

I agree, some Senior Contributors write like shit and think we ought to thank them for their overused and extreme examples.

Fuck ‘em.

1 upvotesLiveAFTSOV1 year ago

Funny considering this exact "time is your most valuable" shit was written 8 times in the last month

2 upvotesTheRedPike1 year ago

First, we need to replace whiners with people that actually post content.

Most of us actually have lives. What's that like, right?

3 upvotesWe_Are_Legion1 year ago

u/TheRedPike, on the same note as throwing out whiners, may I also request that the OP of this post be awarded a point?

My reasoning:

1) Its a neat, thoughtful post. I really liked it. I think he's adding to young men's understanding, and he seems to grasp the core principles from his posting history. I look forward to more, u/c-novo.

2) Whether trolls can understand or not, at least let us never be guilty of not broadcasting the message from our side, with both positive *and* negative reinforcement. The message being: Good content leads to praise(and points). Whining in comments leads to bans.

3 upvotesTheRedPike1 year ago


1 upvoteslife_is_dumb1 year ago

You wrote exactly what I was thinking. If only the top/senior contributors could write such rational, powerful, unemotional, and well organized thoughts.

24 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

If anyone takes your advice seriously they will quit Reddit the day they read it and go do something more meaningful. Most good advice is easy on the eyes but hard on the hands after all.

6 upvotesCesare_MA1 year ago

I’ve more or less stopped using reddit for anything except my personal interests (stuff like r-bodybuilding, r-learnmath, r-hiphopheads, etc.). In that respect itcan be a good resource for keeping up with hobbies and interests.

2 upvotesocean_of_spunk1 year ago

quit Reddit the day they read it

I know easier said than done but moderation is key.

17 upvotesmmerijn1 year ago

It may be a stretch of the term, but I'm of the opinion that life is >really just an elaborate shit test, designed to screen out the >unworthy who aren't strong and intelligent enough to shape >reality for themselves.

A set of tests designed to discover the most competent based on a set of values, a hierarchy. I think what you describe as reality is "society"; a shit test is a way to test for value, a part of society is in a sense a repeated set of tests designed to discover your potential value so society exists out of shit tests.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I like the way you expanded on that and connected it to a bigger picture. I never thought of it quite like that before. That seems to correlate with the idea of social capital. A shit test is like a verification process to see, “does this guy really have the social capital that he acts like, or is it just an act and is he weak beneath the surface?” I’d imagine alphas/high social capital people would respond to shit tests effectively (verifying their value) but a low social capital/beta would respond ineffectively (verifying low value).

This is why building power is so important. Pretending to be alpha only gets you so far. In the long-run, men need to be lifting, eating well, and focusing on their mission (building power/social capital) to truly be alpha / pass shit tests with ease.

6 upvotesmmerijn1 year ago

Thank you for the compliment.

1 upvotesKoppin_a_Feel1 year ago

All great until you realize that the average person doesn’t have the intelligence or drive to push themselves to become higher value, no matter how much time they have. In any case, your point stands.

27 upvotesstickstickley871 year ago

True, I probably can’t be George Clooney. But I can push myself to be the best version of stickstickley87 that I can be.

5 upvotes--legendary1 year ago

The average person has a victim mentality and hates personal responsibility. They follow the path of least resistance and don't know how to fight for themselves.

3 upvotesMorningsun921 year ago

People are creatures of routine, we like the safe things we know and fear the possibilities that could hold negative reactions/ emotion. But if you’re aware of how silly it is to reside in a bubble of boring neutral cruise control, life gets so much better.

13 upvotesomega_dawg931 year ago

the age old question... "is pussy free?"

lots of guys say, "hell yeah... i ain't paying for it."

then, they go on 3 dates, spend HOURS texting and talking, and maybe some late nights sofa-stting.

3 weeks later, they get the pussy and say, "see... it was free."

4 upvotesThrowaway_52521 year ago


Currently trying to explain this to my friend who's always trying to put me down for paying for sex most weekends, then later starts telling me his sob stories how we got jerked around by some chick taking her out on multiple expensive dates only to be ghosted with a scarily lack of empathy. With dating, your paying for the opportunity for puss. Time is a commodity and once you get out into the workforce (I work in sales) this will become all the more apparent. Attaining sex is best viewed through the lens economics.

