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How much Dan Bilzerian understands.

by nabosch on /r/TheRedPill
09 March 2017 06:45 PM UTC

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Came across a Larry King interview with Dan Bilzerian, everything you’d expect out of the guy. Pure RP gold. Link to the interview


“It’s like, if a hot girl goes to the bar and she gets hit on 10 times she can go home and sleep like a baby and not hookup with anybody. But if she goes to the bar and no body pays attention to her and nobody talks to her then she almost like has to hookup with somebody to feel validated a little bit.”

“I was at a club and had one girl that I flew down that I used to date but decided that we should just be friends because she wanted a relationship. I had another girl that I had been sleeping with for a couple years that was living with her boyfriend so she was kinda like my actual date but I couldn’t be seen with her so I had the other girl that I could take to events."  

Decided to just be friends when she wanted a relationship. Girls always trying to secure a high SMV man, but why settle when you’re on top? Sleeping with another girl that was living with a boyfriend. Beta bucks and Alpha fucks.


What’s something that people get wrong about you?

“I think a lot of people think that I’m just fucked up all the time, that I’m drinking all the time”

Do you drink a lot?

“No, no I really don’t. No I actually don’t drink to much at all. For me I always went out to get laid you know? So like a lot of guys when they go out they need to drink so that they’re more relaxed so they can pickup chicks, but I just got to a point where I just didn’t really have to work at all.”

There’s no need to waste money and calories on alcohol when you don’t need it. Sure it’s nice to have a drink at the bar but no need to get hammered thinking that’s going to help you walk out with anything above a 5.


What are you embarrassed to admit you watch or enjoy?

“I’m not really too embarrassed by much, I always just kinda put my cards on the table and accept me for who I am kinda deal.”

What TRP is at it’s core. Being a high value man confident in himself, not afraid to put his cards on the table.


Do you feel like you use women?

“I feel like a lot of times girls are using me. A lot of times girls use me to get back at their boyfriends or piss off an ex or, you know I get used all the time. It’s kind of crazy but I can’t really get to upset about that”



How often do you let yourself be vulnerable?

“Definitely not that often”


Do you ever want to just settle down?

“Um sometimes, at the end of a long weekend maybe”

35 and top of his game why stop now?

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440 upvotesGroundhogLiberator3 years ago

I've always been fascinated by the snowball effect of social status.

You inherit a fuckton of money from your father so you'll never need to worry about going broke or needing to work a day in your life. You then make a "career" playing cards (something people do for recreation) so you get yourself in the public eye. Then you start living flashy. Girl A sees the yacht, private plane, luxurious resort and decides she wants a piece. So she's in the photo with him. Girl B sees Girl A just got another 10,000 followers on instagram, so she wants in too. Before you know it you're taking photos with 50 models in the background.

But this made me laugh yesterday.

87 upvotesthemidnightfox3 years ago

You should listen to the podcast he did with Joe Rogan. Pretty eye opening and shows somewhat of a different side of him and gives color to his backstory.

45 upvotes0x8d13553 years ago

Since you mentioned the podcast but did not provide a link:
[Youtube] Joe Rogan Experience #857 - Dan Bilzerian.

33 upvotesdCLIFFb3 years ago

This should be higher, he outlines his entire life story. There's way too much speculation in this thread. IMO he's earned his status, but listen to the podcast and decide for yourselves.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Yeah, I listened to all or a good portion of that status and I was impressed. He's smarter than people think and knows how to market himself.

7 upvotesprodigy2throw3 years ago

It's really a case study on social status engineering. Amazing really

133 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Dan Bilzerian is awesome. Haters are gonna hate, but he's smarter than people think he is. He literally set his life up in a way so that he's doing a bunch of cool shit and gets laid constantly. He also has a badass beard.

Oh yeah, I'm am reading some of the backlash from that photo and it's hilarious. I mean do people realize that was just a photo shoot, to have a little fun?

217 upvotesGroundhogLiberator3 years ago

He literally set his life up in a way so that he's doing a bunch of cool shit and gets laid constantly.

If you had $100M+ you could piece this together just as easily.

204 upvotesHammerhead93 years ago

exactly why this guy has no valuable lessons

201 upvotesGalbert1233 years ago

Agreed. Entertaining, yes. Relatable, no. This guy has all the money and free time in the world. You could work your balls off your whole life and not have a a fraction of that kind of wealth.

71 upvotesmetalhead43 years ago

Dan what do you want to be when you grow up?

Hugh Hefnar on steroids.


-24 upvotestrulytrulyisay3 years ago

I have to disagree with you a little. The man spent years of his life working his ass off to become a SEAL and he never gave up until forced to. I believe he has learned some lessons about work and sacrifice.

6 upvotesfakenate13 years ago

How did he earn his wealth?

3 upvotesczech_man3 years ago

He went through basic training, didn't finish due to disciplinary issues.

-1 upvotesAlpacash3 years ago

I disagree, if you work your balls off you can definitely have that kind of money or more.

-32 upvotesUsernameIWontRegret3 years ago

I mean the man did go through navy seal training. You have to give him props for that.

53 upvotesGroundhogLiberator3 years ago

He didn't even make it halfway through.

6 upvotesSadBoy_phil3 years ago

He was on an episode of the joe Rogan podcast and if I remember correctly, he went into hell week with a broken leg/foot or some shit like that and that's why he wasn't able to finish

1 upvotesUsernameIWontRegret3 years ago

Me made it to the 500th day or something. Just before finishing he got booted out.

And even if he did only make it halfway, that's still more impressive than what 99% of men can do.

-1 upvotesRedDeadCred3 years ago

He went through hell week twice. According to him he was denied for political reasons, sergeants didnt like a trust fund baby being there. Who knows, but he did make it through those he'll weeks which puts him in the 99th percentile of toughness.

58 upvotesGIGANTIC_NIGGER_DICK3 years ago

DBs dad was charged with insider trading. That's where the 100 M came from in the first place

36 upvotes326432643 years ago

He's laundering his father's money through high stakes poker games. However, I'm sure he has made a shit ton of money through his IG fame etc.

In terms of his lifestyle, I'm a big fan. Dude is top of the food chain.

23 upvotesFLFTW163 years ago

If you had $100M+ you could manage this just as easily.

DB is ripped. He put a ton of time and effort into training. Money has nothing to do with that.

There are plenty of billionaires who are overweight and in ill health, who don't do fun stuff. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet come to mind. Those are two beta chumps that didn't use their wealth for fun at all. Warren Buffet actually brags about eating a mcdonalds egg mcmuffin for breakfast, costing him only $3.50 or so.

It's important for guys not to fall into the trap of "hand waving excuses." Well, if I had that money, I could do XYZ so easily! A better question is what are you doing with the assets you have right now? A guy could spend $100 on a used guitar and learn to play to be more social/cool. Or he could day dream about what he would do will the millions he will never have. You could say how easy it is to have personal trainers and your own gym when you have millions, while some guy with NOTHING in his bank account gets on the floor and does crunches to get ripped, costing him nothing.

People criticize DB. I don't get it. What does that get you? It's so pointless to be bitter or resentful of people who had a leg up on you. His success does not impact you or me negatively at all. Learn from his example in any way you can and use that knowledge to improve your own situation.

167 upvotesBestSC863 years ago

YOU do realize one of the major differences be between your trust fund baby and Gates and Buffet, right?

They BOTH FREAKING BUILT THEIR EMPIRES by working insane hours, investing, researching and doing what the TRP claims should be the mission of a real man.

This dude basically has done shit but use his families' money and bought a boat full of pussy with it.

I am not a huge Buffet or Gates fan myself but I am smart enough to know that at the end of the day...they will be remembered as titans of their eras and fields while his dude will die unremembered likely from either a drug overdose or a drinking episode or from a STD.

I have met a bunch of these trusters and they all are entitled pricks who girls love because of the name\money. They also are usually insufferable jacksasses to most people around them.

15 upvotesLuckyluke233 years ago

all dan has done is use social media to his advantage

1 upvotesaanarchist3 years ago

can you explain? i've been hearing more and more about the power of social media and have been wanting to learn a few things.

19 upvotesFLFTW163 years ago

You make a valid point about the self-built empire vs the inherited empire. Here is my rebuttal: Bilzerian won the birth lottery. You can't fault (or praise) a man for something totally out of his control.

That being said, do you approve of how DB has used his wealth and privilege? Would you use it the same way if you were in his shoes? There are many trust fund babies. I have heard a few stories myself from these types in New York City. Neurotic, self-loathing. Some of them are so mal-adjusted they launch themselves off their penthouses and splatter the pavement below. Inheritance is not destiny.

