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Thank you, for absolutely everything.

by mrthrowaway413 on /r/TheRedPill
13 December 2015 05:03 PM UTC

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Summary: I am 17 years old, and I learned from you guys over the past 2 years. My life is very well together now and beginning to grow. Grew from a little kid, into something closer to a man, not quite there yet, but I'll make it. This is my thank you to everyone that helped

I received a letter in the mail yesterday. An acceptance letter to one of my Colleges of choice. Inside the letter, it states that I have received a $88,500 scholarship, along with room and dorm being paid for. I have a single mom, and I have no father. We had no way to pay for college, and didn't know what was going to happen. I only have to pay $1,500 a year now.

About 2 years ago I saw the red pill and absolutely thought you guys were some crazy fucking weirdos. Forgive me, I was a 15 year old kid. High School is stupid, we're all dumbass idiots that think we know everything and life is easy. I was skinny (125 lbs, 5'11), I was awkward, and I was not really motivated for any change.

After getting through a very stupid high school "relationship" (If that is what you even want to call it). I read up on the TRP, ranted awfully. Eventually I decided to attempt to "swallow" the pill. I joined a gym, I started studying more and trying in school, I started going out more, and I stopped playing so many damn video games. Believe me, I still enjoy video games, they just aren't my life anymore.

Through trial and error, I learned how to properly conduct myself, and how to just not give a shit about what anyone thinks of me but me. Lost my virginity a couple of months ago, and I realized something. If I lost my virginity 2 years ago, I would have gone to school and told absolutely everyone like a little kid who got a present from Santa. However, I didn't get that feeling. I was happy it happened, I had a good time with the girl, and I let it be. Maybe this is my little attempt at bragging about it, but I thought I'd mention that change in mindset. This led to her being my first plate, and I still have her as a plate, along with another I just met. I always thought of plates as fucked up things that you guys did, like how could you dare treat a girl like an object. However, I realized it doesn't mean you treat her like shit. It means you guys have a mutual agreement, and have a good time. Anyone breaks that, and its off, no harm done.

I'm now 157lbs, 5'11, going off to college, with a mom that's proud of me and with friends I enjoy. I'm really enjoying my life and I am well aware I'm not even close to what I can be. I'm not quite a man yet, but I am damn well closer than what I was 2 years ago. I never had a good father to teach me these things, but The Red Pill taught me what my deadbeat dad could not. It changed my life and that is purely all because of you guys. I cannot thank you enough but I wanted to let you guys know how much it means to me. I am content with where my life is going and I can't wait to see where it leads me next. That came off as cliché, but its true, so fuck it.

Lessons learned:

  • Doing something about whats wrong with your life is hard, but if you don't man up and do it, nothing will get done
  • Put enough effort into something and you will see results

  • Take all advice with a grain of salt. Put them into perspective, and wrap your own philosophy around it

  • If you're in your teens and believe you're the Chad, you're wrong. You're not even close to being the full version of you yet.

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292 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

You're the fuckin man, dude. I can tell just by the way you write that you've got this shit and you're gonna go far. Always glad to hear stories like this; you're doing better than a lot of 25 year olds I know. Keep it up!

35 upvotesmrthrowaway413 [OP]4 years ago

Thanks man I appreciate it!

36 upvotesManuel_S4 years ago

I hope to see the next story you write, and in that story, I'd like to see:

  • How you identified and made strong contact and bonding with the guys who'll be the winners, whose career will go forward and will be your contact, job and friendship network in decades ahead.

  • How you crushed it in the maths, becoming very proficient at programing your spreadsheets and understanding the real math behind it, with some extra programming behind it (enough for some routines and simulations). This'll set you apart from your peers.

  • How you crushed on the social life and added to your curriculum. This may include finding a goddamn political party and taking advantage of it for contacts and activity; certainly a frat; and any other associations that seem useful to you, I don't care if its the damned rotarians (is that still a thing there?)

  • How you started to be on the top 10% in style and fit dress-wise (doesn't mean tuxes. Means appropriate), AND got a well-fitted suit and shoes and learned to use it occasionally; and how in your first interviews and job fairs you looked like a professional. Note: fit is the single thing that matters the most. That means YOU and the CLOTHES.

  • How you never drunk enough to totally lose control, but learned to let loose and enjoy with your mates. How when people think of someone they bring along to a party, or fun, your name comes up for being fun, an asset and drama-free.

  • And other highlights. Find success and popularity and sex will find you.

8 upvotesmrthrowaway413 [OP]4 years ago


Sadly, school I'm going to is a Catholic University. Fraternities don't exist there :( but I'll find something damn close haha.

I will definitely send an update in the future! Thanks for the kind words

40 upvotesManuel_S4 years ago

You are far along the correct path. I expect great success from you.

If you'll forgive some cynicism from an older man, which in no way desires to diminish your enthusiasm or innocence, allow me the following notes:

  • The entire social game is where its at. In the corporate and entrepreneurial world, you are your contacts. Competence is good, and excellent to have, but really secondary. In any company, the socially savvy fellow will rise above the others. If he's less competent, he'll be pushed to leadership where his ability to deal with the issues is not needed - he's there to make others work and collect his fat bonuses.

Money is in other people, not things. Extracting money from people is the only real skill you need. You only need a tongue and a wit for that.

  • Be the guy that knows everybody. KEEP ALL CONTACTS AND NAMES. Contact them. Send birthday messages, an occasional "how do you do", "you can now find me at ++++", "Am on a new field, if I can help you with xxx call me!". Do this systematically, and create in others the habit of expecting that from you. The guy you've messaged the last 15 years, sent a birthday greeting to, wished merry christmas, sent an sms saying "Met John in NY, he sends the best" and so on will not think it odd at all if you contact him about some opportunity or professional request. And you want to talk to him, because he's now the CFO of a good company. If you haven't given him the time of day, he'll smell a rat when you do contact him asking for something.

Note: please read this paragraph again. I really mean it.

  • Keep your fat mouth shut. Listen. Be the guy that does not judge, the guy who keeps a secret, the guy that has a good word, the guy that never talks shit about others. Don't let drama stain you. When you must criticize do it constructively.

  • Your job right now, as much as study, is to lay the groundwork for this sort of network.

  • Go read about powertalk. I mean it.

  • Read about how to sell. Then practice. Sell vacuum cleaners if you must. Do some hours bartending.

  • Don't be afraid to put people in contact for business - and ask your cut. Somebody wants to buy a house? One of your friends has one to sell. And you, can get a little fee on the side. Even if no fee - be the guy that promotes business. Some of it will find you.

10 upvotesShounenEgo4 years ago

Your whole post is a huge understatement of the importance social aptitude has.

Anecdote time: Last year I went to a hospital to have my throat checked. I was unemployed for years and we started talking with the doctor about that. He suddenly throws at me the following: "If only university taught us about the importance of networking neither of us would be here now".

2nd anecdote: You know all these guys who hang around a certain "let's get motivated" sub and almost half of them have a story to share about someone who worked twice as hard as <insert well-known person here>? There's a big chance that the person who worked twice as hard focus towards learning a profession didn't do the same with networking.

I have a bone to pick with the people who will claim "well hard work doesn't always get you very far, you need luck too", not because it's false but because it's vague feedback. You need luck towards what? Towards meeting the right people at the right time, of course. The investor who's willing to put money to your company, the manager/technical director who will want to hire someone like you, the customers who are looking for a product like yours but don't know it exists etc. Everything is about other people. EVERYTHING.

