Hear me out fellas. I hope this spreads to all communities throughout the manosphere.

I get it, we are all fustrated with how things are. We want to be heard. We want our issues to matter. We want to be treated fairly. Wanting all of this and it sometimes feels like we havent made a whole lot of progress is sometimes infuriating.

But you know what thats ok. We have eachother. We know what its like to experience the things we have. To not be heard or beleived. To have everything blamed on us. Even things that clearly were out of our control. So when one of our brothers makes a comment or post and hes obviously fustrated or having a bad day, lets hear him out. Remind him its ok to be fustrated and that he can vent but the ultimate goal is peace of mind. I know we already do this like 90% of the time but wouldnt it be great of it was 100? Or at least like 99?

Lets try to ignore the hate. Yes feminists have their subs. Yes they get away with shit we cant. You know what? Who cares. Let forget trying to settle the score. Let focus on making our community stronger. I also think because we cant get away with what they can it forges our communication skills and we are more likely able to get out point across without insulting our opposition. Let them hate men. Its only going to make them more miserable. We dont have to let their bad energy get to us. We are better than that.

Lastly lets be more welcome to the women and feminists that come in here. In no way am i saying we have to roll out a red carpet for them but lets be open to the debate and conversations and lets show them why we are here in the first place. That our issues matter. That men are human. The goal is to open their eyes. Many of them are used to online places where man hating is ok. We dont have to be the hostile ones. Lets make them realise that all of their prejudices of us are wrong. So far, from what Ive seen, we have done pretty good with this. I think we can be better.

I think this community is great. And the only reason i say lets be better is because I truly believe we can be. I believe in us. I believe in this community. I believe in men.

Edit: I am thoroughly dissapointed in most of the responses im getting. If yall really wanna be that petty and just wanna waste all your energy arguing with feminists that will never care about your viewpoint then be my guest. Give them more reasons to hate us. Instead of actually trying to make a change by supporting our fellow man.