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Are you still boycotting Gillette?

June 5, 2021

I am and the primary reason was how they handled the backlash. With every other group on the planet, the big corporation would issue some type of, "Our heart was in the right place, however we think this message could have delivered in a more inclusive manner, therefore we have decided to pull the ad" or something similar.

Instead, they doubled downed on the premise, "If you're offended by this ad, then you're obviously one of those toxic men the message was meant for". This response angered me more than the actual ad.

Then... interestingly, in spite of all their bravado, next they quietly stepped away from this topic and haven't touched it since - their way of saying, "No, we won't admit we were wrong, but we're never going to do that again either which should tell you what we really think".

As of now, my plans are to continue the boycott indefinitely.

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