The point I'm driving at is that every man has his inheritance, something some other man will be envious of. Inheritance can be spent and it can be squandered. Most of the users here were born/live in the USA/Europe, some of the richest places on earth and in the richest time period in all of human history. Some of you are tall. Some of you have money or the means to earn it. And all of us live in a time when feminism has made pussy incredibly cheap and easy to come by. We all have an inheritance, and it does no good to look at DB with eyes of envy. Take what you can learn from and forget about the rest.

they will be remembered as titans of their eras and fields while his dude will die unremembered likely from either a drug overdose or a drinking episode or from a STD.

That's great for them, and they are probably quite happy with their lives. I wouldn't trade places with them. In terms of sexual success would you rather be Dan Bilzerian at his prime or Bill Gates in his prime? Marriage 2.0 is a legal-bureaucratic tool of the matriarchy. Whatever DB's faults are, he is having fun with his life; that is an admirable goal for every man.

47 upvotesBestSC863 years ago

You missed the point.

This dude is exactly like a thousands of these dudes in America......they inherited family money and spent their lives living the Newport News, Palm Springs, and Florida society circuit. Sure they slay pussy because of their money, family name and breeding, but only a thirsty sexless beta would believe that being a pussy slayer is the epitome of a life well lived. Look I know that when you are on the outside desperate to stick you dick in pussy, it becomes an obsession to idolize those for whom it comes easy and are sticking it in more than a few a year...but it isn't memorable or indicative of a life well lived.

Hell, dudes in West LA running drugs and living in squalor are fucking as much pussy as Dan in a year...that is till they get gunned down in a driveby.....but nobody is aching for those dude's life.

I was simply making the POINT...that you don't compare these soft trust funds babies with people like Gates and Buffet who spent freaking years building a freaking trillion dollar empire and reputation. Don't know about Gates but Buffet was a man's man back in his heyday....shouldn't think that he was always 70 as you see him today.

23 upvotesanalyticaltoafault3 years ago

You can certainly fault a man for becoming an adult and not taking his life's gift and becoming a man of character as well.

Marcus Aurelius is a perfect example.

upvotesConflictedLogicalMan3 years ago

wait what...? You would rather have pussy than be a legend and make your mark in history?


8 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

You're wayyy too obsessed with girls dude. You value them and hooking up with them way too much

upvotesProNotPro3 years ago

They BOTH FREAKING BUILT THEIR EMPIRES by working insane hours, investing, researching and doing what the TRP claims should be the mission of a real man.

The red pill doesn't tell you how to live your life. NOWHERE!

It explains how the sexual market works so you can navigate throuth it based on what you like.

Even if Bilzerian was given 100% of his money, what difference does it make? That's like hating on handsome dudes because they can pull with less game than you.

12 upvotesBestSC863 years ago

So the lesson you take from the red pill is be born with loads of money......

Oh well, perhaps you should start a adjunct reddit with a new sidebar..it would be much simpler to read.

  1. Be born with boatloads of money.
  2. Lift
  3. Spend loads of money buying the attention of chicks with yachts, parties and trips.
  4. Post on social media.
  5. Slay pussy.
  6. Die.

Of course, most followers will give up at #1 because without #1 the rest of the Dan's philosophy is unworkable.

Nobody is hating on freaking Dan....the post waas about the STUPIDITY of castigating Gates\Buffet as compared to this freaking loser. But it certainly highlights the number of people who will never make it because they would be unwilling to put in the hard work to get resources to live a similar life to this Dan dude unless they were lucky to be born with it.

Oh no, working hours and building a business or company is so beta, but I want loads of money so how do I alpha my way to money......

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

What people are pointing out is that it doesnt matter how he behaves or acts. No matter what philosophy he subscribes too hes gonna get tons of pussy becsuse of his money. Look up to someone who gets that much poon because of what he does not what he was given

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I read something about what you are saying about people like Buffet and Gates. When they earn so much that money is taken out of the equation of happiness, they become something else. With not a specified goal in sight they just work and becoming richer and richer just to see the number on bank account growing. When Buffet brags about buying 3.50 dollar egg muffin its not because he is cheapskate, it is because he has disconnected himself from the percieved truth that money is a way to happiness, for him being the best/richest etc is the happiness. They will either die as the world happiest men or as the most misrable as they realise that it was not worth it.

-1 upvotesyomo863 years ago

Bill and Warren are the other end of the spectrum. Nothing remotely alpha about them. They do what they do because nothing else comes to mind. Gates never traveled as Gates the Bill and not Microsoft Bill. Buffet has his Egg McMuffin while he could enjoy his life once every while. Providers to the core.

119 upvotesGroundhogLiberator3 years ago

DB is ripped. He put a ton of time and effort into training. Money has nothing to do with that.

How can you say that? His money gives him 40-60 hours per week that the rest of us have to spend working. He has access to elite trainers and can eat professionally-prepared high quality meals. If he juices he can do it under a top-notch doctor's supervision. He can get as much sleep as he needs. He has nothing to stress over.

He has no excuse not to be in peak condition.

Every week I'm in the gym about 15 hours across 6 days. I'd be there 5 hours per day if I didn't have to worry about money.

10 upvotesStormtech53 years ago

Speaking of sleep I'm at work now on about 2.5 hours sleep and many nights lately of 4 hours sleep. That's what you get with a wife and kid though

5 upvotesaDrunkenWhaler3 years ago

Every week I'm in the gym about 15 hours across 6 days. I'd be there 5 hours per day if I didn't have to worry about money.

No, you wouldn't. You would be a lazy fuck because you wouldn't need to work or train a fay in your life. You would have bitches to fuck until your dying breath and money to spend, no point in working on building muscles to improve you SMV and social status. You would have that by default.

PS- I'm not talking about you personally, but generalize how almost all people would act in that situation.

2 upvotesGroundhogLiberator3 years ago

I'd let myself hit 12% body fat at the worst

1 upvotesFractalFactorial3 years ago

With unlimited access to professionally cooked food every single day of my life not to mention some expensive as hell wine and scotch I'd balloon up like a mother fucker.

I mean really, who would want to spend any more time at the gym than what's needed for basic maintenance if money wasn't an issue? 15 hours already sounds pretty excessive imo.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

You don't have to spend much time in the gym to get ripped. I lift weights three times a week and keep my workouts under 40 minutes. I am about 177 lbs and I recently was able to bench 345 lbs. No excuses.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Ahahahahaaha ok dude Yea I'm gonna go ahead and call bullshit on that. 345 even at 181 puts you in the highest bracket in strength standards (elite). And if you were aware people at the elite level spend hours every day at the gym while on the juice too

But you did it under 40 minutes because no excuses! Who knew willpower was all you needed

Damn what's up with insecure dudes making lifts up online so much...

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

If you're bulky naturally though and you're just cutting and getting definition it doesn't take as much time or effort as a skinny fucker like me gaining muscle mass.

Different workouts for different genetically-predisposed and physically-endowed individuals isn't it

5 upvotesFLFTW163 years ago

How can you say that? His money gives him 40-60 hours per week that the rest of us have to spend working.

I'm not arguing that you are factually/logically wrong. Of course you are correct. I'm arguing that this is a woe is me attitude and that this is not constructive for a man to have. I used to suffer from a woe is me attitude and it wasn't until I abandoned that perspective that I started really making progressive on myself.

64 upvotesGroundhogLiberator3 years ago

This isn't a woe is me or a sour grapes situation. I'd trade lives with him in a heartbeat.

I just think it's absurd that people are putting this guy on a pedestal. He's not some kind of self-made millionaire. He's a Kardashian. Famous for being famous.

1 upvotesneetpepe3 years ago

Another reason why NEETs are winning the game.

You should quit your job. Until then: another day, another dollar.

-6 upvotesYour_Coke_Dealer3 years ago

You're not wrong, but there's no reason to make excuses for yourself. Having time to work out gets you ripped faster, but that doesn't mean you can't reach a high SMV slower and work out enough to maintain a good physique. Also, professionally prepared meals are the same thing; eat at a calorie deficit to lose fat, plan your own diet and get the same quality food for your health as he does but pay less for it.

upvotesredpill-account3 years ago

Posts like this give RP a bad rep.

Bill gates did nothing with his wealth?!?

How about cure disease and save literal millions of lives .

128 upvotesGroundhogLiberator3 years ago

And Warren Buffett is 86 years old. How come he isn't out there banging sloots? What a beta.

upvotessketchyuser3 years ago

He actually got his wife to agree to let him bang someone else.

17 upvotes00100001001111113 years ago

Making your life mission to fuck as many women as possible is pretty lame. Bill gates is doing some amazing things for humanity.

upvotesMakeMoneyNotWar3 years ago

Bill Gates was ruthless as fuck when he was building Microsoft.

14 upvoteslancer0003 years ago

He spent his time jumping on chairs, playing DOOM (that takes balls to play) & also he banged loads of hippie chicks. Just look at him. He is always so happy.

60 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Yeah seriously. I like banging chicks like the next guy, but you can't tell me that Bill Gates did nothing with his wealth. Plus, he seems like a guy who has a different idea of fun than most guys here who don't even have .01% of his wealth.