51 upvotesaasdtr1 year ago

Underrated post.You explained well what i think

11 upvotesRedPilledRoaster1 year ago

It is important to genuinely occupy your attention though, by always having your thoughts being focused on yourself and your mission.

It’s pathetic when you still occupy your mind with thoughts about other people/what they think of you but consciously divert your visual attention from them.

18 upvotesChrimsonChin9881 year ago

Very well thought out and written 10/10

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

This hits home. I'm currently in a sales role that, while it pays well, has impeded my professional growth and resulted in numerous frustrations. The income keeps me here and likely mitigates any real sense of urgency to find a new job. With ample savings, albiet living in an expensive city, the wise move is to find a new role while in the current role. For the sake of my sanity and limited time on earth, I'd really like to quit and maybe travel before a new role. The challenge is, what's a bold decision versus what's just foolish?

15 upvotesc-novo [OP]1 year ago

It sounds like you recognize an impedence to your own personal definiton of success in life. If you value the ability to travel and experience different parts of the world, you should adjust your focus accordingly. You don't need to quit your job on an impulse. You just need a game plan to figure out your expenses and next steps towards successfully navigating your desired path.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Have you ever done something like that?

3 upvotestheoracleofbromaha1 year ago

I have done something like this. The move is one part financial and one part psychological.

  1. Make sure your finances are in place to allow you to survive if the worst case scenario occurs (which rarely does, you’d be surprised how resourceful you can be when under pressure).

  2. With that squared away mentally prepare yourself to leave. Whether it’s a job, a woman, your family/friends. You have to embrace uncertainty and bask in it. Then you’ll be able to leave.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago
  1. I have plenty of savings to cover even over a year without income, although I'd obviously like to protect the nest egg.

  2. Uncertainty is probably less daunting then not having income/burning 4k a month...

Appreciate the insight though. It's easy to day dream about, hard to pull the trigger on.

2 upvotestheoracleofbromaha1 year ago

Agreed, but you have to have some tangible skill set that is worthy of your pulling in at least 4K a month. There’s no way that it can not translate to a side gig as you find your dream. Good luck.

8 upvotesMetalgear2221 year ago

Solid post. Beautifully written in a way that's easy to digest. SMV rules all

52 upvotessqerl1 year ago

Women are sex objects
Men are success objects

Men spending time cultivating the latter attracts the former.

For women, the former attracts the latter.

Spend your time accordingly.

20 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I agree that spending our time wisely is important.

However, what is your opinion on how a man should spend his time? Doing what he finds most enjoyable? Doing what earns him the most money?

Altruistically? Or should his prime concern be reproduction and raising the best family he can?

49 upvotesc-novo [OP]1 year ago

I don't know if there's any definitive answer to that. How you define success depends upon your values and your unique perspective on life.

People mentally exhaust themselves searching for the meaning of life, but meaning is something created, not something hidden behind some esoteric knowledge.

Figure out what interests you most in life, develop skills to help you reach success in each interest, and build a life you can be proud of.

Every man should have at least one creative endeavor, physical endeavor, mental endeavor, and (if you wish) spiritual endeavor. To pursue and attain success in each facet is the process of self-actualization.

3 upvotesFryguy481 year ago

Could you put some examples of the endeavors?

27 upvotesPoorlyTimedPun1 year ago

Is this hand holding really necessary? Come on man...

Creative - wood working, making some type of art, starting a screen printing shop in your garage.

Physical - lifting or challenging yourself physically, playing a sport.

Mental - reading, learning, mastering yourself, furthering your education/ job.

Spiritual - mediation, religion (spirituality).

Feel free to combine them. For example designing and learning to build/building your own house could be an endeavor in all 4.

2 upvotesNormalAndy1 year ago

I was wondering the same and feel it was put well on another post:

“This is why building power is so important. Pretending to be alpha only gets you so far. In the long-run, men need to be lifting, eating well, and focusing on their mission (building power/social capital) to truly be alpha / pass shit tests with ease.”

