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While you're talking to her about TRP, I'm fucking her in the ass

by tr0n_cat on /r/TheRedPill
17 August 2017 10:35 PM UTC

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Here's a quick anecdote that I hope drives the point home to a specific man lurking this sub who hasn't gotten the fucking point yet.

I met up with a 7.5-8 I met online for a second date. While we were talking, Reddit came up and she mentions a male friend she has who won't shut up about this thing called "The Red Pill."

I laugh. What a bunch of nut jobs, I say.

"I know, right? He's so bitter. He says women are sluts until they turn 30 and then they want nice guys. He keeps trying to show this Red Pill stuff to me."

"Sounds like they're just angry at women," I reply, "but at the same time they're probably just a bunch of harmless virgins in fedoras. Who can blame them." All the while I'm maintaining frame, somewhat indifferent to the whole topic and keeping game strong. I pivot on the "virgin" point and move the conversation in a more sexual direction. An hour later we're fucking at her apartment.

We fucked again last night and I even put it in her ass. I hope you're reading this, whoever you are. I'm not trying to rub your face in it. I'm trying to help you understand the difference between talk and action. Don't just read RP theory. Don't sit around waiting for Chad status to come fall into your lap. And for FUCK'S SAKE, don't cry like a bitch to women you're orbiting and try to educate them to RP truths.

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971 upvotesObjectiveBuffoon2 years ago

I hope he sees this too. Talking TRP to a girl is one of the dumbest things you can do.

122 upvotesMetalgear2222 years ago

It's already dumb enough to talk about it to your guy friends. To tell it to a girl (whom he probably wants to fuck?) that's full-retard.

22 upvotesObjectiveBuffoon2 years ago

Yeah a lot of the time it's best to keep it to yourself no matter the company

23 upvotesSPREAD_THE_LOVE_77912 years ago

My view is don't talk to your guy friends about RP when you are just starting out and really excited to talk about it. Wait until you start having sick results and they start asking questions. Only then I think it's appropriate to bring it up to your close guy friends that you think need help. Because then you have data and it will be easier to get through to them.

4 upvotesbizmarck2 years ago

Why wouldn't you want to enlighten and share with your male friends? I'm curious.

20 upvotesMetalgear2222 years ago

Many times they aren't ready. Many times they aren't your real friend. I tried to help out a dude when I was fresh to trp (a year in). He was all about it for 2-3 weeks. Then moved in as a roommate with my plate (5-6 different people living there) where he heard me plowing her often. He befriended her. Got envious, wanted to fuck my plate. So he started telling her about how I'm part of a woman hate group that focuses on manipulation and that I tried to get him into it. My plate, "a feminist" that was getting alpha dick so she didn't care, now HAD to be repulsed at me to save face (he ruined her plausible deniability) She and him got me exiled from that entire social circle. I only fucked her once after that a year or so later then she went radio silent. Now I don't really care about the plate so much, but the social circle and being betrayed like that when I was trying to help him get rid of his blue is pretty shitty. I haven't told anyone about TRP since.

1 upvotesbeingthehunt2 years ago

That sounds frustrating. What does plate mean? I'm new here.

6 upvotesMetalgear2222 years ago

Friend with benefits. Read the entire sidebar. It will do way more for you than reading hot posts.

2 upvotesbeingthehunt2 years ago

That might take me a while. Why plate? Am I missing a pun or something?

1 upvoteswashington_breadstix2 years ago

The other men in your social circle are your competition. In theory, the longer they keep acting beta, the more pussy you can get.

160 upvotescherryCanSuckMyDick2 years ago

I think Id rather go skydiving without the chute. How deep does your head have to be in the sand not to notice the life-destroying PC thought policing thats happening every single day around you? Just a single accidental mention of TRP in real life is dangerous, and this guy was ranting about it to the point where she doesnt want to hear anymore.

Like jesus christ, I know Im not the sharpest tool in the shed myself, but knowing there are massive idiots like these filling out the back half of the bell curve gives me hope I can make it into that 40% that passes on their genes.

13 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Word. You don't talk about this shit with the Gestapo like thought police roaming the world. It's a full blown autistic mindset...

3 upvotesbeingthehunt2 years ago

It's not surprising really considering the type of people who need this are the people who lack the social skills required to form relationships instinctively.

3 upvotescherryCanSuckMyDick2 years ago

There were a few excellent posts about why women will despise a reformed beta if they realize or think hes a red piller, they really need to be the first piece of reading on the sidebar

3 upvotesvwzwv2 years ago

but knowing there are massive idiots like these filling out the back half of the bell curve gives me hope I can make it into that 40% that passes on their genes.

This part is largely a myth IMO. It doesn't matter how many men are lower in the chain than you. You have to bring your game and SMV high enough where girls want to fuck you anyway. Ever gone to a bar full of whales? Did you want to fuck even the top whale?

1 upvotesIkWhatUDidLastSummer2 years ago

Women are still interested in relationships either way. If all men are garbage they will just pick the best of the garbage.

5 upvotesParusa2 years ago

I don't know... I feel like it's kind of cowardly to lie and hide your opinions for fear of social backlash, not to mention exhausting. Like, if you browse this sub daily and employ red pill theory in your daily life but have to deny any affiliation and pretend to mock it to score with a woman, would you really feel good about that?

14 upvotesjon942 years ago

Read more Machiavelli. It's all about perception.

