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She doesn't want to be happy

by majorbollocks on /r/TheRedPill
15 February 2018 08:49 AM UTC

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Not for too long at least. So does she want to be sad? Yes, but not for too long either. She wants to feel loved, she wants to feel abused. She wants to feel respected, she wants to feel objectified. She wants to feel powerful, she wants to feel submission. She wants all of it. Every possible emotion in the world.

The only thing she doesn't want to feel is NOTHING. Boredom sucks. Fuck boredom. She'd rather be pissed off that an alpha jerk is forcing his cock into her mouth and closing it up until she swallows. She'll feel dirty, used, disrespected. But at least she's not bored. At least it's a strong emotion. Better yet, several strong emotions at once.

Emotions are her drug. As with any drug she develops tolerance. Over time, weak emotions just don't do it for her anymore. She needs stronger and stronger stuff. People complimenting her and giving her gifts are nice. But the spikes aren't so high. And they don't last as long. She needs more. Being abused sucks big time but it's the only thing that does it for her. For a while. Until the cravings come back and she needs another high. Which is quite often.

Sometimes she feels so done with the abuse from fucked up jerks. She finds a good guy that she can settle down and feel loyalty and stability with. It's the feelings she's after, not the guy. But then the cravings become too strong and she can't fight it anymore and cheats or dumps the guy. She goes out to the nearest bad boy jerk and gets her fix of abuse aka strong emotions.

As she gets older, these temporary vacations into loyalty and stability get shorter and shorter. It's just not satisfying for her beyond the first three months. Loyalty and stability are weak drugs. She needs the strong stuff.

The manosphere is so caught up on the concepts of alpha and beta but I feel like everyone is missing the bigger picture here. There are so many stories of textbook alphas getting cheated on it's not even funny.

What of the poor musician who's three months late on rent but bangs chicks left and right, relative to the rich nice guy who can't get a date to save his life?

What of the jacked dude who's needy as shit and still can't get a date?

Alpha is just the baseline. Alphas have the benefit of stimulating a woman in several different ways. Physically big and dominant, emotionally fit, well-liked in his social circle, makes decent or good money or at least financially stable. He induces several different emotions in her at the same time. Provider, tingles, status, queen, slut, etc.

But sometimes she just wants to feel someething different. Like how would it feel to fuck the pool boy? Someone young and ripped. She'll feel like an experienced person teaching a naive boy. She'll feel like she's taking away the innocence of a young boy. She'll feel the taboo of betraying the trust of a man she professes to love. She'll feel really good and have so much fun. Then she'll feel really bad and beat herself up. Then she'll confess and her spouse will lose his shit and that'll start more drama. And it'll all be delicious.

Does this mean she doesn't love her spouse anymore? No. She does. She was hooked on the feelings the alpha spouse provided. But she's felt that for way too long and it has become familiar. And boring. FUCK BOREDOM. She just wanted to take a break and feel something else for a while and then she'll be back. If only her spouse understood. It wasn't that the pool boy was "better" or "more alpha". He was just something different.

She sees men and people as emotion pods. When she needs her fix she'll go to a pod and prod it. She's an expert at prodding just the right way to get just the kind of emotions she wants. The more a pod gives her weak emotions, the less interesting that pod becomes to her, and she leaves it and looks for another pod.

As I'm typing this a chick I'm fucking just posted something in a facebook group we're both in talking about some harassment issues that happend in the group and also a drug rape case. The issue has been settled but she still wants to post her opinion and attacking other people she sees as not caring enough about the situation. Oh, and the girl who was raped specifically said not to tell anyone about it. It's a recipe for a shitstorm of drama, which is exactly what she wants. Plus the "rape" happened months ago and I remember her talking about it back then like "oh we woke up naked together after drinking tee hee".

She wants to feel several emotions at the same time. That's why she has no problems cheating. Keep a loyal boyfriend at home and fuck some alphas on the side. Count the number of emotions she can feel right there. Dedication, naughtiness, power, freedom, submission. Jackpot!

This is why most women are serial monogamists. They latch on to an emotion pod, squeeze it for what it's worth, get bored of it, and move on to the next one.
- they move from abusive relationship to abusive relationship, while keeping some safe orbiters on the side to snack on some weak and safe emotions
- they lovebomb at the beginning of the relationship to experience the highs of being “in love”. The lovebombing is for her benefit, not you.
- they start crossing boundaries as a way of getting their emotional pods to dispense the emotions they crave. Once they’ve exhausted that pod, they’ll move on to another pod and grow more and more miserable as they get older.
- in fact, she would rather be cheated on than agree to an open relationship. Being cheated on guarantees strong emotions. Open relationship agreements are logical, hence less delicious emotionally.

Men are not built this way. Men love stability. Stable emotions, consistent sex, and freedom. This is the foundation we need to build things. Forging alliances, creating civilisations. None of that could be done if we were all out looking for the next emotional high. For me the red pill is about understanding this and realising that there's a very slim chance that any real work can get done if hypergamy is left to its own devices.