As an added bonus: If someone out there believes that lifting, taking care of your looks and being confident is something that you do for women, think again.

6 upvotesManuel_S4 years ago

I believe I am not making an understatement, rather showing how important it is.

Networking is VERY important. Take this example:

You get two guys. One can't add 2 and 2 together. Say he's got a sort of number dyslexia, but can sell a fridge to a penguin. The other is a super programmer/mathematician who could invent an antigravity engine, but is a social retard.

The 1st guy can open a chick in a department store using his own problem, getting a laugh of it and in a bit he's taking her out for a bang while her coworkers think "what a great guy!" He's riding a porsche from his sales commissions.

The other guy? He can't even get enough attention for people to stop wishing for him to go away and actually understand what could be made of him. His mother will keep him alive in the basement, for a while. And if he meets our salesman, who may get the potential, soon there'll be a big company selling flying convertibles, the salesman is the CEO and the science genius is in some office in the basement being yelled to by a sub-sub-sub manager.

As for social aptitude, it is a trainable skill. Yes, of course some people are born and raised with different looks, a poise, charisma, a sort of base advantage. But I know plenty of salesmen who seem to have nothing in their favour, and yet they're killing it.

This is one of those cases where you can make an effort, fight through initial difficulties, follow it and end up with excellent tangible results.

Not even saying op has it; if he does, he should maximize it, if he doesn't he should acquire and make the most of it.

2 upvotes50pluspiller4 years ago

Wish I had this advice at 17,although I was a natural red pill, had great communication skills and interact with adults appropriately, this is pure gold for all. ♂

2 upvotesRWheels4 years ago

Join a sports team then - I always throw out the suggestion of rowing, and you would make a decent lightweight given your height and weight. Rugby could be a good one too. Male camaraderie is definitely something that can be beneficial to any TRPer's life.

With joining a sports team you also get the added benefit of lifting / exercise regularly and therefore keeping those T levels up. You also get social proof and an existing social circle.

Plus it gives you something productive to do, and something you can learn discipline from as well as take pride in. Rowing in college definitely taught me a lot about myself and how the way the world really is.

2 upvotesmrthrowaway413 [OP]4 years ago

I'm a swimmer, and I enjoy soccer so I'm going to join club soccer. I hope it helps me find a good crowd in college.

1 upvotesRWheels4 years ago

Both are great sports, wish you all the best m8

3 upvotesaskthepoolboy4 years ago

Came to tell you the exact same thing. Keep it up man. We'll be here for you along the way.

3 upvotesBoovs4life4 years ago

I'm 19 and I'm still a virgin. When one is about to get laid do we tell the girl we're virgins or just do it? I looked this question up but i want RP advice bc some of the "advice" was "sit her down and talk about it and see how she feels." Still got a lot to improve on before i even consider women right now but I could use the advice for future reference. Thanks!

23 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Do not tell a woman that you are a virgin. Women are attracted to men who can get other women. She does not want to feel like she's doing you a favor

6 upvotesBoovs4life4 years ago

I figured. I always thought trying to talk to a girl about it will just make her pussy dry up. Thanks

7 upvotesmrthrowaway413 [OP]4 years ago

The scary part about this is that when you do it, she'll respond with kind words saying it's fine. It will truly feel fine.

But you'll realize where your mistake was when she doesn't want to fuck. At that point it's too late.

1 upvotesBoovs4life4 years ago

I agree. I just fear she'll catch on as i am obviously inexperienced when we're about to fuck.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Lol, not a chance if you play the part. I know guy's in their early 20s who've fucked over 30 chicks and still find themselves coming in two seconds and being terrible at everything. If you can make her enjoy sex then that's a huge plus, but it's surprisingly unnecessary.

2 upvotesadam_varg4 years ago

She wont, unless its very experienced girl (not propable at your age bracket), she is gonna be more nervous and selfconscious than you.

Fake it until you make it is never gonna be easier than during your first few sex. Just make sure you studied sex good method book enough and she will have great time..

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

If you are seriously worried about not knowing what to do before the old in out, watch some pornos made for girls.

4 upvotesManuel_S4 years ago

Shut the f up. This is a major skill. Teeth stay together, tongue does not wag.

Play it cool.

In a little bit, it won't be a bluff any longer.

53 upvotescloudstryfe4 years ago

Congrats bro. Never stop growing

76 upvotesProtoPill4 years ago

Congratulations on your scholarship! What an achievement. What are your plans regarding your college studies? A bit of unsolicited advice: make sure to choose a major and a career that are in demand and that you are talented at, and not one that you necessarily love. That trope needs to die with your generation.

25 upvotesmrthrowaway413 [OP]4 years ago

Thanks man!

I'm currently in the process of rethinking that. My initial plan was Economics into Law School. But with the amount of people coming out of Law School and not finding jobs is incredibly high. I think I can do a lot with an Economics degree, considering I enjoy to critical think and Math isn't my worst subject. The Law part I will decide after spending some time thinking about it.

Edit: Actually, I would heavily appreciate any criticism on my decision. I need help on that part.

33 upvotesProtoPill4 years ago

Economics is a great major with a number of diverse pathways into banking, finance, business, and accountancy.

You are correct that the legal field is currently oversaturated with law students. I do not want you to get the impression, however, that the demand for legal services is down, because it is not.

The legal field is actually quite analogous to the sexual marketplace (I have actually been thinking of making a post on this). The legal field has its own 80/20 rule, whereby the top 20% of students are fantastically successful--obtaining multiple offers from high-powered international law firms and government agencies. These students are 24 years old making nearly $200,000. As one of those students in a previous career, I can tell you the power you have, particularly at that age, is immense. The law is a "sink or swim" career, much like the sexual market place, and only the strong survive. If you want a challenge, to go up against the best of the best, then you should think on your decision to become an attorney. Just know that, like the sexual marketplace, the losers lose ... big.

16 upvotesmrthrowaway413 [OP]4 years ago

That makes an incredible amount of sense. So it's a risk vs reward kind of deal. I'll weigh the pros and cons as I go on in college then. I could always decide not to do it, and if I don't then I have plenty of options with Economics. Thanks for the advice.

The Little read you just gave me was really interesting. You should definitely make a post on it, I would love to read it!

Thanks again

18 upvotesProtoPill4 years ago

That is the right approach. I just wanted to make sure you weren't going to major in drama, English, international relations, or some other bogus humanities degree with no practical application. Enjoy your time, make friends, and study hard.

5 upvotesVeqq4 years ago

English and IR are the same as law though, if you go for a masters and go into industry, you can make a huge amount of money. ESL teachers in Saudi start at 100k, requiring a masters in English, if you're good at summarizing stuff and explaining the different ways some event can go, you can make a pretty penny doing regional analysis. The majority won't try, though.

9 upvotesProtoPill4 years ago

The majority won't try, though.

I may have been ambiguous above, my mistake. Succinctly, my key point is that in law school, unlike as you have described English and IR, everyone tries. Trying is not enough. You have to win. The law is a merciless industry that is not for the timid or the unambitious.

2 upvotesblacwidonsfw4 years ago

Lol do you really want to live in fucking Saudi though....

7 upvotesmrthrowaway413 [OP]4 years ago

But more importantly, will you write that post? Haha I am very interested, you write very well.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Surprisingly international relations isn't the crock of shit one would think it to be.

It does have to be paired with 2-3 good languages though.

