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Beware of Beta Bait

by dr_warlock on /r/TheRedPill
03 April 2018 11:31 AM UTC

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Define: Ingenuine female acts towards a man designed to entice him with pleasure, have him chase her out of fear of losing her, compel him to console and protect her from danger and bad feelz, or have him give into her demands to test his value or garner validation or sympathy. When fallen for, their egos are inflated, and the tingles are reduced.

Below are examples of each one listed, the motivation behind them, and how to respond.

1) HER sending sexually suggestive pictures

  • Example A: Kid on askTRP received sexy pics from some girl. OP took this as a sign of a guaranteed lay and proceeded to tell her how hot it was and what he wanted to do to her. Girl loses interest. He's left confused.

The purpose of the girl sending a naughty pic in the the askTRP kid's situation was to see if he'd drool over her. She was dangling pussy on a stick to see if he'd try to pounce on it immediately. He did, thus demonstrating low value via thirst. Women want you to escalate while showing sexual restraint. By not going for the kill, she perceives you as not desperate because you have other options and this is nothing special. Male sexuality is based almost entirely on physique while female sexuality focuses on refusal to give them short-term validation in response to their power grabbing moves and other abstract traits that indirectly insinuate signs of past sexual success, not your looks or body (especially hot girls).

Before the phones became 'smart phones', when they were flip-phones with a pull-out antennae, press buttons, a low resolution camera, and a very primitive email app, if it had apps at all, this would be a different story. When texting was invented, Myspace was in its infancy, Youtube just came out, and Napster and Limewire were cool, a naughty pic would be a sure sign of DTF. But now historical internet porn is common Instagram photos of everyday girls. They post pictures of them dressed and posed in a manner only hookers were known for in the not so far past. Suggestive pics don't mean shit anymore. That pic she sent wasn't spontaneous out of lust for you, it was one carefully crafted long ago she had saved on her phone and is probably somewhere on the internet already and was sent to several guys in the past.

Men send suggestive pics (i.e. dick pics) in hopes of invoking a woman's arousal enough to want to fuck with low effort. Women send suggestive images to acquire validation and test your value. She has little concern, if at all, for sex, although intrigued. Far from the finish line.

  • Example B: Friend of mine matched with a girl on Tinder and began to exchange messages. Tinder girl starts playing games. Friend says bye and unmatches her. Tinder girl later follows him on Snapchat. She sends him a sexy pic. Friend sends one back. She's send another in addition with a "you gotta earn it" -like line. Friend laughs and says no thanks. Girl throws a tantrum.

In this case, the girl tried to use her pussy to get my friend to jump through hoops in hopes of sex that was likely never to come to boost her ego. When that didn't work, she went into frame recovery mode. She sent that first pic hoping she would get my friend to do what the askTRP kid in the Example A did, smother her in validation. My friend's response pic wasn't good enough, she wants an overt display to feel a sense of power. So she sends another thinking she can reel him in with the same games she played during the Tinder convo. My friend sees what's up and just ghosts her. If my friend did what the askTRP kid did, she would immediately withdraw and cease contact with him ==> "teehee, I win. Bye". It's all just a game to her. Validation is sex to women. Sex is secondary, often times a 'last resort' way of acquiring the validation they failed to get in the beginning.

edit: What to Do: When you recieve one of these pics, give her a small compliment, but nothing more. "That's hot.", "bad girl", anything that suggests slight interest or is sexual. Even tell her you'd like to see her in a specific color or whatever, but don't drool. Keep it short and sweet and wait at least a few minutes before responding to it. The game isn't over yet.

TL;DR pics ain't shit. Anything not face to face doesn't matter. You say yousa freak, you gon' prove it or nah?

2) HER talking about other guys hitting on her

  • Example A: An ex-girlfriend and I were doing the long distance relationship thing during college. I got a text one evening stating that she had guys ask her out but refused them saying she had a boyfriend. Me: "Good." She then replied with "I just wanted to you to know that you could trust me."

Sounds so nice right? She's letting you know you can trust her! If you believe that, you're clueless. She didn't send this text to alleviate my anxieties, but to INSTILL them in me. It's dread game disguised as noble intention (plausible deniability), a favorite weapon among ALL women's psychological warchests. Not AWALT, all women DO that. She wanted to see me get jealous and worried by blowing up her phone. She wished to see the power she had over me.

The best way to respond is "okay" or "I trust you". That's it. She will likely attempt to instigate drama by bringing it up again and again, attempting to 'reassure you of her loyalty'. Don't fall for it. She may even try to peg the blame on you for not being worried enough. Don't give this a second thought. Drama is for women. When you wrestle with pigs you both get dirty and the pigs like it.

I've heard this tactic take many forms like a guy tried to kiss her or touched her butt or men from her sexual past or whatever. Same shit.

  • Example B: Same girl told me that she hung with a 'friend' the other day while driving somewhere. Me: "okay". Didn't give it any attention. I noticed her looking uncomfortable...... While sitting on her couch later that day, she wanted to confess that it was an ex-boyfriend, but assured me I had nothing to worry about. I ignored it, but the direct acknowledgement of it started to bother me. Come Christmas Eve night, I told her we should 'talk' about it. Long story short, I cried like a faggot with her on her porch bench, telling each other we'll be together forever and trust one another. Christmas Day, family and I were opening presents. My father noticed I was down. I told him what happened. He gave me some tips on how to handle it. Felt better, applied the tips, and it worked in the future.

She told me this instill dread in me. She insisted on telling me because she wanted to be punished for her bad behavior. Women had a deep seated need to observe you setting boundaries. What do you do if a woman decides to do 1-on-1 meetups with ex-boyfriend or other dudes? Answer: When a woman indirectly mentions other men, ignore it. When she 'confesses', punish her indirectly by withdrawing attention with no explanation or a bullshit one. Women don't communicate directly. What to do when your girl wants to hang out with another guy 1-on-1? ==> Demote to plate or dump immediately...

3) A girl threatening to leave your presence

I was at a bar once. At a table near an exit was a trio. A couple and the girl's friend. The conversation between the couple slowly escalated into an argument and the girl began to creep backwards towards the door while talking to the boyfriend. She slung her last insult and announced, "I'm leaving!", then stomped out of the building. The boyfriend soon followed her and started calling out to her to resolved the issue. Don't know what happened next, but not relevant.

Patrice O'Neal: "What will you do when she takes the pussy hostage and puts a gun to it's head?"

When a girl starts walking away from you, don't chase. When she announces the infamous, "I'm leaving", she's really saying "I, the beholder of the pussy and my vaginal affections are exiting!" She's saying, "Chase me so I feel validated about the power I hold over you!" That's exactly what it this scenic act was about: ego, power, and validation.

If you try to get her not to leave, you fluff her ego and decrease the tingles. Let her stomp off like a child and blow off some steam. It's hard when she's an LTR and you have put in emotional investment, but that's when it matters the most. Understand that women need these moments of emotional spikes to feel alive. She NEEDS them for her own good.

"Go kick rocks, bitch" should be your attitude. If she's being ridiculous, be the first to withdraw by telling her to go away if she wants to continue acting the way she is. Big chance she doesn't, because the point of her leaving was to compel you to grovel and have the situation in her frame. She can't frame her exit this way if you initiate it. That would be a defeat. Doesn't matter if you were her ride, that's her problem. She can call an Uber or a friend or parent or some beta chump sitting around. Doesn't even matter if she exits the car (bonus points if you stop on the side and kick her out, not accepting pseudo last minute apologies). Don't be like Kelso was with Jackie in this scene. And never initiate contact! Don't keep an eye on her, especially if she starts talking to another guy (she's just doing it to make you jealous and fluff her ego).

I guarantee if you don't chase her or contact her, she'll do one of these things:

  • A) Come straight back. You called her bluff.

  • B) Say sorry (especially if you told her to leave)

In case A, remain dismissive and show no affection. No apology (especially if didn't do anything wrong you pussy). In case B, if you have deemed this event as a reconcilable offense, make her wait before you respond. Don't discuss the matter in any detail or try to explain your side of the story in an attempt to garner sympathy (she doesn't care about you, she cares about the validation). In either case, you must make her work to return to your good graces, else she won't respect it.

  • C) She'll taunt you some more by shifting the blame on you. She'll consider your indifference to her absence as evidence of the 'crime' of not 'caring about the relationship', and attempt to get you to accept liability.

This is psy-ops. Don't fall for it. Even if you were somewhat in the wrong, NEVER accept a woman's frame. EVER.

My Story: I remember a night with an old girlfriend where she did something to piss me off at the mall. I instantly became cold towards her and we left. Didn't speak to her in the car. She started looking to me for signs of validation in the corner of my eye with puppy dog eyes, a slight frown, and a submissive posture. Didn't speak to her in the car. I had to get something from the store, didn't speak to her in the store much. We were in separate aisles. By then I had cooled down and we ran into each other in another aisle. I just slowly walked toward her without saying anything and hugged her. Then we walked out the store without me saying anything or showing affection. When we got in the car, she apologized and had some tears. I just put my hand on her leg and said, "shhhh". The conversation eventually turned a little humorous and we kissed. It was the most passionate kiss I ever received from her. She was more kind and affectionate than usual for the next couple days. That was our first 'conflict'. Not exactly as described earlier, but close enough.