The best thing for us to do is to have multiple women in our lives. If one woman acts up, instead of being the emotion pod that she squeezes to get her fix of drama, we simply call up another woman and fuck that one instead. Have several on rotation and we can have enough stability in our lives to actually focus on our Mission.

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265 upvotesawesume2 years ago

Thanks for the post. It's very true that men like stability and dislike drama. I think all my LTR issues ever were because of the woman creating drama out of thin air and me getting sick of it. If they would just calm the fuck down, go do their own thing and let me do mine... Everyone would be happy. But nope.

123 upvotesmajorbollocks [OP]2 years ago

AWALT brother. I'm starting to think that polygamy is the best thing. We don't really need a harem. Just a rotation of 2 or 3 women so when one of them acts up we have options to fuck. Then we get on with our mission.

58 upvotesfollow_that_rabbit2 years ago

I may add this: in the past (i'm talking about until like a century ago, depending on the country even less) a sort of polygamy was ensured by to the whorehouses, where the man spent his hard earned money in a sex supermarket. So the woman who acted badly was left alone at home with the brats while the man was out getting a pint and fucking a girl 15 years younger then his wife.

My personal opinion is that in a system where poor girls (openly and lawfully) put their body in the SMP for a living and acting as modern "plates" for the ones who could afford them, kept the Marriage 1.0 a stable social construct.

Then everything went to shite when brothels were outlawed nearly en masse in the whole civilized world in the 50s-60s

61 upvotesPie_0212 years ago

People rip on old traditions but they had shit figured out. Arranged marriages, why? Because women will never take the first step and even then when they go independent they become depressed and work stupid jobs crying about oppression. Instead with arranged marriages parents found a guy and a girl and got them married. Divorce wasn't an option usually. Girls were trained to be wives and men trained to be men. Not the stupid shit we have today. Man stays home and watches the kid, wife is working, and then fucks other guys because he's so modern and progressive.

The biggest mistake was allowing women to divorce so easily. That used to be a man's right to exercise. But now? A women can divorce, do fuck all, talk more then half, get paid alimony and child support, and then play the victim. Thanks equality and being "modern".

14 upvotesBewareTheOldMan2 years ago

biggest mistake was allowing women to divorce so easily

Hence - the reason more and more men refuse to consider marriage at all...

1 upvotesEnormousMilkers2 years ago

Not a single self-respecting man would get married in 21st century. Maybe if you found a rich woman that has her shit at least somewhat together, that's the only way to avoid getting divorce raped.

5 upvotesaskmrcia2 years ago

My best friend from high school had an interesting conversation last night. We both were college athletes so he had his fair pick of women. He got married at age 25.

So this weekend his wife is out of town to go see her parents. He told me that not she is not around so he can hang out with me this weekend.

I looked at him and was like huh? She dictates your life?

He then explained to me how now that he's married he has to give her more time. He can't run around and be a bachelor like me or how he used to be anymore. He said I'll understand once I get married.

I couldn't believe the garbage that was spewing out his mouth. The guy turned into a simp right before my very eyes. And this isn't even close to the first time I've seen this.

My cousin is even worse. I used to ask him out to party or hang out all the time and he would literally say he couldn't because it's movie night with his girlfriend. And these activities weren't going out to clubs. It was fun things like paint ball, flag football games and things like that.

I guess where I'm getting at in response to your comment is that I still see guys wanting to get married hard. And they don't even realize how much they changed when they get married.

8 upvotesfollow_that_rabbit2 years ago

Also this, combine it with the social stigma a rejected woman would have to face AND the moral and religious shame if she voided the marriage contract (in the christian religion if you divorce you are breaking a sacrament).

I'm all except a religion fan (I'm agnostic) but i recognize that was a more than useful social construct to keep the society on track, through marriage.

2 upvotesyazen_2 years ago

The same goes of Islam, the woman can't divorce, and if she wants to get a divorce so badly, the judge can do that, but she gotta give the man back all his shit, and she won't have any alimony. Religions are red pilled as fuck

2 upvotesfollow_that_rabbit2 years ago

Of course, all major religions (christianity, islam and judaism) are the same because they all stem from the same origin.

2 upvotesyomo862 years ago

The 50s-60s were the most terrible time to be an alpha. You were expected to have wife and kids to move up either with your own business or with your career. You were supposed to love this old tub of fat who hit the wall. You were supposed to skip your dreams so you can fulfill those of others. It was a great time to be a beta.

1 upvoteschuckthundercock2 years ago

People often talk here about the "golden era" of Marriage 1.0 and stable social construct. Let's be real, that only lasted a few decades. I think you can put hypergamy in a bottle, but is is a genie that won't sit, eventually breaking through that bottle and rising back up.