14 upvotesBRINGMEDATASS3 years ago

Lmao that's still 8.5 million dollars. With that money in the bank at 3% interest you'd have 250k to go nuts on all the blow and hookers you could responsibly handle. I honestly believe there are 0 redditors on this sub with that kind of cash. But yeah fun is relative.

1 upvotesEpicLevelCheater3 years ago

You think The Red Pill has a bad reputation because we make fun of Bill Gates?

-12 upvotesvandaalen3 years ago

Posts like this give RP a bad rep.

Pathetic bullshit. Who gives a fuck about what "gives RP a bad rep"? Or more precisely: what you think gives us a bad rep.

Fucking concern trolling.

46 upvotesredpill-account3 years ago

Bc it's an idiotic sentiment that uses red pill logic for a dumb ass statement.

Like holy shit bill gates is literally one of the top 10 powerful people of the past 100 years , but no red pill logic means he is beta because he doesn't fuck hoes on his jet

-19 upvotesFLFTW163 years ago

By all means marry your sweetheart and adopt an African but you are in the wrong fucking subreddit. Stop acting like an autistic faggot.

11 upvotesredpill-account3 years ago

Hahaha u sound like a loser

upvotesProNotPro3 years ago

How are you downvoted?! This place is blue-pill infested.

Newbies nead to hit the sidebar.

16 upvotesMuteMouse3 years ago

He's admitted to using steroids and growth hormone

8 upvotesFLFTW163 years ago

He's admitted to using steroids and growth hormone

A valid criticism.

He took shortcuts. There is still a worthwhile lesson in that. Those shortcuts are available to almost any man, if he wants to take them. One of the most lauded users on here, GayLubeOil, has posted extensively on the topic.

The real point of my comment was to call out what I read as a 'woe is me' reaction about DB having a lot of money. Thanks for your comment.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Steroids aren't only used as a shortcut, once you get to a certain level you literally cannot progress without the use of gear. For some people that level is lower than others, it all depends on genetics and natural test levels.

Regardless, what's wrong with using a shortcut? What lesson is there on that?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

One of the most lauded users on here, GayLubeOil, has posted extensively on the topic.

/u/GayLubeOil uses steroids?

71 upvotesshowerthoughtsgenius3 years ago

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are beta? Hahahahaha. Alright dude.

13 upvotestygar23 years ago

If Gates and Buffet are the definition of beta is then count me in. Seems to some being alpha is what I would call being a shallow attention-whoring self centred prick. If you choose to not spin plates or look like Rambo then you are beta? Is your life is not primarily driven by how much pussy you can get then you are beta? Seems theres a lot of thirst around here....pathetic.

14 upvotesdouchetinc3 years ago

Bill Gates funded research that led to the discovery of a filtration system that can turn shit into potable water, with the intention of providing millions of suffering individuals in Africa clean drinking water. What a fucking beta, right? He probably did that for "female validation." So beta.

Clearly, a spoiled brat who spends ridiculous amounts of money to surround himself with vapid, std-riddled, gold-digging fame whores, with no self-respect, is living a more worthy life.

Dan Bilzerian's greatest contribution to humanity is to infect these bitches with aids to ensure that bad DNA never replicates, and no children are raised by these cum dumpsters.

Any moron with money can fuck a 10.

0 upvotesFLFTW163 years ago

Bill Gates funded research that led to the discovery of a filtration system that can turn shit into potable water, with the intention of providing millions of suffering individuals in Africa clean drinking water. What a fucking beta, right? He probably did that for "female validation." So beta.

You need to up your reading comprehension my nigga. Gates and Buffet accomplished amazing things, but they never never swam in pussy or used their money for fun. This is factually accurate. It also happens to be the point of my comment, which you somehow missed.

Are you striving for this life or this? Because one is not like the other. All inheritance aside, whether one is a douche bag or not, WHICH LOOKS MORE FUN? Because one is not like the other.

Any moron with money can fuck a 10.

Be a moron with money.

3 upvotesFriendlyJack3 years ago

Fun is a relative concept.

You sound like someone who needs to get laid more.

Also, you're not thinking big.

2 upvotesHammerhead93 years ago

"Never used their money for fun" because you can objectively know what they do day in day out, i don't know how you're respected in this community

7 upvotesFriendlyJack3 years ago

First of all, it sounds like you want to bang the guy. Second of all, you're probably in your teens or early twenties and missing the big picture. That's fine.

I have nothing against Bilzerian and I'm happy that he can have a cool life. Shit, I wish I had that kind of money. I would have the same kind of fun with it for a while. I don't resent him for having a great time, but let's all be real here.

Comparing Gates and Buffett to him is silly and ignorant. Even one percent of their successes completely eclipse what he has achieved, which really isn't that much in the grand scheme of things. There's a lot more to life than partying and fucking random bitches.

This is especially true when you compare him to Bill Gates. Never mind creating the system pretty much every computer on the planet runs on. The things he's done for humanity after leaving Microsoft have secured him a place in the history books forever.

Do your research before posting things that make you look like a dumb-ass. It's pretty much impossible to talk shit about Bill Gates, even if you're an Apple phaggot.

Yeah he's a quiet guy who's a little weird. Most super-geniuses are. When you have that kind of brain-power, you have a hard time relating to the average person, and vice versa.

His achievements make him pretty much a real-life version of super-man.

1 upvotesFLFTW163 years ago

I have nothing against Bilzerian and I'm happy that he can have a cool life.

This was, really, my main point. It's annoying to log on to THE RED PILL and see butt hurt blue pill posts whining about how unfair it is that DB has $100 million from his parents and waa-waa his life is so easy. I hate to see a "poor me" attitude especially on this sub.

Comparing Gates and Buffett to him however, is silly and hilarious. Even one percent of their successes completely eclipse what he has achieved, which really isn't that much in the grand scheme of things. There's more to life than partying.

This is especially true when you compare him to Bill Gates. Never mind creating the system pretty much every computer on the planet runs on. The things he's done for humanity after leaving Microsoft have secured him a place in the history books forever.

Do your research before posting things that make you look like a dumb-ass. It's pretty much impossible to talk shit about Bill Gates, even if you're an Apple phaggot.

Are Gates and Buffett more accomplished/successful than DB? YES. Does DB lead a more fun/exciting life than both of those guys combined? YES.

I have done my research and I know that Gates/Buffett are slightly autistic nerdy blue pill betas. If you stripped away ALL the money from ALL three of these men, DB would still be a popular guy who can pull. Gates/Buffett not a chance even in their prime--they were always socially awkward losers who had to submit to the matriarchal institution of marriage to get pussy.

I can't criticize Bill Gates? There is plenty of room to criticize Bill Gates. He is essentially white knighting the entire continent of Africa. If you think it's bad to support a single mother with three kids by two baby-daddies, it's about a billion times worse to support an entire continent that has never been capable of feeding/watering, clothing, healing, or securing itself. Bill Gates will be responsible for the demographic catastrophe of 2100. Already we are seeing a never ending stream of migration into Europe. Today will look like a trickle compared to tomorrow's torrent. There will be global unrest thanks to Bill Gates. If you think Africa is a violent place (it is), wait til the whole world is populated by Africans with EBT cards. The future looks very African for planet earth thanks to Gates's "charity."

Ozymandias is the example of who NOT to be: a few thousand years from now all of your works will be dust and forgotten. Empire building is NOT self-actualization, it is an unhealthy obsession that takes away from enjoying your life. Sexual gratification is part of life's enjoyment, and this sub is definitely about sexual strategy. Of the three of those men I see DB enjoying life and gettin' some. The other two are Ozymandiases who will do long lasting damage through their hubris.

4 upvotesFriendlyJack3 years ago

Get off the Internet for a while. It'll do you good.

7 upvotesNewreddawn3 years ago

Money has nothing to do with having the free time and capital to spend on weight training. Trp at its finest, folks.

How exactly does anyone learn to better themselves by studying a manchild with a silver spoon shoved down his throat?

Jesus, just looked at the rest of the comment chain. People aren't tearing down his success, they are saying that he's nothing special without his incredibly rare advantages. You're so concerned with defending your point of view that you're missing the bigger point; there is literally nothing to learn from this human being that we don't already know. The post was a garbage contribution.

I miss the real contributors that really made this place special. I don't respect the EC flair anymore, too many clowns have it now.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I find this sub really likes to glorify bullshit artists

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

This is where TRP loses me.

Ffs sake you're not some social fucking leach. If you are a billionaire, you'd rather be fat and doing great charity than be ripped and just banging models.

Jeez TRP, life isn't just about banging women. Warren Buffet isn't a "beta cuck" because he is fat and isn't fucking 10,000 women. He is building a legacy that will last generations. Things like "beta cuck" are applicable to the salaried employee. Not people worth more than the economies of entire countries.

Some of you folks need to pull your heads out of vaginas.

As for Dan, he doesn't owe anyone anything but I do judge the man for using his wealth for hedonistic idiocy than doing something actual good.