For instance I know a dude who did IR and also learned Norwegian and Arabic. Dude rakes in the dough basically chaperoning various ballers from Norway and the Middle East for various companies/organizations. A lot of this chaperoning is "showing them the local color" (basically what Pete did on Mad Men.)

1 upvotesbrunomarini134 years ago

Why there is no application in international relations degree? Sorry to ask, but I was thinking about doing this one. Thanks.

2 upvotesProtoPill4 years ago

Not no application; there are applications. If you review any studies on the in-demand degrees, IR (and other humanities) are usually at the bottom. That is not to say that one cannot obtain success through an IR degree, just be cautious when selecting humanities-heavy degrees.

6 upvoteseterate4 years ago


Read these guys, they really know what they are doing career wise. They suggest focusing hard on your career in your 20s. They also point out that any employee income source is going to max out around $250k/yr, and if your really special, $500k/yr. Thus the need to start your own side project businesses that you eventually grow in actual businesses. A million in liquid assets by 30 should be your goal. And part of that is putting your savings into things like brokerage index funds once you've saved up for your emergency fund.

Another piece of advice is to cut your losses early, to pounce on opportunities early and to not catch a case of fuck-around-itis, which wasted 4 years of my 20s. I took too long in my degree, making it 6 years vs. 4 and I stayed too long with a startup that had bad engineering practices (another 2 years) that got big, but didn't have the DNA to make a sustainable business.

So when you go to college, make sure you stay there the minimum amount of time, take it seriously and get those fucking internships.

2 upvotesmrthrowaway413 [OP]4 years ago

I appreciate this. The most important decision I have to make is my major and I am hoping looking at it from different perspectives will help me make the decision that's right for me.

Thank you

2 upvotesrpscrote4 years ago

I have never experienced Econ being a good major for job prospects. In my experience, and thats knowing a number of econ majors, they have all absolutely struggled because there are way too many econ majors and Econ doesn't give you real skills.

For accounting, econ majors get beat out by accounting majors. For finance, econ majors get beat out by Econ/Finance double majors, or even better, Finance/Math double majors. For general business stuff, Marketing w/ Sales Focus or MBAs beat out econ majors.

All my econ major friends have changed careers or go back for MBAs.

7 upvotesdickcomments4 years ago

To follow up:

Economics is an fantastic great degree, especially you don't utilize it in the traditional sense.

For example, one can become an auditor in the big 3 firms and easily move up, if you play the game.

Another option is health informatics. Huge number of econ folks going into that now.

Finally, information security / cyber security. HUGE demand for econ folks, especially with audit background.

All these areas are 100k plus jobs once you have a bit of experience.

2 upvotestekn0_4 years ago

Don't really get why cybersecurity fields would have demand for econ folks. Care to enlighten ?

2 upvotesFurious004 years ago

I'm currently in ICS Cybersecurity - honestly there's just not enough people doing it. There's plenty of ways to train up for it and lots of jobs that don't require you to program PLCs. Definitely an in-demand career for now, but don't see how econ has any specific benefits...

5 upvotesFreyWill4 years ago

I was going to go economics then business but instead stayed in Economics. Great decision, much more depth than being a business degree drone.

Study History as a minor (or just take a lot of classes), specifically modern and financial history. It adds a ton of context to the theory that you learn.

1 upvotesModernEconomist4 years ago

Here is something better! Double major in Econ Math with a minor in Comp Sci

4 upvotesFulp_Piction4 years ago

Just to jump in, I'm a few years on down the line from you. I dropped out of an in-demand college course because I didn't enjoy it. It was tedious and I wasn't as interested as I thought I'd be.

You wouldn't give your time to a HB that you didn't enjoy spending that time with, so why give your time to something you don't enjoy for the sake of 10% more money? Pick something you enjoy doing that also pays prett well, work hard at it and be confident in your ability to master it to the extent that you can make good money from it.

That's my 2c anyway. The end goal in life is true happiness and awesome experiences, not money or women, those things are bonuses. When you're truly happy the women will come anyway. We're all here because at one time or another we were really unhappy in life. Strive to win in all your endeavours, we men are a competitive species after all, but don't put yourself back there for the sake of the instant, shallow gratification of being richer than the guy next to you.

4 upvotesChockrit4 years ago

If your interest is Econ but you want more math in it, I would at least consider Actuarial Science. It's kind of like doing an Applied Math degree, where it's "applied" to economics. Stats, game theory, decision making, maximization, all that goes into Actuarial Science.

3 upvotesSnivellious4 years ago

This is a pretty solid plan.

Economics has three big career forks: law, academia, and business. The first two are saturated right now, but neither is impossible if you do well and set your mind to it.

There are a lot of unemployed lawyers, but very few from top-notch law schools. Just be aware that it's no longer a field where you can go to the 78th best law school, do no internships, and expect a high-powered career. It doesn't sound like you're in danger of that, though. If I were back in school, I would look into law but bail out if I didn't get a promising start.

As for business, economics (with a strong math background) has a lot of potential. You can end up advising a company on the real economy, doing theoretical modeling (EVE Online hires economists to run their game economy), or being a "quant" for a banking firm. Economists, mathematicians, and engineers are all poached by banks to do financial modeling work at huge salaries.

All that is in addition to any management job that you get on the strength of a college degree and critical reasoning skills. If you like that path then look into getting a business, management, or accounting minor, which can really help sell you as a manager.

Econ isn't a "hard" degree like Mechanical Engineering, so there's no well-defined path of getting a job with the same name as your major. On the other hand, it's certainly not Contemporary Literature - it offers good skills and will get you a job if you work at it.

3 upvotesmrthrowaway413 [OP]4 years ago

Thanks for the advice. It helps a lot when making my decision ultimately.

business, management, or accounting minor

Are they any pros and cons to either? Or they fill the same criteria?

2 upvotesSnivellious4 years ago

Glad to help!

Let's see. Business and management are pretty similar - check out what your university offers. They both help establish you as a competent leader for a business. Business is a bit more mechanical (how to book revenue, write up effective contracts, etc), which might be useful. Management is a bit more amorphous, but still worthwhile.

Accounting is substantially different. It has some of the same use as the first two, but it's less about leadership and more about practical uses. It adds a new set of skills that make you valuable on a practical level, rather than just as a leader. You can turn even a minor into an accounting job by taking a formal exam.

1 upvotesEatinglue4 years ago

Many of them overlap, so pick one but gain knowledge from all fields.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I recommend med school. The US needs doctors like Greece needs income, pay is high, you do respected, altruistic work, you develop a scientific mind, which is of tantamount importance to solving your own problems and problems in general, and you have guaranteed employment as soon as you graduate.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I wouldn't want to be a doctor in the near future.

Loads of student debt, years before you can make a dime, and seismic shifts imminent in the industry.

A tech, a nurse, or a pharmacist? Sure.

But a doctor, nah.

Income of the peasants is shrinking and inevitably that is going to affect the moderate high earners. It will never affect the high unearned income folks, but the high earned income individuals are going to be chopped down pretty soon.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

There are ways to avoid debt, like getting a military scholarship, which gives you a stipend in med school, so you can start building wealth, i.e. unearned income before you even practice. And an American medical degree is good anywhere, so if US medicine gets reformed I doubt every country in the world with good pay for physicians will too. Demand for doctors is expected to rocket in the coming years, so I doubt a drastic pay drop is looming, anyways. Bachelor's dependent med workers is a good option, too, if debt becomes too much early on.