3 upvotesfollow_that_rabbit2 years ago

Boy, you are wrong.

the "golden era" of Marriage 1.0

didn't just last a few decades, it lasted thousand of years.

Do you even have the idea about the social stigma a woman who fucked men outside or before the marriage had to face, since the establishment of some form of religion?

Or the impossibility to provide for herself in an agricultural or industrial society (being unable to work like men could)?

Or the shame she faced if the husband asked for a divorce?

Surely hypergamy always existed, since the first human hunter-gatherers societies. And we're talking human societies, formed by Homo Sapiens Sapiens, not some kind of hominid monkeys.

It's safe to draw the timeline of the "golden era of Marriage 1.0" from let's say 10000 years ago (maybe for some ancient culture even before) since the 50s of the last century.

Nope, Marriage 1.0 didn't last a couple decades.

For an insightful read go search "who killed Marriage 1.0" by u/Whisper.

You can thank me later.

1 upvoteschuckthundercock2 years ago

Yeah, all good points. I guess I was caught up in thinking back to everyone talking about the 50's and 60's which seemed very BP to me.

Women had no status, no property rights, no voting rights, since the beginning of history.

My thoughts are more around the pandora's box that has now been opened, its unlikely to ever be shut absent a total madmax style societal shutdown.

3 upvotesfollow_that_rabbit2 years ago

I don't know what opened the pandora box, i'd say technology, legislation that equalized men and women (voting rights for example) and opening jobs to women. Mind it, i'm not unfavorable about all of that. The problem is that women jumped on the independence train and tossed their natural role in the trash.

May i add this:

Women had no status, no property rights, no voting rights, since the beginning of history.

You are right about property and voting rights but good women actually had status. I'm not talking status like a huge paying job, a car and stuff. I'm talking "good wife and mother" status. Society always recognized and praised faithful women and mothers since the beginning of the ages. Actually from a society standpoint good women were more important than men, they could die in the battlefields in millions and no one blinked an eye because it was their job. Good women instead, by giving birth to kids, were the fundation of society.

Compare this with what's going on now.

1 upvotesRimong2 years ago

Would there be multiple men the the relationship too?

1 upvotesUltraCarnivore2 years ago

No. Cuckoldry is the epitome of the blue pill.

1 upvoteschuckthundercock2 years ago

Guess what, its happening anyway. Think she's not cheating on you or are you overly invested in her not doing it, promise she is.

0 upvotesBeli_Mawrr2 years ago

You have to kinda be ok with other guys doing that with your 2 women then =/

2 upvotesSon_of_Tzu2 years ago

You have to mostly not care.

The less you do, the less she'll go elsewhere.

0 upvotesTheReformist942 years ago

Just run a harem behind your LTRs back. We have a dual strategy as well. It's our AF/BB , so get a somewhat good girl,but since she's dumb enough to assume you accept she's not yours and just your turn,you counter her hypergamy with polygamy. It gives you so much peace of mind. Any rudeness and psychological games on her part is soothed knowing your banging someone else. Remember she's probably doing it you.

The worst that could happen is she's cries a bit,and jumps on the other 100cocks she was doing during ur LTR anyway.

Would you care if HSBC dumped you but Barclays Citi and JP Morgan were dying to give you a job?

7 upvotesgeneral-heartless2 years ago

U didn't train those bitches enough. You didn't break em. You gotta break em like a horse. Once the horse, the bitch, submits to you, you broke her. And she follows your lead, and you can enjoy a great relationship. Obliterate the shit tests and always hold your frame. Also reward good behaviour with affection like kissing or ass slapping or treats, and punish bad behaviour with the withdrawal of your affection and treats.

8 upvotesGamePlayer0072 years ago

Amen. This is the key: do not play by their rules. Set clear boundaries. Do not reward emotional outbursts by losing your own cool. Rather punish outbursts by ignoring her and withdrawing your attention for a suitable time period. Calmly call her out on shitty behaviour by telling her you will not tolerate toddler tantrums from her. If she still refuses to behave, hard next.

1 upvotesLuckyluke232 years ago

yeah this is pretty much rule one for me... or rule 1.1 after don't shit where you eat

-11 upvotesRedPillN00B2 years ago

Don't kid yourself. In the world we live in, "men" love drama. I see it constantly on TV and social media

16 upvotesnattyX2 years ago

TV and social media aren't real life. Are you 15?

0 upvotesRedPillN00B2 years ago

TV and social media are most definitely real life, that's the unfortunate part. These are real people that we get to see through means of "entertainment"..... good try though

1 upvotesnattyX2 years ago

Only a daft millennial with no life experience would believe such drivel. Good luck tho. Can't blame you too much if that's all you know.

0 upvotesRedPillN00B2 years ago

I'm 30 and have more life experience than you could ever hope for, i'm just not blind to the ways of today's world shrug

-5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Hate to tell you, buddy, but if things (such as TV and social media) effect real life, then they're real life.