Make-up sex is often the best sex. At the end of an emotional roller coaster, is wet pussy. The the cycle of drama brings catharsis. This is where "treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen" comes from. This is why girls 'stay with' (continue to have sex with) boyfriends that treat them badly.

4) A girl threatening or implying the end of the relationship

Read: By the time you have 'the talk', she's already packed and planned her exit

5) Overt communication

Women are not like men, they communicate their intentions covertly. When a woman blatantly discusses her intentions or sexual topics, it's a trap or a shit test.

  • She puts up impenetrable LMR. You get frustrated and go cold and do something else. Then she says, "are you mad because I wouldn't have sex with you?"

There are other examples I can't quite put my finger on, but I think you get the idea. Explicitly stating the unspoken dynamic is not what women do.

edit: What to do: Ignore and pretend it never happened. "No it's fine, I'm not gonna pressure into doing anything you don't wanna do." Play it cool. Just lay down. Some convo. Then say what you need to say to exit or have her leave in a non-butthurt manner. Nothing you can do. Never mention previous ASD. Just sounds butthurt, spirals down a path of no tingles, and activates more ASD. Never remind a woman why she denied sex to you.

6) Claims she is in some kind of danger

Example: An ex-gf of mine was at the mall ~40 mins away. She sent a text "I think these guys are following me". I then instantly gave her advice on how to handle it and to call me if she needs help. Revenge fantasies flowed through my mind, what I would do to guys who'd try to hurt her. She then instantly said, "no it's okay. but thanks. It's nothing I can't handle."

This was pre-meditated. She just wanted her ego boosted by seeing me willing to come to her rescue. There could have been no men at all, she just made it up. The details of her story aren't important, just the outcome.

How to handle it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_ueWyMpLhE (00:40s is the most relevant part)

  • There was a post here about this very video and a girl's reaction to it a long time ago. If you could find it, post the link in the comments section.

7) Pseudo displays of sexual receptivity (attention whoring)

  • Example: I was at the bar section of a venue. Down by the pool tables were two girls (early 20's). They had this hot-slut look. High boots and uggs. Skinny jeans wrapped around their big posteriors and up on the hips. Mid-section exposed below shirt. Makeup. Earrings. Rings. Necklace. Can't really explain the 'slut look'. They walked towards one particular table. One girl leans back, using the table as support.The other in front of her. They begin grinding on each other aggressively with considerable space from everyone else. They tried to make it look like they were 'just having girl fun, woooohooooo!'. At the end of this erotic display, they returned to the group they came with like nothing happened. They spoke loudly. They flirted with nobody their entire stay, not even the guys with them.

Attention whoring, that's all that was. All they wanted was for men to stare at them. That validation alone satisfied them. If you were to try to hit on them, you'd fail. They continuously pranced from one side of the bar to the other as a duo. Always quick on the move, flighty, and loud with each other as if trying to have their presence known. At one of their brief stops that just so happen to be in my vicinity, I over heard a conversation with them. One of the sluts was talking about the relief and delight she felt hearing that her baby daddy was going to be released from prison in a few months. Supposedly, he was incarcerated for shooting somebody.

I've only known one guy who can keep these types of girl's attention (the guy mention in 'No. 1, Example B'). He has mastered the art of loud clown game at bars that draws the attention whores to him. He will dress provocatively via peacocking, will ante up the girls high energy, and become the center of attention instead of the hot women, basically the guy version of what the girls were doing, but better than them. He gets off on the whole bar scene, loves it for the sake of it, women or no women. It's his element like a fish in water. It comes off natural. They can only get attention because of their pussy, he gets it because they think he's the fun guy, thus is worth more. These women can't beat an attention competitor, so they try to join him, or rather attach themselves to him.

These women's display of attention seeking acts (dance, loud talk, and walking all over the place) create an illusion of immediate receptiveness. False. This is a chump trap. The barrier to entry is quite high. If you're not Mr. Baby Daddy People Shooter or my friend Mr Clown Game Master, you're not getting any action. Promise.

Don’t be fooled, you still need game to bang sluts

8) 'Rapport Bombing'

Women are selfish. Women will take a perfectly good conversation and intentionally sabotage it for feelz. If you follow her down this path, you'll get no lady-hole. Anticipate it so you're not caught off guard. Not "whoa, wtf", but "oh boy, here we go. How can I maneuver around this back to sexy-time?"

  • Example A: I was at a college hitting on some milf going back to school. The vibe was happy, conversation was going good until she decided to talk about how her husband passed away... and talked about it for several sentences though I tried to change the subject. It wasn't appropriate based on the topics of discussion.

  • Example B: Claims to have been raped, abused, or molested in the past (especially when 'unprovoked').

Real rape and molesting victims usually feel great shame, often times not even sharing it with the family. If that really happened to her, do you think that would come up as a casual part of a conversation with some guy she doesn't know well? Especially in a causal manner? Never. This is some *#MeToo bullshit. All rape allegations should be assumed false until proven otherwise. Women have abused this too much. If she never filed a police report, don't take it seriously.

What to do: For both of these examples, always pause for a second. "Hmmm." and maybe a "that sucks", then gradually change the subject. Never let something emotionally negative from a woman phase you. Often times it's bullshit or is insignificant. But do keep in mind women like to get the feelz running for feelz-sake. It's not a bug, it's a feature. It's a woman thing. No way around that.

  • Side Note: If a girl starts talking about boring shit, remember getting up and walking away without warning is a viable option. Don't let women waste your time. Don't be a time-ho.

  • Side Note 2: Opie and Anthony w/ Patrice O'Neal (only ones with Patrice), CultofBlackPhillip (Patrice O'Neal), Beige Phillip Show (Dante Nero, award winning male stripper)... Just listen to them on youtube. To you newbs, these two are TRP legendary.


Beta Bait. Don't fall for it.

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564 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

bonus points if you stop on the side and kick her out

Good post, but never kick a woman out of your car on the roadside. At least drive her to a safe place like a gas station, convenience store, etc., some place with security cameras that can see her getting out of your car alive. Take a picture of her there with your own phone. Go in and buy something and pay with a credit card. Make a phone call while you're there. Ask someone what time it is. Then leave.

197 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

You look like an anti-snake expert :)

165 upvotesharsha_hs1 year ago

This is important folks, you will know the importance of it when you have police complaint against you for sexual assault by the same girl. This article doesnt talk about, girls are really really vengeful and can't let go insult

47 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Right! Always be thinking how it will look to a judge. Girl goes missing, turns up in the hospital, or just makes up some shit about you, you're not giving your defense attorney a lot to work with if your story is "I made her get out of my car on Highway 9".

Also, given how easy it is to keep audio recordings of yourself these days, and assuming that one-party consent is sufficient in your state, it may not be a bad idea to keep a voice recorder app running all the time. I've also got an app that records all my calls and uploads them to my Dropbox. Note that this is totally legal where I live, but may be a felony where you live, so be careful to follow the law on this.

23 upvotesharsha_hs1 year ago

Gone girl. That shit happens.

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

and assuming that one-party consent is sufficient in your state

stop saying that. reddit has this concept all fucked up. record anything you want whenever you want wherever you are

so tired of dumb fucks repeating this tripe

23 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

You can call me a dumb fuck all you want and be as tired of it as you want, but each state has different laws regarding notification and consent for recording conversations and calls. New York is a one-party state -- as long as one party to a conversation consents, it's legal to record. Massachusetts is a two-party state, and you're breaking their wiretapping law if you record someone without their consent. This doesn't apply in public spaces where there is no expectation of privacy.

Probably be a good idea to just shut the fuck up when you have no clue at all what you're talking about.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

haha pray tell me more counselor :)

nobody listen to this dipshit. record everything. "illegal" doesn't mean what this reddit armchair lawyer fucktard thinks it means in this case

you are going to want shit like that recorded no matter what

24 upvotesdoveenigma131 year ago

Would you rather have illegal recording or rape conviction?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

You're the kind of idiot who won't understand why his lawyer won't present illegally obtained evidence in his defense.

Why don't you go read the statutes, and then come back and tell us what they say?

Until then, please get down on all fours and shove your shit comments and opinion back up your boi pussy where they belong.

2 upvotesblancstare1 year ago

In all states, there are statutes that govern the admissibility of evidence (e.g., the California Evidence Code). In a two-party consent state, it is illegal to record parties without the consent of every person being recorded. What does this mean? It means that the state, and perhaps an individual, can bring a criminal/civil lawsuit against you for making the recording (I'd have to read the statute to see whether individuals have standing to bring suit for violation of this statute).

There's a difference between illegal recordings and inadmissible evidence. In some cases, the two categories overlap. Personally, I'd rather make the recording and have it be inadmissible than not have it. If I remember correctly, a judge may still hear inadmissible evidence in limited instances (such as ruling on whether the evidence should be admitted). It's generally jurors that aren't permitted to see/hear inadmissible evidence.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

You can also be prosecuted for felony wiretapping in some states. Your lawyer is not going to present evidence that could get you indicted unless he's legally or ethically required to do so, but making him aware that you have the recordings may put him in a bad spot. Evidence or testimony presented in court can generally be used against you in a criminal prosecution.