1 upvotesTrooper_18682 years ago

Im so happy she thinks we are just trolls. Works for us.

1 upvotescherryCanSuckMyDick2 years ago

Hard to say.

The only real life mention Ive heard was from a loony feminist chick who referred to TRP as some sort of anti-women hate group, didnt seem to have a clear idea of what the sub really is about (or should be about if youre doing it right)

But that was a few years ago. There may be a lot of women out there who have a very good idea of the red pill gameplan, and will tag you as a "terper" if you arent extremely careful not to give it away.

Stay safe bud

11 upvotesMithra90092 years ago

When "talking TRP", do you mean stuff like "man, she's gonna hit 30 and get desperate for a loser" or do you mean, literally, "man, she's gonna hit the wall and get desperate for a beta"?

It's one thing to talk about reality in the way TRP does conceptually but to talk about it using TRP's terminology just seems autistic.

9 upvotesvwzwv2 years ago

If I ever say anything RP I say it in common English, sparingly, and do not use RP terminology. Highly recommended.

18 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Yep, you might as well just tell her, "I'm beta".

I think it's like a girl you are interested in, telling you how much she loves eating twinkies and can't stop. End result = revulsion.

4 upvotesrussbussdp2 years ago

If your game sucks. I talked TRP with a plate all the time and couldn't get her off my nuts. I have a an unpopular theory that if a chick is into you there's nothing you can do to fuck it up. Bring her into your frame and it doesn't really matter what you say.

3 upvotesjackandjill222 years ago

Yea, don't know who does that. Also, that person's not present at all. That said, college students are back. Why aren't you in the dorms?

-40 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I kind of would do it anyway because i don't give a shit about the result which comes of a conversation with some girl. I would however not do it thinking that would be a smart thing to do, or achieve anything with the girl.

-21 upvotesdr_warlock2 years ago

/u/redpillschool, please ban him. And /u/Dookiestain_LaFlair while you're at it. That's the second lame try-hard joke I've seen him make here. He sucks and brings down the quality of this place.

53 upvotesPhoenixtorment2 years ago

I don't see any lame try-hard joke here, nor a reason to call out for a ban, I mean what the hell?

20 upvotesawalt_cupcake2 years ago

If it wasn't for the heated dislike from this sub I wouldn't have deleted my first account here. I tried again a month or so later and finally understood how we "think". It opened the door to frame and digesting the pill. That was two years ago and now I'm a different man. If we don't ban some chumps now and again they won't shape up. The downvotes just isn't cutting it anymore. Too many members.

9 upvotesddelicia2 years ago

I concur, some tough love is indeed due.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Getting smashed down in dislikes is fine. Banning though? If our viewpoints aren't met with skeptism or even challenged what is it all but a Echo Chamber?

The irritating part to me is that i said in the comment 'it is not smart to talk about TRP with woman', fully areeing with the sub, but that i value going my own way and doing, thinking and saying whatever above getting the puss. I do not even say this would be the correct thing to do, but a possible thing to do. If you simple thrive for yourself and not care about woman they are already all over you. Maybe less of a percentage of closing the deal with those you meet, but all the sex and relationships is more secondary to me. Its a dessert of the meal.

Maybe i lose out on a girl by not caring about the result of my conversation with her. Im fine with that.

6 upvotesEpicLevelCheater2 years ago

All members are expected to either contribute quality to this sub or shut the fuck up. No alternatives, no exceptions.

We take the opinions and input of endorsed contributors very seriously. They ARE the quality here.

Anyone who doesn't like it can take their snowflake ass somewhere else.

2 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

Hunting buttslam's sock puppets has become a full time job, hasn't it?

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Appreciate the support, the lame try-hard joke was associated with /u/Dookiestain_LaFlair though to clear thing up. Well atleast i think it was/is.

1 upvotesdr_warlock2 years ago

First guy and second guy deserve it for separate reasons. The former isn't too bright, dookiestain for his history of lame jokes.

4 upvoteselectricspresident2 years ago

Sigh some people won't ever get it. They think idgaf means u can go around screaming "girls are sluts". Going around talkin about such things clearly shows u give a fuckk.

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

For what reason? Never advocated to talk TRP to girls. I simply stated how i personally would behave. And that is talking about whatever the fuck i want and not changing the topics i want to talk about because of a girl.

4 upvotesEpicLevelCheater2 years ago

Banned Dookiefag. Let us know if you see any other troublemakers or shit-takers.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

up there with talking about politics, or answering the question "how was work today?"

It's to the point that I'm thinking that "work" question is a shit test aimed at seeing how fast you redirect the conversation to sex or anything fun that isn't sex (ideas?)

1 upvotesomega_dawg932 years ago

the, "how was your (work) day?" question is from an old, old issue of cosmopolitan magazine... one of those articles about, "the 10 most important things you can do for your man," type lists.

"how was your day?" was like #3 or something so the whole herd participates in asking it... DAILY. UGH.

359 upvotescloudmax402 years ago

Don't bother talking to them about TRP. The last thing they want is real self-awareness.

116 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

The last thing they want is real self-awareness.

Most powerful response in thread.

26 upvotesAncientScrolls2 years ago

-Rule number 2 of the redpill: You do not talk about the Fight Club

The guy op is talking about is the stupidiest guy ever. What does he think he will get by trying to show rdp truths with women? He will definitely not get any pussy and will kill attraction.

Real Chads dont need to tell everyone that they are alpha.

