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I think I broke her...

by tsudonimh on /r/TheRedPill
06 August 2014 10:55 PM UTC

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So the wife and I were out to dinner last night with some interstate friends of hers from school. Both girls were spinsters, one by choice after swearing off marriage early, the other the typical cc - riding empowered girl.

After a few reds, the conversation swung around to how men are clearly intimidated by sexually experienced women. No points for guessing which of the three women at the table held that view. My snort of amusement attracted her ire like a laser.

She railed at me for a while, making no particular point beyond the fact that no guy she dates wants to marry her and that was proof that I was wrong.

I just flat out stated that a woman who had sex with a thousand guys a year was not marriage material, but a woman who had sex with one guy a thousand times a year would have men lining up to marry her.

Cue goldfish face.

The guys at the next table offered to buy me a beer.

The remainder of dinner was not really enjoyable, because of the rampant misogyny at the table, I was informed. I don't know, I enjoyed it. The tuna tartare was to die for.

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209 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

16 upvotesLostontheAverage5 years ago

That made so much sense and was so to the point

15 upvotesgrayman125 years ago

I'm a little less concerned than some around here with a woman who's had a lot sex. With that said, this comment hit the nail right on the head. Saved.

-1 upvotesawesomesalsa5 years ago

There are studies which show you should be more concerned

1 upvotesgrayman125 years ago

Would love to see them, send em my way.

0 upvotesHonestyReigns5 years ago

Delightfully honest, even a little eye opening for me

185 upvotesGeneralCal5 years ago

She can't spot a pattern that she keeps getting dumped? I'm glad she's so sure of her strategy...

136 upvoteschzblck5 years ago

Exactly. When women say "All men are_______" they usually mean "all the men I seem to attract are _______"

If you have Facebook I'm sure you know that girl who complains about men all the time, but every few weeks it's a new profile pic and "the best guy ever" statuses.

75 upvotesGraphicSeniorNudity5 years ago

the ugliest girl I know is a single mom who complains about male privilege and unrealistic beauty standards.

22 upvotesfrasfralla5 years ago

That is how i spot the feminist in any new setting i get to. Like my university class.

Pick the two ugliest girls with the ugliest clothes.

It never fails.

16 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I...I really hope you never have a relevant username.

10 upvotesMustangGuy5 years ago

I'm sure there's a sub for that.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Well, there go my nipples again.

2 upvotesAEther_Flux5 years ago

Captain Murphy! Get back on your radio station!

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

"All the men I'm attracted to are _______"

Just wanted to make an adjustment there.

8 upvotesGeneralCal5 years ago

I remember a couple... They've been blocked for so long I don't know what their deal is any more.

1 upvotesmalmn5 years ago

That describes my ex to a tee.

42 upvotestheozoph5 years ago

Man : I can't get a girl, what am I doing wrong?

Woman : I can't get a man, what is wrong with them?

6 upvotesGeneralCal5 years ago

Ah, yes, the plot of every horrible sitcom, romantic comedy, and HBO series starring a horse since 1983.

3 upvotesSturmgeist7815 years ago

Best summary of how the male/female dynamic works.

486 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Haha. That sounds like an old Chinese proverb..."Woman who love a thousand men prevents suitable harvest, woman who love a man a thousand times is blessed under heaven" - Confucius (aka: tsudonimh)

69 upvotesRedSunBlue5 years ago

FYI, roosh just tweeted this comment:


63 upvoteselchoma905 years ago

Not that it matters a whole lot but that mofo needs to start giving credit to people. I stopped reading him very long ago he always does shit like that. He always came off like a try hard to me to be honest.

22 upvotes26ounce5 years ago

r/redpill continues to grow in influence. Even heartiste references material from here.

27 upvotescurveball215 years ago

We might be taking it a little too far if we insist on crediting people who are quoting someone else to begin with.

41 upvotesBluepillProfessor5 years ago

The problem is Roosh attributed this quote to Confucius and I think NA just made it up. Confucius said no such thing. Right?

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

You are correct.

5 upvotesZanford5 years ago

Genius. "Watermarking" your quote via a false attribution to Confucius (or just changing the wording up) - then you know anyone who quotes it verbatim got it from you.

Roosh was too lazy to do a single Google search to see if it was really Confucius. If he were smart he would have done that, and-or waited to tweet so it was less obviously from here.

4 upvotescurveball215 years ago

Well, if that is the case then for sure what Roosh did was absolutely wrong. You can't just steal people's ideas and then present them in a way that leads others to believe they are your own. It says nothing positive about your character if you do that. I don't know what the truth is. Everything I know about Confucius I learned from a book report in 3rd grade, fortune cookies and reruns of Kung Fu.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Who the fuck cares? It is funny so he twat it. Obviously it is made up.

5 upvotesBluepillProfessor5 years ago

I care cuz I was considering taking a look at Confucianism until I learned it was not really what the master said. I could have wasted minutes on Wikepedia.

5 upvotesfinitely_eclectic5 years ago

Well, he IS a twat. So there's that.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Well he didn't credit either of us...Soooo...

5 upvotesPsycho_Delic5 years ago

Yeah, the guy has always seemed like a RP version of an SJW. Which is as shameful as being an SJW to begin with.

2 upvotesawesomesalsa5 years ago

Yep. Its not a coincidence Roosh rhymes with douche. I dont care much for Roissy either. Rollo, however, is smart and seems like a truly nice guy

0 upvotesthe_d3vils_advocate5 years ago

Wait so was that actually a confuscius (?) Quote?

14 upvotestsudonimh [OP]5 years ago

I seriously doubt it.

27 upvotesdandeezy5 years ago

I seriously doubt it. -- Confucius

1 upvotesPulcifer5 years ago

It's pretty difficult to cite your sources in 140 characters or less I would guess. That or it's the internet so we should all just assume everything is stolen.

11 upvotesitwasninjas5 years ago

A lot of people don't know that I was the original inventor of the word "plagiarism".

3 upvotesIll_mumble_that5 years ago

No hard to say I came from TRP at least. -redpill if theres enough room for it.

3 upvotesomnipedia5 years ago

Not really, he could post the full URL- Twitter shortens it well

-6 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

He did. He attributed the saying to Confucius.

-2 upvotessuRubix5 years ago

Didn't he give Confucius credit?