Just imagine, you're in court being tried for robbery, and you agree to testify in your own defense. Now the prosecutor asks, "Were you robbing the liquor store at 9:00 PM last Friday?", and you say, "No, I was busy burying my wife in the back yard after murdering her." Your testimony will be used against you in the murder case.

If you go to court and present a recording that you obtained by committing a felony, and are later charged for the wiretapping felony, then the recording can probably be used as evidence in your criminal case. Its existence could definitely be used to indict you. So the worst-case is not that your recording won't be admissible, it's that you could be prosecuted. You may or may not get off, but who needs a criminal case, thousands of dollars in expenses, and possible loss of freedom?

AFAIK, continuing to talk after being notified that you're being recorded constitutes consent, so it's probably easy enough to avoid the problem in a two-party state by just notifying people that you're recording them. Obviously, make sure the warning itself is recorded. If you're in a one-party state, you don't even have to worry about it, as long as you're a party to the conversations being recorded. You could technically be breaking the law, though, if you were to leave the room and continue recording conversations that took place in your absence. So you and two friends are playing cards, and you're recording the conversation without their knowledge. Now you get up to take a leak, and leave your phone on the table, and they continue talking and being recorded. Are the recording police going to appear out of nowhere and arrest you? Of course not. But you could technically be breaking the law.

Criminal cases are not brought by individuals. The state brings a case via indictment or information. But yes, you're right, you could face a civil lawsuit by anyone you illegally record.

This is my last update on this subject. Please feel free to get the last word in.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

can confirm. women get pissed off enough at being alpha-maled to threaten what they know is regret rape. always have some evidence on your side

0 upvotesWholesomeAwesome1 year ago

I doubt you can be convicted on accusation alone.

5 upvotesharsha_hs1 year ago

When you don't have any records to deny accusations, many judges tend to believe the accusations, if they are coming from wimmen

1 upvotesWholesomeAwesome1 year ago

I guess the justice system is truly a pos.

I think Islam is akin to sexual liberation for males.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Patrice oneal had a funny piece about this. https://youtu.be/DxpIv4FoD2A

1 upvotesmangoat121 year ago

How can you kick her out of the car if she refuses to leave?

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Whatever you do, don't use force to try to get her out of the car. There's no way the police are going to be understanding about that. "But it's my car!" is not going to help you. You're way better off to just take your keys and walk (or even run) away from the car than to try to physically extract her.

2 upvoteseconquest1 year ago

That's not the only thing wrong with this post. I'm down to reading section 3 which says "I guarantee if you don't chase her or contact her, she'll do one of these things:" and then lists A, B, and C. None of them include actually getting together with some other guy. Which is fine and happens sometimes. i.e. just leaving your life.

We can't all literally be the best guy in the world, the level of delusion would be unreal. there's lots of girls and if she is happy with another guy more power to her, and you will get someone who is more enthusiastic about you. (instead of that girl.)

146 upvotesmallardcove1 year ago

These traps are fueled by women who have had their egos stroked by beta men for years. Social media validation has only furthered this rise in these beta traps laid out. For women it's like shooting fish in a barrel. When a man does not fall into their trap(90% of men will) they go nuts and the leverage flips to you.

The new 90%-10% rule is the 10% of men who see right through these games.

114 upvotesdr_warlock [OP]1 year ago

It’s gotten to the point where passing some shit tests (or having self-respect) is a fail. She no longer seeks arrnagements and courtship based on attraction, but on a power trip and ego boost. She’s so used to being constantly treated as a pretty cloud of incadescent purity that can do no wrong that not giving her leeway in bad behavior offends her ego and she just automatically retreats to the safety of the beta male atmosphere. Constant lalaland fucks with their head and makes them entitled, spoiled brats.

26 upvotesmallardcove1 year ago

It’s gotten to the point where passing some shit tests (or having self-respect) is a fail.

I agree that its becoming almost full circle and inception-style these days in terms of shit tests where women's shit tests are not what they once were, in that passing them is no longer considered a home run.

Meanwhile you have so many guys out there who don't even get as far as getting nudes or sexy pictures - they simply think a woman texting them or talking to them means that she wants their dick. I can even fix your first section to exemplify this:

Example A: Kid on askTRP received sexy pics a text message from some girl. OP took this as a sign of a guaranteed lay and proceeded to tell her how hot it was how great she is and what he wanted to do to her. Girl loses interest. He's left confused.

10 upvotesVirgilCaine_1 year ago

A while back I made an eerily similar post with my asktrp throwaway account. The responses were more or less what OP is saying. It was eye opening. Years of confusion absolved with one post.

13 upvotesmallardcove1 year ago

I used to be the same way. In my beta days I thought if a girl texted me it meant she wanted me. Then I would shower her with validation and attention thinking that's what she wanted as I thought she was as into me as I was into her. 100% of the time she would always lose interest and I would always wonder where I went wrong. Then I would double down on the whole validation/nice guy/attention act the next time and get even more frustrated when the interest was lost.

It wasn't until I came here to TRP that I realized I was doing it wrong. My whole life I was brainwashed to believe that you need to shower a girl with attention, validation, praise and be a really nice guy to her and you will win her over. Yet I was batting .000 with that strategy and it's a shame it took me that long to figure it out.

11 upvotesVirgilCaine_1 year ago

I had the same mindset about Snapchat nudes. Specifically this one girl I was orbiting, she would send the pic and then I would drown her in affection while holding out for sex that never happened. After a while I would get frustrated and give up until she reeled me back in with another pic. I was basically a validation ATM and the pics were her debit card. Went on longer than I'd like to admit until finally my friend told me about TRP and put an end to the bullshit.

45 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Yeah you got a seriously new emerging detail there. A not-too-negligible % of them gets their mind intoxicated with power, and will dislike both the beta who jumps for the bait and the self-aware man who doesn't fall for it.

The 2 categories are average female narcissists and out-of-gear female narcissists, which aren't few, given how narcissism is a pivotal defining feature of the female mind.

(What to do: avoid. Leave them in the stew with the male non-entities, they deserve, and "are sized" for, each other.)

4 upvotesNYCSPARKLE1 year ago

The categories have always existed, it's just that social media makes it entirely possible (and easy) for a girl to actually go after a higher SMV man than your average TRP guy (e.g. athlete, musician, etc.) who I assure you will treat her TRP style and she will lap it up.

You're offering her tingles, solid frame, etc. Now she can get that, AND status, by DMing James Harden the next time he is in her town.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

girls who are upper-tier in self confidence really dont do this. its a good way to weed out the weak ones though

63 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

In addition to what OP says, this "I was raped" is a sign of psychological issues, and one more good reason to stand clear of her.

Tried and retried experience.

23 upvotesTheDevilsAdvokaat1 year ago

I'm curious. I've never sent a dick pic in my life and have no plans to. But for those of you who have..how did it go?

metoo and other femcrap would have you believing it's just a form of harassment, but i never really believed it...if it NEVER worked, why would so many guys be doing it? Don't women constantly entice men visually, and don't women admit to being turned on visually now .. so why wouldn't it work?

47 upvotesdosomethingexciting1 year ago

I've been doing research with women out of town on snapchat for the last couple of weeks. (As a side note, I'm 29 year old married male, but I like to have fun). In just the last couple of weeks i've gotten some nudes and have sent a couple of dick pics. Here's my experience:

Never ask for nudes unless she's already shared them with you and you can tell she is worked up. Women want everything to be done subtly so that there is always plausible deniability. The nudes I have been given have all been volunteered. I treat them like i'm training a dog (I know this sounds bad, but it's a really good metaphor). Start off small. When she sends a pic of her face just reply "pretty" or "nice". Reward or get her feeling good about her sending you pics. Eventually if you played it right, you can say "send me a pic" and she may reply, "of what?" and then you can say "Surprise me". Never say "send nudes". You look like a creep. She has to think she is the one making the decision. Nudge her gently.

One girl asked for my dick pics and I obliged. If i could do it over i would have sent her risque pics, but not the full monty. Unsolicited dick pics are definitely a no. Don't ever do it. Dick pics are high in quantity and low in value. I guess its a personal decision in the instance they ask. If you know you're going to meet up with her i wouldn't send it. I'd make her wait.

15 upvotesTheDevilsAdvokaat1 year ago

Seems to be some good advice in here.

Still not planning on doing it myself - I'm a kindy teacher and married - but was curious how it went for guys who did.


Edit: I particularly liked this line "Dick pics are high in quantity and low in value" - I think it's pretty similar to dicks themselves as far as women are concerned. Easy for them to get, harder for them to get the ones they want....