2 upvotesag_blank2 years ago

What does he think he will get by trying to show rdp truths with women? He will definitely not get any pussy and will kill attraction.

and give this place an even worse name. like WTF

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

wait we're not allowed to talk about red pill, or about fight club

2 upvotesAncientScrolls2 years ago

Plot Twist: Red Pill is the Fight Club!

18 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

It's amazing how many people forget that Neo was offered a Blue pill too.

33 upvotesEpicLevelCheater2 years ago

Point awarded, per the request of an EC.

44 upvotesindivisibleremainder2 years ago

People always worried about what if AI becomes self aware. Easy solution - program them with the mind of a woman

115 upvotesex_addict_bro2 years ago

You aren't a programmer obviously. You would know programming is logic based.

9 upvotesAtlasCuckd2 years ago

My morning lolz fulfilled. Thanks for this

5 upvotesfollow_that_rabbit2 years ago

Well said, mate, well said.

1 upvotesInfiniteAscent2 years ago

AI and Machine Learning via NNs is all the rage now. No logic there, just conditioning and training.

1 upvotesex_addict_bro2 years ago

Well to simulate woman you need to constantly and randomly rewire

5 upvoteslLoveLamp2 years ago

Sounds like a reaaaally bad idea

4 upvotesMrMetalFingers2 years ago

Delivery drones all like, "Here's your god-damned PACKAAAGE!!"

0 upvotesIkWhatUDidLastSummer2 years ago

AI? Artificial Intelligence or what is it short for?

3 upvotesmichasv2 years ago

i don't think that this girl even realizes whats going on herself. most people live in a blue pill reality, a woman is a blue pill too because they just doing them without realizing all of what we know. maybe you can share some wisdom without mentioning TRP in a mix of a conversation about relations. my point is that they don't think about this self-awareness thing because they are not aware themselves so be careful not to judge because this leads to woman hatred.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You are right, they won't realize it themselves. But they will no longer feel attracted to you, because subconsciously you are looking beta in their eyes.

And it's not woman hatred, it's the truth of how things work.

1 upvotesbailey25u2 years ago

It's like showing a rabbit your hunting how you're going to hunt it...

128 upvotesYourDreamsWillTell2 years ago

Lmfao this title is the greatest thing I've ever read.

13 upvotesToolman8902 years ago

it's obviously a fake story

29 upvotestsargorgi2 years ago

This whole post is hilarious

14 upvotesHtowngetdown2 years ago

"Harmless virgins in fedoras, m'lady"

123 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Anyone who mentions The Red Pill in public, let alone with a woman, let alone talks about Reddit all the time in public - is a sure fire autist

9 upvotesgodmlj2 years ago

Or really good at counter signalling..

4 upvotesWhySoRuff2 years ago

This counter signalling thing has been stretched past its breaking point. Last week a kid was telling me "that (certain) rapper is sooo gangsta he can dress in skirts and women's blouses, he is counter signalling."

Uhh... no. He is simply furthering "THE narrative" and getting paid handsomely for it.

1 upvotesgodmlj2 years ago

I don't think you understand the concept of counter signalling.

1 upvotesWhySoRuff2 years ago

It is pretending to be "something else" by "counter signalling" is it not?

The OP's position was that since he was an alpha gangsta rapper he could wear dresses - pretending to be a fruitcake when he's all man.

13 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Well, the rest of Reddit isn't wrong, this sub is full of misogynistic neckbeards. The mods and endorsed contributors do a good job smacking them down but I'd guess a strong majority of "Redpillers" are pretty damn far from the alphas they claim to be.

7 upvotesag_blank2 years ago

Well, the rest of Reddit isn't wrong

I just got banned from menslib for saying that men are something, women are something else, differences created by evolution and culture

"This sort of gender-essentialist and nonconstructive thing isn't welcome here"

On the other hand i deserve it for going to that sub in the first place

228 upvotesbanica242 years ago

You met with a 7.5-8? Are you sure she wasn't a 7.25-8.16?

55 upvotesTheJCR2 years ago

Lmfao or maybe she was a 7.237483 - 8.19474839

40 upvotesAfterC2 years ago

Bet her name was Jenny. 8675309

29 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Haha you made the same joke! Haha funny.

117 upvotesWhorehouseVet2 years ago

Rule 1 and 2, don't talk about fight club.

58 upvotesBluepillProfessor2 years ago

Acta Non Verba is not just a good idea.

23 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

"Actions Not Words"

for those about to google this

19 upvotesMrMetalFingers2 years ago

Don't be condescending. (That's when you talk down to people.)

1 upvotesdvrzero2 years ago

I believe you meant patronizing.

12 upvotesZech4riah2 years ago

Excellent, this needs to be said more often.

Sometimes I notice myself having an urge to "educate" women how things really work when they start talking about their disney fantasies and I may have slipped a couple of times and each of these occations I have blown up my chances to get laid.

Listen to OP.

23 upvotesWholeFoodsMale2 years ago

I think it's best for unplugging betas to find humor within their disillusionment. It takes time and suffering to disabuse oneself of their ego investments that are worthless in a red pill paradigm but once you're able to let it go, you can return to that almost childlike jerk boy energy you once knew before your blue pill conditioning

7 upvotescherryCanSuckMyDick2 years ago

Actually I have noticed that feeling at times. Very odd feeling something I havent experienced in a long long time

45 upvotesChampOfTheFuture2 years ago

I hope you're reading this, whoever you are.