15 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Who is Roosh and why should I care? (Honest question)

8 upvotesFacha6695 years ago

rooshv.com Is how i initially found everything around 2009 on these topics and eventually end up here

16 upvotesIll_mumble_that5 years ago

When you discovered this community is 100x better than most the shit roosh writes. He has some good articles, but RoK is a fucking joke and now he's stealing content from TRP without attributing it to TRP.

8 upvotesnsummy5 years ago

TRP doesn't have content good enough to steal. This story is a prime example. While its a good lesson, it probably never even happened. How many times have you been in a heated discussion at a restaurant table and a group of guys yells over and says, let me buy you a beer! Never happened.

5 upvotesdvrzero5 years ago

I've had heated discussions about how many syllables the letter "W" has and gotten free beer. You just have to be quite funny.

124 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

The thing is that it's so easy for women to get laid. If they have a guilt-free reaction to casual sex then it's a complete turn off for men (relationship wise). It represents a lack of discipline that most likely is not going to disappear just because she is in a relationship. She's still hot for other men and they're the ones who hit on her. So her staying faithful means she has to constantly reject men she would normally fuck. If she doesn't have practice rejecting men she finds attractive then she won't be able to do it as easily as other women.

Women have greater sexual power and when they exercise it, men lose relationship interests. Just because contraceptives erase the biological consequences does not mean we don't view them in a similar light as the women who aren't sure who the father of their kids are. They're the same. Only difference is contraception.

Look at all the highest status men. They get so much pussy that almost all of them can't help but cheat. Decent looking women can get laid almost as easily as these men. The difference is that, even with infidelity, high status men are still way more desirable than other men. A slut on the other hand, has no positive value as a trade-off for her becoming a slut. So her being a slut can only a bad thing.

93 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

As a woman, I 100% agree with this. If you slut it up, you devalue the coin you were blessed with. I like to think of it as inflation. If a woman's coin is sex, and she's throwing out a lot to tons of different people, then she has inflated her coin/ devalued it by a shitload. As opposed to taking that coin and banking it with one man(bank?) where it will only experience appreciation. (Higher coin with the bank will enjoy higher interest rates. Please fuck your spouse accordingly, terms and conditions may apply)

33 upvotesIAmTheIlluminatiAMA5 years ago

Do you find that your female friends realize it is easier for a woman to get laid? I have never got a woman to admit that.

48 upvotesBoyMeetsHarem5 years ago

Because in their mind, "getting laid" = "getting laid by someone I'm extremely attracted to who is likely out of my league"

9 upvotesawesomesalsa5 years ago

Well to be fair, most guys can get laid easily if they lower their standards enough

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

11 upvotesZanford5 years ago


They willl never admit in a way that shows sympathy for the work guys have to put in.

2 upvotesben0wn4g35 years ago

I find a lot of girls admit it actually.

2 upvotesAkordia5 years ago

Some do realise it, others do not.

-28 upvotesnicknameminaj5 years ago

non-RPer here, I will take the honor of 'admitting' that it's easier for women to get laid. How much easier it is, however, is blown out of proportion way too often.

I have an honest question though. Why is it a big deal if they choose to use that advantage? Number one: it gets more men laid (good for men). Number two: if you were thrown a check for some amount, large or small, why would you not cash that shit?

I do understand that that's the reason many men will shy away from a girl, but I want to see around the circular logic (being a slut is bad --> why? --> because men think it's bad).

I ask because I believe that the cause and effect gets confused by some people. People who slut it up are not bad-long term partners. Bad long-term partners tend to slut it up (for many reasons- desperation, thinking fucking means commitment, mad crazy head problems etc). Then it gets confusing when people are free with their sex until they decide to settle down (many many people I know including myself - and without infidelity).

26 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

It is all about statistics. Anecdotes aside, slutty people tend to have higher rates of stds, mental illness, divorce rates, etc (I'm not going to dig up citations). Relationships are investments of time, money, energy, and emotion. I would not invest any of those things in someone who is slutty because the probability of it being a good investment is much lower.

Now this is not the same thing as saying that sluts are bad. Sluts are simply who they are. They are not bad people, but they are people that I would not spend much energy toward because it would be a waste. In answer to your question, it is not a big deal if they choose to slut it up. But it undermines other women's prerogatives because they are "selling" the same thing. It changes the market place and devalues them. For good looking men, it is more of a boon for getting laid.

1 upvotesnicknameminaj5 years ago

Slutty people or slutty women? I ask because trp tends not to think that way about slutty men.

18 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Phenylethylamine (PEA) loses a bit of its potency each time it's applied to a new man. So by the time a girl has bounced on a sufficient number of pelvises, she simply lacks the brain chemistry to bond with a man the way she would have otherwise.

2 upvoteselevul5 years ago

Any source on that?

1 upvotesnicknameminaj5 years ago

Brb, looking up PEA. Stand by

Edit: The best I could find was that PEA accounts for "good feelings" along with dopamine when we are attracted to someone ... nothing about bonding and especially nothing about it losing potency when different men cause the good feeling and especially nothing about the drugs effects differing between men and women?

9 upvotesIAmTheIlluminatiAMA5 years ago

I don't care if an adult wants to sleep around. That's their business. I just find it mind blowing how women will argue to death it is not easier for a woman to get laid.

1 upvotesnicknameminaj5 years ago

Oh, fasho. Yeah that would be a patent lie. I mean come on. If more women slept around id say the whole world would be a lot happier

12 upvotesIll_mumble_that5 years ago

it is blown out

So is most women's vaginas. Because it is INCREDIBLY easy for a woman to get laid. The ones that complain about it being hard aren't telling the truth, they aren't telling you how high their standards are set. A woman can get laid in 2 seconds if she lowers her standards from the top 20% of men down to the top 50% of men, but even the fatties don't want to do that, they still feel entitled to the top 20%.

Point is, any woman can get laid at any time. They choose not to by either being chaste, or by having higher standards than the currently nearby men have to offer.

Men on the other hand cannot get laid on demand unless they are in the top 10% SMV scale where there is no doubt that they are attractive. Think movie stars, models, body builders, executives, athletes. Normal guys have to put a substantial amount of work into getting laid and have to deal with shit tests and other bullshit that the top 10% of guys don't, also women don't deal with shit tests.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

"I don't always lower my standards but when I do my dick gets wet." --Matty FX

0 upvotesnicknameminaj5 years ago

Women tend not to want to lower their standards when they run the risk of receiving vicious judgment from potential SOs for doing so ..