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

i'll take it further, as a married man myself

don't go down that road. take a minute and think about how many girls have sent you pics before sleeping with you that you actually ended up sleeping with

avoid it. use powertalk. let the first time you see her naked be when she's sucking your cock

then she can send you pics

if she sends you one unsolicited tell her you deleted it. that she can send stuff like that to you after you've seen it in person

18 upvotesmallardcove1 year ago

Don't do it. It's stupid. It comes off as pathetic and desperate and even the best case scenario does not come close to outweighing the risks you are taking on by doing so.

You want her to see your dick, show it to her in person when the time is right.

0 upvotesTheDevilsAdvokaat1 year ago

I'm not planning to. I'm married and a kindy teacher so it's not something I could risk - but also to be honest I'm not really interested in doing it.

The reason I was asking is, I've had women tell me how they're inundated with dicks pics every time they make a post on reddit (One woman told me she got hundreds!) and frankly I don't believe it - none of my friends / mates / relatives have ever talked about it.

Like METOO it seems to be mostly exaggeration if not outright lies.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Personally, you ruin all mystery

2 upvotesTheDevilsAdvokaat1 year ago

So you've never tried it either?

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Whatever works for you mate, personally i don't like sending pictures of my dick but whatever works!

7 upvotesTheDevilsAdvokaat1 year ago

Fair enough. I was just curious to see if it has worked for anyone.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I'd say it's probably a better sign if you're getting nudes or whatever. as you control the situation, plus i'd rather she was showing off for me rather than the other way around!

2 upvotesTheDevilsAdvokaat1 year ago

Yes, it does seem more like a female behaviour.

I have ONCE gotten a vag pic - and she sent it to my work, and I got a warning about it....ah well.

6 upvoteslostbuthopefull1 year ago

I sent it to a whore actually. She asked me how big my dick was cause that's all she wanted to know (WHORE), so I sent it and she came over that same night. Outside of that I would never send a dick pic. It's pointless

2 upvotesTheDevilsAdvokaat1 year ago

Ok. I guess if it's too big it might be a problem for her...

5 upvoteslostbuthopefull1 year ago

No. Nothing's ever to big for girls like her, but something's are tooo small

4 upvotesTheDevilsAdvokaat1 year ago

For a whore? Wouldn't she prefer that as it keeps her merchandise in better shape?

I went to a Chinese whorehouse once and the girl took one look and refused to do me. The pimp came in and apologised and said they would get a russian girl...and they did! She was a 9/10 blonde too so I was quite happy...

2 upvotestekn0_1 year ago

Man.. Was the Chinese whorehouse in China? That sounds like an interesting backdrop

2 upvotesTheDevilsAdvokaat1 year ago

Yep. In Qiqihaer, far up north near Russia.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

You'll trigger her ASD/ I-must-be-a-hell-of-a-hypocrite-to-myself defense.

These are beings who live off deception and denial even within their own minds. They do no straightalk, but they also do no straighttalk with themselves (straightthink)

6 upvotesunclecrumble1 year ago

I’m reasonably convinced if you have a big dick a dick pick will be received positively not matter the woman receiving it. I can say that in my experience at least when I was younger women seemed to like them and it made word spread fast about what I had. I’m pretty sure I got with a girls two friends because of a dick pick

1 upvotesawalt_cupcake1 year ago

this seems to be the case. I've known a couple of larger dudes (just by overhearing gossip) and this is exactly their strategy. It makes me wonder what's more important, girth or length? I'm about 8 inch long but 5.5 inch girth (average) and I'm really tall so any dick pics make me look average. though I've gotten compliments, women asking for more pics, more flirting from them, none of it actually got me laid. In fact most if not all of my lays there were almost no immediate sexual polarization like that. It was more conservative (more plausible deniability I suppose). The heat would get turned up later after the first makeout.

1 upvotesunclecrumble1 year ago

I believe there is a psychological effect a big d has on a girl. It’s basically a primal instinct for them to choose larger men. I’m actually about your size a tad fatter and I can say both length and girth matter because having a good amount of just one won’t do the trick. I find for the women I’m attracted to(large thighs and ass with slim waist)they seem to to love it. I will say I’ve never all out pounded a woman with the size I have. I’ve always wanted to but every single time they wince from the pain. And 5.5 inch girth isn’t average if you type that and your length into a calculator that does percentiles I think you’ll find you’re size is top 1%. The truth is tho having a big d doesn’t really matter too much in relationships if you’re a pretty alpha dude already. Being single with a big d and having alpha traits will make finding women to sleep with similar to shooting fish in a bucket.

1 upvotesawalt_cupcake1 year ago

it seems girth matters more to women and probably looks 'bigger' in pics.

1 upvotesunclecrumble1 year ago

Definitely the deciding factor but who gives a shit what matters to women

1 upvotesawalt_cupcake1 year ago

rephrase: it matters more if you want easy lays

1 upvotesTheDevilsAdvokaat1 year ago

Interesting....I'm actually fairly lucky in that dept too...

7 upvotesunclecrumble1 year ago

Take advantage of that. Having a that has given me the upper hand in all relationships and I haven’t really had to try to be alpha because I know I’ll find another woman that will enjoy it

3 upvotesTheDevilsAdvokaat1 year ago

I did when I was younger. Interestingly you'll meet a lot of people (guys and girls) who'll swear girls don't like it but they do. In fact noone ever complained and most were VERY happy to see - you can see their eyes widen ;-) One girl told me most girls think it will make sex feel better but they're afraid to say this because they worry others will say they are sluts...

In addition I've seen quite a few posts from women saying it's painful when you hit their cervix, but I knew one girl who used to orgasm from it... in that case though I think it was just a lucky fluke. I did have another gf who was in enormous pain when I accidentally poked her cervix one day...

9 upvotesunclecrumble1 year ago

Oh fuck yeah it’s a double edged sword for sure. I’ve had women that easily orgasmed from deep penetration but also girls that acted like a guy getting kicked in the balls when I hit their cervix. Idc either way but I will say the ones that got off on that seemed to be much freakier so I presume he freakier girls are more into size. They’re shallow deceptive creatures in the way they treat the dick size situation. You know you have power over a girl when your dick is big enough to essentially cause pain and I think that might even turn women on. I don’t quite understand it but I do see all women responding positively. I’ve never asked them what they think but man they’re quick to say something about how my junk compares to what they’ve seen to which I respond that they’re the 12th tightest.

2 upvotesTheDevilsAdvokaat1 year ago

Funny enough the one that loved hitting her cervix was the smallest, she's Chinese and only about 5' tall...

And the one that I hit by accident and she screamed and disengaged and yelled at me (my first gf and I was so inexperienced I had no idea it was like that for girls...) was 5'10" ...

106 upvotesUnlucky_Leader1 year ago

to quote the great Lil Wayne:

don't send no naked pictures, if i can't get naked withcha.

1 upvotesPhaeer1 year ago

To qoute the even greater Jadakiss:

Ain't no need in buying a drink or holding a convo If you ain't coming back to the condo It's damn near 4 in the morning ain't shit to discuss Til you ask which dick do you suck

8 upvotesUnlucky_Leader1 year ago

I see a lot of people say that music is all beta---and a lot of it is--- but it's important to have these reminders that you don't have to be a beta to make good music.

16 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

If you think music is beta, you're a beta lmao

23 upvotesUnlucky_Leader1 year ago

to use a different word. music that promotes blue pill ideas. Ex: longing after a girl.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Right, this. Maybe the most disgusting, beta song of all time is "Angel Eyes", which includes the line:

"What you're doing with a clown like me, Is surely one of life's little mysteries".

Every time I hear it I want to puke.

But certainly, there's plenty of music that's not BP.

Edit: Also a horrible, fucked up, beta-brainwash song: "Baby Come Back" by Player.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

This is why I stopped listening to a lot of rock. Too much whinyness about girls, and slowly moved to a lot of reggaeton, hip-hop etc. which is a lot more rp and doesn't promote beta values. Noticed a big change in my demeanor and my luck with chicks.

-13 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

music is often about religion too, giving yourself to a higher power, if you've read the sidebar you'd know this!

1 upvotesUnlucky_Leader1 year ago

direct me to that post, and i can read it. :)

-3 upvotesomega_fat1 year ago

This is fucking stupid on 2 levels at least.

20 upvotesempatheticapathetic1 year ago

I was at a music festival last year. Ended up chatting with some milf. Apparently passed whatever attraction threshold I had to pass and she went silent and waited for me to escalate. I hesitated for a minute as I hadn't really tried to game her at all, so wasn't sure if I was reading the situation right. Anyway started making out. After a short while she started on some story about how her husband left her immediately after their second child was born to travel the world with some girl half her age. I recognised this as 'beta bait' and responded with "yeah...right...probably just something he needed to do". "Don't you think he's an asshole?". "I don't know him".

Maybe not the best response but it was enough for escalation to continue whereas in the past I would have fucked this up by even pretending to give a fuck if my genuine concern wasn't there. A little while later once she maybe realised I wasn't interested in taking her back to my tent right then, we parted ways, but I didn't realise that until after.

1 upvotesH421 year ago

as if trying to have their presence known

A primary reason women wear high heel shoes is the clicking sound they make as she walks. To attract attention to themselves.