I was just trying to make her realize the folly of her ways :(

26 upvotesawalt_cupcake2 years ago

that's like trying to teach a fish how to walk on land.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Can't blame you though. You are just in the Bargaining phase of the Elizabeth Kubler-Ross model of grief. You will accept it soon enough, and finally be able to move one.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I did the same thing with my ex when I first learned about redpill. I was like "holy shit a lot of this stuff makes sense! Why don't more people know about these things?" All I accomplished was making her depressed.

People don't want to know that they potentially ruined their lives because they already blasted through 30 cocks and can't value men anymore, it turns out.

3 upvotessigma2722 years ago

30 cocks

She's basically a virgin then

1 upvotesImHerWonderland2 years ago

Oh shit, are you the guy that OP was talking about.

3 upvotesag_blank2 years ago

you guys don't see the sarcasm?

1 upvotesImHerWonderland2 years ago

I genuinely thought it was the guy, just because it would be funny. Ahh well.

1 upvotesgaki1232 years ago

you are dumb as fuck then lmao

1 upvotesImHerWonderland2 years ago

Studying all night makes me pretty dumb yeah, I'm not that smart when I'm low on sleep.

16 upvotesHector_Castillo2 years ago

Interesting. Has anyone talked to women about these theories and had it go well? Mind you, I didn't think about this as "red pill" theory, since I've talked to women about all this for years and have only recently found TRP in the formal, "Hey, I know what this community is" sense.

I've talked to women about them being crazy, paradoxical, wanting strong, masculine, fucking fuckboys (i.e, Chads), needing/wanting leaders, running circles around Betas, etc. Shit, I even occasionally coach some girls I used to date and they confirm everything that we know without a hint of obfuscation.

Is this because I've given them dick or in the cases where I haven't but they still reveal the truth, is it because they see me as an ally?

Still haven't figured this one out.

I usually notice some gains in attraction and dick-hunger from chicks I talk openly with about sexual dynamics. However, I am aware that in terms of Machiavellian tactics, it shows too much awareness on my part, but what I can't get over is that they don't hide their awareness, either (most of the time. Some try to play dumb).

9 upvotesFancy_Bits2 years ago

I’m a woman, which I know in the sidebar women aren’t supposed to self-identify, but I’m hoping it will be ok in the context of this post. I lurked here for many years to “watch all the sexist perverts” and ended up ‘converting’ to TRP. I have brought up TRP to some of my partners, and I use TRP to try and be a better partner. When I was single and looking for a LTR I would bring up some TRP concepts to test out prospective partners.

My boyfriend isn’t an active Red Piller but in practice he is one. After I knew him for a few months I talked with him about TRP and he acknowledged the concepts but had this patient, semi-patronizing look on his face. I eventually stopped and asked him why he wasn't saying anything, and he said this wasn't anything new but he found my explanations cute so let me "teach" him.

For instance, he does amused mastery with an ease that is both somewhat scary and also "tingles"-galore. Whether my shit tests are deliberate or not they all end up the same - pointless and with me feeling stupid. Trying to get my way with him once he has made up his mind is like trying to win a strong-man competition, as is trying to pout/sulk or bribe him into getting my way - I get bemusement at best, ignored at worst. He weathers my storms and is so supportive, but he doesn't tolerate any disrespect.

Prior to my boyfriend though, when I went on dates and got to know guys, I would bring up TRP concepts and ask their opinion. I wouldn't label them TRP or phrase them in any sort of confrontational fashion. I would offer up a TRP truth - like "women seek validation all the time" or I'd teasingly say "like all women I do love regular shit tests!" and see how it goes. I would display acceptence of the TRP truth and see where it goes. From there you got some clues as to misogyny, white knights, old-fashioned, TRPers, etc. And since I took the conversation there I had lots of leeway to laugh things off if it got weird, joke about it and say I was teasing, or go deeper with it.

I have brought up TRP with several partners - only two of whom were previously familiar with it. One (my ex-husband) hates it and feels about it like most of Reddit. The other is a TRPer, but still pretty early in his journey...which is no small reason about why we didn't work out. Others were a mixed bag.

17 upvotesTehJimmyy2 years ago

Think as you like , behave like others.

-1 upvotesIkWhatUDidLastSummer2 years ago

Why is this upvoted. Dont be a sheep. Just dont talk RP to a BP. Nothing good comes out of it.

2 upvotesiiaGrer2 years ago

This is a reference to one of the 48 laws of power. Read deeper.

1 upvotesCuck-Master-Flex2 years ago

To be fair you and others are reading the same shit, trying to learn things. you are trying to emulate what hundreds of other people are doing.

2 upvotesIkWhatUDidLastSummer2 years ago

Have you not understood anything? RP is more about using common sense, being rational, standing up for yourself, improving then its about conforming to something specific. BP is just doing something because its comfortable and because its validated by the 90%.

Where were you expecting? That we would all be special snowflakes all with a different perception of reality?

56 upvotesSamuraiPizzaCatz2 years ago

It's been a long day for Chad. He's woken up hungover after having a wild orgy with 4 Stacies. They've just left his house and Chad's still sitting in his underwear, thinking about which girl he's going to call over next. Although, due to his superior genetics, his hangover lasts for about 5 mins max before he's at his full physical and mental potential.