Would you suggest noblemen go into finance, banking, and business? I'm genuinely curious what you think the non-peasants should do from a lower middle class background to break into the elite.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Even if the need for doctors does sky rocket, people simply wont be able to pay for it, so demand wont increase.

Pretty much every civilized country in the world has socialized medicine besides America. I honestly don't know how the pay stacks up but I doubt it will be any better there.

I believe the only way for a peasant to gentrify himself is entrepreneurship.

Bachelor medical degrees like physicians assistant (aka prescription vending machine) is an excellent choice if you never want to work another day in your life and have a solid income.

3 upvotesmrthrowaway413 [OP]4 years ago

I am more of a critical thinker than a scientist. I would not do well in the medical field, however I appreciate the advice.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I am more of a critical thinker than a scientist.

These two go hand in hand, but I can appreciate not having a preference for medicine.

1 upvotesMrMontage4 years ago

What is it that you think scientists do?

3 upvoteschaseemall4 years ago

Apply for grants, deal with academic politics, specialize in a niche field that maybe 8 other people in the world are familiar with and occasionally do some science of importance?

2 upvotesrpscrote4 years ago

I am an attorney. I would absolutely NOT suggest doing Econ to Law. Literally nobody gives a shit about the econ degree, I have no idea how Econ to Law became the thing that it is. All the blowhard law professors that publish a lot of shit no one actually cares about are Econ people.

All the good work (e.g. not emotionally draining, poorly paid or 80+ hours a week) is USEFUL DEGREE + LAW. The law degree brings your already useful knowledge to the next level. Even if you actually want to be a litigator and do 100% law stuff (trial work, arbitration, corporate law etc.), a sales focused degree (Marketing for Sales or similar) is going to be 10x more valuable than Econ.

There are way, waaaay too many lawyers with no qualifications other than the law degree (Econ, English, History majors), and they get stuck doing endless depositions or sitting around writing the same motion over and over or other similarly annoying crap. Proto is right on the 80/20 rule. And the 20 is made up almost entirely of people with useful skills (some derived from useful degrees, some derived from useful experience).

Marketing/Design + Law = Competent Trademark attorney people want to hire. Computer Science / Comp. Sci + Law = Competent tech IP lawyer. Accounting + Law = Competent Corporate and Securities attorney people want to hire. Chemical and Pharmaceutical will require a lot more schooling before you can go into law, most have PhDs in addition to JDs. Extremely long schooling phase, but they get paid a hell of a lot of money. I personally chose the computer route because you can get into that on the law side with only a bachelors or masters depending on which area you go into (e.g. signal processing computer science proescution stuff = masters or more, defending against hand-waving web shit patents = bachelors). Engineering, mechanical and otherwise is very good too. Anything healthcare related is absolutely BOOMING right now, but can require a lot of medicine schooling before you can get into it. HIPAA/Privacy/Data Breach lawyers are making bank right now as it is exploding.

Plus if you get any hard science degree, you can register for the Patent bar and be a patent lawyer. Patent prosecution is great work, 100% office work, hardly any court dates and travel, but its very complex and skill intensive so you can make bank doing it.

Bottom line. GET A USEFUL DEGREE. Even if you want to do law afterwards. If the law thing doesn't work out you also still have your fallback degree, which gives you immense peace of mind.

1 upvotesmvg2104 years ago

Learning how to code isn't a bad way to get money these days, JavaScript is the future.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I just can't understand how people do that shit, tap on a keyboard for 8-12 hours a day without blowing their brains out.

1 upvotesmvg2104 years ago

Getting paid on average 5x the minimum wage for flipping code rather than flipping burgers? I'll take it.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I suppose if those are your two options then yeah.

1 upvotesEatinglue4 years ago

Business Econ. Actually getting exposed to economics and how the real world works made everything fall into place for me. Econ should be 4 year mandatory in high school, not bullshit humanities stuff. How the fuck can people survive in the real world if they can't balance a freaking checkbook?

1 upvotessithman254 years ago

Little late, but I'll drop in my two cents. If you say you like critical thinking and aren't bad at math, I'd take a look at engineering. I would avoid petroleum engineering right now since the market is volatile. Mechanical, chemical, and especially electrical engineering are all good majors. High demand and lots of cities to work in. PM me if you want to talk more. You seem to have your head on straight. Good luck to you man!

1 upvotesmrthrowaway413 [OP]4 years ago

I am not bad at math. Just I am not the biggest fan of pure math. Economics has a lot of critical thinking behind it, which is why I chose that route over straight forward engineering.

1 upvotessithman254 years ago

It might be a suprise to some, but I've found engineering to be much more critical thinking than pure math. Yes there is math, and in academia there is calculus. However, in the professional world it's basic math with a heavy emphasis on physical principles and critical thinking. More open ended solutions than a single answer.

I have several friends in economic professions and there is quite a lot of critical thinking but there is also busy work at first, but that's with most professions. Good luck to you my friend.

1 upvotesjuliusstreicher4 years ago

I think that a lawyer with an economics degree will do a lot better than an economist without a law degree.

It has been my observation that lawyers have tremendous power even if they do not get rich early on in their career. Not finding a job should be no problem, since lawyers can create their own jobs. My bankruptcy lawyer, 25 or 30 years ago, had an office in her house. I asked how many cases she had a year, and, she said something like 500. At the time, that translated to something like 250,000+ a year. (My bankruptcy was simple, and at the time, it could be had for 500 bucks. For more complicated ones, there was a higher charge. Now, the cheapest is about 1200, in town. You do the math.)

1 upvotesGeleemann4 years ago

+1 make sure to do a STEM degree, OP. That is; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Those fields are always in demand

33 upvotesVasiliyZaitzev4 years ago

Congrats and well done. Just don't fuck up when you are away at school. Focus on academics. Fuck law school (source: am a lawyer.) It sux, is full if SJW shitheads and isnt the Golden Ticket to posperity that it used to be.

And remember, when u are an old guy like me, it's up to you to help the kids coming up behind you. As I say, All the young men are my sons.

3 upvotesmrthrowaway413 [OP]4 years ago

What do you think about the Economics degree? I'm currently asking around for advice on that end of the spectrum, but I've never asked a red piller, so nows a great time.

Do you think I have better options? I'm a person who enjoys critically thinking.

22 upvotesTRPMaidenSlayer4 years ago

I'd honestly say the biggest thing you need to ask yourself what kind of environment you want to end up in - and this isn't even degree-related.

There are so many life paths you can choose:

  • Corporate life
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Independent contractor
  • Professional surfer bum
  • Academia
  • Small business employee

So many other choices.

Reason I say this is because one of my best friends belongs in academia. But he's now in corporate life, with the wife and kids and shit. He's fucking miserable. He would be no matter what his major was. He should be a professor somewhere. That's a completely upside-down life he's living!!

Regarding major, if you like critical thinking, you may enjoy computer programming. BUT... do you want to be a computer programmer at a corporation? Probably not. Hell no.

It's never a bad thing to know how to handle money. If you know money, you can go anywhere and do anything. But again, being an accountant at a corporation might drive you mad.

Meanwhile, for degrees, my general advice is to spend some time tinkering and bulldozing through various wikipedia articles, and decide what fascinates you. Take a class and talk to a dean / advisor in that school.

Consider something that's in a growing field. One of the most talented people I knew changed his major to paper science engineering. Guess what - paper science was dead on arrival the second the internet took off. Awful choice (he's since rebounded).

Another growing field you might like is anything involving genetics. Huge leaps will be there.