41 upvotesdr_warlock [OP]1 year ago

Men need to understand that women often have ‘cycles of receptiveness’. Meaning a few arbitrary times a month they’ll be open to sex, the rest of the month is all about garnering attention for the sake of attention, never wishing it to go further than a gawk or stare. A waste of time.

You can easily spot these women. They arrive in clothes that reveal their curves and a big mixed group of mostly guys but never flirts with anybody or shows signs of interest. Men just orbit her vicinity and she talks to her girlfriends. Then leaves and no guys are talking to her still. She’s loud and ‘just having fun’ and doesnt tolerate anyone that doesnt baby her. She’s not having fun because there’s a fun atmosphere, she’s just bathing in attention. Part of sales is learning to identify your target market and a receptive customer. This is one way.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Meaning a few arbitrary times a month they’ll be open to sex

With a huge need to rationalize it as "love", that is. (Otherwise, "he raped me"/"I was drunk"/"I was out of myself").

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Where did you learn all of this valuable material

25 upvotesdr_warlock [OP]1 year ago

I have approached, pursued, and failed more times than most guys have tried.

1 upvotesRxDrugEvent1 year ago

So do you think that passing on such hard-earned wisdom for noobs to utilize is any good for them? Is learning without failing actually learning here? "Don't get married" is one thing...

6 upvotesdr_warlock [OP]1 year ago

It will take less time before they internalize the lesson because now they can identify phenomenons and reasons for their failure. Maybe 3 failures instead of 11. That adds up.

63 upvotesOdins-left-eye1 year ago

I did try to play the IDGAF attitude with a woman I was dating once when she said her ex was coming into town. She ended up cheating on me with him. It's a thin line. Maybe the right answer is to still NGAF and let the ones who are going to cheat do their thing and dump them. But at the time it felt like a mistake, like a better response would have been "Are you kidding me? If you plan on being alone with him, come get your toothbrush from my house first." I feel like there are plenty of examples of legit alphas who wouldn't put up with that shit. Do you think Michael Corleone would be ok with his wife "just hanging out with her visiting ex"?

141 upvotesIbanezguitarrocks1 year ago

Nothing you said would've mattered. Her actions revealed her character and what she thought of you. You had zero leverage to begin with and an ultimatum would've been added entertainment to her.

46 upvotesNYCSPARKLE1 year ago

This is one of the hardest elements to swallow IMO.

Being direct and forbidding it will work for this one time, but it's not a permanent solution. There are no permanent solutions. AWALT

5 upvotesGoodThingsGrowInOnt1 year ago

Permanent solutions are terrible solutions. You can keep a woman completely and utterly dependent on you such that she will never leave you or disobey you, if you're so inclined, but that is wrong because you are obligated to remain replaceable. By remain replaceable I mean you have a duty to build up the people around you, to better them, selflessly. That's not to say you shouldn't serve your own interests, you'll end up miserable if you don't take care of your own well being, but the idiom "it is far better to give than receive" is not a false one.

11 upvotespsychyness1 year ago

Like everyone else has been saying, you did the right thing. You can't keep a girl from cheating. Even if you managed to prevent it from happening this one time, she would have cheated eventually.

12 upvotesRedPilledGodEmperor1 year ago

Yeah, a woman will do what she wants, regardless of what you say. A woman who would even THINK about hanging out with her ex-boyfriend is not worth stressing about or worrying about. If she truly loved you, that thought would be crazy outrageous to even entertain.

8 upvotescoin_pwr1 year ago

And nothing he could of done would of changed anything. She would of cheated anyways.

Walking away is the only solution.

3 upvotesSPREAD_THE_LOVE_77911 year ago

This is confusing to me. I would feel inclined to set boundaries like, you can't hang out with an ex one on one. And if she does it we're done. What's the RP way to handle it? "Ok sure", or "You can't do that"?

1 upvotesEcho6091 year ago

The red pill way is to let her reveal who she is to you and for you to act accordingly without hesitation.

She might say she’s hangin with a ex just to test your reaction. If you calmly just brush it off with something like “sounds lame you should bring the x box”. And leave it at that.

If she telling you she’s hangin out with a ex or that she has recently done it then pretty clear. For a serious LTR that’s a hard next. No fighting no BS emotional outburst. Just a this isn’t working and end it fast.

If it just a plate or FWB That’s up to you but she’s not LTR worthy after that ever. Keep it casual. Sure keep fucking her but if you want a serious LTR go cultivate with a better prospect.

5 upvotesIhatemoi1 year ago

This is an excellent guide. Thanks. I also adopted the IDGAF attitude with an ex about her seeing her "male friends" and got cheated. The best advice is always to next her. Even if it hurts.

33 upvotesgrowinglats1 year ago

I think you made the right choice, a girl that hangs out with an ex isn’t relationship material. Threatening to break up would have worked for this one time, but you would have been in a relationship with someone that crosses boundaries

18 upvotesRedHeMan1 year ago

How did she know her ex was coming into town in the first place? That could imply they were still in contact which is a demotion or next. I see your point at drawing the line at NGAF, but if you feel the need to throw a line like that at her face then she has proved herself a poor candidate for LTR.

I say just let them reveal themselves for who they are and if they are the kind of person who is OK with keeping in contact with exes or meeting them then you can deal with them appropriately. Enter your relationships with the correct frame and constant dread so you'll know if they try to pull this shit it isn't from lack of attraction, just from accidentally LTRing a hoe.

11 upvotesFreefrombitches1231 year ago

Sometimes there are no cards left to play

6 upvotesRalphStone1 year ago

my mate (natural TRP Alpha, 17 years marriage, his wife in love with him): once his wife asked him if she can go to office party. He said: "No, you see, when my company organise party, they always invite us both, yours invited only you. And I know why, because they want to fuck you. If you go, it would be better if we divorce and start leaving separate life"

11 upvotesSpaghetti-is1 year ago

Oh absolutely. No sane person would think it unreasonable to have a hard red line about hanging out alone with someone they’ve fucked before who drove into town to visit them. That’s a booty call and you have to be blind not to see it, and women are not blind. I don’t see anything wrong with explicitly laying out boundaries like this.

1 upvoteshafunnylol1 year ago

You say “I’m not ok with you hanging out with your ex.” In a cool and collected way. It’s up to her to make the decision and if she does then you pack her bags.

47 upvotesTooHoly9991 year ago

This is also true of any girl posting anything about being lonely on social media.

I learned this one the hard way Saturday. I thought a neg would put me in the clear, but I failed to realize that I was still willing to take, in her mind, damaged goods.

She intentionally hurt her SMV temporarily to see how many thirsty guys she could entrap.

34 upvotesempatheticapathetic1 year ago

"I just realised no one gives a fuck about me"

"My depression is really affecting me at the moment"

"I just want a guy to hold me and tell me I'm normal"

"I know it's hard to be with me but at least I know you're worth it if you stick around"

Basically the sub r-nicegirls

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

she wants to be doing something with someone. you don't have to be autistic to work that out

14 upvotesMattyAnon1 year ago

Real rape and molesting victims usually feel great shame / do you think that would come up as a casual part of a conversation with some guy she doesn't know well?

Right. EVERY GIRL I've dated or been involved with has pulled the "last guy was an asshole" gambit on me. It is (as u/dr_warlock says) classic beta bait. It's designed to elicit sympathy and male protectiveness and beta traits from you, as well as test to see if she can use a divide-and-conquer strategy on you to alienate you from your gender. I'm sure she loves to induce male white knighting protectiveness, but it makes the unwary (gullible, inexperienced) guy into a chump and it doesn't excite her.

Remember some key facts here:

  1. All ex's are abusive assholes after she rewrites history at the end of the relationship.
  2. She chose him and stuck with him. The sex was probably really hot.
  3. Women are masters at telling you the end result, but not all the shit she pulled that led up to it.
  4. It's likely grossly exaggerated.
  5. The abuse women hate (but can't state due to ego) is that they got dumped.

Best line I've worked out so far is: "You really need to talk to someone about this, but that person should not be me or anyone you're romantically involved with".

So I'm not being unsympathetic, but neither am I being drawn into agreeing or disagreeing (female shit tests are designed so she wins if you agree OR disagree because this is what most men do and she's planned for both eventualities).

I've said this line and seen an immediate about-face from women... "yeah... you're right... shouldn't be talking to you about this". Then of course she cheers up, because she's not traumatised in the slightest but is merely trying to rope me into her drama.

12 upvotesThrowawaysteve1234561 year ago

This is one of the best posts I've seen in a while, cheers.

5 upvotesTrowawayantifap281 year ago

Came here to say this. Top notch Quality!

9 upvotesForcetobereckonedwit1 year ago

Wonderful post. Honestly, being a romantic guy, I need daily reminders; keeps me in my proper frame...which keeps my gf comin' back for more.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Suggestive pics don't mean shit anymore. That pic she sent wasn't spontaneous out of lust for you, it was one carefully crafted long ago she had saved on her phone and is probably somewhere on the internet already and was sent to several guys in the past.

Yeah. She'll "fall" for the most indifferent to those cock-waking pics and vids she mass-sends indeed. Show ironic indifference, and you'll rise in her consideration.