He then hears a knock on his door. He gracefully makes his way across the room, being carried by his monster, non-gymcelled quads, as his mandible remains parallel to the floor beneath him, supported by his 90 degree gonial angle.

He opens the door to find the manlet landlord staring at him with his incel bug eyes. The landlord breaks out into an instant sweat due to the severe mog he just suffered. He starts stuttering, telling Chad that he has 10 mins to leave the house, before retreating into his cave to shitpost on misc. Chad doesn't give a fuck because of his zero inhibition.

He gets dressed and goes outside. He's feeling hungry and wants to eat some McDonalds along a load of other high calorie, sugary shit. He knows he consumes what he likes, and remains shredded all year round. Because after all, he grew up on a farm drinking raw milk, making him robust and setting him up for life.

It's been 5 minutes and he's already been approached by several HQNP women while mogging every male in the vicinity. One incel attempted to take his picture to post online but Chad sensed this and shot him a piercing gaze, causing him to norwood on the spot.

17 upvotescashmoney_x2 years ago

You forgot the part where he gets a blumpkin while smoking a cigar.

3 upvotesJackGetsIt2 years ago


I have not seen or heard that word for a long time. Blumpkin, we meet again.

1 upvotespm_me_the_best_tits2 years ago

google: upper double decker blumpkin

1 upvotesjackandjill222 years ago

Lel, this post is a humble-brag but it makes a decent point for people who spend to much time not being actionable.

10 upvotesKellywasmyfirst2 years ago

I don't know what I just read or what's the point of it, but it made me chuckle

9 upvotesURnotRP2 years ago

Less than 5 posts in this guy's posting history. Not one of them of what he looks like. God these field reports and this sub, and Red Pill look like such a joke but the mods refuse to do anything about them.

Standard policy should be if you're going to brag about how you're banging HB8s in their sharpie holders should be to post a pic of you from the waist up with a sign saying your reddit username and time and date. Otherwise this is just more BS incel fantasy being posted.

8 upvotesBestSC862 years ago


The devil is in the details....he reveals later that she is some geeky girl who spends loads of time on reddit but is a HB9. <rolls eyes>

And also that he supposedly fucked her in the ass on the 2nd date......another BS incel fantasy where he talked to a girl at bar, she mentioned that some other dude talked about TRP and knowing that it didn't have that punch to it if he just said that he talked to this geeky girl so invent the part about that he "fucked" her in the ass while the other dude didn't....ie, he is soooooo much better and smartier than the other dude.

22 upvotesDailyManliness2 years ago

Some good points here about practicing TRP instead of discussing it but I think we all know the #1 rule about TRP is to not discuss TRP, with anyone, male or female. The whole thing about virgins in fedoras though sounds made up as fuck. You literally used a TRP common phrase to denounce TRP? In general this sounds like a bullshit story but hey the point is good even if it's a fictional tale. You gotta get offline and put this shit to use

4 upvotesCQC32 years ago

You're wrong.

The neckbeard/fedora jokes were in before the inception of this sub, so it doesn't really pin anything on him. In fact they had nothing to do with PUA or manosphere content. Fedoras and neckbeards became associated due to an unmistakable trend of neckbeards having no fashion sense then just throwing a fedora on thinking they've suddenly become cool. The neckbeard term and idea dates back to around 2005 or so and gained popularity from thereon.

The identity of the neckbeard then became more fleshed out as forever alone/perma virgin etc. The latest development to this caricature of self loathing--I say self loathing because the reason why this character has become so popular in the public consciousness is because to some extent it is young western society looking at itself. Look at the common insults people use recently, they call people autistic and cringey. It's obvious that these insults have gained traction because many people feel themselves to be awkward and socially inept, and what better way to pretend you aren't by calling someone else that?

2 upvotestr0n_cat [OP]2 years ago

She's an internet savvy "geek girl" who liked the joke. I'm paraphrasing here anyways. Thanks for the compliment.

14 upvotesPatriarchysaurus2 years ago

You played right into her frame by defaming TRP instead of feigning total ignorance-- casting us (and yourself) as the stereotypical PUA dork. Having no internal consistency, you were fine pretending to share her beliefs with the end goal being getting some geeky girl action. Nice one my dude.

17 upvotesSiulaGrande2 years ago

TRP is amoral. he made a fine move. i cant tell if youre actually supportive or moralizing here, but it really shouldnt be the latter.

5 upvotesPatriarchysaurus2 years ago

Moralising would be pointless, you're right. I mentioned internal consistency because that joke did nothing to convince her he isn't some beta bob who'd tell any lies and use whatever internet guides he could find just to get in her pants, just like the joke implies.

5 upvotesgodmlj2 years ago

admitting that he's A) familiar enough with TRP to know the negative memetic insults typically associated with it,

It shows he's familiar with how outsiders see TRP, not with TRP itself, which shows that he's not a self awareness lacking TRPer.

he failed to flip the script and conformed to what he thinks she wants to hear.

If the script ends with him fucking her in the ass and not taking her seriously, he's trolling her and winning. Getting fixated on "flipping the script" shows too much care about her frame in the first place given that it doesn't even need to be taken seriously, let alone flipped.

instead of asking a woman what she really thinks of "dominant men" and getting laid the same night.


1 upvotesPatriarchysaurus2 years ago

I must have missed the assfucking part, but there IS more than one way to skin a cat. If it worked for one man, it worked for him. Even I can't criticise that.