1 upvotesnattyX2 years ago

LOL one day too you will live in the real world. And it's "affect".

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

So social media is not real life, but the dude that has 500k followers and at least looks like he's living a wild life doesn't have girls DMing him like crazy trying to fuck? Ok, buddy.

18 upvotesfalconpush2 years ago

That sounds more like Blue pilled men though.

3 upvotesThePlayfulDom2 years ago

TH and social media are both heavily geared towards women. Men love excitement. Extreme sports, action movies, etc. Women love drama, aka the emotional rollercoaster. Yes, there are effeminate men who live drama and other feminine traits, but they are still a minority even among "normies."

-5 upvotesMse_922 years ago

Found exactly this girl. Best homie great sex i still can't believe what a lucky bastard I am lol

108 upvotesmidgetpooooo2 years ago

Lurking for many years. Best practical post I've seen in awhile.

54 upvotesbitcoin11882 years ago

Same. I almost never comment. This was an A+ post. Also been lurking many years

6 upvotesGnosiis_2 years ago

Same here. The insight is strong on this poster

3 upvotesSatou42 years ago

Popping in to say I lurk and this post gave me the biggest insight in a while.

1 upvotesAlternativeDisk2 years ago

OP is dangerously powerful - this is gold-standard insight and should be heeded by all.

14 upvotesjb_trp2 years ago

I feel like this post is describing my last relationship. I dated this fun and cute girl who loved to travel. She probably spends 1-2 months per year travelling. She literally will be buying tickets for her next trip before she even goes on the current one she's planning. And it's almost as if the planning and the possibility of travel and new experiences are her addiction--but she's just chasing feelings.

When things are new and exciting and giving her those feelings, then things are at their best. When we first started hooking up, she'd text me and tell me she touched herself 3 times a day thinking about me. And when I came over the next day, we hooked up several times.

But don't expect it to last with a chick like that.

She'll get bored. You'll be good to her, even trying to maintain frame and be alpha, but it's never enough. The shit tests will come in waves. Nothing is good enough because she's always chasing the next feeling.

Don't get hung up on women like this. They're fun, they'll be good to you at first and you'll think everything is great. It's very easy to attach your sense of self-worth or ego to women who are like this. When you're new, and are giving them the feelings they're addicted to, you'll think "Fuck yes, I'm following TRP, maintaining frame and she's loving it. We're doing cool stuff and this could be a fun romance and a decent LTR."

Nope. With a chick like this, you just can't win. Fuck her if you want. Go on trips with her. Have fun. But always have one eye on the exit. Do not make giving this chick her drug (feelings) into your drug.

54 upvotesCanuckinFL2 years ago

A compelling read, and dead to rights IMHO.

69 upvotesKroagnon2 years ago

My wife cycles up and down in this kind of behavior. Going from short, a-few-days to a-couple-weeks of "normal person" behavior then months-to-a-year descent into drama and near-miss divorce, and a similar time frame to pull back up to a short period of relative peace and contentment.

The absolutely pointless wastefulness and negative impact of the whole process on my life is what led me to the Red Pill. Long ago I had to accept that she truly doesn't want to be happy - she wants to experience powerful emotional states, come Hell or high water. It doesn't help that I was a super BP spaz when we got married, and that I still haven't gotten to even basic financial security yet (but I am working that plan). Her whacked-out, emotional high-seeking, dramatic behavior is a drain on me, and has hindered performance in every area of my life.

Pro Tip: learn to vet for depression, pathological insecurities, and past abuse before dating or tying the knot with someone. Just walk away from these types of women.

Mental/emotional issues of any type in a woman exacerbate the behaviors OP describes ten-fold or more. Also, having your life together makes a huge difference in how you will be treated in a relationship.

OP's post is very concise and clear, it should be required reading for newbies. Here's my vote for adding it to the Sidebar.

52 upvotesthefisherman19612 years ago

Yep one of my biggest mistakes in my past LTR was being solipsistic. I assumed that women wanted to achieve happiness like men. Because why the fuck wouldn’t everyone want stable happiness.

But they don’t, they want emotional turmoil.

8 upvotesKroagnon2 years ago

Good point /u/thefisherman1961. I had never thought of my assuming she wants to be happy as solipsism on my part. That's some food for thought...

3 upvotes-ATLAS-_2 years ago

You ever noticed how excited a girl gets when one of her friends has a breakup and needs a friend to cry with? Girls are addicted to that stuff.

9 upvotessd4c2 years ago

And like OP says- what greater emotional turmoil, than that which comes from breaking or bending the rules (of a relationship)? They're no longer in any much physical risk when slinging ass, domestic violence is taboo and pregnancy's quite preventable.

This is why they're "in-power" right now. Most classic disincentives to playing the field, or even just causing drama, are defunct.