If you could somehow mix statistics / big data with economics with computer knowledge, you can do insane shit. Possibly for yourself too. There's growth in those areas. These are the things to consider. Join a rising tide, as it lifts all ships.

But whatever you choose, you should aim to absolutely crush it in your field. You don't want to be yet another fucking shitty C++ computer programmer. You want to be the computer programmer who is one of the experts in XYZ style encryption technology (growing field).

You don't want to be just another accountant. You'll eventually want to be the accountant who saves small businesses asses when it comes to getting audited (growing field, thanks to growing IRS). People will eventually literally beg for your help once established.

You won't know this stuff yet, but the point is, find something you love, then eventually over the next decade, strive to specialize.

Until then, have fun.

10 upvotestherealpkg4 years ago

College professor here. Majored in Econ, Poli Sci, and Business Admin (at least at the time, all could be jammed into 4 years and under the graduation credit requirement) and now teach in the SBA at a large US university. I have literally NEVER regretted going the Econ path. You'll use those skills and thought processes every single day, consciously or not. Poli Sci and BA were nothing but supplemental and I'm glad I have the degrees, but they're strictly a positive externality to what I focused my studying on.

That said, if I could do it again: double major in math and econ. Crush both those programs and you can do anything you fucking want.

4 upvotesmrthrowaway413 [OP]4 years ago

The funny part is that I considered going Poli Sci into Law. I realized how useless I would find Poli Sci to be, and saw economics to be a much better option.

I also met with an economics professor and had a conversation with him. I enjoyed the way he approached problems and how economics had a whole deal of critical thinking behind it. It drew my interest, because I always enjoyed philosophy and I feel like the two subjects have a great deal in common.

7 upvotesVasiliyZaitzev4 years ago

As /u/TRPMaidenSlayer suggests, think abt what you want to do. I was history major, because I like history, I knew I was going to law school (which was a viable choice then) and wanted easy classes that I liked and wouldn't be too taxing and get in the way of chasing tail and playing rugby and hanging at the fraternity.

I would do things differently now. Figure out what you want to do, and what you're good at. And focus on that. And don't take bullshit classes to be well-rounded. I took a composition class and sure I did well in it but it was a waste of fucking time. The natural science stuff I took (astronomy) was eay more interesting. I would also recommend taking a language or languages if you have the aptitude for it. Take Russian, Spanish or Portuguese depending on what flavor of pussy you like, and where you want to travel.

Also, consider a double major or dual degree. Econ/business or Econ and a language.

Good luck and keep first things first.

3 upvotesniczar4 years ago

The question you ought to ask is, what kind job do you want to do? (If all students asked themselves that question, none of them would pick gender studies, unless flipping burgers is their answer.) Then choose the appropriate classes.

3 upvotespablodiablo9064 years ago

I'd say finance is probably worth more than Econ. Add some high level math and you can make stupid amounts of money.

1 upvotesLashlarue1234 years ago

LS is a tool. All tools dont work unless you use them properly within a larger plan. Holding a hammer without a plan wont build you 80 houses.

16 upvotesSlimjimmyfat4 years ago

Hell yeah kid good stuff. Congratulations and know it only gets better. Don't ever stop improving, and we are all proud of you.

14 upvotesThotwrecker4 years ago

You sound like you've got the basics down, so I'll give you the one piece of advice I wish I had at 19-20. I know you didn't ask for it, but your post reminded me of how I felt at 17, so I felt obligated to.

Always set expectations for yourself that will force you to transform. Never set expectations that are already within your ability to achieve, because then you won't grow out of necessity to meet those challenges.

Set high goals for yourself that require extreme behavior to reach.

People set their goals so pathetically low. I want to lose 20 lbs, get a girlfriend, get a promotion to store manager. I want to make enough with my 40 hr work week to buy some weed and video games and drinks at the bar with my bros to talk about sports. I want to be able to at least get 7s and 8s. I want to make xx k a year.

The problem is, once they get it and feel content and happy, because it was a goal that did not force all that much improvement, they are not actually reaching a higher level and finding deep satisfaction in their accomplishments. A goal is cheapened if you didn't have to struggle and change for it.

You've seen the power of hard work and dedication now (and of leveraging realism-based knowledge in a fantasy-obsessed world). At your age, I was fortunate to know the same thing thanks to a great dad and football coach.

The biggest danger that early peakers have is to stop setting higher and higher goals. Once you become content and happy and think you've "made it", you get lazy and hamstery and resistant to change and hardship. The spiral of death begins. You should always have the philosophy of "where I am today ain't shit compared to where I could be tomorrow."

Good luck

3 upvotesmrthrowaway413 [OP]4 years ago

Once they get it and feel content and happy

I've reached this for such a small achievement when I hit 144lbs, I got sick for a week but thought wow look at this progress. I stopped for about two weeks but felt slobby. Went back and kept going and now I realized how much of a speed bump this could be. I never thought of it this way though, and I'm happy you explained it. Just keep climbing. Thanks man.

15 upvotesMattyAnon4 years ago

About 2 years ago I saw the red pill and absolutely thought you guys were some crazy fucking weirdos.

We forgive you.

Congrats on the scholarship! Make sure you find some solid friends at Uni... don't hang with the needy people who are easiest to befriend first. Find as alpha as possible, and do everything you can to date outside college.

6 upvotesmrthrowaway413 [OP]4 years ago

Thanks haha!

date outside college

Why is that? I was excited to have my own dorm and place, making it much easier. At the very least I would date outside of people in my classes, instead of completely out of college, is this a bad idea as well?

17 upvoteswhatsazipper4 years ago

They're being paranoid. It's fine to date women at college; have some standards and a backbone and you'll be fine.

14 upvotesMattyAnon4 years ago

In college you're dealing with young women (ie teenagers), away from home for the first time, insecure, horny as hell, not used to drinking, and facing both huge sex opportunities and huge slut shaming issues, often with a BF back home and with the SJW crowd baiting her at every step of the way.

The potential for regret-false-rape charges is incredible, and the usual implementation of Title IX favours her at your expense. Own dorm is great - but get the girls from outside college.

3 upvotesmrthrowaway413 [OP]4 years ago

Ah, I always assumed each girl has the same risks of false rape charges. Looking at it this way, the environment definitely changes their mindset.

If the situation comes, because I get the feeling it will, how can I safeguard myself from false rape charges?

1 upvotesMattyAnon4 years ago

You can't entirely protect yourself... but check the legality of video recording. Don't have sex with a drunk girl (if she's on video staggering slightly, you're screwed). Send a nice follow-up text. If problems, don't speak to the SJW crowd without a lawyer. Never apologise (this is an admission of guilt). Never confess (this is obviously an admission of guilt). Never break frame - weakness invites attack.

Try to get through all that and still have fun! :)

6 upvotesFioreFgt4 years ago

False rape allegations. Just be careful.

7 upvotespablodiablo9064 years ago

I think not fucking crazy girls drastically reduced the likelihood this happens to you. Don't stick your dick in crazy, stay away from one night stands, have plates that are worthy of your time not just your cum dumpster.

Find quality people be they make or female and your life will be higher quality.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Just not worth it these days to bang girls in your school. Kinda like the "don't bang girls you work with" rule makes sense to apply to college these days since you're stuck there, you're paying for it, and it just takes 1 girl crying rape with no evidence to destroy your college career. I'm not saying girls crying rape is the norm, but if you have the option of dating outside of school, you should.