10 upvotesdickinlipss2 years ago

He fucked her in the ass, what the fuck do you want lol

3 upvotesHellsteelz2 years ago

Read the 48 rules dude, OP did the right thing. Figure out why.

5 upvotesPatriarchysaurus2 years ago

I'm familiar with "Think as you like, but behave like others", thank you. I just find the neckbeard fedora jokes peculiarly tired & self-deprecating in this instance, like he admitted to knowing a little too much about TRP and had to pretend to be the opposition to regain female approval or something.

1 upvotesHellsteelz2 years ago

I'm ready to agree on taking it too far with the joke, but it was probably because he wanted to add humor to it to increase his chances. After all, the girl is familiar with the meme.

All i wanted to point out was the usage of the rule. You need to be coy and pretend like the rest in order to get under the radar. Especially when it comes to TRP.

1 upvotesPatriarchysaurus2 years ago

Coyness is a woman's sexual tactic. Being aloof or tactful is not the same thing.

Would you even believe me if I told you that by applying the real core tenets of TRP you could potentially admit you sub here to a woman and see it work in your favour?

1 upvotesdangercat4152 years ago

How do you know he didn't have his dick in her ass the night before.

The are AWALT after all.

20 upvotesBestSC862 years ago

He doesn't.....

The usually most TRP badasses still can't let go of their ego enough to not think that they were some special unicorn who "got it" unlike the other 20 dudes she fucked this past week.

Look this one is so oblivious that he missed the fact that a girl who will ass fuck after two dates isn't saying no to any other dudes and likely fucked the TRP other dude along 3 more guys in between his two visits.

But she was a HB8......<rolls eyes>

-1 upvoteslafingman02 years ago

this. go get checked for all the std/sti's you now have. prepare for an assault alligation or worse.

1 upvotesTwizdom2 years ago

There are risks to the game we play. This is one of them. I'm more worried about more deadly, more preventable diseases.

5 upvotesStoicBeard2 years ago

Holy fuck that's LAW38 at it's finest.

5 upvotescasemodsalt2 years ago

Never tell a woman what she's doing wrong.

Just take note. Observe.

13 upvotesBlakTheory2 years ago

Alpha's don't talk about TRP to girls, only Beta's do.

1 upvotesCQC32 years ago

LOL. You'd be surprised what alphas and betas do. Sometimes they're even the same person.

6 upvotesex_addict_bro2 years ago


By the mere fact of posting this post here...

Aren't you actually trying to red-knight that guy?


3 upvotesRhynovirus2 years ago

And for FUCK'S SAKE, don't cry like a bitch to women you're orbiting and try to educate them to RP truths.

Betas try to logic women into loving them because they can't love themselves.

Love yourself first and she will love you. And even if she doesn't it wont matter.

3 upvotesDeadlift_Domination2 years ago

The Red Pill, huh? Is that from The Matrix? Cool movie, loved the first one ;)

3 upvotesSouthernFit2 years ago

Im about the beat the dead horse with this one,,, but what a fucking idiot.

3 upvotesACE-JHN2 years ago

Two of my acquaintances found out about this subreddit and asked me if I knew about it.

I replied with "like the matrix?"

then they laughed and said

"kinda" "we just thought we'd ask because the way you carry yourself is similar to what we read on there"

I was happy inside and I genuinely wished the guys good luck on their journey - in my mind.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Congratulations, you fucked a woman who is a butt-slut (yeah, I coined that).

Against all the odds, you managed to fuck a woman in the ass on the second date.

She sounds difficult. Can't imagine how much game it took for you to get your dick into her.

Let me guess, she was 18?

If you say, "over 30", just stop bragging. They never play hard to get at that age.

4 upvotesVaginalFury2 years ago

Would be funny if the girl checks out TRP and reads this post.

8 upvotesCleverLime2 years ago

Or the other guy tells her about this post to "teach" her a lesson.

4 upvotesBarryMikokinner2 years ago

lmao who the hell tells women about TRP?

fucking dumbasses.

7 upvotesiliketreeslikereally2 years ago

So you have to pretend you're someone else and tell the girl you agree with her inane opinions in order to get laid?

Very masculine.

2 upvotesBestSC862 years ago

Thankfully most of the chicks I fuck have no freaking idea what Red Pill is nor do they care.

In fact, hardly any have ever heard of reddit....being as it most pasty white geeky girls, SJWs or damaged sluts on the porno subs.

I can think of a million other things to do with girls than talk about the shitty things on reddit.

2 upvoteshodltaco2 years ago

First rule of Red Pill around women is to not talk about Red Pill.

Red Pill? I literally have no idea what you're talking about. How was your day?

2 upvotesuwey2 years ago

Most people get it wrong, simply because of fear.

But when you get out of the comfort zone voila! vagina.

After gym shower thought about friends that fall off and never recover because of their fear.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago


thanks I needed the laugh

2 upvotesMrAnderzon2 years ago

First rule of TRP you don't talk about TRP. Second rule of TRP you don't talk about TRP.

2 upvotesWissenschaft852 years ago

And this is the reason the first (and second) rule of fight club is don't talk about fight club. lol

Explanation sounds like whining to women. Girls want a guy who just "gets it".

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

When women do find out about TRP they tend to looooove the indignation.

Still, dont tell em. Just fuck them

2 upvotesExpectations12 years ago

I think the best epiphany i had was when a girl said "you cant plan things like that" when i was talking to her about dating in general.