7 upvotescfc93 years ago

Please don't compare Dan Bilzerian to Bill Gates

3 upvotesStormtech53 years ago

If your rich and ripped you will get the girls. If your just rich your still gonna get girls. If your broke and ripped as hell then it's a lot more difficult...

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

"Money has nothing to do with that."

It definitely does.

2 upvotesFLFTW163 years ago

"Money has nothing to do with that." It definitely does.

It's too bad this homeless guy can't be in shape because he has no money.

Reminds me of this homeless guy that picks up women every day despite being homeless.

Excuses are an indulgence.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

If Dan wasn't a millionaire he wouldn't have a good body.

2 upvotesPshkn113 years ago

Lol Gates and Buffet are beta chumps? They are titans who revolutionized their industries, ale literally saving millions of lives, and will be remembered for centuries. This fucktard is barely known now and certainly will disappear into obscurity as soon as he gets old/dies. Think what you will of DB's lifestyle, but he's nowhere near the level of Gates or Buffet.

3 upvotespateuvasiliu3 years ago

DB is ripped

If I didn't need to do anything in my entire life to get an education/money because I was already rich I'd look like Arnie. Being ripped doesn't mean much when you have all the time in the world and the money to support the best diets/trainers.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Ernie looked like Arnie before he was rich or famous. No excuse for you.

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Excuses. Grease that hamster wheel you pussy.

2 upvotespateuvasiliu3 years ago

Classic cuck talk. Show me someone that followed an engineering degree successfully and looked like a greek god and you might have a point.

2 upvoteslook_good3 years ago

haters gonna hate. some just can't be happy when others are living better and don't give a fuck

2 upvoteslancer0003 years ago

Thank you Sensei. TIL that anybody can get ripped & take pics with bitches, which then they can skilfully use to earn money via IG or other social media.

1 upvotesswaglordobama3 years ago

Bitterness is the default on this sub. So many butthurt chumps here looking to rip into people who have achieved more than them.

1 upvotesFractalFactorial3 years ago

To me it has nothing to do with sourgrapes. Dan is hilarious and watching his lifestyle is definitely envy-porn of some sort.

That said, its about being realistic. Dan is not a self-made man from the looks of things, and I'd warrant that he makes more money of instagram than he has off poker at this point tbh.

He is absolutely the play-boy ideal, but he is not a good role model because there's no path to follow. Dan is something of a problem because he represents a near unattainable end-goal that people lust after. Like almost everything else people want his stuff rather than the hard work it takes to GET his stuff.

1 upvotesyakamaz3 years ago

when you are that old you are probably fine with the egg muffin.

3 upvotesFLFTW163 years ago

Egg mcmuffins are delicious. It's the fact that he drinks mcdonalds coffee that is the real mortal sin.

2 upvotesFriendlyJack3 years ago

Their coffee is actually pretty good now.

0 upvotesJoRocKStaR3 years ago

I actually agree with this. Some dudes are set out to just marry their sweetheart but I'd say the majority of men wanna live DB's lifestyle at his current age. If that's how you wanna live then follow RP's principles till you're bored then live like Buffett and Gates

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Exactly. I really don't get the people saying, "well if I had millions of dollars, I would be doing this.", as if automatically they would be partying it up and banging tons of chicks.

3 upvotesinnominating3 years ago

Meh, I know several 100 millionaires who live nothing like this. Most millionaires still give too many fucks.

3 upvotesTongue373 years ago

Maybe they don't want to live like DB?!?if I was a multi millionaire like him I would honestly not be paying groups of women to come hang out with me on my boat..sure I might have done this for a few years in my 20s but it would have gotten very old fast..doing it into my mid 30s I'd just feel almost sad tbh..the thought of paying women to hang out with me is cringe

If this makes DB happy though im fine with it, too each his own

0 upvotesinnominating3 years ago

You are making an assumption he is paying them.

1 upvotesTongue373 years ago

I have read in many articles that he pays them nice money to come party with him..many are escorts after all i believe..

1 upvotesLuckyluke233 years ago

yeah and i'm here in my dads basement eating oats trying to "get healthy" you can do " anything you want to with 100 million"

1 upvotesTongue373 years ago

Exactly with $100m even short, bald guys with no game could achieve exactly what this guy has..I don't see the fascination tbh

25 upvotesreecewagner3 years ago

He literally set his life up

Yeah, that's not what inheriting millions of dollars is

1 upvotesEarthExile3 years ago

Plenty of people do that, they don't all wind up like Bilzerian

10 upvotesGawernator3 years ago

The only lame thing about him is how hard he became a SEAL wannabe and he has a really bad reputation in the naval special warfare culture

6 upvotesbenefit1113 years ago

Easy to talk when you're at the top. Let's see him start from zero and the climb to the top and till then I'll consider him of substance. He seems pretty dry through the podcast though.

5 upvotesspinalmemes3 years ago

I sense some money jealousy here

3 upvotesLuckyluke233 years ago

I don't even know what the guy does exactly?

9 upvotesaskmrcia3 years ago

He was a trust fund baby. I'm guessing now he makes his money through investments (Im sure he has top notch advisers) and cameo movie roles.

He probably makes money here and there for showing up a clubs and bars to help bring in traffic. All of these are speculation because he really doesn't have an actual job or run any businesses.

2 upvotesTongue373 years ago

But he paid for all of that attention! That's the part about him that makes me cringe a little..I would not like the feeling of having to pay women to be with me and then taking pics of us together and acting like its some badge of coolness..

Props to him if it makes him happy

3 upvotesyaboimoneymitch3 years ago

To be fair, it wasn't really his dad. It was government gibs. He went through seal training twice and served on a few ships but got injured from BUDS and collected disability. He talked about it on JRE

1 upvotesNMF_3 years ago

Don't shoot the messenger, but I heard that he doesn't actually get laid that much, that it's all an act. Girls do use him for the things he said, but I thought the secret was that all of the fronting didn't actually lead to him getting laid as much as you would think.

9 upvotesraffdd3 years ago

Sorry man but if you believe that for a second, you are missing every single point that this sub is trying to teach you.

1 upvotesmoneybags333 years ago

Women are FULLY controlled by social status. I would say their actions are more influenced by other women than men. If women see other attractive women interacting with you, it will automatically draw more of them to you. Found this out after not having a girlfriend for quite a long time. Then, once I got into a stable relationship, girls who had frequently paid little attention to me started blowing up my phone, snapchat, liking all my tweets & instagram posts. Also way back in middle school, I had a girl tell me she liked me just to get me to break up with the girl I was currently "dating." Jealousy is one hell of a drug!

-3 upvotesblackedoutfast3 years ago

he inherited a lot of money but he's done a really good job creating a persona and building up a huge social media presence. it wasn't just blind luck. a lot of people inherit shit tons of money and don't become celebrities.

6 upvotesRedPillWintergreen3 years ago

So a male Kim Kardashian? Wow, what a remarkable man. Look out, Thomas Edison.

3 upvotesPatsFever3 years ago

A lot of people don't want to.

241 upvotesbillponderoas3 years ago

This guy gets pussy because he's very wealthy and he lives an abundant and extravagant lifestyle. It's as simple as that, don't overanalyze this guy any further.

70 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Just wanted to throw it out there that its hard to take this guy serious when he is supposedly a "professional poker player" but seeing him play uncovers the truth. His poker "career" is a money laundering cover for his daddy's stolen money; the guy is a fraud, a low life.

If anyone's interested on his pro poker abilities watch this vid.

15 upvotesChipMania3 years ago

That video was fucking hard to watch, how can you be a self proclaimed poker pro and make plays like that.

16 upvotesRedDeadCred3 years ago

Yep, his only redeeming quality is that he isn't a huge asshole.

6 upvotesdeville053 years ago

Which is amazing cuz I'm sure with that kinda money, hoes and attention most people would be one

13 upvotesmocket_ran3 years ago

He also has a pussy coordinator like most rich bachelors do.

44 upvotesHammerhead93 years ago

much agreed, he has the ability to exercise all of TRP characteristics with ease because of his money/privilege

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

If I only had my own helicopter

5 upvotesSrPildoraRoja3 years ago

Yes and no. He has the money and the extravagant lifestyle, but he's also in control since he's unplugged in the way he sees women and understands the power dynamics between men and women. This is not always the case with wealthy people, since many tend to think that because you can buy anything, you must be respected/loved/fuckable. That's a turn off for women since it's a display of beta traits.

7 upvotesDesignerTom3 years ago

He is also very attractive.

-9 upvotesbillponderoas3 years ago

I know girls that find him hideous. He is very short and has Armenian features. Not every girl's taste.

60 upvotesslay_it_forward3 years ago

Status halo's everything else. Ed Sheeran is an ugly fuck but women will tell you he's cute because he sings love songs. Couldn't get laid to save his life pre-fame.

Now take that status effect and put it on a big muscular masculine man and women won't be too worried about his Armenian features.