12 upvotesSoultrane95 years ago

Why is it a big deal if they choose to use that advantage?

It's really not. But i can choose between a 28 year old woman with a gaping pussy having entitlement and attitude and a 22 year old woman with a tight body, a will to serve and only 2-4 dicks have been in her.

I have an honest question also. Why the hell would i choose the first? Having casual sex is more than okay. But every dick in you decreases your marriage value.

1 upvotesnicknameminaj5 years ago

But why would a pussy be looser after having sex, say, 30 times with 15 different dicks versus 30 times with two different dicks? That's not really how it works is all. And how does it magically give a girl entitlement issues?

every dick in you decreases your marriage value


8 upvotesShirye5 years ago

"being a slut is bad --> why?"

if 50 men spit on a rag, would you wipe your face with it? Whats the glory in being the 31th guy, ejaculating on the same woman?

I'll wait.

4 upvotes4nn1h1l4tor5 years ago

Honest question: Wait? What are you waiting for? Are you telling us that you're a virgin waiting for the right woman? Because then Ive got some bad news in store for you.

1 upvotesnicknameminaj5 years ago

I mean that analogy has literally nothing to do with women. Unless of course women have the same value to you as a rag does? If sex to you is about conquest/status/achievement/ejaculating on a woman and not sex, then I see what you mean.

-8 upvoteslucifey5 years ago

It does seem like a double standard somewhat. Slutty women are frowned upon whereas slutty (but successful and rich) men are something to be respected and admired.

Also this got me wondering: can a woman take the red pill? Instead of men using these red pill principles, can women learn how to maintain their own "harem" and stress their rejection of monogamy? It seems like if a woman really wanted to, she could build up her own harem of extremely beta pathetic men, maybe even a cuckold, who will do anything to please her.

23 upvotesniczar5 years ago

TRP is not a moral framework.

The fact is, men who can and do get laid a lot are sexual desirable to women (due to social proof).

The fact also is that women who are very promiscuous are not very desirable to men as recipient of their commitment.

So men being being slutty is not good if they're not interested in getting laid (which is obviously paradoxically pointless), and women being slutty is not bad if they're not interested in getting a man's commitment.

7 upvotesJackPallino5 years ago

Of course a woman could, but I would not think it would be a very gratifying endeavor for her. It is natural for a woman to act hypergamously and try for the best male she can, while establishing this harem that you propose would be filled mostly with males that she would see as "pathetic."

Also it cannot be considered a double standard if the two parties involved have separate sets of inherent/biological and indoctrinated forms of conduct and thought.

This is where much of feminist ideation presents its fallacious basis. It assumes that men and women are equal in many fundamental aspects, while this is undoubtedly not the case, especially in the realm of sexuality. One needs only to observe the general behavior of each sex.

5 upvotesCyralea5 years ago

The double standard exists because a man who can have a lot of sex is a desirable man, whereas a woman who has a lot of sex is simply indiscriminate. This is rooted in our evolutionary biology, I can go into it further if you like.

Instead of men using these red pill principles, can women learn how to maintain their own "harem" and stress their rejection of monogamy

This is essentially what all women do. Get a ton of beta men to orbit them for validation, while having sex with as many attractive men as they can. It's the default behaviour of women in the absence of moral frameworks like the one from the 50's.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago


TRP is about maintaining a relationship equality with your SO and not playing the 'games' and 'tests' given out during the worse relationships. Of course you can, relationship equality applies to both sexes.

0 upvotesnicknameminaj5 years ago

True, if she wanted to. The fact is, and feel free to judge me here, I love casual sex as much as the next person but when I am in a committed relationship I am absolutely faithful. Really everyone is the same in many ways and different in many more and it is harmful to your sense of reality to deny the many many exceptions to every sweeping generalization you make. I know you guys make generalizations to get a general idea of human behavior (not to say I agree with very much of it, but that's irrelevant) but you don't seem to have a gauge of how often that is the case. The conclusion seems to come first and you look for data to support it when it should be in the reverse. Look for reality, not for reasons women suck.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

"if pussy was a stock, it would be plummeting, cause you're flooding the market with it!" - Dave Chappelle

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

17 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

1) be attractive

2) don't be unattractive

That's about it in my experience. Or if you are hideous, be smart and in shape. That slutcoin doesn't have a lot of standards.

15 upvotesCyralea5 years ago

The inverse is of course true for men. A man that spends his coin (in the sense of time and validation) with many women has devalued it. This is why 'nice guys' get friendzoned and made into orbiters.

Making your time and resources scarce only increases their value.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

If you go look in my submitted you'll find some definitive photographic proof in my step by step procedure to beat a hair follicle test for marijuana!

Edit: fucking mobile. Anyways, maybe as a woman is frowned on when you're disagreeing with your I enlightened views. Maybe it's okay if you've swallowed that great red pill. I don't really know how it works. I mean, i hadn't even seen the matrix until like a month ago.

26 upvotesmcdehuevo5 years ago

I don't see a problem with "as a woman" if you're not trying to use it as a trump card or going off on some rant about your feelings being hurt by someone's failure to pay proper homage to the gods of political correctness. Doesn't appear you were doing either of those things, so cheers.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Yeah, I was just kind of using it to state where my viewpoint was coming from (slightly unique in this sub I guess).


1 upvotesBluepillProfessor5 years ago

I always thought we needed more nuance to the 'as a woman' semi-rule. Lots of times it is relevant as with M'Ladies post. In fact, wouldn't it be easier to have icons identifying the posters gender and perspective? The little Red Numbers is an awesome quality check and similarly, having RPW or RPM or BPidiot etc is useful information (and eliminates the usually annoying...'as a woman.' Bonus points if we can filter responses. Sometimes I just don't want to hear what the women feeeeel.

4 upvotesArrantPariah5 years ago

Wow, a woman with an economist's perspective. You must have enjoyed that "Economics of Sex" video that came out a couple of months ago. http://sexualobjectification.blogspot.com/2014/07/feminists-versus-economics.html

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I haven't actually seen it before. Thanks for linking it! I'm at work right now, but I'll take a look later! Thanks! But yeah. I mean, if lots of guys are trying to bone me, then I should take advantage of the selection to choose the cream of the crop while I can right? Doing otherwise is just foolish for long term health and happiness. I don't have any fear of missing out on one night stands or that shit. It is more sexually and financially profitable for me to invest in the best "deal" I can get. Because the mindset of almost everyone in everything is getting the best deal they can for their wants and needs, based on their value of the product. (I work in car sales. It might show a bit.)