Their concept of all the logistics, planning, forethought, preparation that goes into dates to be able to generate "attraction" is that theyre not even AWARE of it, all they know is that theres no attraction when you dont lead, kino, escalate, plan logistics.

Good lesson in, demonstrate do not explicate. You just have to be a guy who "gets it".

2 upvotesPatriarchysaurus2 years ago

You don't have to know how to build a carousel in order to ride one. And if you get on for free, why learn?

2 upvotesstarryey3d2 years ago


2 upvotesmandafukup2 years ago

this guy she talks about.. he's going through a phase..he accepts the red pill.. i used to do this as well..not explicitly saying "red pill" but talking about how life is, how women act, their intentions their logic... you quickly find that it backfires. i think everyone go through this phase..its hard to accept this reality when you convert so u look for validation in the real world.

2 upvotesAlexinfinite012 years ago

Women want to play the game they don't want the rules explained to them. Good job dude

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

This should be sticked for a while to guarantee the dude sees it.

Assuming his fedora isn't pulled too low over his face ofc.

2 upvotesplaudite_cives2 years ago

after the sex tell her "your friend was right, you've been just red pilled" and wait for hilarity to ensue

6 upvotesMacheako2 years ago

So....you betray your "fellow mates" on TRP. Fill this woman with more bs about the movement which has helped you grow. Then you come on here and brag how youre out there slayin puss and insulting TRP, going along with MORE women lies....and im supposed to be motivated to be like you?

Cause youre a traitor and have zero loyalty to your fellow men? You keep perpetuating the problem of men lying to women? Its ALL about wet dick?

This is supposed to call men to follow your ways? Mate, youre a fucking back stabbing snake who would sell out his own beliefs for pussy.....youre as beta as they fucking cum.

1 upvotesmeaningintragedy2 years ago

I somewhat agree with you but TRP is amoral so stop qqing.

1 upvotesMacheako2 years ago

If it's amoral, then....I can qq all the fuck I want. Was I supposed to give a shit about your rando opinion? My bad.

1 upvotesPatriarchysaurus2 years ago

Shut the fuck up and listen up, cuz I'm real tired of this excuse:

Yes, TRP has no goddamn code of ethics-- but that doesn't mean that YOU should throw your personal ideas of morality and ethics to the wind, for Christ's sake.

Having no code to live by makes you a fucking worm, not an alpha.

0 upvotesmeaningintragedy2 years ago

Lol, you just pulled that shit out of your ass. I didn't said that, in fact I said the opposite (that I agree with him).

1 upvotesPatriarchysaurus2 years ago

TRP doesn't prescribe you a code of ethics, it suggests you create your own. But idiots like you keep parroting "TRP's Amoral! It's amoral!" like it means fuck all.

0 upvotesmeaningintragedy2 years ago

TRP doesn't prescribe you a code of ethics, it suggests you create your own

Which is the definition of amoral.

1 upvotesPatriarchysaurus2 years ago

Semantic arguments bore me: He was using a hackneyed trope to badmouth this community because he was too afraid of being honest about the source of his new RP knowledge. Afraid he'll lose his shot at fucking some lesser pussy/asshole, he jokes about being a "super PUA", hoping the "agree & amplify" he learned in his secret training class will distance him from "those other losers, using the internet to talk about "getting women."

1 upvotescorbinbluesacreblue2 years ago

Seems like bs but it could just be all the other bs frs that got me suspicious

16 upvotesAussiePhil822 years ago

lol, 99% of the stuff people post on here is bullshit. Seriously, half the shit on here is just guys bragging about how awesome they are and most of it is probably made up 5 minutes before.

6 upvotesahoooley2 years ago

I don't think anyone here cares about your anal play man

11 upvotesRAForbes2 years ago

I thought it added to the story.

2 upvotesTheSlicemanCometh2 years ago

Goddammit these fucking threads more and more...

You just contributed absolutely nothing.

No I dont respect you more because you are an anal predator. No your e-penis is not bigger because your N-count is so low that you have to tell the world about it everytime you bang a slut. No you should not keep posting because you bring jack shit to this sub.

This type of humble-brag shitpost is not why people keep coming to this sub. This bullshit needs to be called out.

3 upvotesArhamzubair2 years ago

Lmfao, fantastic fucking post. Action trumps theory

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

On the bright side you as a capable RPiller sticked your mouth were hundreds of dicks cummed several times...Such an incredible achievement...I guess your a typical 20 yrs old dude who just lost his verginity and has to show off to everyone, shouting im better then others, i fucked that guy girl...thats childish and pretty pathetic...

2 upvotesbi_winner2 years ago

It smells like many other posts here lately, but still, if any of you talk about the RP to anyone, including males, you are the dumbest thing on earth.

2 upvotesTorabor642 years ago

What's wrong with trying to unplug some males? Plenty of my friends are as beta as I was and most want to improve themselves but don't know how.

-1 upvotesbi_winner2 years ago

They will think you are a poser an imitator, getting your ideas from some anonymous friends online, which is extremely cringy itself.

They should discover this themselves. The only reason talking about RP to other males is promoted here is that the managers of this manosphere has a vested interest in this. They earn more as the community grows. Do not promote this community in your private life. There is no gain for you to do that.

1 upvotesTorabor642 years ago

I want to help them though.

1 upvotesBusterVadge2 years ago

Nice application of Law 38.