8 upvotesseanan1gans4 years ago

Guy here currently in college. This seems needlessly cautious, and can lead to a lot of missed opportunities. As long as you are smart about the women you choose to pursue, and don't be a dumbass at parties, it's very easy to have a responsible, rape-accusation free college experience.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

yeah I know, I'm just saying choose off campus over on campus

27 upvotesTheRedAlt4 years ago

And this is what happens when we reach young men early enough. Imagine if we could reach them all.

23 upvotesmspsysadmin4 years ago

Especially note: single mother, no strong father figure. Prime blue pill betabux material for sure - but we got 'im.

Gives me hope for the next generation.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Just turned 18, in this exact situation, this has been a life saver.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Even if you could make every 15-year old read TRP, you still wouldn't reach everyone. Many people need some life experience (like a bad relationship) before TRP sticks.

1 upvotesL-System4 years ago

I actually considered telling my 17 year old brother about trp or just game in general. But now I think it wouldn't do any good unless he reaches here himself.

7 upvoteschaseemall4 years ago

Don't refer him here. Simply demonstrate. The red pill (the masculine) mindset is perhaps best learned by osmosis, which is exactly how was conveyed for centuries.

13 upvotesTRPMaidenSlayer4 years ago

Best part of college is that you will find your people

Get involved in activities you enjoy (be it intramural soccer or robotics club) and you'll make life-long friends you never imagined possible.

Have fun. Would trade it all to be back in your shoes!

8 upvotesSeattlelite844 years ago

Can i just take a moment to say that this thread represents my favorite aspect of this subreddit: the unrestricted pride, appreciation, and camaraderie this community shows when another man expresses his accomplishments with gratitude and humility. There is no one up manship or envy, just a genuine pleasure about a brothers path forward and a true hope for his future success. Nothing feigned, no bullshit.

6 upvotesDONT_reply_with_THIS4 years ago

Congrats man, keep up that focus in college. Imagine studying hard and lifting for 4 years. You'll be strong as hell and lined up for a good job after college.

6 upvotesdapowa4 years ago

Fuck yeah. Good job man, focus on you and your betterment - in your inexperience with women, there lies a trap (I chose not to be aware of this one early in my adult life) - don't let women dissuade you from your mission. You have many more years for that, and then, it's all on your terms.

4 upvotesKickinWangg4 years ago

well done man, keep it up through college!

4 upvotesTall_Irish_Guy4 years ago

Always remember to use your gut instincts and judgement through life experience to determine how you want to treat people. You're young and still learning how the world really is. I wouldn't focus energy on this idea of plates straight off the bat.. Everyone else in this sub can say what they want, but the feeling of being in love at a young age is one of the most exciting and character defining things you can experience in my opinion. No rush.

To summarise my point, if you want to be your own man, you can hear advice from all different perspectives and 'people on the Internet'..but it's down to you to say what makes you happy. Seek happiness on your own terms. Don't listen to me or anyone else if you think it doesn't align with your goals.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Sick, congratulations on your scholarship.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesmrthrowaway413 [OP]4 years ago

Check the sidebar, it's there. I can't link because of the subreddit rules

1 upvotesAn_All-Beef_Engineer4 years ago

That's why you use archive.is to link within reddit.

1 upvoteswickedwildewolf4 years ago

That sub is called RedPillWomen.

4 upvotesGeleemann4 years ago

Incase you go to any parties, or when you shag chicks in college, wrap your shit up.

3 upvotesrossiFan4 years ago

This is an awesome account. The World is yours, so go get it.

3 upvotesfavours_of_the_moon4 years ago


In the past, you'd have had a positive male presence in your life to get you up to speed on this shit. Most of us don't have that now, so we have to be there for each other, and especially the young 'uns.

Pay it forward, bro.

3 upvotesmrthrowaway413 [OP]4 years ago

There was a trainer named James at the gym I went to. He found out I had no money to afford one and taught me proper form. So I guess I had one and I'm happy I did.

Thanks and will do!

3 upvotesJaquethelad4 years ago

What would your advice be to a 16 year old?

7 upvotesmrthrowaway413 [OP]4 years ago

To be honest it is very subjective and context is very important. I don't feel like I can just give you advice to make everything better. I feel like I should tell you to realize what's wrong with your life, what do you hate? Are you small? Are you big?

What do you like? Do you have a good time with your friends? Figure that part out and get it straight. From there you can discover what you need to change.

For me I needed more social interaction and needed to get I'm the gym badly. I got a job and got the me membership and did just did that. It was boring and slow and felt like it didn't make a difference. But I have to say man being able to be shirtless and at least look a bit good was a great feeling and it kept me going. I don't have some rock solid hard body, but it's better than what it was before.

For you that can be different. Figure that out and get started

That actually reminds me of a good point. Don't judge your accomplishment on others. Meaning don't use me or anyone to compare to yourself. If you're doing better than how you were before, then you're making progress. And in the end that's the only thing that is important.

1 upvotesJaquethelad4 years ago

I live in a small town in Ireland and most of the girls here have already friendzoned the afc me, I have some good friends that are older than me. Gym also isn't a problem, I'm 78 kg and can squat 135kg so I'm not doing to bad. I just need to fine tune my social interaction with girls. Any advice on books to read or stuff?

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago
  • Models by Mark Manson
  • Book of Pook

Those would be a good start.

1 upvotesRonin11A4 years ago

Beat me to it.

The main thing that helped me with women after high school and entering college was internalizing, "Be fun." Internalize it on multiple levels. When around women, simply be fun. Be smiling, be laughing, be the life of the party.

On Friday nights in college, I would hit the gym from 8p-10pm. I would walk back to the fraternity house, take a shower, get dressed, make sure my room was clean, fridge was stocked. By this time, the girls had usually made their way over to the house and were wandering the halls. Before I opened the door or cranked up the music, I'd sit in silence for about a minute, and focus. Everything that was bothering me, everything serious, everything that was a buzzkill, I'd mentally flush it from my mind. Push it aside. Then, when I was ready, I'd put my game face on, open the door, and when I stepped out, to the girls, it was like I didn't have a care in the world.

College girls hate serious guys. They just wanna play, be silly, and get fucked by some charming alpha who made them tingle. Be smart, be serious, be intellectual, but do it on your own time. When you're around women, be fun. They don't care that you bombed a test, or your ex started digging up the past, or that pup of 14 years died. Those burdens you bear with your brothers, in private, behind closed doors.

To the girls? You're cocky, playful, and King Kong ain't got shit on you.

1 upvotesmrthrowaway413 [OP]4 years ago

/u/TRPThrowRug2 named excellent books having to do with women.

However being able to handle people in general is a very important skill.

Therefore I must recommended "How to Win Friends and Influence People". It's a great foundation.

As for reading anything else, I personally find frame one of the most important things you can learn about. Us being young, it's easy to see examples of what not to do. You probably have friends who Crack under pressure easily. Learning how to control that is an immense tool, don't underestimate it.