23 upvotesSlut_Slayer90003 years ago

This 100% look at celebrity actors, you think girls would be choking down Brad Pitt's dick if he wasn't famous at all, just a regular dude walking down the street? No, yeah he is generally considered attractive but he isn't exactly Casanova with his looks alone, hardly any man out there is. But his value is astronomically high, so he's a sex symbol.

3 upvotessaibot833 years ago

Andrew the freaking giant (ONE.UGLY.MOTHERFUCKER) got laid. Women don't give a shit about looks if you're famous.

-9 upvotesbillponderoas3 years ago

He's not particularly muscular. I maintain that women only go after him because of his lifestyle. Girls in their early to mid twenties that go after him view him as a god of the social life, and being seen with him elevates their status.

Instagram is a huge reason for his success with women, and it is also a reason why women flock towards him.

18 upvotesslay_it_forward3 years ago

Yes, exactly what I just said - his status.

And in what world is he not muscular?

-21 upvotesbillponderoas3 years ago

He has pecs and biceps. He's a bro lifter. He doesn't look particularly strong and doesn't look like someone that loves to lift for the sake of lifting.

upvotesUseForThrowAwayStuff3 years ago

whats his height? just curious

9 upvotesbillponderoas3 years ago

Google says 5'9, I'd venture that he's probably shorter than that.

9 upvotesBoeing797-300ER3 years ago

Looks like a mid range 5'7" to me. Likely wears 2" lifts in his boots.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

The lesson to draw from this guy is his ability to be confident in who he is and what he says. Regardless of his status and how he achieved it, we know him because of his unapologetic arrogance and bravado through which he lives his life. That's what makes him a role model.

4 upvotesbillponderoas3 years ago

I feel sorry for any man that calls Dan bilzerian his role model

-1 upvotesRedPillWintergreen3 years ago

It's easy to be confident when have everything handed to you. Put him in a foxhole during the siege of Bastogne and see how much actual bravado he has. Now THOSE are men to respect.

Edit: spelling

3 upvotesCommonMisspellingBot3 years ago

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77 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

You know, these guys who read life advice from people who were living in completely other time and civilization?

Like, reading wise advice from Buddhist monks. You know what, those fuckers were MONKS living in another time and civilization mediating half of their lifes.

Or Dale Carnegie, who is also mentioned here. Of course, being nice works for him. He is Dale Carnegie. His very important technique in handling people is remembering their names. I dare you, remember names of all people you meet and look how precisely nobody gives a fuck. You are not Dale.

Or...Dan Bilzerian? I think guy is cool. Got absolutely nothing on him. But he is famous millionaire. How far you guys think you will go, listening his advice?

If you need to listen to anyone, that should be someone who had problems similar to yours and solved them, in my opinion.

What the fuck is gold about Bilzerian, I am wondering.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

On a side note, I bought Dale's book a while back. It does seem dated AS FUCK.

You think it's a pointless read bra? Give your input.

upvotessmilingbanana3 years ago

I wouldn't say pointless or outdated. Rather, most of things in the book will have desired effect if you are powerful as Dale was.

I don't see anything ground breaking in the book. It could eventually be useful to people who have ZERO social skills due to poor upbringing or coming from another culture.

On the other hand some techniques mentioned in the book will make you look very vulnerable and naive.

From a man of his knowledge and experience, I would like to see the book about how to negotiate and fight / break competition. But he didn't write that one.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

You make solid points.

I don't understand what about Dale strikes you as him being powerful.

He held lectures, wrote a book, and led workshops. Maybe I'm missing something bro? Just curious.

upvotessmilingbanana3 years ago

Well after short "research" seems you are right, he isn't so powerful as I got impression from his book. But still, for that time, to write bestsellers and hold trainings for people in power surely got him much points and important connections.

I recommend to read his short biography on Wikipedia, quite interesting. Seems he was pretty persistent and bold.

upvotesnotadaddy3 years ago

Guy works out, former Navy Seal, so he know how to fight and handle weapons, and he has money. Plus, he is just living his life for himself.

6 upvotesFriendlyJack3 years ago

He never became an actual navy seal.

31 upvotesBoeing797-300ER3 years ago

Lots of the girls appearing naked his photos would probably spit in the face of a low SMV man and talk about their hatred of being "objectified". Looks Money Status. Never forget it brothers.

148 upvotes1033423 years ago

If there is one thing you can learn from guys like him is how utterly disposable something becomes once you have it in abundance. This guy is redpilled about women because he sees them as purely an object. If something is being given freely it becomes disposable.

Now think that women have this. What this millionaire, high status guy has. The average woman has this type of attention fromthe opposite sex. Not the models, the celebrities, the very good-looking ones. But the boring plain janes...

This is why I say that men will only be truly redpill once they have experienced this sort of abundance. Once you see what women do behind the good guy's back the redpill with be pushed down your throat.

If you still want to get married in this day and age you need to go look for some professional help, the way I see it, its insanity.

24 upvotesSeemedGood3 years ago

This guy is redpilled about women because he sees them as purely an object.

Seeing women as objects isn't the point of RP. It can be a result of one's increased awareness about the nature of women, but it's certainly not the end goal, nor should it be as it's a deleterious attitude towards life and others. Just because women are so unconscious that they view everyone else as objects (with the occasional exception of their children), doesn't mean that we should do the same. By taking the approach that we should objectify others (and women in particular) as objects as a response to their objectification of us we simply lower ourselves to their level - which is a lack of consciousness and self-mastery. Why would we want to do that?

Perhaps the better option would be to retain our ability to see/respect others as human beings with souls and just be more selective about the women with whom we choose to share anything other than a purely sexual relationship. If a given woman is not at least desiring of increasing her level of consciousness, learning how to see others as human beings with souls, and thus developing the ability to appreciate others for who they are then you don't extend your soul and your love to that woman. That doesn't mean that you see her as an object, it just means that you recognize and appreciate her as she is and limit your interaction with her to a level that she is prepared to understand. You may certainly appreciate the beauty of her soul even - just from a distance, and with the understanding that she is unaligned with it and therefore likely has little consciousness, no self-mastery, and none of the true self-confidence that flows from both and will therefore act out of the innate, the sub-conscious, the ego, and the overwhelming insecurity that flows form those parts of us.

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

The average woman does NOT get this attention. If you were born an ugly chick you're done. If you're born pretty but don't take of yourself you're done. If you're born pretty and take care of yourself... Awesome, but you too would be done as old age hits you in your late 30s and that's being pretty conservative. And in any case if you don't go out at all, if you don't have a social circle, if you don't have a life that exposes you to attractive guys, the best you can hope for is to settle with an average guy in an average job.

Confirmation bias makes us think that the average girl is a twenty thirty year old blonde who's a little puffy but still an HB6 and most guys would hit her up. Statically speaking the average woman is in her mid forties from an Asian country (China) with a low income, single, and working a day job to make ends meet.

I think it's fair to say that girls are playing a different game than us guys, but it's not fair to say that their game is necessarily easier than us. There are more things within our control than within theirs.

upvotesBiggestSur3 years ago

"If you still want to get married in this day and age you need to go look for some professional help, the way I see it, its insanity."

Really, so it's insanity to want to have a family and a stable household?

Your views points make you seem selfish. Life isn't just about an accumulation of material items and patting yourself on the back for how many women you get.

34 upvotesNabroleonBonaparte3 years ago

When did inviting the law into your relationship equate to no family and an unstable household?

Get a girl, live together and have kids too. Hell, even have a big celebration for your relationship with each other's families and have a big cake! But don't sign the papers because all it equates to is making a man vulnerable to divorce-rape.

Also, where is the arbitrary line between how selfish and how selfless one should be? What is life about and what gives you the authority to determine what another's life should or shouldn't be?

14 upvotesOz70NYC3 years ago

EXACTLY. Marriage is a financial contract that allows women to drain your resources...financial and biological...and continue to bleed the financial resources should she decide she's had enough of you.

2 upvotesfedja3 years ago

Most countries have laws that equalize partnership after 5 years and marriage in separation. Just saying.

11 upvotesDesignerTom3 years ago

If you want to be cheated on then be stuck in the position where you either lose your children, money or both then sure, get married.

upvotesBiggestSur3 years ago

Jeeeze, sounds like a room full of bitter people. Also I'm divorced myself, the institution of marriage isn't wrong, it's the soul sucking woman I chose to marry. All my fault but a good marriage is a beautiful thing.

7 upvotesaskmrcia3 years ago

Going to disagree with you. Be a you can actually in fact marry a good woman. Your marriage can still go wrong because her friends might talk shit about you to her, her parents may not like you or your choice, she may not like the fact that you are always aware for your job, she may become a completely different person once you have kids, ect...

There's just so many factors that can end a marriage, costing you, the man a fortune. And none of it has to do with you marrying a bitch of a woman. What if you lose your job? How you can't support your family. Even if your wife sticks by you (not likely) all her friends and family is going to be throwing shade your way. Did we mention that marriage cost alot of money?