0 upvotesArrantPariah5 years ago

You're definitely a smart one.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Okay read over the article and the feminist disagreements. She must be mad because she has a high number. No one gets that vitriolic without taking personal offense. Also, they keep going back to the birth control thing where it doesn't matter because we're not getting knocked up as much. BITCH, HERPES DOESN'T CARE ABOUT THE PILL OR CONDOMS. STDs can be passed in other ways, and it is foolish of any woman to think she can sleep with 50+ guys and come out unscathed. My friend who is upwards of 100+ guys? Yeah, HPV. She didn't get tested for over 4 years. Who knows when the fuck that came up and who she gave it to. So nasty.

edit: the real reason, I think, though, that feminists get really mad about this shit and cry that "why doesn't my personality count? our supply isn't all the same" is because after you've given so much away and oxytocin bonded with that many guys, and opened yourself up to that many diseases, and taken birth control for that long, and gotten to the age where you start wondering if its time to settle down because the biological clock is a-tickin', your value has decreased to something similar to other women in your predicament. It's happening to more and more women. I think you guys call it a wall. Women hit the wall because they didn't plan ahead. Also, all those walks of shame and guys they fucked, is that what you want your daughters to do? Are you proud of the train of dicks you've rode? If you can honestly look in the mirror and say that's what you want for your little girl, then I think she should be taken away from you. Because it's irresponsible and doesn't teach your children to respect themselves enough to share their intimacy with someone who cares. Because it's not just sex. Ever. You can have sex with whomever you want, but practice some discernment.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Right but as a guy who has had several FWB, at what point is it okay to enjoy casual sex for a chick?

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I don't know, man. The risk is up to you. Just remember that condoms won't save you from genital herpes. When you fuck a woman you are vicariously fucking everyone she has fucked (in the terms of STD-openness). If a woman is casual sexing with you, she maybe casual sexing someone else. Or a few other people. You can't police her actions, but it's opening yourself up to a lot of potential issues.

That being said, if reward outweighs risk to you, and these aren't women you are trying to marry and make the mother of your own daughters and sons, then please continue. You can only control yourself and if these women want to be shit gatekeepers to sex, then you can enjoy the pilferage from their lax watch. Doesn't mean you have to commit or anything back.

I just don't think women should continue having casual sex beyond a certain point. and that "wall" is actually way sooner than women think it is. I can count all the dicks I've touched on one hand. You shouldn't have to count fingers and toes when counting out your sexual partners. That's just gross.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I certainly agree for the most part. I think there's certainly some nuances and/or exceptions but the gist of what you wrote is correct. May post a followup later when I'm not at work.

-28 upvotesalvydavos5 years ago

As a person, I think you and everyone else in this subreddit may be fucking stupid. If a woman's coin is sex-- it's not. By saying this fucking nonsense, you're devaluing yourself and your gender. You're reducing your gender to its ability to have sex, despite men having that same ability and being spared the gross marginalization.

If OP weren't such a woman hating faggot, he'd realize that only idiots judge other people by how much sexual partners they've had. The number implies nothing. Nothing at all. If you could find more than one sexual partner, maybe you'd have the worldly experience to learn such things? I don't know.

Fuck all of you.

14 upvotesOldMuckyTerrahawk5 years ago

Okay see ya.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

You sound like someone who has a lot of slutcoin. I'm sorry.

Now, just to elaborate on why women get this rap and men don't, is because genetically/biologically speaking women keep men from having sex. They are the gatekeepers. They can allow these horny dudes to earn that sweet release.

But men are the gatekeepers of commitment. It's the male biological imperative to spread thy seed. Women release a fuckton of oxytocin after sex to emotionally and chemically bond them to their sex partner, making it difficult to let them go. This is of course because if the woman becomes pregnant then she is bonded to the would be protector of her offspring. This is biological fact that this occurs. Fucking a ton of dudes is going against the sexual biology of a woman.

This has a negative connotation for a number of reasons. The primary one being when woman fuck a lot of guys, the issue of inheritance and property rights if she does get pregnant is a huge, legal headache. This is why marriage was created in antiquity (Greco-Roman times). The secondary one, which I think resonates more, is that when a woman fucks a lot of guys, she isn't showing respect for herself. I say this because why is a woman going against her own nature and Chemical balances to change partners so casually? There are always underlying issues, from alcoholism to being lonely(maybe you can't find a partner because you keep fucking strangers?), from depression to daddy issues.

Yeah, we are sentient beings so we don't have to give in to the biological imperatives of our species. But that does not mean they for affect us. Humans are animals, too. We are not immune from the consequences of our geneology.

I'm also Catholic and regularly engage in premarital sex. This isn't coming from some repressed place. That being said, I can count my sexual partners on one hand and I prefer to keep it that way. The more people you sleep with, the higher your chances of STD are no matter what gender you are. That's a fact.

I have family members with AIDS and opening myself up to any kind of risk like this is so imprudent. You're kind of stupid for saying all that.

24 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

If they have a guilt-free reaction to casual sex then it's a complete turn off for men (relationship wise).

I'm going to preface this by disclaiming that I'm new here, but I've noticed that there are women who are very talented at putting on the "innocent" act until they're in the bedroom.

For instance, one of my first girlfriends back in my teens was a virgin. Then she had a "talk" with me to explain that she got herpes from a towel in the girl's locker room. Riiiight. Naturally I don't buy it, but her hamster, while young, was still spinning full speed.

I'm not going to lie though -- the whole innocent thing until behind closed doors -- it's pretty hot.

2 upvotesplatochronic5 years ago

Correct if I'm wrong, people can be born with the disease, so just because someone has it doesn't mean they've had sex or that they've ever been sexually active.

20 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

It's medically possible, but if that's the case you don't hear a wheel turning about how it was from some gym towel.

edit: or should I say "Jim" towel.

-1 upvotesplatochronic5 years ago

Yeah, I understand that's a not a great excuse, but I'm just saying just because someone has an std doesn't mean that someone was sexually active. If she was smart, she could say she was born with it. I know people who were born with it.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

My brother was born with it on his eyes!