1 upvotesJaquethelad4 years ago

Any good books for frame? I've read all 3 of the books reccommended but I think I'll re read them to internalise them more

1 upvotesmrthrowaway413 [OP]4 years ago

I don't know of books for frame. But just reading stories here and figuring out how people held frame in then and how they broke it helps. There are also good posts here and on rseduction

1 upvotesJaquethelad4 years ago

Thanks lad, I'll look out for them more

2 upvotespablodiablo9064 years ago

You didn't ask me but what I wish I knew at 16 is that all the shit I thought I knew I barely understood. Also you get out life what you put in. Don't half ass things because you can and don't do things because they are easy. Learn early to challenge yourself.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Congratulations. A lot of us if given the chance would want to swallow the pill at a younger age. Start lifting earlier, but you are at a great age. Your time in the gym is double effective compared to me at 25 years old. Good. Remember this is not the end goal, its just the start. Constant self improvement. Cheers and good luck

3 upvotesseanan1gans4 years ago

I really like this post, I'm 18 myself. For everyone, but especially younger guys like us, I think it's important to realize how essential it it to cut down on useless past times. For example, video games are fun and all, but I learned that I have just as much fun learning to compose music, and the latter is much more beneficial to my life in general. Finding a mix of hobbies that also incorporate self improvement has helped me "grow up" so much.

3 upvotesNugulus4 years ago

I love reading posts like this. You're so young and still have so much further to go but you are miles ahead of most guys twice your age. Keep it up, you're going to do great things my friend

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Great job. You're miles ahead many of the kids your age.. just be aware that once you get to college you're going to meet people from across the spectrum. Just remember, stay smart, pick a degree that has viable salary potential. I can't emphasize how important this is. I'm 4 years out of college myself and about 80% of the kids i went to school with who chose useless degrees are working at chain restaurants trying to find themselves and living paycheck to paycheck. You DO NOT want this to be you, and trust me you'll be tempted to take the easy way out once you see other people doing it. Stick to your guns and remember no one except YOU will prioritize your future and your advancement other than yourself.

3 upvotesWalterEArmstrong4 years ago

I'd give my left gonad if I could've said that at your age. Great story, keep on growing, you've got a great start.

3 upvotesFlight-Control4 years ago

A small thing i noticed in life (im 40-ish) is that there will always be people who will say "no, that's not possible" (whatever subject). This only means that THAT person doesn't see it as a possibility. Also.. the Universe ows you nothing. If you want something YOU have to put in the effort but reading your post you got that covered. Wel done dude!

3 upvotesFutureLawyer19894 years ago

You are really lucky to get some genuine red pill knowledge at an early age. Keep at it, bro.

14 upvotesTDCRedPill4 years ago

Please take a moment to re-examine and possibly reframe your views of your father. Since you likely didn't have much contact with him, your views on WHY you dont have much contact probably stem from your mom. This world is filled to the brim with people called deadbeats that were tricked into conception with no recourse, been forced out of their children's lives by unilateral decision, estranged by lies and forced into servitude. Hell, I'd even bet that your father wouldn't speak ill of your mother ever, just on general principal.

But since the word you used was 'deadbeat', Im betting that came from your mother. As much as we love our moms, they're still human, and they're still women. Connect with him, even if it's slowly; there is a very good chance that he can be a significant asset in your life, and may not be worthy of the vitriol you feel towards him.

You wouldn't be the first kid manipulated in such a way, conditioned to hate something you had no contact with.

31 upvotesmrthrowaway413 [OP]4 years ago

He left when I was 8. He beat my mother and cheated on her on the daily. I have 5 half brothers I don't even know. He's shown up drunk many times by my house and was just released from prison for selling cocaine.

I had the feeling that this was actually gonna come up because I used the word deadbeat, funny enough. However I promise you my mother has been nothing but good to me and my view on my father is purely from me.

I'm very content with the current situation and happy with how it is now. I have no want or desire to reconnect with him.

5 upvotesrpcharles4 years ago

I had a step father who was similar. Best thing to do about a male figure like that is to use him as an example of what not to be.

4 upvotesGeleemann4 years ago

You are very mature for your age, and have a good head on your shoulders. You'll be fine

-2 upvotesNocturnityReaps4 years ago

Totally agree with this, i was in a similar situation myself except my mom was a nazi. I'll be 19 in a couple weeks and i have no contact with my mother and i know my dad would do anything for me but he knows he doesn't have to because I've been self sufficient for 2 years.

2 upvotesEscortSportage4 years ago

Congrats! This is great news! When your 21 lets enough some Bourbon together, and you can teach me how college works.

2 upvotesflat6turbo4 years ago

congrats kid. don't forget all these things as you progress through college and enter the 'real world'. that's when it becomes the most important.

2 upvotesJoseph_the_Carpenter4 years ago

Great job so far, keep it up. I wish I had what you have at your age.

2 upvotesbillythebeta4 years ago

Great job man-- I only wish I found this subreddit when I was as young as you. Glad to hear about your scholarship, but remember that you need to keep your head in the game now, as scholarships can be taken back if you fuck up badly. It's easy to lose track of what's important in college when everyone is partying near you-- be mindful of this. Good luck

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

This is not a field report, it's a thankTRP and we technically do have a separate sub for it so it doesn't clog up the main sub.

Glad to hear things went well, take your education seriously OP, because only just started and will get harder.

If I lost my virginity 2 years ago, I would have gone to school and told absolutely everyone like a little kid who got a present from Santa.

Exactly OP, when you do anything think about whether or not it benefits you, and will letting the lads at school know you're above them?

2 upvotesradianceofparadise4 years ago

I'm jealous. I wish I had discovered this at your age. You got the whole world ahead of you man. Go slay.

2 upvotesLord_NShYH4 years ago

Congratulations. You're ahead of the game. Imagine finding TRP when you're pushing 30, or even later. Keep it up, and the world is yours for the taking.

2 upvotesWalkingThroughEmbers4 years ago

Whilst my comment is excessive, I still feel you deserve another praise for how you've progressed in life. I myself have gone through a lot of changes in my life as of recently, and admittedly have fallen behind in self-progress, be it due to injuries, studies or whatever. Posts like these help motivate me, and perhaps others who are stuck on the path to become the best versions of themselves. Thanks.

2 upvotesvajav4 years ago

Congrats, mrthrowaway413...I wish I had that mentality at your age...keep doing what you're doing & enjoy the ride

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

So much maturity at 17.. You're winning at life kid. Only thing: never underestimate how much more you will learn. I can guarantee you that your 19yo self will look back at your present 17yo self and think how little he knew back then.. Same at 19, 21, etc

2 upvotesJ_AsapGem4 years ago

dude you stated off so young, you're going to blossom in life greatly my friend, your not even in your twenties and discovered this life changing truth, proud of you mate go make the world your play ground.

2 upvotesturn30left4 years ago

This is a great write up. I wish I knew these things when I was your age. Keep crushing it in school and in the gym and you'll be fine.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

I'm somewhat in a similar situation like you, freshman, if you're good at math look into statistics, that's a prospering field.

Felt like with a degree in economy you are just another one of thousands, differing only in name, hobbies and countries travelled.

2 upvotesDarkuSchneider4 years ago

Good on you sir and best of luck in school.

2 upvotessinzster4 years ago

I am truly happy for you man. Go slay the world ;)

2 upvoteskurtthesquirt4 years ago

I'm glad to hear from young bucks like yourself. Keep up the strong work. I'm also excited to see how TRP advice will also "grow up" and not only give direction to single men to be confident, successful and independent, but teach REAL men how to be Alpha of their own pack, as a healthy and loving husband and even better, as the ultimate leader in life, a dad.

2 upvotesdavemustaine134 years ago

Reading your post made me realize how much of a fuck up I am. In my mid-twenties now.

Mad respect bro, you look set to become a top 5-10% male at this rate. Women will literally beg to fuck you.

Stay humble, stay focused. Keep working on your body, studies, and social skills.