3 upvotesmmerijn1 year ago

What you are asking for is a set of values for what is "good", or what should be aimed for.
What he said is that you should spend your time wisely while chasing said good, or in other words time is something that can be(come) of value.
What is good is something that every individual has to figure out for themselves, because what we value is something innate, eg. when one day old babies are shown a picture of a human and a picture of an object they will linger on one longer than on the other, typically boys look at the object longer than on the face showing our interest in the objective world over what we often call as "petty drama".
Thus, to answer your question: Look for the things you value in life and then find the most time efficient way to get from A to B, with B being the best life according to all of your values.

Note: These values may change over time so you will have to change your plan and your goal accordingly.

1 upvotesstarky-kun1 year ago

Do what makes you happy bro.

1 upvotestheoracleofbromaha1 year ago

Goatse your implying that all of the options of time spent are mutually exclusive. That is not the case you can do enjoyable things that make you the most money if you are one of the best in your field while also being altruistic.

Let’s not over complicate these things.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I'm not arguing that, I'm just curious how the OP would prioritize the above factors.

-5 upvotescakefmateus1 year ago

You're not asking me but in my opinion your time need to be menaged wisely and effectively. This means you can do everything you said, but you need to menage it so it becomes effective.

And ofc, use common sense and learn how to prioritize time.

2 upvotesdrty_pr1 year ago


Use your time as you see fit with an understanding that people will judge you based on how they perceive the value of the life you choose to live. The essence of your frame is knowing that what other people think of your actions means fuck all, provided you are being honest and congruent with yourself. The fact you have passion for something, irregardless of others opinions of it, transpires into true confidence and the frame of a man who values his time. Just know that if you fake this, people will see through the bullshit.

5 upvotesemt03gh1 year ago

Ok, question could frame and self live be equal to each other? I had a LTR and I had no choice to walk away. She stated that she didn’t know that she wanted to be in a relationship. Well, she’s on bumble now..So she didn’t want to be in a relationship with me. She was a single mom, gorgeous and cool..It all went downhill after she told me she was raped as a child..I got oneitis, broke frame slightly then the attraction went away within a week. I know I should’ve ran, but she was hot, really cool, positive and fun at first. I go to a counselor to vent out my problems and he asked if I loved myself..I said no automatically and broke down, I don’t hate my self, I like myself very much. So that is why I ask is Frame a part of Self love or vice versa? Thank you.

14 upvotesc-novo [OP]1 year ago

Frame is self-assurance based on an internal foundation of personal success and percieved self-worth. As a man, I don't think it's a matter of self love, it's a matter of self respect. If you respect yourself and value your time, it will reflect through your psychological frame and improve your relationships

5 upvotesthunderbeyond1 year ago

Repeating a mantra of "I am alpha and tough and all women want me" is no substute for actual self-improvement. The basis of a strong frame is actually going out and becoming successful, no matter how you might define it. In order to truly believe that you and your time have value, you must improve yourself.

Never, never let women take you away from the activities that improve you. Your own improvement is much, much more important than the attention you can get from women, and many times more important than giving attention to women.

I've also noticed that women love a disciplined man. The words are "you got up at 4:30 to go to the gym? God I'd love to be able to do that" but their feelz are that deep down they just fucking love it that you're a man that doesn't fuck around, he gets his shit done.

As far as human nature is concerned, the man with the strongest frame of reality, the self-actualized successful man, is the man with the highest Sexual Market Value.

Always direct your time to the best return. Lifting, studying, honing your craft... make it about you first. You don't improve your SMV by waiting on women.

Awesome post.

15 upvotesCarthaginianSalt1 year ago

I agree with your conclusion however I disagree with your premise:

Only the most valuable currency known to this planet. Human attention.

Of course we can get into semantics of what you mean by human attention but I would argue material currency and knowledge are more valuable than human attention. Which is why we spend so much of our time acquiring the two.

Otherwise very insightful post, in the words of Seneca : "We are so frugal with our money but when it comes to time – the one thing which we should be most frugal – we spend it wastefully."

29 upvotesc-novo [OP]1 year ago

My thought process behind the statement boils down to the idea that human time and attention are the truest form of value judgements. A dollar has value only through the collective belief that it can be exchanged for someone else's time and attention. When you buy a product, you are, in a sense, exchanging your time and attention (quantified by the amount of income you bring in) for someone elses (quantified by the dollar amount you pay for it).