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

half brother, different mom. And yeah, I know lol. My dad is the one that has it and gave it to the different mothers (7 kids, 4 moms). My dad has had a lot of women

2 upvotessailorJery5 years ago

it's only bad news if he's interested

3 upvotesZanford5 years ago

Great analogy. A slut is like the downsides of a super-status male (rampant cheating, or always close to it) with none of the upsides (the high-status traits tha tmake him super-attractive...it's not like the average slut is a 10). Now factor in that men hate sexual infidelity worse than women...

-10 upvotesangryqueerfeminist5 years ago

So...if she has casual sex but feels sufficiently bad about it...then that's ok? I'm just failing to see the logic in your choice of phrasing with "a guilt-free reaction to casual sex."

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[permanently deleted]

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You and I have very different definitions of "functioning society" there are many societies who believe in partable(sp?) paternity. That a fetus is composed literally of accumulated sperm. In these societies rape and infanticide are nonexistent. There are societies who would describe a prude as one who is stingy with their genitals. Female promiscuity increases biological diversity in all species.

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Poor phrasing indeed. English wasn't my first language (or second for that matter). My English writing skills aren't at a level that properly articulate my thoughts. Because of this, you have to make a lot of intuitive leaps with what I write. Basically what I'm intimating is that women putting out does not automatically equal slut. Their is a difference between a woman who likes a guy and has sex with him in the (naive) hopes of him committing to her and a woman who just fucks any guy she can. Usually the second woman has daddy issues, some mental disorder, and/or almost all male friends. I don't understand the feminist rush to defend sluts. Sluts don't even get along with other women.

51 upvotestsudonimh [OP]5 years ago

I just shot coffee through my nose. Thanks for that!

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I knew that someone would post a comment about shooting some form of liquid out of their nose...it was only a matter of time...glad to have been of service in the involuntary expulsion of fluids from your orifices.

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Hey, I shot air out of my nose as well. Just a little excess fluid in my body I needed to get rid of, is all.

Yeah, I know that isn't original either

But that for the proverb haha. This is a good post.

-18 upvotesthree295 years ago

I knew that someone would post a comment commenting about shooting some form of liquid out of their nose...it was only a matter of time...glad to have witnessed you to being of service to the involuntary fluides from OP's orifices.

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No. Save this crap for circlejerk.

9 upvotesotivito5 years ago

A lock opened by many keys is a bad lock. A key that opens many locks, is a master key.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I think this should have bad changed to worthless and good changed to valuable.

-13 upvotesogalvan5 years ago

"Woman who love a thousand men prevents suitable harvest, woman who love a man a thousand times is blessed under heaven" - Confucius

Posting quote to facebook. :)

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Good luck with the barrage of feminists railing on you for that one.

3 upvotesFloridaisondrugs5 years ago

I've seen many women post similar statuses about men. "Don't go for a man who loves a hundred women. Go for a man who loves one woman a hundred ways." On a picture of Ryan gosling or some shit. But a man would get heat for saying that.

-1 upvotesscarfox15 years ago

Were you trying to write pseudonym? lol

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

No. That is the username of the author of this article...but I'm sure that was his clever way of attempting make his account name resemble that term.

0 upvotesdissinmouse5 years ago

reminds me a lot of "A key that can open many locks is called a master key, but a lock that can be opened by many keys is a shitty lock.”

34 upvotesoptimates5 years ago

I wish I could have seen the face. Nice comeback!

118 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

An artist's rendition of the incident

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30 upvotesRedBigMan5 years ago

Moar like...


4 upvotesVegasHostTre5 years ago

Now you made ME shoot liquid from my nose!

64 upvotestsudonimh [OP]5 years ago

I have never in my life managed to come up with a witty line on cue. It was only her long winded ranting that allowed me the time to formulate that line.

I've posted here before that I'm gold - medal class in the shit - I - wished-I-thought - of Olympics.

21 upvotesoptimates5 years ago

Hindsight is the first step. You should remember some comebacks and proverbs. They'll be useful as witty comebacks when the time comes.

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[permanently deleted]

22 upvotesHahahahaWaitWhat5 years ago

Staircase wit is the usual translation.

3 upvotesPsycho_Delic5 years ago

Alright man, check this out.

Bring it up anyway. As a person, equally afflicted with hindsight. I've found people are more than eager to bring a subject up again. Then, you have a new nugget to inject in to the conversation.

1 upvoteskick65 years ago

Thank the TRP for knowing exactly what she was going to say so you could check the fuck out 3 words into her rant, and start formulating a response.

8 upvoteselysius5 years ago

Probably looked a lot like the face this woman does around 3:14 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0xoKiH8JJM&t=2m55s (video starts a little earlier for context)

1 upvotesFulgidus5 years ago

And now I'm laughing my ass off like a mad person in the middle of a coffee shop...

You made my day bro!

31 upvotesIdle_Redditing5 years ago

I'm not intimidated, I'm just not going to commit.

I'm also not afraid of commitment in general, though I am rightfully afraid of commitment to one of these "strong, liberated, sexually experienced women."

91 upvotesRed_August5 years ago

Across borders, across oceans, I have witnessed carousel-riders spew out that exact same hamsterisation: "men are intimidated by experienced women". They all had that faintly quizzical face seeking validation from their captive audience for their poor life choices. That ancient lizard part of their brain damn well knows they fucked up.

I'm borrowing your "thousand" cock line - brilliant.

22 upvotesRedBigMan5 years ago

If she's taken more yards of dick than an NFL quarterback has rushing yards... she might be a slut.

Imagine it in the tone of Jeff Foxworthy doing his 'you might be a redneck routine' for full lulz effect.

33 upvotesUncleDisgusting5 years ago

"She's seen more helmets than Hitler" - heard from a Scottish dude years ago

17 upvotesMcMurphyCrazy5 years ago

Jeff had a great bit that stuck with me since I was a kid.

"Guys, if a woman says to you "I think we should start seeing other people," trust me, she has already cut a pony from the herd, and if she ain't ridin' him yet, she has pulled the saddle out of the barn."

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[permanently deleted]

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May also include the 1000 cock stare.

I'm picturing a self righteous indignant puss mixed with a sour faced "someone just dropped ass" look.

2 upvotesGood2Go52805 years ago

clap clap clap clap clap clap clap

42 upvotesIsaiah4verse15 years ago

Who'd pay mortgage on a Porto-potty?

don't delete me reddit bot

26 upvotesdeadcow55 years ago

don't delete me reddit bot

Shit like this is why that bot is an inherently dumb idea.

If you can say it with fewer words, why use more to say the same?