8 upvotesKroagnon2 years ago

Men created and maintain the very things that remove those disincentives. None of us men are really expendable, but women don't understand that, not really. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/75/fa/cd/75facdaff5b4219562d4ff53333ff804.jpg

2 upvotesCanuckinFL2 years ago

That's the thing. When you realize that MEN, while blowing themselves to bits for a few yards of muddy earth in Flanders, required people to run the factories. We were so obsessed with killing one another, we actually appealed to women for help to do so. One thing led to another, now we're here. And I'm damn grateful we kill each other less, but now we have another set of headaches. Women don't fear men. I find them so empowered on their own I largely only have one game to play, and that's kinda to ignore them.

6 upvotesRealRational2 years ago

Because why the fuck wouldn’t everyone want stable happiness.

Yeah... this one and your next line do make me think civilization can't actually exist if women have any kind of influence over that societies structures or policy.

2 upvotesp3n1x2 years ago

Balance. Get too "stable" and comfortable you become weak and vulnerable.

Because why the fuck wouldn’t everyone want stable happiness.

This sounds like a child's dreams. Miss America even.

1 upvotesCanuckinFL2 years ago

There's a quote-I'll put it on Rollo Tomassi, but I don't think it was him- "women expect love but desire control, and they'll give up love to get it, the fools."

7 upvotesdrty_pr2 years ago

My wife cycles up and down in this kind of behavior. Going from short, a-few-days to a-couple-weeks of "normal person" behavior then months-to-a-year descent into drama and near-miss divorce, and a similar time frame to pull back up to a short period of relative peace and contentment.

That's fuckin awful dude. If you don't have kids, GTFO. True you're fuckin up in with finances, but when you pull it together, do you really think she's suddenly gonna stop being loco? I have my problems with my wife, but I'd never tolerate bullshit like you mention above. Life is too short not to be unhappy.

7 upvotesKroagnon2 years ago

If you don't have kids, GTFO

We have 4 kids, so getting out is not an option for me.

I tried to do things right. I married my wife right out her parents house, good homeschooling and devoutly religious family, good domestic skills, we have lots in common, she's physically my type, you get the picture.

In retrospect, she had some major red flags. Her and her mom had a mutually abusive relationship all through her teens, and her dad has a job that has him away from home for days at a time. They would butt heads, and try to out-bludgeon the other, but because she was mom, her mom always won. My wife started self-harming to deal with the emotional baggage of it all. She walked away with no emotional coping skills except to bottle everything up until the top blew.

When we were dating all she she wanted to do was escape her parents, because they treated her awful, made her feel terrible, didn't care about her feelings, etc.

We get married, and presto chango, guess who is the one who treats her awful, makes her feel terrible, and doesn't care about her feelings? That's right, ME. Everything she used to say about her parents she says about me. And she's convinced of it, too. The part she relishes the most though is that I'm not her mom, so SHE gets to "win" now (she has even admitted this to me, as if I couldn't already tell). She believes that because she feels like doing or saying something, that makes it right, no matter how destructive or abusive.

She's not terrible all the time, but the depression makes her unable, as a stay at home mom, to keep up with housework at all. It also makes her resting state one of constant, near blow-up or breakdown (usually at or "because of" me).

She refuses to acknowledge her emotional cycles; doing so would be too logical for her emotional motivations, and would trigger her insecurities by pointing out her responsibility for her angst and our situation.

Pro Tip: The worst parental relationship a girl has is the template she will work from for her LTR with you. If she has issues with one or both parents, she will relive those issues in your LTR/marriage, and congrats! You have a defunct relationship that you have no power to ever fix.

Sorry for the rant. Things have been almost good for a few weeks, and the last low was about 8 months ago, so I am waiting for the crash any time now. :/

*Edit: clarity.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Put a boot in her ass like I did my "depressive" wife. I have kids too, and they'll be better off in the end knowing they have a father that doesn't take mommies shit.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I think it is already in the sidebar. What OP said here is a distilled form of what Rollo Tomassi has written.

7 upvoteskillabeesindafront2 years ago

It's almost as if the cycle of emotion is based upon the cycle of their physiological hormonal state. Which has been described in Rollo Tomasi's- The Rational Male- Preventative Medicine.

10 upvotesKroagnon2 years ago

Rollo is so right about their cycles. My wife goes through mini cycles each month, with the week before her period turning her into a a psychotic, abusive wreck. The monthly cycles play into her overall long-term swings, though. I am glad that she never used birth control, we use NFP/charting. She's a hormonal wreck already without the added hormones.

1 upvoteskillabeesindafront2 years ago

And that's the week when you need to show her who's in charge

4 upvotesRealRational2 years ago

The language of this post is a lot more... human.

10 upvotesavonv2 years ago

I agree with your premise about emotions, and was with you until your final paragraph, which I view more or less as a non sequitur.