You get the point. Nothing about being bitter

upvotesChristianRedpill3 years ago

Sidebar this term: AWALT. You're welcome.

upvotesbeautyqueen17903 years ago

What's up with all these absolutes? I agree with red pill stuff in general but really ALL men and women are the exact same?! Really?? I've been to many places where men and women did not fit into the mold of men and women in the US. So not AWALT OR AMALT but MWALT and MMALT

2 upvotesRedDeadCred3 years ago

You enjoy abuse or something?

2 upvotesDocbear643 years ago

Your mistake is that you think they're attacking the idea of marriage when it's not the ldea but the laws governing it and how they apply to men .

Most people would agree committing to another person in life as a partner and trusting , investing , and loving each other through the decades is a beautiful sentiment . However the reality of marriage is that legally you go from enjoying and being engaged with someone you love to being legally bound to someone who can benefit financially, Is socially considered the " more responsible" adult for no reason than because she was born without a dick , and therefore The burden on you if the marriage fails and / or if you have kids is that the woman gets to spend the majority of her time with children you helped create, you now pay both alimony and child support to support your children but may not get a chance to see them . On top of that hopefully she is a decent woman because if not the children you helped bring into the world can be turned against you .

all of this for a stupid contract that " proves" you love someone ? Stupid investment at this point .

Like one of the posters above said if you want to fall in love with someone and celebrate your love and devotion to each other please do . Ceremonies like that that truly mean something and aren't just extravagant parties for a bride are in short supply . However how any man can reason that legally obligating himself to someone he has already emotionally and most likely socially invested in is beyond me . The last construct I need to validate any relationship I have is Uncle Sam or whoever Papa or Mother Government is for you .

2 upvotesbeautyqueen17903 years ago

Wow someone said it! It's not marriage that's bad per se as much as the laws around it. Lifelong commitment is a choice and no one should be forced into it. But if someone wants that all the power to them. It can be beautiful or ugly. It should not lead to financial ruin because it didn't work out. But just because the law makes it bad doesn't mean no one should get married, just don't allow the law to be the guide. There are such things as amicable divorces and amicable splits.

2 upvotesNabroleonBonaparte3 years ago


Write a field report on the divorce and why you keep choosing shit women for marriage.

And let us know where to find some of them "Good Marriages" so we can point to your example for why redpill is wrong.

/s <- Take this with you on the way out

50 upvotesScymnus3 years ago

No, it's insanity because in all likelyhood it won't last more than 10 years tops before she takes away your kids and your money and make you want to kill yourself.

26 upvotestextualintercourse3 years ago

This, what you say, is truth.

Marriage and kids, if that's really and truly what someone wants, good on them.

But be prepared for the risks involved for the rewards you'll get.

In my world, not worth it.

-4 upvotesbeautyqueen17903 years ago

Yes because all women do that right?! And there is no exception. I guess I'm not a real woman because when I got divorced I did it so he'd be happy and I got nothing and asked for nothing. We split costs 50/50 for our kid and I didn't even ask him to pay me back for money I borrowed for him to go to school. So I guess I'm just a man in a woman's body then or maybe the red pill narrative isn't always true.

8 upvotesScymnus3 years ago

AWALT. All women are like that. Not all women do exactly that.

You're a real woman because you were born with tits (or gtfo) and a vagina. Doing those things just makes you a decent person, but I'm not giving you a fucking medal for that.

Men and women are fundamentally different in that men think in general terms, women think in exceptional terms. Just look at you being so predictable, having a tantrum because you don't have the mental capacity to see a world outside your own exception to the rule (solipsism). I wish I could pat you on the head.

Men however, think in general terms. If more than 50 % of marriages end in divorce and men get fucked over in more than 50 % of divorces we're just not going to do that. We don't think of ourselves as exceptions, we assume that we will also follow the rule. Maybe we just lack the arrogance (though we often fake it) or maybe we're just better at math. Look into that last one.

The problem is that you will never admit to men and women having these fundamental biological differences because (ironically) one of your instincts is to hide these so that you can appear to be the exception to the rule (standing out gives you attention, more attention=more male suitors=better options). I could go into why this is really positive for our species but I dont think you deserve or would be able to understand it.

But then again I'm not really writing this for you.

3 upvotesbeautyqueen17903 years ago

See you assumed what I think and I actually pretty much agree with you on the fact that men and women are biologically programed differently and therefore behave differently. Knowing all this we can still choose to act against our biology. I really prefer less attention, not more. And I don't need a metal, I just did the right thing. I wish more people did the right thing. And there are many reasons for marriages ending where not only women are at fault. I think it's easy to blame one side but in reality it's a bit more complicated. Men and women both male their own choices and some choose badly some don't.

5 upvotesScymnus3 years ago

I didn't assume anything, you still haven't admitted to shit other than agreeing with me on some level because of how special you are. You're doubling down on the same issue, softening the blow by pulling out contradicting exceptions.

Don't pretend like you agree when we fundamentally disagree on the fact that in most cases people act on their biology. You prefer the same as any woman, a good fucking from a dominant man in a penthouse.

And don't even try to congratulate yourself on doing "the right thing". Maybe you don't understand the gravity of the situation, this is our children we're talking about. The state is taking children from men and giving you the choice to keep them or not. It shouldn't even be your choice to begin with, so you can fuck off with the notion that this was in any way a virtous action. It's just even more fucked because this goes to show that the norm for women is to condemn men to years of emotional and mental hell.

The facts of the matter are still the same. In most cases a marriage ends with divorce. In 8/10 cases it's the woman filing for divorce. In most divorces the woman ends up with monetary gain and child custody. Let me clarify in case you still don't understand, in most cases men are losing their children against their will.

This is not a blow you should soften because it's so fucked up and so evident that you will only reveal your complete lack of empathy for men.

3 upvotesRedDeadCred3 years ago

If there was a 50% chance your parachute wont open when you go skydiving would you go?

-1 upvotesbeautyqueen17903 years ago

Except divorce isn't exactly the same. People survive it just fine, a skydive not as much

upvotesHaufniensis3 years ago

divorce isn't exactly the same. People survive it just fine

Jesus Christ this is exactly the attitude a woman would have lol of course it ends fine for them.

For men, it often doesn't end just fine.

1 upvotesRedDeadCred3 years ago

Tell that to Robin williams

1 upvotesNabroleonBonaparte3 years ago

Something's fishy....

-You divorced him -You claim it made him happy

Not trying to attack, I'm just wondering how you could make a decision for someone and then claim to know how it affected them.

If it would 100% make him happy, why didn't he get up and divorce YOU on his own immediately, assuming he wouldn't lose anything in the process?

3 upvotesbeautyqueen17903 years ago

Fair question and point. But, I didn't divorce him, he divorced me but he was a loyal guy and we had a kid so I had to initiate the separation. We were separated 4 years before he filed for divorce. I never wanted the divorce but he was very clearly unhappy and stayed out of obligation. Because let's face it society says a man should suck it up and be unhappy if it's best for his kids. I don't assume or claim to know how he feels, he's told me since how he feels.

upvotesBiggestSur3 years ago

Talk about glass half empty, what's happened to you? I know many people in happy relationships. Sounds like honestly you need God in your life.

Pursuing women, making money, accumulating material items, none of that matters in the end. You need to think about your future and what really matters in life.

27 upvotesjamesso333 years ago

The Jesus freak sub is over ->. No one is saying you can't settle down and have a LTR. Marriage is a fools game. 53% divorce rate. Might as well go to Vegas and put it all on black.

3 upvotesamericanmook3 years ago

I don't think that's what he means. I just tried to move to Denver and came back when I had an existential crisis. Suddenly I realized were all gonna die and this is meaningless. My family though is real and I want to spend all my time with them. It's important.

3 upvotesslay_it_forward3 years ago

It's not ideal but either is the alternative. Might as well roll the dice. Having children is one of the most fulfilling things in life (so I hear) even if you do get divorced.

1 upvotesmetalhead43 years ago

My parents split when I was like 12. They're both in relationships with other people now and I'm 26 and I love having extended family on both sides.

6 upvotesScymnus3 years ago

I was abused as a child and lost half my shit in seven divorces. We're all broken losers here so you might as well get the fuck out.

upvotesBiggestSur3 years ago

I'm sorry for the trouble you've had all though your experiences don't necessarily transcribe to all people. I like some aspects of TRP but it seems to involve a lot of repressed anger.