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[permanently deleted]

9 upvotesdeadcow55 years ago

Yeah, you know, it wouldn't be too hard to write a bot that just deleted answers with the word "this", or one-word answers.

4 upvotesIsaiah4verse15 years ago


Don't delete me Reddit bot.


5 upvotesRedBigMan5 years ago

I think it also leaves you alone if you have delta points or endorsed status as I haven't had any of my posts gobbled by the bot.

32 upvotestallwheel5 years ago

She knows the real reason men won't commit to her. She's just hamstering a way to shift the blame to men. What she really should have said is that men clearly are not attracted to sexually experienced women as long-term partners. She needs to accept reality.

20 upvotesTomHicks5 years ago

The guys at the next table offered to buy me a beer.

Honestly, this sounds like that /r/thathappened joke (and then he gave me $100 under the sink).

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[permanently deleted]

13 upvotesRobdogx90015 years ago

Sometimes its fun to get real when you have nothing to loose.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

You have nothing [that matters] to lose and maybe they learn something from it. Seems win-win to me

6 upvoteswhitey_male5 years ago

Also no one likes a cc rider who takes herself so seriously and acts like cc riding = working for the UN or doing some really important job.

Maybe if they had a bit of humility they might fare a bit better.

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[permanently deleted]

8 upvotesSniff_NopeThasDoody5 years ago

Ah nothing like the smell of raw tuna, surrounded by the smell of raw tuna

16 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

The guys at the next table offered to buy me a beer.

That sounds a lot like an "It was my privilege" ending.

44 upvotesjadedspade5 years ago


Seriously I would have bought you a beer too bro.

14 upvotesblfstyk5 years ago

That is right on. You can reverse it though.

This may be merely legend, but when Rembrandt, who was supposedly devoted to his wife, was asked, "Rembrandt, with your fame, you could have any woman you want, why don't you have many mistresses?", replied: "If you sleep with many women, you have none, if you sleep with only one, you have all the women in the world."

Ah, to find that one woman who is all the women in the world.

5 upvotesblazingcopper5 years ago

Back then it wasn't hard to find

2 upvotesAmazonExplorer5 years ago

ha, never knew much about Rembrandt aside from his paintings.

2 upvotesslfnflctd5 years ago

'That one woman' has likely been more myth than reality for the majority of men through most of human history (at least post-agriculture, anyhow). One partner, if not each, will always be more likely to betray the other than either fully realize in certain circumstances, for reasons that are in large part subconscious. I do think there's a spectrum, though, and some people have had better luck. Problem is, you just can't guarantee that kind of result (although you can bump your odds).

In any case, I have a theory that compromise and commitment both seem to come more naturally for some people with age (perhaps as they realize their time is short?). This is why I try to maintain more regular contact with people I consider to be of a higher caliber, male and female-- there will be fewer of us with long-standing ties as time goes on, and those ties will mean more. I guess what I'm saying is that your chances of finding a unicorn are absurdly low, but if you filter well you can have a fair shot at finding a woman who will grow into a stellar partner eventually.

8 upvotessir_wankalot_here5 years ago

I thought this post was a kinky sex post. I am disappointed. Oh well.

3 upvotesEl_Shakiel5 years ago

Man, it is stories like this that make me love r/TRP and make me come back every day. Thanks for the tale !

8 upvotesColdEiric5 years ago

You should have told it to young girls. Young girls who aren't beyond the point of no return.

3 upvotesGrilledCheezus715 years ago

Tuna tartare is fucking delicious dude. Fine choices all around.

17 upvotesHeinousFu_kery5 years ago

Edit: OP meant misogyny.

One of my rules of women says: "If she says she's been dumped a lot (or left with no promised phone call), you're about to find out why..."

46 upvotespostuk5 years ago

No, he means misogyny. Read it again:

The remainder of dinner was not really enjoyable, because of the rampant misogyny at the table, I was informed.

They told him that they weren't enjoying themselves because of the [his?] "misogyny".

I don't know, I enjoyed it.

He enjoyed the "misogyny".

The tuna tartare was to die for.

The food wasn't so bad either!

Edit: down voted for making the OP even clearer?! Cunt!

16 upvotesRugnardl5 years ago

Up voted for the final, obligatory "Cunt!"

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I upvote most comments with the word "cunt" in it.

6 upvotestsudonimh [OP]5 years ago

Damn it, the bot deleted my first response...

3 upvotesRedBigMan5 years ago

I upvote anything with George Carlin's 7 words. /s

Cunt is pretty much the only word that's retained it's effectiveness as an insult/swear word. Lets try not to overuse it like we did with fuck, motherfucker and cocksucker.

2 upvotesOverkillengine5 years ago

Thus the irony of people using anti-censorship to indulge. When you overuse something you end up diluting it.

5 upvotespostuk5 years ago

Lol. I returned to make a brief edit (added a '?') within seconds of posting, to see it has been down voted to zero. It angered me more than meaningless Internet points should.

2 upvotesitwasninjas5 years ago

yeah, but at least righteous anger is somewhat enjoyable

2 upvotesHeinousFu_kery5 years ago

You are correct, sir. Edited.

5 upvotesIllimitableMan5 years ago

Hahahaha the fact those guys were willing to buy you a beer is indicative of one thing: a lot of guys feel the same way about women and their bullshit but are too afraid to speak up. Criticising women or saying anything negative has become such a taboo it's a joke. Even in their (a woman's) eyes laying over and taking their shit wins you no respect.

30 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

A lock that can be opened by any key is not a very good lock, but the key that can open any lock is a master key.

27 upvoteslightfire4095 years ago

I always chucked how the feminists are always like "Oh not the lock and key analogy again!" while they never manage to refute the point it makes.

23 upvoteselysius5 years ago

I believe the default rebuttal is that women are not objects blah blah blah. Same thing with the rape issue: you can't put yourself in harm's way and expect nothing bad to happen*, just like you wouldn't leave your car or house door unlocked and expect nothing bad to happen. BUT OUR BODIES ARE NOT CARS etc.

They know they can't refute the argument so they hamster it away.

  • Note that this is entirely different from the "blaming the victim" fantasy they drummed up.
24 upvotesFA_in_PJ5 years ago

I've moved to an analogy about missionaries who get themselves killed. It happens. Civil war, disease, superstition/misinformation among the natives, lots of reasons. People doing good in the world get murdered.