The whole point of humanity is to evolve. In a committed relationship with a female, you should be evolving together. I don’t discount anecdotes of successful people being cheated on, but those almost always are rooted in complacency: people growing too comfortable, too boring, too passive, etc. “Girl: What do you want for dinner tonight? Guy: “I don’t know, what do you want?” garden variety type stuff.

I think a good takeaway is we must always be evolving in some capacity. In a relationship, that could mean traveling the world together, moving in together, buying a house, starting a family, trying new sex positions, taking up golf ... basically doing new shit throughout life. It’s certainly challenging to do these things and keep someone’s interest over a long period of time, just as they may struggle to keep yours, but it should dramatically reduce the likelihood of emotional disconnect. Even a simple fuck buddy will eventually get tired of you if you only act one way or do the same shit over and over, and vice-versa.

34 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

While reading this I thought of a question for TRP. Isn’t a women who goes and fucks alphas on the side the same as us having plates? Technically we’re doing the same thing right?

31 upvotesstrikethrough1232 years ago

"A key that unlocks a lot of locks is a master key, but a lock that gets unlocked by many keys is a shitty lock."

1 upvotesp3n1x2 years ago

Let us flip this Virgin saying.

Experience is not shitty. You can't teach every girl how to be perfect in bed. Sometimes you will want her to just know what the fuck is up. A lot of guys here talk shit about women they would definitely fuck if given the chance. No need to demean her over ones own insecurities.

8 upvotesstrikethrough1232 years ago

That isn't the point of the saying. Sure I'd use a shitty lock once or twice, but I wouldn't keep it. On the other hand, everyone would like a master key.

2 upvotesRandomePerson2 years ago

Sounds like you're hamstering to rationalize the fact that it is the same.

4 upvotesstrikethrough1232 years ago

No. It isn't. No one in their right mind would knowingly LTR a chick that's been with 20+ partners. However, many women would be happy to lockdown a man with a high n-count.

If you're strictly talking about fucking, then sure it's the same. Everyone enjoys a slut that can ride a good dick.

The phrase applies to LTR's and monogamy, not to experience and who you'd fuck.

21 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Yes. Technically speaking it is. But women do this because hypergamy is their nature and because feels, tingles and fun. Men do it, if they can, because testosterone makes us extremely horny. Hence, one woman isn't enough.

As my grandfather once said: It is useful to have more than one woman, because what one is lacking, the other has.

6 upvotesinca-anon2 years ago

So I wonder the same thing here. Maybe it's logical to think that somewhere down the evolution timeframe we'll see some decline on the biological behaviour that both genders are "programmed" to, even if fairly low.

In reality, everybody wants to fuck everybody. This assumption gets stronger when you consider bisexual behaviours of both gender, and the praise that luxury has on todays society. I'm yet to find the correct mindset to deal with these thoughts, but I don't believe categorizing women as some evil maleficent creature and men as innocent, rational and wisdomy beings is the right way to go. Honestly, some comments/posts I read here seem to victimize us men a lot, when both genders are going through a shitstorm of changes in behaviour and lifestyle.

Monogamy seems to be dead for both genders, and whoever one who tries to seek it will probably be disapointed and fail in the long run. The question is how to deal with these changes, and how to even consider a LTR or a satisfying relationship without the monogamy ideal or exclusiveness of sex, since we were all programmed to believe that's the way to go since always. In a way, I believe what we seek is loyalty, but can it even exist truly if we discard monogamy as an option?

3 upvotesp3n1x2 years ago

Monogamy has not been "since always".

some comments/posts I read here seem to victimize us men a lot

Don't assume everyone commenting is Red Pill. The majority here are still average frustrated chumps trying to force a purple world and failing to accept "they had it wrong". God forbid you remind them that their precious mommies are also women.

I believe what we seek is loyalty, but can it even exist truly if we discard monogamy as an option?


You need to experience non-westernized woman. If you are looking for Suzy California to fit this mold, you are just forcing a square peg into a round hole.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Sure but a man has to work for that status. Women just have to say okay.

2 upvotesCasanova-Quinn2 years ago

It's not the same, it doesn't work the other way around because of a basic truth: it's easy for women to have sex.

To paraphrase comedian Jim Jeffries, "It's easy to be slut, it's hard to be a stud. There are fat ugly sluts, but there are no fat ugly studs."

1 upvotesawalt_cupcake2 years ago

no. intentions and reasons for taking action are different.

14 upvotesBurgundy1452 years ago

Men have multiple sex partners because it is a necessity and girls have multiple sex partners because they're psychopathic cunts?

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

That’s what I was thinking... his comment makes no sense.

2 upvotesawalt_cupcake2 years ago

not psychopathic. sociopathic.

1 upvotesvast_rightwing2 years ago

Women do it because it's generally in their nature. Men who are here deliberately learning about this stuff are doing it because we'll get used up by a lopsided dynamic otherwise. I can't speak for the whole community but I know I would be happier if I could count on a long term monogamous relationship. I play the game because women inevitably disappear as soon as I fully trust them.