2 upvotesScymnus3 years ago

I was fucking with you but this is a prime example of why you're unable to see the true nature of women. I'm being a dick to you but the second I serve you some sob story you suck it up and start leveling with me because I'm a victim. Being a victim does not excuse treating other people badly, and for my example I should note that talking shit about other people and ruining their social life is treating them badly. Now:

Imagine a girl is telling you how she broke up with/divorced her ex because she was mistreated or he was emotionally distant or whatever. You don't know for sure if she's telling the truth or not, but because somehow he caused her some kind of pain she's now a victim so you're not really allowed to question it. If you do people will call you a victim blamer and what kind of sensible person would question a victim? You will never get closer to the actual truth, so instead you wholeheartedly or half-assedly take her side and give her emotional support. The fact that she might be lying and just talking shit about a guy because she's pissed he dumped her when she fucked another guy might not even occur to you. Her victim status forces you to at least somewhat take her side, even if you necessarily shouldn't.

You might catch it if you start looking for it, victims are bulletproof and will serve you the fattest lies if they can further their agenda and get away with it. And especially if they can get the kids and half your shit.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Man just because you like getting cucked doesn't mean you convince others to join your ranks. Piss off.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Wait till your wife is fucking your brother

1 upvotesnewName5434563 years ago

It's insanity to expect to have stable family with a person who's been riding CC all their late teens, 20s, and maybe early 30s too.

upvotesNakedAndBehindYou3 years ago

Dude inherited millions from dad and has pretty decent facial and body genetics. Anyone can become a red pill master with those gifts.

8 upvotesnewflame973 years ago

Important to note he was on large amounts of steroids for many years. He maintained that large amount of muscle mass while also consuming incredible amounts of cocaine, MDMA, and alcohol. Those drugs eat away at muscle. You could argue that his heart attacks at a fairly young age (early 30's?) are in large part to that. These days I hear he has to stick with TRT for life because his receptors and natural hormones are fucked.

5 upvotesUndersleep3 years ago

His heart attack, based on the account he gave on JRE, was simply cocaine-induced. He sounded sooooo proud of himself, too... except that we get at least a handful of retards just like him in the ER, every single week.

-7 upvoteslogicalthinker13 years ago

lots of rich people in the US. Many of them are old dumpy men with beer bellies or are skinny fat.

11 upvotesNakedAndBehindYou3 years ago

Most rich people worked all their life for their money. Only a handful inherit $100m from daddy to start life off with.

-1 upvoteslogicalthinker13 years ago

There's a lot in both categories.

But rich people are rarely attractive. They'll either be nerdy betas who have a great tech job or disgusting fake plastic douchebags.

56 upvotesTimmyTurnersNuts3 years ago

Meh. Dan posts ALOT of stuff in character. I actually read somewhere he is actually not that flashy and on your face in real life. He's still a trust fund baby though. Overall seems to have a good idea. Some like him, some dont.

10 upvotesCorruptdead3 years ago

I've never really met someone from money, wouldn't it be hard to not have confidence if you're born rich?

22 upvotesblackedoutfast3 years ago

i know plenty of people from families with way more money than DB and they have just as many issues with low-confidence, depression, anxiety and all that stuff.

7 upvotesaskmrcia3 years ago

How many people on this sub are like that? Not rich, but alot of people on here have good jobs and no debt and still think about killing themselves because they can't get laid.

You're right. Money doesn't solve everything and no one knows what goes on DB's life behind closed doors. Dude might be addicted to child pornograpgy and we'll never know.

7 upvoteslandon0423 years ago

always reminds me of the young guy that came here, had some 50million startup in san francisco and he couldn't get laid to save his life. When many of us think god fucking damn if we were that fortunate, the things we could do with the money.

2 upvotesdr_warlock3 years ago

He poses for pre-selection. That's what social media is for.

upvotesflydog2233 years ago

He's still a trust fund baby though.

So what? I don't get why people make this such a big deal. He has the money and chances are, that we, at least myself, certainly don't.

It really doesn't matter how you get there, it only matters if you get there.

upvotesJarvisMusk3 years ago


There is a massive difference between a self made man, and a boy that was handed everything.

There always will be.

upvotesflydog2233 years ago

No doubt about that.

My point though is that the take away of this thread isn't even how he got his wealth, but his attitude towards women. Yet you people feel the need to make a remark of his, according to you and u/ TimmyTurnersNuts, presumably not deserved fortune.

This begs the question of the motivation behind all this, maybe jealousy? Hell I am freaking jealous that I have to work for my shit while he lives his obviously awesome life. Still, I don't go and make a point about it and put someone down to justify my own insecurity.

Anyhow, think as you want.. I think I've spent enough time on this shit now lol

2 upvotesSlut_Slayer90003 years ago

but his attitude towards women. Yet you people feel the need to make a remark of his, according to you and u/ TimmyTurnersNuts, presumably not deserved fortune.

One could argue that the only reason he has those attitudes towards women because of the amazing opportunity he was granted by being born rich. You don't even see top 5% guys in the world with that amount of access to women. The main problem with this post is it's not really relatable to hardly any person in this sub because nobody with that amount of money is shit posting on reddit.

-7 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

deleted What is this?

8 upvotesmetalhead43 years ago

No that's all bullshit. He inherited a small fortune that most of us will never be close to achieving and took some and started playing cards.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

deleted What is this?

25 upvotesSmilingWatermelon3 years ago

"Life is about set up." I've seen this interview and that one line spoke to Me. He hated the whole courting process so he set it up so that him and his boys had tons of girls around him all the time. He doesn't need to build rapport and the girls come and go as they please. If you want to hear how he did it, watch the interview. He may be a trust fund baby, but he'd smart. I can't say I don't admire him in that regard.

22 upvotesslay_it_forward3 years ago

Only with huge wealth can you set yourself up in that way.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

That line really stuck out to me as well. How you set up your life is important, even when you don't have millions.

Do you set it up in a way where you are living somewhere that is convenient to get to work, go to the gym, or run errands?

Things like maid service, which I want when living on my own can make keeping your place clean, a lot easier.

24 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Am I still on the redpill here? Very telling lads, very telling.

The butthurt and passive aggressive statements in the comments confirms my suspicions that lot of you dudes are sheep in wolves clothing.

Where's the objectivity? You're speculating on his character like a bunch of betas leaning up against the bar judging a guy on the dancefloor. Since when does having money(whether it was handed to you or not) make you an alpha male?

Whether you're rich or not, there are guys who know what to do with five girls in a hot tub, and guys who don't. Dan is the former and you should look up to him for that.

9 upvotesRedAsBlood3 years ago

They are just jealous.

If any of them actually listened to dan's conversation with joe rogan they'd realize hes a stand up guy who would be super fun to party with and goes way out of his way to help out his buddies.

He just gets a lot of hate because he leads a lifestyle most guys can't even imagine.

I'd love to party with dan.

But then again i'm not a sex starved desperate loser.

8 upvotesEscortSportage3 years ago

He was on Joe Rogans podcast as well on youtube, great insight.

15 upvoteszephyrprime3 years ago

Dan is a great example of how to use social media to his advantage. As he says himself, he has built up his image so that nowadays he "doesn't have to work" to get chicks. Notice that he implies he used to have approach like a normal guy before he got famous.

6 upvotesbeautyqueen17903 years ago

Dan Birzerian is cool and all and sure most women flock to him but he isn't necessary the ideal man.

8 upvotesbotsquash3 years ago

What the real lesson I think for RP'ers is to realise the importance of money. Even if u you frame and etc, if u dont have the minimal amount of resources, you aint getting high quality girls. TDLR; get money

4 upvoteslogicalthinker13 years ago

ehhh, if you're good looking, good body, good personality, etc. you don't need to be super rich. Don't don't be a pathetic fast food worker.

6 upvotesRedPillWintergreen3 years ago

Sure you can. My neighbor is broke, has no real job, but is somewhat good-looking and plays in a popular local reggae band so gets tons of girls. A friend of mine lives at home with his mom, drives Uber to make enough money to buy booze, but he makes low budget indie movies with another friend and he pulls attractive girls too. If you think you need money to get pussy you need to go back to "Alpha Fucks, Beta Bux".

1 upvotesbotsquash3 years ago

Sure you do fine as a broke ass, it's just easier and better when you have money as well. Now imagine your broke neighbor wasn't broke and earned big bucks and still had rp knowledge, he could do much better

7 upvotesanon27773 years ago

dude is ass at poker though lol

6 upvotesvictor_knight3 years ago

Dan Bilzerian wouldn't be Dan Bilzerian if he was fat, though... and there's a RP lesson in that too.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Watch his Joe Rogan podcast it's awesome. Dans a smart guy contrary to popular belief and just does what makes him happy

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago


Listen to the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast with Dan. It's absolutely amazing. I can't recall the number, a google search and you're set.

Also, while I'm not saying this is true or false, on the podcast he did say for certain all of his money came from poker. Believe him or not.

6 upvotesnabosch [OP]3 years ago

Seriously the jealousy here is ridiculous

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Right? If you took that energy of complaining someone is better than you, you'd be at his level.

He doesn't care what an anonymous redditor thinks about him. He's too busy blocking your girl on snapchat because she won't stop harassing him.