1 upvotesPinHunter652 years ago

Great, good for you. I hope your life is wonderful.

1 upvotesMike662192 years ago

Are there really people here who still don't understand the rules of Fight Club? It's only mentioned in one post or another at least weekly. smh

1 upvotesObjectiveBuffoon2 years ago

Even without TRP terminology it's best kept to men, with it best kept to yourself.

1 upvotesNakedAndBehindYou2 years ago

Lovely point, but this reads like fan fiction.

1 upvotesag_blank2 years ago

never fucking talk to women about RP. they know it too well and they are ashamed of it.

1 upvotesNOBAMAnoproblems2 years ago

For sure, At a certain point you just have to act! You can stand on the edge all day, but you will always be a virgin until you put it in her but.

1 upvotesRollo_Mayhem32 years ago

talking to girls about RPT is only motivated by your need to demonstrate your superiority over other men, but if you were truly superior, you'd be hitting her butthole idiot. get it, talk is cheap. STOP TALKING AND GETTING DOING... and oh btw, girls are not rationale, they'll see right through your talk, aka weakness. talk=weakness

1 upvotesIkWhatUDidLastSummer2 years ago

By sharing Red Pill thoughts to a Blue Pill is like sharing conservative thoughts to a SJW. Nothing good comes out of it. And youre trying to pick her up, arent you? Failure.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

This went over literally everyone's head. This is a troll post, and collectively as a cult you warped it into something positive for your sub. This is really, really pathetic.

1 upvotesrussbussdp2 years ago

First rule of Red Pill: don't talk about Red Pill. Second rule of Red Pill: don't talk about Red Pill.

1 upvotesthewailerr2 years ago

wait whats the moral of the story

1 upvotestr0n_cat [OP]2 years ago
  • don't talk about fight club
  • don't talk about fight club
  • fuck bitches in the butt
3 upvotesGOATmar2 years ago

Bronze Age Pervert is walking TRP thot com and they love it

1 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

Why would you try to red pill a woman on male sexual strategy? The only thing I ever do is make it absolutely clear to a woman I'm dating, that her worth to me is tied to her sexuality (good behavior, low N-count). If she cheats she's gone. I also make it a point to enforce my traditionalist views but I use it as a tease. Saying women should cook etc.

This usually slowly escalates in sex talk about how they want to wait half naked at home while I work hard just to fuck the shit out of them when I return. It's funny how opposed women are to traditional male/female roles until you bring sex in to the mix. The moment their little brain takes over they are more than willing to make themselves pretty and wait for you like a fuckdoll.

Honestly I don't even try to RP women on political and historical RP's except for a couple fun facts that make them feel more 'special'. Using RP shit as seduction techniques is great, but not as persuasion. Honestly OP, the TRP lurker you described sounds like a sperg. It's not about the content of what you are saying it's about the implication. Even if he had phrased the "women want bad boys first nice guys last" RP truth in a teasing/challenging manner she probably would have opened up sexually if she was attracted "oh so which are you anon?" - Bam you're fucking.

Women don't even care what you talk about so long as you do it in a charming, confident and exciting manner. Even Neil Degrasse Tyson gets the hearts of women souring when he talks about space and shit. And this guy is a fucking black super nerd. But he talks with such an excitement and linguistic way of story telling that women get swept up.

That's really all they want to be. To be swept up and to feel special. Simple creatures.

1 upvotesTransist0r4202 years ago

Funny thing is, I was telling one of my plates about trp. I realized I fucked up right when I mentioned it. I luckily changed subjects and she forgot I even mentioned it. But yeah, current feminst society we live in with chastise anyone who mentions it.

1 upvotesDrifter56172 years ago

So you scored a slut and deduced a life lesson out of it? Jesus.

-4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

bunch of harmless virgins in fedoras.

We're not?

Seriously, the posts that seem to trigger the bitches the worst are the ones about "be the life of the party, talk to everybody, listen actively" etc. I think they are threatened most by them, but I could be wrong.

2 upvotesDarkitz2 years ago

Well maybe you're not, i certainly am.

1 upvotesDookiestain_LaFlair2 years ago

Did you eat her ass too? Also if she farts when you are chowing down on her turdcutter, you gotta do one of those slurping sounds like Dr. Hannibal Lecter and say something like "You had bacon and eggs for breakfast"

23 upvotesStarfuckingman2 years ago

Maybe this guy is the one OP talking about.

1 upvotesDookiestain_LaFlair2 years ago

Eating ass is the most red pill thing you can do

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

It's the best thing you can do.

1 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

I'm guessing it's buttslam with another sock puppet.

0 upvotesdabigmon2 years ago

For fucks sake. Don't meet women online?

-12 upvotesCarnivOre932 years ago

Brother if your small enough to slide in her asshole like nothing I do NOT envy you.

30 upvotesGanaria_Gente2 years ago

Found the guy OP was referring to.

23 upvotestr0n_cat [OP]2 years ago

the fuck are you talking about?

-12 upvotesMisterRoid2 years ago

Did you fuck her ass bareback? Did you finish in there? More details please.

13 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You do realize he's talking about your girlfriend, right?

6 upvotesFedor_Gavnyukov2 years ago

that's why he wants to know the deets. cuck

1 upvotesMisterRoid2 years ago

You got it all wrong. The OP is my boyfriend.

4 upvotesFreeRadical52 years ago

More importantly did your dick hole suck up some shit from her asshole?

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