If I could do just one thing differently in my undergrad years, I would network with the 'cool' crowd, join clubs / associations and make real friendships.

I was pretty much an omega with zero visibility back then. My life revolved around fapping, football, chatting online etc.

Thanks for the inspiration man. Props.

1 upvotesmrthrowaway413 [OP]4 years ago

Reality hits hard I guess. I don't think I am in the position to give out advice, but change something. Even if it's tiny, just change something for the better in your life.

2 upvoteschaseemall4 years ago

Dude, don't do what I did and blow the scholarship by burning out.

Don't set false expectations on yourself to do more than necessary.

Focus on socializing, not just on school. Don't let your grades slip either. Being kinda good at both school and socializing can work synergistically to increase your value; i.e. better than only being really good at only one.

Party a little. Get laid a little. Don't go overboard.

Study as much as necessary: not more, not less.

Study something you like. It doesn't have to be your favorite; it should be practical. BUT you need to like what you study to really thrive.

If you have some things that make you who you are, don't stop doing those things. If you write poetry or play music or make video games, don't stop because you think you won't have time. Don't stop because they aren't cool. Don't quit the things that make you unique. Definitely don't quit the things that make you sane.

Don't overstress on making the gpa requirement for your scholarship. Don't overload on hours and you should be fine. Don't take 18 hours your first semester.

Join a good social organization with lots of connections in the real world. Prominent people should have graduated from that organization.

Good luck.

1 upvotesmrthrowaway413 [OP]4 years ago

I feel like our minds think a like, because this was my plan. Do everything I can but don't over do things. Really enjoy college because I was told that high school would fly by and I didn't believe that. I'm now going to college and I'm aware with how true that is.

2 upvotesNiceTryDisaster4 years ago

Your writing style is really good. Congrats on everything so far. The only critique I would offer is to gain more weight. Bulk up slowly to 180-190 atleast. Very inspiring post, thanks for sharing.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Very insightful post, and congrats on the scholarship.

TRP will also help you navigate the world of higher education, and everything else that life throws at you.

I'm 42, and just discovered TRP. Learnt more in a year, than my whole lifetime!

Stay red!

2 upvotes_M0NkeY_4 years ago

Keep killing shit, fucking awesome. It's been said here before you lucky to have found TRP at such a young age. Internet, forums, Reddit didn't exist for a lot of our older members. You either learned shit thru trial and error or you were a FF7 playing incel.

I love hearing stories like this. I'm 31 and found TRP 2 years ago and my life was forever changed. TRP is literally saving young men's lives whether they were without fathers, raised by beta fathers or just doped up on too much feminine imperative indoctrination.

Good luck on your endeavors. Keep lifting, stay improving.

2 upvotesReadySetGonads4 years ago

Man, so many good posts on this thread..

1 upvotesmrthrowaway413 [OP]4 years ago

It was a great turn out. Didn't expect it!

2 upvotesDouglerful4 years ago

Fuck dude, I'm 6 years older then you and I closed the tab out of pure jealousy. You've seriously got it together, shit. I'm still pretty salty but damn I had to say. You've done so well your pissing off internet strangers, congrats!

4 upvotesJohndoesmith674 years ago

nice job dude. Found this stuff around 15 at 6'1 180. I am 21 now and 6'3 220, Don't let the world strip you of you. Don't forget this stuffand apply it every where.

Keep the cardio up

3 upvotesSamGill4 years ago

people will have their opinions. here's mine - and a lot of folks in TRP will disagree with me. e.g. there is a cost to girls riding the carousel. they cannot eat the cock and ride it too. the same goes for men spinning plates - which is the male equivalent of the carousel. there is a cost to it. if that's what you choose then more power to you. don't be deceived that there is no negative side effects, that you can have a good 'ld time with no down side.

4 upvotesHanz_Wunderbarwang4 years ago

The CC is not analogous to spinning plates at all.

1 upvotesje_dois4 years ago

What he says about it having negative effects is definitely true. Not even close to the effect of the CC of course, but it has the potential to turn you into a very jaded, bitter individual if you're not careful.

Luckily thanks to something like TRP it's a lot easier to avoid that, but I think we all know somebody who's become so focused on spinning plates that they forget to focus on themselves.

1 upvotesSW98764 years ago

Isn't there an entire sub reddit dedicated to posts like this?

1 upvotesnuc224 years ago

Why so many downvotes? This is fuckin' legendary.

1 upvotesDrewCruise4 years ago

Congratulations! But if the college of your choice is in a state with 'Yes means Yes' laws, know your rights. Which aren't a lot these days. Make sure you have written consent before doing the deed. Such as text before and after. Also, have a phone number or know a good attorney.


1 upvotesmrthrowaway413 [OP]4 years ago

NJ, not really up to date with the laws regarding it.

1 upvotesmara5a4 years ago

Being european I have no idea about US college scholarships. The $88 500 is per semester, year or for whole study period? Thanks.

2 upvotesmrthrowaway413 [OP]4 years ago

It's $21,000 a year they're giving me. Tuition is $22,500. Therefore I'm only paying $1,500

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

Wasn't there a mod post on these kinds of threads not too long ago?

1 upvotesRedSyringe4 years ago

Congrats man that's a real achievement!!! Keep the community updated!!

1 upvotestopapito4 years ago

If you're in your teens and believe you're the Chad, you're wrong. You're not even close to being the full version of you yet.

If you're in your teens and believe you're the Chad, you're wrong. You're not even close to being the full version of you yet.


There is a Chad waiting around the corner for every Chad. No matter what you have, there is someone out there with a bigger dick, more money, a nicer smile, better hair, in short, you waste your time trying to be the all time Chad. Be happy if you can be Chad a few times throughout your life and concentrate on being the best you that you can be. AT ANY AGE

1 upvotesrpscrote4 years ago

Fuck yeah dude. Keep it up!

1 upvotesFrothyogreloins4 years ago

I just made a post like this telling a story just like this. Congrats man we're all gonna be alright.

1 upvotestheFruit_ofmyLabor4 years ago

Congratulations. Imagine how good life will be one, two, three, four decades from now.

Small note that is not meant to take anything away from the positive beat of your situation: preserve yourself like an artifact through college. You seem like you already take care of yourself like your own father (which is what happens with most kids who decide to man up being raised by a single mother), but be aware of the influence of those around you. ALWAYS choose to focus on the relationships who actually show concern for #1-their own wellbeing, and #2-your wellbeing. I'm sure you'll do just fine to stay out of trouble, so just keep focusing on the improvement and growth.

1 upvotesdrummmmergeorge4 years ago

So young, so easy to manipulate, can't wait to farm you guys! :)

-5 upvotessavepenguins14 years ago

"Specifically, from the time this man had been a child he had always had a strong sexual fascination with his bowel movements, especially when they "come out real long and soft". And on those occasions when he had a bowel movement of the "right" feeling and texture—an event which he claimed happened only about once every couple of months— he would become "uncontrollably aroused" from a sexual standpoint. Using vegetable oil "to enhance the effect", he would roll the bowel movement around in his hands, sometimes for several hours; and he would enjoy several ejaculations while in the process of doing this. He would save his "nicer poopoos" in plastic bags, sometimes for several days. And at several points during this time span he would pick his bowel movement out of the plastic bag and begin getting sexually recharged again. During the course of this behavior he would fantasize being with a "really beautiful young girl" who had "long hair and a pretty face" and who "also liked long, soft, beautiful oozie-goozies".

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