1 upvotesFattyOne1 year ago

"She puts up impenetrable LMR. You get frustrated and go cold and do something else. Then she says, "are you mad because I wouldn't have sex with you?"

How do you deal with this kind of situation? This is the part where I often fail

8 upvotesdr_warlock [OP]1 year ago

Play it cool. Just lay down. Some convo. Then say what you need to say to exit or have her leave in a non-butthurt manner. Nothing you can do.

4 upvotesPreOrgasmGroanLness1 year ago

What if she brings up "is it because of no sex?"? Just keep doing my thing?

1 upvotesPreOrgasmGroanLness1 year ago

What if she brings up "is it because of no sex?"? Just keep doing my thing?

4 upvotesxjx5451 year ago

Then she says, "are you mad because I wouldn't have sex with you?"

Normal people don't phrase questions like that. If you were in a courtroom that would be called a leading question because it's a trap. If it's in person, tell her "Let's talk about this another time. I'm going to go." Don't give it any validity. Pretend it's not a girl you're into, but instead a crazy homeless person on the street saying the same thing. This is the frame you should have.

If the convo is in text or online, even better. Don't respond. If she never texts back, you need to be OK with that. This is a beginner level shit test.

8 upvotesHS-Thompson1 year ago

She insisted on telling me because she wanted to be punished for her bad behavior.

This right here.

Once you realize that women actively want and seek discipline from you regularly it opens up an entirely new world of understanding.

Personally I think the best way to administer that punishment is via direct physical means, like a leather belt or paddle, but that's probably another conversation.

5 upvotesabdout771 year ago

In the me Too Era ? even BDSM pornstars are afraid of that shit nowadays.

Women obey to men because they have a greater physical strenght. You are right about that. But It isn't the case anymore because the police is by their sides. If there was a major catastrophy and that the world went back to the Hunting gathering times, Soy boys would die and shit test around the remaining population in the world would be down by around 90%. That's why women in Africa seldom cheat on their husbands. And ironicly when they do, there husbands are Betas.

Violence is also the main reason why black women in africa and black women in american are so different. Fundamentally they are the same but in africa they KNOW what is gonna happen if they go rogue. No one ain't kidding here.

4 upvotesfuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-1 year ago

Man. I fell for 1A once upon a time. It’s amazing how women do send whore pics with not only no intention behind them, but have pics on standby. LOL

2 upvoteschrisname1 year ago

I figured this out when a girl sent me the same pics twice. Counted my blessings and kept shtum though because I had accidentally deleted them the first time.

1 upvotesfuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-1 year ago

Funny you say that. I think that’s how I realized it. Duplicate photos.

4 upvotesSPREAD_THE_LOVE_77911 year ago

For #2, do you ever take your response to the next level?

For example:

Her (texting): This guy at the bar is trying to kiss me.

You: Why don't you let him?

On a totally other side note. I am curious about withdrawing attention. I feel like if I was in a relationship I'd be a mute because she'd start some drama and I'd just ignore her 24/7. So every time she blows up over nothing, you just say, "I don't care", and ignore her? They don't start screaming, "SAY SOMETHING!" after a while? Lol.

4 upvotesFedor_Gavnyukov1 year ago

if she's texting you shit like that instead of calling you and saying something like "this creep at the bar tried getting with me and i had to leave, can you come pick me up?" while sounding legitimately stressed, then you know its bullshit

3 upvotescrespo_modesto1 year ago

Man when I was younger I told this girl "send me a nude, you did it before" and it worked haha. Ahh...

3 upvotesElecktrozan1 year ago

Man this is really helpful. Thanks

3 upvotescornylamygilbert1 year ago

Great insights. This is one of the better posts I've read in a long while. Highly relevant imo

I'll be reading more of your posts OP

3 upvotesBear-With-Bit1 year ago

I'd like to add: Getting You to Commit

After a few date/nights with a new plate, she will start doing shit like planning events weeks in advance, asking your to define the relationship ("what are we?"), buying you clothes, meeting each other's friends, etc. These will seem harmless and even sweet. Sometimes bitches do this so smoothly and effortlessly that you will completely miss it. They're all the more eager to crown you "muh boyfriend" if they're post-wall.

3 upvotesFedor_Gavnyukov1 year ago

my very first girlfriend used to pull walking away and threatening to leave a bunch of times. i never gave in not because i didn't give a shit, but i wanted her to go and cool off. every time she'd walk away or leave the house, she'd come back pissed off that i didn't chase after her haha. then i'd catch more shit for that, but i'd flip it on her and hold frame. each time she never won the battle and just ended up buttering up to me and getting her brains fucked out

3 upvotesjonpe871 year ago

on highschool a girl told me: "I'm leaving, you don't care for our relationship." and I did nothing wrong, I just knew how to play the game. She said it when we were ready to go to a pub and have some fun with our friends. I just went drink, I didnt care. This girl chased me for 2 years. 3 years now and her boyfriend has my name. I think she will never forget me.

9 upvotesthezerocarbkid1 year ago

What a load of bullshit.

It's really simple and women are very easy to understand. They want attention BUT not from a dictator OR a pussy. Most men either tell women what to do (wear this, wear that, etc.) or let women walk all over them. There is a way about going things.

A relationship is a team and a constant power struggle where push back and forth should be part of that healthy relationship. If you need a damsel in distress then it says more about you than any other woman, and if you let a woman walk all over you, it also says more about you than any other woman.

Simply put, you need to take the lead like a man but also stay true yourself and your own values. If you sell out on who you are to get laid women can smell that a mile off because it's what most pathetic pussies do. You can still treat a woman right by putting yourself first, and by communicating your expectations, and being clear where the lines are drawn. That isn't any special game or code, it's called being a fucking man.

A relationship is a partnership. She is your partner in crime to take on and dominate the fucking world. She is your queen, but you are her KING. If you do not act like you are her king then she will think you are a piece of less worth and look for a king. What do kings do? Well they lead, they are comfortable knowing their high value and confident, they know they can find another woman, and they do what is necessary.

  1. They don't want to be told OR be able to walk all over you - they want to feel included
  2. They want a man to treat them like a queen but they still want you to act like a king
  3. They want a man who is willing to initiate physical contact and not be a complete pussy
  4. They want a man who can handle a situation and take control of a situation and not be a pussy
  5. They want a man who is ambitious and on the up - not a loser who has given up and whinges
  6. They want a man who will build them up and support her because he's strong enough to know he will never lose her because he is also on the up and becoming even better
  7. They want a man who walks tall with good posture open to the world with zero fucks given, not a little cowardly pussy with his head down scared to make eye contact with other people

The problem isn't women. The problem is that most men are fucking pussies. If you can't look a woman dead in the eyes, brush the hair behind her ears and kiss her and take control of the situation via slow escalation of physical contact then good grief, you must have the social skills of a rubber duck or something. No, she isn't going to scream metoo like you delusional fantasists think to justify your pussy-like behaviour. She is either going to pull away at the first point of contact, or she is going to be taken aback by you confidently taking control of the situation and respond.

A lot of you act like women are some sort of special species to be worked out. No, they just test for LEADERSHIP traits because they are testing for a good father for their offspring. If you cant lead her or set boundaries and expectations with her how the fuck can you lead kids and raise them well? It's that easy. All this buzzword shit is just cringeworthy.

All you need is emotional maturity. If you respond immediately or react then of course she has control over you just as a naughty child or teenager would. Pretty shit father material, obviously.

tl;dr version - stop being a pussy.

And if you think also playing these dumbass childish games is going to hold down a woman of high value then you got another thing fucking coming.

Dread game on a chick that is high value won't work. It will work on a woman that has issues and is needy and if you're happy with that potential tornado of a situation, go ahead, but any woman that is of high value is going to go astray when she realises you are playing games instead of actually leading, and treating her as she should be whilst still maintaining your self respect. Women are not fucking as dumb as many of you think.

And if you are getting involved with these mental women in the first place then you're clearly a loser as you have no self respect or standards when it comes to who is by your side. You need standards.

15 upvotesempatheticapathetic1 year ago

The amount of times you get emotional and call people you don't know 'losers' is telling enough.

Your comment is fine but you devolve half way through and state that this is for 'high value' women only. Perhaps state that right at the top of your comment for clarity.

Next to retain your credibility you can write about how you find these high value women in an ocean of degenerate whores.

6 upvotesvandaalen1 year ago

The amount of times you get emotional and call people you don't know 'losers' is telling enough.

Also the fact that half of his post consists of the words "They want..." Who gives a fuck what bitches "want"?

1 upvotesthezerocarbkid1 year ago

Next to retain your credibility you can write about how you find these high value women in an ocean of degenerate whores.

I don't need to retain any degree of any credibility on here because I don't give a fuck. All I'm saying is don't be a fucking pussy. Pure and simple. Finding high value women as easy as placing a high value on yourself and following through. Then those women will be drawn to you.

2 upvotesShotgunTRP1 year ago

I agree with most of your points, except dread not working on high value women.