14 upvotesBurgundy1452 years ago

"Women (have multiple sex partners) because it's generally in their nature."

How is this a women specific thing? Aren't men the ones evolutionary programmed to have sex with as many people as possible as to pass on our genes.

I am sympathetic and support men on the forum who are trying to better themselves. I am just confused as to why some are defending the idea that men are ok to fuck multiple women and women are psychos for wanting to fuck multiple men. In the end everyone just wants to fuck. Will some women cheat? Yes. But it's the same for men.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Honestly I think we’re on to something here and men and women aren’t really that different.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Women are programmed to have offspring with the BEST possible mate. The inherent flaw there is like being rich there is always someone richer than you. Basically woman want to fuck the best and if they don't feel like they have their best they will fuck around until they do. When they are in a LTR small things come out that take the wind out of your sails whether it's warranted or not making chad or even rodney the sales clerk look better than you even though he may or may not be. In the end who gives a shit.

3 upvotesSelf-honest2 years ago

If you understand the difference between male and female biological imparitives then this makes perfect sense. Men willingly and openly sacrifice their imperative for monogamy. Women act like monogamy is their imperative. Then sacrifice nothing and act on their hypergamy.

2 upvotesBurgundy1452 years ago

What is a woman's imperative then? Asking because you stated what a man's is and what a woman's isn't.

7 upvotesSelf-honest2 years ago

Bro. Read the last sentence.

Edit: Read it all again. I didn't state what a man's imperative is. I did state what a woman's is.

5 upvotesawalt_cupcake2 years ago

Looking back through /u/Burgundy145's posts it is clear they are incapable of reading.

2 upvotesBurgundy1452 years ago

Ok I would think about it as monogamy is a woman's imperative but hypergamy drives them to find the highest SMV mate they can be monogamous with. So this leads to them having multiple partners to find the best one. I don't view this as psychotic which is the reason for my first comment.

0 upvotesnewName5434562 years ago

The difference is, when you spin plates, you don't pretend some sort of life commitment and devotion, which would be the case for a woman presented in OP.

32 upvoteseccentricrealist2 years ago

Men think in the long term while women live in the moment. Well done, OP, this is quality material.

11 upvotesAuvergnat2 years ago

The manosphere is Newbs of this sub are so caught up on the concepts of alpha and beta but I feel like everyone is missing the bigger picture here.

fixed that for you.

See dr_warlock's "Women don't want to feel good, they want to feel", still ontop of my list of bookmarks of this sub.

But still, good reminder, very well put, and probably not talked often enough as it deserves.

19 upvotesomega_fat2 years ago

Have several on rotation and we can surely forget the mission. Day job plus gym plus sleep plus commuting to work. Oh, plus juggling several plates and looking for new ones constantly. Plus inevitable downtime when you just really need to rest.
You want a mission - monk mode or at worst LTR.

24 upvotesthefisherman19612 years ago

Agreed, I can’t spin plates, go to the gym, go to work, sleep, do chores, hang out with my friends, and focus on my mission. There just aren’t enough hours in a day to do all that continuously without burning out.

I compromise by having an LTR because I sure as shit wasn’t going to start slacking in any of the other areas. I have just enough time for one woman, not 2 or 3. YMMV

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Suit yourself, but I'm going for my harem. I know how to make time.

1 upvotesthefisherman19612 years ago

You can have a harem and be in an LTR

-3 upvotesp3n1x2 years ago

Agreed, I can’t

Yeah, but some can. If you are in your early 20's and haven't established anything yet, yeah, this is hard as fuck.

do chores

Get a maid.

go to the gym, go to work

Work fewer hours.

I have just enough time for one woman

Also, fuck your maid.

Being able to do all the things you listed and not burn out is "Earned" it is not a given.

5 upvotesthefisherman19612 years ago

Get a maid

Can’t afford it

Work fewer hours

I only work 40 hrs a week

Being able to do all the things you listed and not burn out is "Earned" it is not a given.

Who said otherwise?

6 upvotessd4c2 years ago

This. Einstein had ten girlfriends in rotation (that we know of). But only AFTER he'd done major work.

When he was a post office clerk (or equivalent), nobody was interested...

21 upvotesRightNeedsMight2 years ago

A woman will be whatever you tell her to be so long as you aren't telling her what to be.

29 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

It think this is better said like this: Women will follow you but don't tell them what they want--that will force them to decide what they want and they NEVER want to do that. They will willingly and enthusiastically try new things or try things your way, but it has to be your fault, not because they chose it. Acting like this gives them plausible deniability, which is a survival mechanism.

6 upvotesiOSvista2 years ago

Can you expound on this? What is the difference?

1 upvotesRightNeedsMight2 years ago

When your frame is right, you will be actively displaying the kind of behavior that you demand from a woman. She will know that she has to be that or risk being not with you. You don't scream at a woman to be this not that. Vote with your feet. BUT, be MISSED when you are gone.