So maybe the difference is semantic, but I think the distinction is important in understanding where the value of such currency is derived.

9 upvotesCarthaginianSalt1 year ago

I will concede. Given employers pay people for their labour (time +attention) it must be more important. I think I needed to understand that the concept of attention wasn't in the ordinary sense but more 'what we are doing/how we spend our time' rather than simply being aware/observant.

12 upvotesOneRedSock1 year ago

It ties in well to the concept of money that I feel like so many young people completely miss these days.

When you are at a job you are paid money to do a thing when you could have chosen an infinite array of other things to do - go camp, fish, video games, read a book, rock climb, etc. Your time is one of the few commodities on this planet that is completely non-refundable; and it is essentially your life energy that is slowly depleting. So when you are given money, it is saying "here's the value of your sacrifice of your life energy; you did this thing for me instead of the other things you love to do -- here is the compensation for sacrificing your life doing a thing for me instead of a thing for yourself".

Even if you love your job, there are still plenty of other things you could still have chosen to do that may have been even more enjoyable.

Therefore, money is irrevocably tied into the concept of attention; or, extrapolated further, the thing you chose to do with your limited time on this planet when you could have chosen any other option.

15 upvotesc-novo [OP]1 year ago

Well said.

People don't usually understand the concept of "time is money" until they wake up one day, old and wealthy, willing to give up every penny for a chance to be young again.

7 upvotesMrFuckinFantastic1 year ago

God damn you have words way too well figured out. I hope you write a lot in your spare time if it’s not profesional already.

5 upvotesweezylane1 year ago

Should go on the sidebar. Bravo.

12 upvotescakefmateus1 year ago

One of the best posts I've read here in a while, the final words are harsh and true to the core. I've seen this happens to many times with me, putting other people time or wishes above my own earning me nothing.

Of course there's exceptions, there is some people in your life that you should value and sometimes (READ SOMETIMES) put their time above yours because you know their presence is important (a true gf, parents, close friends). Other people? If there's nothing there for you, gtfo.

Akwardly as it is when you start investing in yourself and start to get better, really better, people will claim your attention and when not given they will call you arrogant or some shit like that. Attention is important depending on your SMV, if you're nobody people won't think shit of you but at the minute you become somebody your attetion will be important.

If you pay attetion is like a circle that feeds itself.

21 upvotesc-novo [OP]1 year ago

If your time is valuable, your attention will be sought after. If you are a master of any field, students will travel far and wide just for access to a sliver of your time and attention. If you are a successful man, women will do the same.

Dont let the crabs pull you back down the bucket. Any attempt to shame you with claims of arrogance should be met with indifference. A lions time is far too valuable to trifle with the opinions of sheep.

3 upvotesBest_Chorizo1 year ago

I think some people that master an activity or subject in which you want to improve, deserves that you put their time above yours, so they can teach you some shit. But it's still a win scenario for you and you're not really losing time, therefore value.

7 upvotesNormalAndy1 year ago

A truly great post- thanks.

For me, the only way to value my time is split it up into chunks and plan out how I am going to use it. This does not come naturally and I do not relish the process at all, although I do so often see the positive results/ benefits. Being told what to do, even by a calendar of my own creation, is tough going as I value my freedom and spontaneity. Planning and commitment is bondage.

Still, I have not yet found a better way (and believe me I am VERY open to ideas on this one). If you do not plan and use your time then someone else will.

5 upvotesironjohnred1 year ago

Wonderfully put. I needed this today. Thank you OP!

2 upvotesAdeus_Ayrton1 year ago

Excellent write up; me after reading this post.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

>Your time is your greatest asset. Be selective about how you spend it.

Hear, hear!

And Reddit is generally one of the worst ways to spend this precious time! It's time for me to logout!

1 upvotesacekilo1 year ago

Facebook, Instagram and all other apps are making billions off WOMEN.Women don't UNDERSTAND that men created that shit and letting the HIVE MINDED SO CALLED MODELS PUT SHIT ON THEIR APPS. It's amazing How all of a sudden everybody and their fucking MOMS is an FITNESS MODEL OR IG MODEL. ITS FUCKING ANNOYING. THEN THEY Hate on AYESHA CURRY FOR CALLING YOU STANK ASS HOES OUT!!! US alphas could give 2 shits about these attention hoes man. THIS IS THE SIMPS WORLD!!!!