7 upvotesZT3V3N3 years ago

I really do hate how much having a trust fund makes you a "trust fund baby living off daddies money" stereotype. It's not their fault their parents were wealthy and fucken smart enough to set their kids up.

3 upvotesAzzmo3 years ago

That is what it looks like to feel no false guilt.

3 upvoteswendysNO1wcheese3 years ago

Never even heard of the dude. What does he do? How did he get to where he is?

10 upvotesM474D0R3 years ago

He does nothing but spend daddy's money and post about it on social media. He got to where he is by spending daddy's money and posting about it on social media.

3 upvoteswendysNO1wcheese3 years ago

Figures. I wonder how much them broads cost to have hang around.

5 upvotesM474D0R3 years ago

they do it for free now because he's famous and established. im sure there were some pros in his pics at SOME point tho

1 upvotesal0321843 years ago

"What does he do? How did he get to where he is?" Exactly

3 upvotesmcr00sterdota3 years ago

Can't stand this guy because he hasn't really done anything amazing to become rich and famous (besides daddy's money). Although I will admit this guy is Alpha as fuck.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Having fuck you money tends to do that.

I don't have a problem with the guy, how he got his money and how he's living his life.

I do however have a problem where in a thread, subreddit whatever you want to call it that's about self development, people are using his situation putting it under a microscope and prescribing it as an example of going zero to hero.

3 upvotescasemodsalt3 years ago

Who wouldn't want to bang hot chicks if they are rich, fit and good looking

12 upvotesWoujo3 years ago

Came across a Larry King interview with Dan Bilzerian, everything you’d expect out of the guy. Pure RP gold.

Dude when did feminine, narcissistic, superficial, materialistic attention whores become RP idols?

You guys are being cucked by the mainstream media and corporate machine to worship dumbass, mentally ill, weak men like Trump and Bilzerian. These guys are NOT "red pill," whatever that even means anymore. The fact that the dude needs constant validation from strangers about how awesome his life is proves that he is a weak faggot.

As somebody else in this thread said, the only reason he gets to life the "red pill" life is because his daddy is rich. And he is too much of a fucking faggot to admit it, so he tells this obviously transparent lie that he made all the money playing poker.

I run in a pretty rich crowd in the city I am from and I know lots of wannabe Bilzerian rich guys. I can tell you for a fucking fact that these guys are dumb, emotional cucks. The girls around them are prostitutes and they are constantly getting hustled.

This guy's whole life is a fucking image so he's obviously not going to advertise the times when he gets hustled and played. And if he knows how to game bitches now, it's because he got hustled out of millions of dollars by prostitutes and learned some lessons.

Anybody who 1) believes anything Bilzerian or Trump says and 2) idolizes them is a fucking retard.

0 upvoteslogicalthinker13 years ago

lol you're all over the place buddy.

The mainstream media fucking hates this guy!! In their eyes, he's the epitome of the evil misogynistic toxic masculine male. What the fuck are you talking about?

Stop talking like a conspiracy theorist, it's not a good look. You sound like Alex Jones.

1 upvotesWoujo3 years ago

First of all, the idea that a man should spend his life buying fancy toys, fucking stupid soulless girls, and impressing other people on social media is exactly what pop culture/the media is pushing. If they hate Bilzerian, it's precisely because he is such an obvious example of the life they are pushing that people see how unhappy and sad it really is.

All that said, you missed the whole point of my post, which is that guys like Bilzerian should not be looked up to.

8 upvotesBigGigantic133 years ago

Lmao, Bilzerian is like the ultimate fucking douche in my opinion. He is nothing and would be even less of something without all of his daddy's money. There is nothing cool about this guy at all. He has people, guys and girls, hang around him because they use him for his money and entertainment. He's a loser piggybacking off of his daddy. There is nothing to learn here except that having tons of money brings out the mooches. Surprise surprise.

1 upvotesArnoux3 years ago

He also has a really good body and nice beard. I am sure, that majority of people on this subreddit doesn't have body like that. I have been working out for years and my body is not even close to his. Yes he is using steroids but that doesn't change the fact that my body is inferior :D

4 upvotesmocket_ran3 years ago

People love to hate on this guy but why...he is doing whatever the fuck he wants> What surprises me most is why aren't more rich and famous dudes living this lifestyle...I sure would be.

1 upvotesaskmrcia3 years ago

hat surprises me most is why aren't more rich and famous dudes living this lifestyle

Two ways to answer this. A lot of pro athletes and young entertainers live like him.

Other millionaires choose not too because they know that's how you end up losing money and going broke.

2 upvotesmocket_ran3 years ago

Yes agreed..valid points however I work in Hollywood and constantly work with people that I know are more than set for life in terms of money and they are stressed out and still working...not living the dream like this crazy fuck.

2 upvotesdark_kniggit3 years ago

His recent stop on Rogan was great too.

2 upvoteskagetsuki233 years ago

this dude know how to enjoy life.

2 upvotesdustyh553 years ago

AWALT? Not really, you're only taking into account the girls that are choosing to sleep with him. And they usually chose to sleep with him because of those qualities.

This reasoning is quite cyclical.

There are always women like that, but not AWALT, at least by any logical reasoning I'm aware of.

2 upvotesRedPillWintergreen3 years ago

I really don't know much about the man. I see his name pop up on social media from time to time. I think he is some sort of instagram star. Who cares? From reading comments on this thread I understand he inherited all his money. So to me that makes him like an HB10 born with the genetics of a symmetrical face and big tits. Someone to be aware of take advantage of but not someone to respect or learn anything from. Jamie Dimon, Hunter Harrison, Ray Dalio, James Mattis, etc. Those are what you call real killers.

7 upvotesNeverd0wn3 years ago

OP knows he pays for those girls right?

13 upvotesprodigy2throw3 years ago

FWIW I know a few girls who've been on his snaps. He really doesn't pay how you think. These girls meet him or they actually fly down to where he is and fuck him as long as he tags them on his Instagram. Yes he pays for food, they live with him and drink all his liquor and do all his drugs. But he has enough money so it's all trivial.

As far as I know, it's not an overt system where they charge him hourly or some arrangement. Millions of girls will fuck famous guys for free.

0 upvotesRedPillWintergreen3 years ago

Well that's still more than I pay so why should I respect him?

3 upvotesprodigy2throw3 years ago

Lol how much do you pay for those models?

3 upvotesAtlasAnt3 years ago

From somebody who is good at poker, he really, really sucks at poker.

I highly doubt that he has been profitable long term.

3 upvotesrpogami3 years ago

Not sure how anyone on this sub can relate to him. His father was a corporate raider who went to prison for various SEC violations. Dan is a socialite who pays women to hang in his entourage financed by his father.

1 upvotestrippinallday3 years ago

Guy has definitely seen and done a lot. This is my favorite video of him, he makes his point very well: https://www.instagram.com/p/BRHWZ_zgmoj/

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

He is like a RSD 10th degree blackbelt.

1 upvotesPranksterLad3 years ago

Question - He says he isn't a good role model for people of the younger generation - yet why are we praising him? I am just curious.

1 upvotessygede3 years ago

Yeah except like 5 people on this sub can probably achieve Dan's level.

1 upvotesredditereddit3 years ago

his heart attack story... it's hilarious!


1 upvotesTongue373 years ago

Hmm I don't think Bilzerian is all that to me..he used to be a dork growing up but since he came into money and has some social status due his wealth and poker, now he is a stud..

He pays most of these women to hang out with him correct? That is pretty sad to me tbh..I assume he always gets laid after these paid weekends together?he seems to love the attention he gets from paying a group of porn stars to be on his boat with him..that to me is beta as he is trying too hard to impress someone out there..

Seems like a nice guy but I don't see him as some true alpha stud..I see him as some guy trying way too hard to live up to some kind of reputation..

1 upvotesaanarchist3 years ago

i don't think he's that alpha he just seems like the kind of dude who just doesn't really care about much and had a stroke of good luck, that's why the video after that was about him having a series of heart attacks and how his party lifestyle has affected his health. he inherited money from someone elses hard work, and it just happened to snowball because he got good at poker. he doesn't have much personality or anything that really stands out about him, not much presence. it would be like saying that mark zuckerberg is an alpha because he owns facebook. 2c

1 upvotescampechampz3 years ago

Its also funny how people never mention that he's 5'6. It proves that your height can be compensated for some other factors

1 upvoteswilliesmokes3 years ago

So much nitpicking and bitching in this thread.

1 upvotesKoryphae_3 years ago

Do you ever want to just settle down? “Um sometimes, at the end of a long weekend maybe” 35 and top of his game why stop now?

Did he not have a heart attack at like in early of his 30s from doing all the blow? No wonder he says 'I do not drink much'.

On a more serious note though, I would not consider a public interview from a person with such history and reputation to be of any value.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Easy to preach when you're loaded as fuck and set for life

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Some shit on this sub is accurate. Then there's this shit. He's a rich dude cause he inherited wealth. Women like money no shit.

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