There are two approaches one could take to this problem: (1) Start a "don't kill whitey" campaign targeted at third world denizens or (2) Make sure that potential starry-eyed do-gooders are informed about the dangers they are walking into. Which approach is more likely to save lives?

I've yet to hear a feminist retort to this argument. Any retort, let alone a good one. B/c what can they say?

Of course, I have the advantage of a personal anecdote, which always scores points with the bleeding hearts. My childhood preacher's whole family was wiped out on a mission to Africa. They never even got off the airplane.

So yeah, curious to learn if it still works without the tear-jerker. And the tear-jerker element is total BS, I was too young to know those people; my parents passed the story on to me when I was older.

9 upvotesRedBigMan5 years ago

Same thing with the rape issue: you can't put yourself in harm's way and expect nothing bad to happen*

Whenever women pull this victim blaming shit I say 'Ok... that's basically like saying some white dude with a megaphone going through harlem shouting 'here nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger' and acting surprised when he gets beat within an inch of his life and/or shot.

8 upvotesComteDeSaintGermain5 years ago

...except that 'putting yourself in harm's way' can mean as little as 'being pretty and stepping outside after 9pm'....

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Our bodies are not cars

It's a physical vessel that has its kinks, requires maintenance, fuel, and allows my brain to travel.

I'm not sure if I just did an Oxford comma. Did I just do an Oxford comma?

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

You are not strengthening your argument by presenting it with different words (in an analogy).

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

-11 upvotesaparctias005 years ago

Actually this is the more philosophical and elegant saying

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesSleep-less5 years ago

Locks protect assets, for example, half of the marital home, child support, alimony, your car. If any man's "key" can take these assets from you, I guess you picked a pretty shit lock didn't you. (Disclaimer: don't get married. There is no tangible benefit for men.)

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Rewording an argument in an analogy does not make it more valid or invalid. It only makes it seem more valid because dumb people are going to conclude that the argument is valid just because the analogy is valid.

5 upvotesbrons1045 years ago

What man in his right mind wants to marry a woman who admits to having more men than a battleship? If you follow the logic on it, this woman wants a man to risk most of his possessions by committing himself solely her, a person who has shown that she can't commit herself to a single man. What a double-standard backed up by such a sense of self-entitlement.

4 upvotesthisisnotatoaster5 years ago

Women would look at a man who had thousands of women in the same fashion. "Someone who couldn't commit"

I grew up in a world where women weren't entitled to shit and they couldn't win no matter what they did, and now I am in one where it's almost the opposite sometimes. It's weird.

2 upvotesMajorStyles5 years ago

Bravo, sir! I will buy you a beer if I ever meet you.

2 upvotesusku5 years ago

Nobody wants a shitty lock.

2 upvotesZanford5 years ago

Haha I love the guys at hte next table. Hope you swapped info with them to make some new drinking/fishing/bowling/lifting buddies.

2 upvotesDr_Wally5 years ago

I'm late to this party, but I loved it.

-1 upvotesrporion5 years ago


Very relevant video.

1 upvotesinsane_crazy5 years ago

The proverb comes to mind. "A key that opens a thousand locks is a master key, but a lock that opens to any key is not a lock" wonderful!

1 upvotesFelixTheLeo5 years ago

Well done! I don't think I could've handled that situation any better.

1 upvotesHeadingRed5 years ago

Can't settle for just one cock- even for a little while and still wonders

"Why doesn't anyone want to marry me?"

Hmm so far you have shown you don't want to be loyal- why should I take a chance that this time it'll work.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Since when did repulsed turn into intimidated?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Your answer fits perfectly with her statement. Having multiple previous partners gives her more people to compare you to and would therefore be more intimidating than having a single previous partner.

0 upvotesmyepicdemise5 years ago

I just flat out stated that a woman who had sex with a thousand guys a year was not marriage material, but a woman who had sex with one guy a thousand times a year would have men lining up to marry her.

Too bad she's too dumb to even understand this, which is simple math. For every guy she has sex with, it's 1 guy out of the line. This proportional relationship makes so much sense.

0 upvotesthisisnotatoaster5 years ago

Just because women are "empowered" to explore their sexuality now (actually in many places we still aren't, lest we want to be written off as the "whore" or be given the tramp stamp) doesn't mean it's a good idea to sleep with a thousand men and pull the misogyny card when someone calls us on our clearly stated lack of commitment. I'm all for folks turning the "walk of shame" into the "walk of pride" , but if I were like that which you just described, I would have to admit it doesn't mean I should expect men everywhere to adore me for my resolve while also expecting them to deem me the pillar of a serious relationship. But I guess I'm just logically consistent like that. ~shrug~

Tuna tar tar is delicious.

0 upvotesGood2Go52805 years ago

I have a chick friend that's literally a model (looks likeMegan Fox). She fucks everything and it disgusts me.

-35 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I don't get it. She was saying she can't find a man because she's slept with too many different guys? Why doesn't she just not tell them how many people she slept with? I have a friend like this. She's late 30's and beyond frustrated that she can't seem to keep a guy/find a guy to marry. Her exact problem? She's preoccupied by fitting herself into a certain stereotype, "good girls don't sleep with a guy on the 1st date", a proper girl does x, and y, not z. A guy has to woo her a certain way, she has to be courted, etc, etc. the fact that she believes all this is not the problem, the problem is that she's preoccupied with all this stuff, she's preoccupied with playing the certain role and being perceived in a certain way. No one cares about that shit but her. For Christ sake people. Stop trying to be a certain something/someone. Just be.

I don't think I completely understand the story here, bc I don't really get why you're annoyed that this poor woman is miserable and getting in her own way. I'd feel bad for her. She's obviously sad and not happy with how her life is going (a little self awareness goes a long way).

11 upvotessquishles5 years ago

Why doesn't she just not tell them how many people she slept with?

It's a symptom, not the cause. Plenty of men out there perfectly fine with that number; those men just add to it and find out why no one else has stuck around.

3 upvotesCrackpotPatriot5 years ago

Exactly this. Either own your sexuality and don't concentrate your efforts on those who have a problem with it, or shut up about it so they don't attempt to use it against you.

23 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I believe you're lost friend...the bluepill sub is back in the other direction...

-5 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Oh. Haha. Guess I don't know what red pill is. Oops. I didnt realize this was about a specific thing.