22 upvotesBewareTheOldMan1 year ago

Ayesha Curry - interesting and notable reference.

AC is an excellent example of a woman who met a Good Man early in life while in her best, prime years WITHOUT all the baggage of casual sex, random hookups, and exposure to sexual diseases and emotional baggage from Chasing Chad/Tyrone.

Stephen Curry observed, properly evaluated, and in his own way ensured mutual attraction, genuine love, high compatibility, shared life-interests and shared life-goals, and confirmed that Ayesha will be an outstanding and exceptional wife and mother.

Steph had NO ISSUES entering into marriage knowing he would have a great woman by his side - all basketball success aside...he observed these characteristics and traits as emulated by his parents.

I peruse female-based websites and forums on occasion just to see what the Female Hive-Mind is thinking and there was a "discussion" about why men in general are dirt-bags who, unlike Steph, refuse commitment to being good husbands and great fathers.

Absent from the conversation were general requirements of women to ensure virtuous behavior, chastity, and present themselves as candidates as outstanding wives and exceptional mothers in their teenage years and early 20s to men amenable to marriage versus getting slammed and bent over some random stranger's couch every weekend, and refusing to demonstrate domestic skills and any semblance of self-respect and virtuous behavior. Age 28 is NOT the time to "straighten up" and declare readiness for marriage.

As a result - most women will NEVER secure a Steph Curry as it's more important for them to "have fun" in their youth and find their great husband later in life...only to realize the frustration of lack of availability and direct interest from good, solid, loyal, faithful, hardworking, and marriageable men who are outstanding husband-father archetypes.

I say this ALL the time - be the fun-time, man-hopping, "sexually liberated" Party Girl OR be a wife...pick ONE.

2 upvotesTheHolyNoob691 year ago

Couldn't agree more with this. Take my upvote

2 upvotessharp7771 year ago

Only valuable thing that we have is time and attention, invest them wisely.

Create the habit of constantly asking "what am I paying attention to?" and always know what time it is.

2 upvotesTjays_2451 year ago

Can’t agree with this enough. I feel it’s so easy to get caught up in focusing on one aspect of self improvement.... when in reality there are a wide array of areas in which we can improve ourselves daily and yield great results in the long run.

1 upvotesKenDot1 year ago

Great post and reminder. Thank you sir

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Carpe diem, tempus fugit.

Latin for "Seize the day, time escapes"

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

This puts things into clearer perspective. Thank you.

1 upvotesthem1lfman1 year ago

Thank you for this, I really needed it.

1 upvotesTobiasArtur1 year ago

I learned this way just a year ago. Wish I knew It earlier

1 upvotesyairof1 year ago

Have been following trp for almost a year. Got into an LTR aaaaand AWALT lol. I have been reading the meditation of Marcus Aurelius. Hitting the gym for the past 4 months. I think today i have finally started to internalize trp. Marcus Aurelius stresses greatly about the short time we have in this world. Great post. I am thinking of posting myself once my trp journey is complete. Or at the very least i start to see the fruits of my labor.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I swear I've read this like 10 times this month

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Were you high when you wrote this? Anyways great post.

1 upvotesTRPdoctor1 year ago

With all of the shitty posts following the massive increase in subscribers here, this one was a good read. Thanks for your contribution.

1 upvotesge0_iscoming1 year ago

This really defines a guy who knows where his time should be spent: on the things that deserve his attention. Many times we will be put in situations where we won't know the right answer. We wont know where to go or we will doubt a "correct" choice was made. I believe our attention should be spent on our most outrageous goals i.e. going to mars, buying the New York Jets, creating world peace, the more out there the more we will work on the mondane things most people do not want to.

1 upvotesFlying_Wingback1 year ago

I might read this every morning

1 upvotesboy_golden11 year ago

I really need this, been 1 1/2 years now since I started my business and not a single improvement. I've been wasting my time in useless shit like porn and prank videos Thanks for the insight

1 upvotesMagicmatt3521 year ago

You in Seattle Op? I’d love to meet ya and hang out. Sounds like you have this shit down

1 upvotesFeralBoner1 year ago

How would you feel about being blunt about how you want to spend your time with women?