What you need to remember is this world lacks strong male role models and most guys have been trained to be supplicating pussies who kautau to a females whims

Whether it’s nature or nurture you take for granted what you understand naturally and others need to be trained on.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

The only time I get shit from women is when they need drama. Half the time I don't even notice they're upset I just assume they're like birds chirping in the wind.

I have no problem getting into women's pants. Sure I get angsty on a cold approach but WTF are you guys doing that you get so much shit from women??

2 upvotesStron2g1 year ago

Great post, thanks I learned a lot.

2 upvotesweezylane1 year ago

Reading this I'm reminded of my LDR ex girlfriend who played a similar trick on me and I acted in the wrong way and ended up losing her. Here's what happened:

She would complain out of the blue how her social anxiety was unbearable and her friends had a groupchat without her and I thought she was genuinely distressed about it. We'd been for a year and I trusted her enough to believe that this was a problem not a tactic. So I ended up explaining to her how anxiety happens and how you can treat it with therapy etc and her response was 'Okay'. A few days later she started a big argument with me saying I understood nothing about the severity of her condition and I'm a loser. She made it seem like it was my fault for trying to help her and when I apologized(mistake) she ended up loving me back or so I thought. Next she's sending me pictures of different men she liked asking me which one do I like the most to which I responded neither. She said to that "I know you'll enjoy watching me suck him off" at which point I was devastated. We broke up and then I found TRP.

1 upvotesRamblingBanana1 year ago

So she broke up with you by texting you a picture of a guy, then telling you she was going to give him a blowjob?

1 upvotesfraud951 year ago

Some women have no limits when it comes to testing you.

2 upvotesOnlyCuriosity1 year ago

obviously, you'd want to avoid the cry-wolf-type example like number 6, but what if it wasn't bait and she actually was in danger? you can't really just say 'okay' or ignore it... can (or should) you?

3 upvotesdoveenigma131 year ago

She’d call the police not you

2 upvotesZech4riah1 year ago

8) 'Rapport Bombing' Example B: Claims to have been raped or molested in the past (especially when 'unprovoked').

Nothing new here for me until section 8. Oh man, I wish I had read this before last saturday. This is the reason I didn't pull. All was going smoothly and we had already left the club and while we were walking towards her appartment she started talking about her abusive ex-boyfriend etc.

I was a bit too drunk and went all-in with a comforting beta faggot bullshit talk (can't remember tho what I said - don't do night game too drunk :D ).

She went from horny DTF girl to a "I just leave you now, you are a big boy, you can take it".

2 upvotesmountainbiker1781 year ago

I assume these also occur in LTRs as part of the beta-ization process. Regarding rapport-bombing in an LTR, you can break rapport by teasing, not taking her seriously, etc, but when DO you take her seriously as part of the alpha-beta-beta ratio needed for an LTR?

1 upvotesdr_warlock [OP]1 year ago

I don't have much experience in the LTR department. Ask someone else.

2 upvotes42-AX1 year ago

Shit I appreciate these words. My inability to sexually escalate with restraint is likely what’s killing my game.

2 upvotesEtMementoMori1 year ago

Solid post OP. There are definitely more ways to deal with these situations depending on the skills and knowledge but this is a good starting guidelines.

2 upvotesbuttgoogler1 year ago

That's some sidebar type of shit. Cheers.

2 upvotesex_addict_bro1 year ago

When I get nudes, I usually find something in the background and chat about this. “That’s a nice teapot”, “shit, I need to wash my curtains too”, “how old is that laptop?”

2 upvotesKushayye1 year ago

Fkn love the format of your post OP. ❤️ love the way it sums up the beta and alpha responses. Knowing TRP theory and putting it to practice are two different donkeys.

2 upvotesodinmeister1 year ago

Im always wondering about one thing

What to do when your girl wants to hang out with another guy 1-on->1? ==> Demote to plate or dump immediately...

we should avoid girls that have smth going with more than one guy (you), but we can have plates and other women... do we really expect these girls (whether ltr or not) to put up with this attitude? Or should we be dishonest about it?...(ofc this depends what you want out of a girl). Not judging at all, Im genuinely interested in your opinions and experiences.

2 upvoteshepahepahepa1 year ago

A lot of horseshit and overthinking in this post

1 upvotesMukato1 year ago

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_ueWyMpLhE A fucking classic here!

Really interested to see that video of a girl responding to this video, if anyone can find it.

1 upvotesraRCer1231 year ago

so what are you supposed to do in example A nudes situation

2 upvotesdr_warlock [OP]1 year ago

Just added.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

What does it mean if a young woman wants to befriend you? No sex, no sexy pics, no teasing, she just wants to hang out. For example, she suggests (if you have a dog) going to the dog park on so and so day and getting ice cream after. If she wants to get to know you before escalating anything? If she behaves like a decent human being?

2 upvotesempatheticapathetic1 year ago

If you're attracted, escalate. If you're happy being platonic, don't.

If she's obviously not leeching value from you (yet) without reciprocating then she's waiting for you to escalate.

I have a platonic female friend but it's a weird mix of orbiter, gossipy shit, slight attraction/submission and mutual favours.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I mean, what if it’s just a girl who wants to get to know you first before anything sexual?

1 upvotesshrimpwife1 year ago

Btw I am a female who doesn’t give it up to just anyone. I would prefer a beta partner for long term and marriage than an alpha asshole.

1 upvotesempatheticapathetic1 year ago

Of course. Because you have more control in the relationship.

Btw I am a female who doesn’t give it up to just anyone

If you say so then it must be true.

1 upvotesshrimpwife1 year ago

Yup. I’m incredibly picky. I’ll get intimate if things are going well, if it’ll be a long term relationship, but if a guy wants cheap sex, he’ll have to go elsewhere.

1 upvotesempatheticapathetic1 year ago

It's easy for you to 'say this' and be self assured this is the truth. This is what is known as 'the hamster' on here.

But when you encounter a man you find attractive, with strong frame, who is pursuing you, you essentially have no choice. You are a slave to your biology, much more than a man typically is. You'll let it happen and 'hamster' it away afterwards. These days that takes the form of a false rape charge.

1 upvotesshrimpwife1 year ago

Uh no. I’m celibate when I’m single. I don’t do hookups. If he is pursuing me, he will have to put in effort and meet my mom. Lol. If he can’t do that, like I said, there are other girls who will open their legs for everyone. I’m not desperate or lonely. Desperate and lonely people will have sex with whoever cause of low self esteem and low self worth. Sex is much better when you have a connection with the other person. IMO.

1 upvotesdr_warlock [OP]1 year ago

Btw I am a female

Sy yo nada crustacean

/u/bsutansalt, ban hammer time.

1 upvotesLiveAFTSOV1 year ago

Paperstreetvilla has been permanently banned from reddit, man

1 upvotesshrimpwife1 year ago

Pretty sure I am not breaking any rules. I come from RPW.

1 upvotesdr_warlock [OP]1 year ago

Go back to the ocean, shrimp. Spongebob and Patrick would love your company.

1 upvotesshrimpwife1 year ago

I’m not breaking any rules. You’re just bitter lol. Afraid of a woman who has standards.

1 upvotesToxik61 year ago

Amazing points. I’ve seen all of these countless times. Good to know what to do.

1 upvotesJerryLawlerPigFace1 year ago

Lmao I think I’m that guy that wrote about the girl who kept telling me about other guys trying to kiss her and grab her ass!!

I actually fell ass backwards into passing those initials tests when she first brought them on. At first I unconsciously agreed and amplified, but then as her tests escalated, I started to become angry/jealous. Again, unintentionally, I passed by ignoring them. (Because I was angry lol). Sure enough, she came crawling back a few weeks later apologizing for telling me this stuff because she felt terrible about it. Now here is where I failed:

Instead of playing it off and saying “haha it’s cool!” Or something along the lines of being totally indifferent/not caring, I said to her “let’s not discuss other people, it’s just weird and I’m not your gay best friend or therapist”. -> This boundary I set fucked me over.

The boundary doesn’t seem like much. It seems reasonable right? Especially after her telling me on about 3 different occasions about other guys. I didn’t say this in an angry or irritated way. I did so in a very calm, yet assertive manner, with humor sprinkled in to show that I was in good spirits.

Well, it doesn’t matter. The fact that I acknowledged her tests in a way that was any more than “haha it’s cool” showed weakness on my end and showed that it bothered me. She saw this as an emotional weak spot of mine, and continued to overstep this boundary many times in the future, and exploit this weakness.

Learn from my mistakes (and from this excellent post!). Don’t give her the attention she craves, and ESPECIALLY do not acknowledge shit tests about other guys.

2 upvotesdr_warlock [OP]1 year ago

Your line sounded too try-hard alpha boundary setting.

2 upvotesJerryLawlerPigFace1 year ago

We all start somewhere man. Believe me, being a lifelong beta, it could’ve been a lot worse.

1 upvotesmirage1e1 year ago

The timing of this is ironic , as last night a girl from tinder was messaging me and was the sexual aggressor. It led to Snapchat and trading pics. I didn’t drool, but I gave little complements but I slipped up n asked to meet up but she wouldn’t make a solid plan.