6 upvotesfuckpasswordrecovery5 years ago

Please read the sidebar. It well improve your life exponentially

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago


3 upvotesblazingcopper5 years ago

Sidebar. Immerse yourself. I highly recommend "book of pook"

7 upvotestsudonimh [OP]5 years ago

Well, as she's spent the last several years religiously recording all her conquests on social media, it's a bit hard to hide from anyone who wants to friend her.

And I'm not annoyed at her. I'm ambivalent. I simply took her statement that men are intimidated by women who have a lot of sex and showed her that it was wrong. She has been ascribing her failure to score a relationship to that faulty premise. She had to then either own up to it, or double down and yell at the messenger. She couldn't face what amounts to her own decisions have caused her circumstance, so she went on the attack. I didn't give a shit, so it was a fruitless thing to do.

She and my wife were in the same class at school, and now they're 40, and my wife has been with me for over 20 years. Yeah, she missed out on all the sleeping around in her 20s, but she's got a life these spinsters dream of now.

Actions have consequences. It's a tough lesson to learn for some.

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

She's late 30's and beyond frustrated that she can't seem to keep a guy/find a guy to marry. Her exact problem? She's preoccupied by fitting herself into a certain stereotype, "good girls don't sleep with a guy on the 1st date", a proper girl does x, and y, not z.

No her prblem is that she didn't exercise her control over her sexuality by fucking tons of men. It is 100x easier for a woman to get sex than a man. Women are the gatekeepers to sex. She was a shitty gatekeeper. Also another problem for her is that she hit the wall and can't go back to the cock carousel. She should have kept in mind that riding random alpha's cocks would have shot her SMV through the floor when she is wanting to be married. In a way she is seeking to be rid of the consequences of her own actions.

For Christ sake people. Stop trying to be a certain something/someone. Just be.

Improvement start off with trying to be someone who is better than you.

0 upvotesMightyTaint5 years ago

Improvement start off with trying to be someone who is better than you.

I think it's "something", not "someone". I work towards an ideal "me" in mind; I don't need someone else to be better than me to give me a guide of something to work towards. That works too, but I think it's more efficient to just decide what virtues I aspire to have and work towards them, than to search endlessly and try to find virtues in potential role-models when the population, as a whole, generally sucks.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

-2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

What? Wait what? I think you misinterpreted my comment. It sounds like you're describing someone you know (you go girl?). Someone that you obviously can't stand. Why don't you just stop associating with them? There's a lot of people in the world and a lot of them have issues. The best thing to do is to not associate with toxic people who get you all bent out of shape. It's not worth your energy. Good luck. I hope you can put all the crazy in your past :)

-40 upvotesrondeline5 years ago

Why does it matter how times she rubbed her lady parts with some other dudes parts?

Think about this, how often do you shake other men's hands?

Granted there are risks with sexual promiscuity, but how many of you motherfuckers don't care how many women you hook up with, right? And you could probably get Ebola with a long handshake.

My point is that no one likes someone that bends over and let's others use them, but I'm not prepared to say that if I slept with a thousand women, that I would have less worth as a human being if I dutifully slept with my onitus a thousand times.

Im sure that was fun dinner conversation, but your on the wrong side of that equation. Only weak men give a shit what women did in their past. The only thing that matters is what is she doing for you, today. The rest is just history and bullshit.

13 upvotessagacioussage5 years ago

99% chance you are a BP troll -- but in case you are actually wondering why it matters:

It comes down to children. The entire point of sex is reproduction -- specifically making sure your genes are passed on.

Women are forced to invest a ton in their offspring, nine months of pregnancy right off the bat, and then being the primary caregiver. Since having a kid is such a big deal for women she must be very discerning in her choice of mate. (Also because her eggs will limit her possible number of offspring way more than men are limited by their sperm. So each of her kids are more "important" to her in the sense of making sure her genes are passed on.) The most successful women are the most picky, only mating with the highest quality males they can get thus ensuring their offspring is as high quality as possible.

A man doesn't have to invest much in his offspring other than a few minutes of pleasure. His incentive is quantity over quality. Since he can fuck everyday and doesn't have to put up with pregnancy his best reproductive strategy is to inseminate as many women as possible.

The reason why men value monogamy and loyalty so highly in their mates is because they cannot be 100% sure their kids are theirs. If a man is going to commit to a monogamous relationship with a women he needs to know that the kids he's investing in are actually his, so he has an enormous incentive to not wife up a slut. A women doesn't have the same urgent incentive. Although she may very well prefer a low number in her partner her preference cannot compare to the visceral need men have to make sure their wives are sluts.

Again the point of reproduction is to make sure your genes are passed on. Investing in another man's kids is literally the worst thing you can do from your genes' perspective. And what is good for your genes are what we are programmed to do. People with genes that didn't code for behavior conducive to reproductive success didn't reproduce, so those genes no longer exist.

The point is men will never stop caring about sluttiness in a LTR-material girl. Women will never feel as strongly on the issue. That's guaranteed by our genetic code

12 upvotesAp_Ercino5 years ago

You need to look at the bigger picture. How easy is it for women to get laid compared with men? Think about that for a minute.

-1 upvotesrondeline5 years ago

Sure, it's easy for cute ones, I'm not so sure for the ugly ones. I had problems getting laid until I realized it was my own bullshit hangups and limiting beliefs that had my jerking off too much. Once I got that into gear, stopped being depressing asshole, exercised, ate better, took chances, stopped accepting bullshit, etc. etc. blah blah blah...surprise, surprise, I had more ass than I could handle.

I don't know the problems most of you face on the daily basis, I'm not saying it's easy for everyone but at what point is us contributing to the problem vs society's entitlement problems? We're not going to be able to change society's culture over a reddit sub, so probably more effect to work on ourselves.

8 upvotesSuperStalin5 years ago

the past defines the present, and thus the future.

Being a man who banged a lot of women is a strategic and tactical life skill, being a gay dude, or a woman who banged a lot of men is just a matter of spreading legs.

3 upvotesBurner17015 years ago

I'm guessing you are new here.

0 upvotesrondeline5 years ago

Let me see if I got this one. TRP has two levels I think...

There's the guys that just want a drama free life, removing neediness from their behavior and charting down a less common life with a perspective of clarity and awareness.

Aaaand, then there's the rest of them that just can't seem to pass up any attempt to rub in whatever point of view they have because they feel under siege from a life full of opportunistic misandry.

'bout right? I'm calling this dudes dinner conversation the latter. So he "broke" her, big fucking deal.


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[permanently deleted]

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I guess that hits a little close to home.

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