Something along the lines of

" I want to see you again, but if this isn't your jam say so right now"


1 upvotesstoryreader1231 year ago

Thanks for bringing value here. The last sentence is going on my wall.

1 upvotesSlashingSide1 year ago

This sir is the best post I’ve read on the trp.

1 upvotesjeff_vii1 year ago

Excellent post. If I could add one small thing to this I would emphasise the importance of what you consume in your environment. What you watch, what you eat and the people you surround yourself with.

1 upvotesazaz4851 year ago

Great and simple !!!

If you like this article, I recommend you to read :

"The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness - Jeff Olson"


(do yourself a favor, get a Kindle)

1 upvotesOssins1 year ago

It’s a good post, time is the most important thing in this life, helped me a lot!

1 upvotesPhattyBacon1 year ago

Time is extremely valuable, and I prefer to waste it, on girls that's basic, that's just some ye shit

1 upvotesyotsmungand901 year ago

I wonder if you are similar to me in the way I use my free time (which is thankfully a lot and I am grateful for it), let me explain.

I like to do art (with PC, various types of art) that I publish on the web, reading informative stuff, collecting data from the web (all types), hoarding videos\music\creations for me to enjoy myself with, writing positive comments\objecitve but fair criticism to other artistical people, improving my grip of foreign languages, watch interesting documentaries\talkings of anything by the top-tier, reliable individuals that seriously made their name thanks to effort and, when outside (rarely), I always go to interesting meet-ups about our local culture and politics (Five Star Movement ones, the other political parties in my country are shit and never were legitimally voted by the people).

I look at me like a "Neutral Person" in both meanings of the word: I'm not taking anybody's part but I want to stay at the center of most of things to feel involved.

Also whenever I have those sexual arousal urges, I just lay in the bed\couch a little and close my eyes and imagine I do sex with girls that cannot exist in real life (example: mermaids) and sometimes I even dreamt those fantasies while resting for 1-2 hours in the afternoon, and I was sexually satisfied by it.

My goal in life is to live a tangible trace of me with what I do\hoard for future generations (either my possible children in the future or anybody else I hope will be educated enough to appreciate\peruse what I do).

My satisfaction is life is not "get the girl" but "create stuff, share it with people for free, feel compelled to do more whenever they leave a comment or good rating on it"

1 upvotesGuardian_of_Justice1 year ago

You just restated what wise men have been repeating for millenia, BUT, although we are mammals evolved from darwinian laws and evolution still affects us, we, as mankind, at this stage can overcome forces of the nature and build a non-darwinian based society. This is what abrahamic religions claim- that we do not have to live by animal laws. This is what communism and socialism combat- they defy the natural order and build a society where everyone acts based on their mind and not instincts.

Psychologically, a sufficiently evolved civilisation will outrun darwinian evolution of natural selection and build its own laws, just like a sufficent technology will defy the laws of physics and overcome gravitation, time and space.

There are no gods, we are gods, value your time, but do not follow evolution and natural selection blindly, because a strong mind can change the rules by which the society operates. NATURE IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT.

1 upvotesNeverPullSumo1 year ago

I think this hits home with a lot more people than I’d like to admit.

1 upvotesOsirisHimself11 year ago

Just glad this wasn’t a strongly worded title only for it to be a story about some high school kid’s failures and weak observations of the opposite sex.

1 upvotesxmx9001 year ago

I wonder how much value there is in sexual relationships.

1 upvotesBewareTheOldMan1 year ago

...value in sexual relationships?

If it's just sex and nothing else, the value is short-lived and passing as it's essentially momentary satisfaction and nothing else.

This is fine for men, but terrible for women as they engage more and more casual, sexual relationships they lose their intrinsic and overall value to Good Men.

1 upvotesTheIcePill1 year ago

Your natural desires for success are placated by virtual fantasies transmitted through black mirrors in our pockets and living rooms: video games, porn, tv, social media, etc. But these virtual successes are short-lived and unfulfilling. People are so depressed, anxious, and short-tempered these days because they are trapped by webs and filtered by screens.

What's with the attack on video games nowadays? Playing Video Games is fine in moderation. Not every game is mindless like fortnight or LOL, they are only popular because it's free. Some games acutally have an interesting artistic vibe to it like The last of us, Bioshock Infinite, Life is Strange and only takes a few hours to complete.