Today the texting was a bit dry, I read this and immediately sent out a text saying I’m going to be out tonight so if she tries to tease me I can’t trade pics.

Result: Sexually aggressive reply within minutes.

1 upvotesdr_warlock [OP]1 year ago

Do you see, she values the validation from you entering her frame more than sex with you. To her, the sex is a last resort to garnering that validation.

1 upvotesmirage1e1 year ago

So true. So now I just have to not give any validation so she has to go to that last resort. Just don’t want her to give up if I’m not reciprocating tho

1 upvotesdr_warlock [OP]1 year ago

A tease, some bait, some dread. The cat will come around sniffing sooner or later.

1 upvotesQuestionnaire71 year ago

How do you bait a girl? Teasing is easy, dread is do-able, but bait to me sounds identical to teasing.

1 upvotesComradeCam1 year ago

I usually just ask “Tell me who that belongs to”


“u wild lol wyd”

1 upvotesToxik61 year ago

What’s the solution to overt commutation? Number 5

3 upvotesdr_warlock [OP]1 year ago

Ignore and pretend it never happened. "No it's fine. I'm not gonna pressure to do anything you don't wanna do." Never mention previous ASD. Just sounds butthurt, spirals down a path of no tingles, and activates more ASD. Never remind a woman why she denied sex to you.

1 upvotesmarkinsinz71 year ago

Good post Dr warlock glad to c u still creating some good stuff. I wonder how to instinctively think like this? Is it thru constant reminding or experience or practicing being an arrongant/over confident person who believes a fuckton in himself that he doesn't fall for this shtt?

1 upvotesdr_warlock [OP]1 year ago

Most people don't. Consciously think about the lesson during every encounter after the lesson is learned until it's easy. You'll have an arsenal eventually.

1 upvotesreddzeppelin1 year ago

ah the red pill guide to appearing alpha in such real world places as the gym, instagram and snapchat.

1 upvotesTunedtoPerfection1 year ago

So many guys need to read and re read number 7. It seems like once a week there is a FR of some dude who thinks hes the Alpha of all Alpha's because some dudes GF pulled this shit on them.

Word from the wise, as you get more and more attractive this happens more and more. I can't even make it out a night where some girl doesn't try and use me in this way.

When you see through it and ignore it, man do they get butthurt it's comedy.

1 upvotesthe_one_tony_stark1 year ago

I'm glad I clicked the dick pic link.

1 upvotesRalphStone1 year ago

<tits pic>

-yes, however


-i can't figure out, your tits are nice or just big. my 6th sense doesn't work today

1 upvotesQuestionnaire71 year ago

This doesn't make sense to me.

Male sexuality is based almost entirely on physique while female sexuality focuses on refusal to give them short-term validation in response to their power grabbing moves and other abstract traits that indirectly insinuate signs of past sexual success, not your looks or body (especially hot girls).

This seems to say that where men are most interested in physique Females are most interested in being refused to short-term validation in response to their power grabbing moves.

And what do you mean by "abstract traits that indirectly insinuate signs of past sexual success, not your looks or body (especially hot girls)"

Traits that insinuate past sexual success seem like mark from giving birth or some psychological aspect indicating sexuality.

Can this be explained?

1 upvotesbot2561 year ago

Oh man, that balcony conversations video was just pure gold

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago


To confirm this, I'll Just leave a christian (but good for everyone) thought here:

The Original Sin is a man listening and obeying his wife.
Look for it, it is written in the Bible, in Genesis, Chapter 3, verse 17

And to Adam he said,

“ Because you have listened to the voice of your wife and have eaten of the tree of which I commanded you, ‘You shall not eat of it,’ ...... etc. etc...

1 upvotesBryanJz1 year ago

Wow, I had no Patrice was this much of a TRP textbook. Hilarious motherfucker with some nice wisdom

1 upvotesBetaBitchBoy691 year ago

Holy fuck, Recycled nudes, classic. I always say meh send me some real ones with my name written on you and I might care.

1 upvotesAlpha_Jedi1 year ago

Epic post. Thanks for sharing. Cheers.

1 upvotessezamus1 year ago

I felt for the bait... After reading the post here titled "GET HARD WHEN YOU HEAR THE WORD “NO”: The Truth About Rejection & Getting A Ten" I decided to game a girl who was sending me mixed signals, but now I see that was all just a beta bait to inflate her ego...

Her tactic: She started talking with me, asking questions (escalating), then asked me out, but came with her friend (female). After she catched my interest, she was keeping a safe distance from my attempts to escalate - she has just put me on her orbit. That was all she wanted. I realized she is interested in someone else, but used me for attention and validation.

I still hang out with her at the parties where I expect other girls to come, because I use her as the preselection tool. My mistake was being too fixated on gaming her instead of gaming other girls.

1 upvotesjohntcalhoun1 year ago

I have a Russian Girl, she takes good care of me. I'm interested in how we can fall into a beta role while they make us feel like we are being winning. The fact that she sticks around says im doing something right, I lift, I have good goals, I am attractive to other women. She still is at the age where she is trying to tie down a "Daddy"(21). I recognize this and reap the benefits but As i feel like im winning I can't help but think I'm really losing without noticing. Like she has some kind of long term goals. My solution continue to evaluate other girls and keep my options open. my train wouldn't stop if she hopped off, if anything it would move faster, might need to kick her off. I need more advice about spinning plates. She has showed me how much it would hurt her if i fucked another girl and I would feel bad. She has also shown she is capable of being a mistress. So I know she is playing on my emotions. So how do you deal with her response, I'd hate to end a good thing but I know I shouldnt stay monogamous until im crippled by it.

1 upvotesNiceTryDisaster1 year ago

What a gem of a post. Saved

1 upvotesGrant_w19991 year ago

Jesus Christ guys, just be yourself; it’s not that hard. It’s better to be 100% real with someone than act like some ‘badass’ narcissist, women hate that. I’ve been myself, and trust me, I have had no problem getting girls. Quit playing games, that’s for kids.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I'll throughly go through this post. can't wait mate, you always post good content!

0 upvotesHviterev1 year ago

Didn't have time to read all but quality article, 100% in line with personal experience. Good reminder for when you get a little beta.

0 upvotesILikeToTalkBullshit1 year ago

Wow, reading this i see i've made some of these mistakes. I'm still in a relationship with this girl. What should my move be? Should i slowly start to apply redpill tactics when she uses this bait? Or is it already too late?

1 upvotesmnhoops1 year ago

Is it just me or has TRP turned into TRP for Teens?

1 upvotesdoveenigma131 year ago

Hasn’t it always been TRP for autistic teenagers?

1 upvotesthezerocarbkid1 year ago

It's beyond pathetic that being a man needs explaining in this way. No wonder women are losing their minds when you have all these manginas out there.

1 upvotesTheRedPike1 year ago

That has always been the core problem. Whining about how we try to slash out of this jungle is unproductive.

1 upvotesTheRedPike1 year ago

Maybe you should try / r / whiningformillenials. Might be more your speed.

-4 upvotesnotonlyplace1 year ago

The purpose of the girl sending a naughty pic in the the askTRP kid's situation was to see if he'd drool over her. She was dangling pussy on a stick to see if he'd try to pounce on it immediately. He did, thus demonstrating low value via thirst. Women want you to escalate while showing sexual restraint.

I had to stop reading right here, I struggle with this a lot and let me tell you, do not play it smooth, I had women say you want to fuck me, and I just say , "Yeah"

A women who really wants you isn't going to play stupid games, Women play games with beta to test them and sure you can succeed, but I found there are two types of women, women who will sleep with me easily and women who make it hard.

I Remember my first dick pic, I didn't even think it would work, Got a solid HB7, who sent me her address, (Was a little worried at first, but had a great time)

Her first response was, "Wow, I need some of that, with a face pic and pussy pic"

Women are reckless these days, Don't feel the need to come up with witty shit

By not going for the kill, she perceives you as not desperate because you have other options and this is nothing special.

This isn't game, this is trying to explain why he failed, when he didn't, she wasn't right for him, She could of just of easily said yes, does this mean his game was on point?

I met many women who have done this, I always compliment their photo, and say, "You're getting my dick hard". They usually take it as a compliment.

I treat women like I treat sales, I don't fuck with customers who play games, If a women likes you , she likes you

14 upvotesmallardcove1 year ago

You missed the entire point of the post.

5 upvotesStron2g1 year ago

Exactly. Just because the wrong decision occasionally works doesn't mean it's the better one.

2 upvotesmallardcove1 year ago

Common theme of AskTRP.

They insist on continuing with their shitty decision because it worked for them in the past, despite getting a wave of advice advising them to do otherwise.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

What the fuck is this shit?

0 upvotesfinancialwar1 year ago

Stop fucking link us all over the place with YouTube.

1 upvotesdontdreddonme1 year ago

disgusting hatred of women here, I really pity you people but if I see you speak this stuff in real life I'll beat you unrecognizable

1 upvotesSelf-honest1 year ago

This stuff, aka truths. It's not supposed to be pleasant.

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