5 upvotesQuasarBather1 year ago

Because too many men, especially young men, piss their time away playing video games for hours every day. They are highly addictive and many people have a hard time moderating their usage.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Because it's a waste of time.

You want rest? Fine. You could also take a nap.

You want enjoyment? Then that's why you're getting. Don't make a mistake about it, you're not improving yourself, you've given up time and attention to go have fun. Call it as it is.

If you're using your precious attention on video games for artistic vibes... then wtf are you doing? Are you an artist? Are you studying the art so you can create your own?

LoL is not mindless depending on who you ask. Keep that in mind. You could really go deep into LoL until you perfected all the micro actions and become a "million" dollar e-gamer. But you need to ask yourself, do you really want to become a e-gamer or a casual gamer? You really want to put attention onto something day in and out, doing it when it's not even fun anymore?

The problem is your definition of moderation is not there. You think people are just going to play games moderately... you don't realize playing 1 game lead to another game. When is the last time you just take out a timer and go I'll only play for 10 minutes to recharge my battery? Never, you play until you are satisfied... you divert your attention from your chosen field onto something else that's addicting in it's nature.

That's why people attack video games, that's why they have been attacking video games ever since they came out. They're addicting, end of story. They make you lose focus, something you need to be widely successful, and something people should strive to be: not just successful, widely successful (why have 1 dollar when you can have 2).

-1 upvotesTheIcePill1 year ago

LoL is not mindless

Stopped reading right there, are you serious? LOL is mindless in a sense that you don't learn anything from playing the game, you are just playing the game, beginning to end, it's either you lose or win.

The problem is your definition of moderation is not there. You think people are just going to play games moderately... you don't realize playing 1 game lead to another game. When is the last time you just take out a timer and go I'll only play for 10 minutes to recharge my battery? Never, you play until you are satisfied...

Nah kiddo, I'm a gamer myself, never had a problem with stopping from playing video games. Beta men have a problem with it though. Which part of the word moderation do you not understand? Maybe time to go back to school yeah? You don't just sit at home all day playing video games, you work out, meet friends and spin plates. I know a couple of people who game and actually have a life. And also Beta men who don't.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

don't call people kiddo because they don't agree with you.

And you learn shit from other games? Seriously get real. I told you, LoL teaches people thing depending on who you ask. You must be an idiot do you know how to read? Last hitting creep is a skill. It may not be a skill you think it's valuable, but if you think about it it does require hand eye coordination, like using a rifle to shoot your retarded ass.

Also really think about this because I know you can't But who wins in LoL? Trick question. Teams win. Use your leadership skills, get together 4 other people, coordinate strategies and attacks. You really don't know what you're talking about.

video game is inherently addicting. That is the god dam problem. You can't game and have a life at the same time. You can't do two things at the same time. That's the god dam point. You must be an idiot to think you can hold a controller and walk outside, you must have it jammed up your tight ass.

and you forgot work you dumb piece of shit. People actually go to work and make money.

Oh, in every single game you win or lose. You may not just realize it because you're too used to losing.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

learn to read asshole. You gonna be so delusional to think you don't have a problem with video games. Then why don't you just don't play it in the first place, focus your energy on all your goals, and become a widely successful guy? Because you have a problem with video games. News flash, You're defending it. And it literally contributes nothing to your success. If you think entertainment => success you might as well take your own ice pill.

1 upvoteshb8only1 year ago

The last of us

you must be fucking kidding fat faggot - walking around with a small 10yo girl and some shooting..? is it really activity for a MAN? you grandfather will slap your gay face...

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

You make a great and timeless point though you're missing the bigger picture. Many people will struggle to control their attention and time against the pull of the internet as a distraction or other socially meaningful and virtual distractions, because social connection is what makes life meaningful. This is the paradox that we live in, productivity comes with more loneliness, and lack of productivity comes with less loneliness.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Productivity doesn't automatically equal hours spent working. If you are depressed and anxious because you don't socialize enough, 8 hours of "productivity" may not be as productive as you think. On the other hand, if you hang out with friends for 4 hours, and then work for 4 hours in a healthy mental state, you could arguably accomplish more.

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