Oh you want to shriek? Bye Oh you made me some delicious food? hey babe this is great.

Also, when you run game, it rarely looks like an instruction manual. But there is a list of things you are actively doing that brings out the behaviors you want in bed.

Actually, there is a counterpoint: one of the only places you end up telling her what to do is AFTER you've done the hard work of getting her to the place where she wants to do what you tell her.

22 upvotesSKRedPill2 years ago

The world's oldest books on art and music and game recognize cheating as a separate flavour of love to itself. If you ever read the stories of Hindu god Krishna that's like a theme satisfying plurality, exclusivity and hypergamy at the same time (it's not possible in real life).

The thing is, riding the cock carousel has become like porn addiction these days.

7 upvotesmajorbollocks [OP]2 years ago

Interesting. Mind sharing a few sources?

9 upvotesSKRedPill2 years ago

Go read up on Krishna and the gopis. It's all game. He is the poster boy for alphas.

These hero heroine themes are as old as civilization. Whole tomes have been written about all the different types of heroes and heroines and all flavours of relationships. These themes are a significant part of Indian dance and paintings and most movies still follow it.

The essentials are this - pure romance is always more tasteful than married romance as there are no mundanities to deal with and love need not be split between husband and children.

The particular kind of relationship where the heroine experience love for an alpha while being married is called parakiya (love for another) rasa (flavour). You can do this in a world of pure art and fantasy with no consequences. It actually creates a hell lot of sexual tension and dread - more so than a married relationship. Almost like the way an aroused guy feels when the clothes are in the way.

If these things weren't recognized in human psychology, they wouldn't appear in the arts and epics. However, the danger of rampant instincts destabilizing society in the real world was very much known. Marriage was created for a reason - not on a whim.

3 upvotesIrishminer932 years ago

Haven't done to much reading about Hindu gods, because the one book I have is huge. Took a summer to try and read it, only got through 1/4th of it. But chances are this is the book/epic he is talking about: Mahabharata.

15 upvotesT8ernutz2 years ago

There's a reason having an LTR is considered red pill on hard mode. You are responsible for everything in the relationship.

Dominance. Emotion. Variety. Immersion.

This is what you need to bring to the bedroom. It's not always balls deep, grabbing her throat, sometimes she needs to feel the emotion, other times, slow, etc.

Women are all about emotions, and you're responsible for creating them. Your confident stoicism, your fun loving attitude, passive or direct dread game, it's all up to you. You bring direction and purpose to the relationship, she is joining you on your journey. She needs to feel that she cannot break you from your journey, and know that if she cannot bring value to you, or detracts from your progress that she is expendable.

Additionally, women don't know what they want. You provide that direction, and they follow.

I could go on, and put a more organized post together, if necessary. But I think this communicates the jist of it.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

This is what you need to bring to the bedroom. It's not always balls deep, grabbing her throat, sometimes she needs to feel the emotion, other times, slow, etc.

Covered in sex god method. Great book.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Great stuff. This responsibility used to scare me until I realized how freeing it is to decide and direct shit. It feels good. It’s addictive. Think of that. Her job is to be directed and she loves it. Your job is to direct. I can’t think of a better way things could be.

1 upvotesderex2 years ago

Thats a female reproductive strategy, boredom leads to different cock, leads to different offspring, I dont think females evolved to be bound to 1 cock for life and you have to accept that, otherwise you are destined for disappointment in life.

genetic diversity produces the strongest offspring The children of parents who are more distantly related tend to be taller and smarter than their peers, according to one of the largest studies to date into genetic diversity.


8 upvotesthefisherman19612 years ago

Humans in general didn’t evolve for monogamy. It’s a social construct. We are polygamists and serial monogamists

Why do you think our dicks and balls are so big? Because we need to be able to shoot lots of cum deep inside a girl for our sperm to outcompete the sperm of the other dudes she is fucking

5 upvotesfigyg2 years ago

That's a little debatable. It depends what you consider evolution. Is farming part of evolution of society as a whole or a social construct?

3 upvotesjazz_inmypants2 years ago

hmm what does height have to do with the "strength" of the offspring and chances of survival ? appeal yes, and therefore increased chances of reproduction, but other than that it seems like a rather useless trait in a modern world

6 upvotesmemphisjohn2 years ago

in a modern world

evolution has not yet caught up to "modern"

2 upvotesjazz_inmypants2 years ago

yeah I get what you're saying

2 upvotesRocky_Bukkake2 years ago

pretty sure it's pseudoscience, see a lot of that here

1 upvotesantman8112 years ago

For some reason I read what you wrote as: 'Females evolved to be bound to cock for life" and laughed.

It seems it's true if by cock you mean men. Society without men is unimaginable.

5 upvotesbluedragon2392 years ago

Ok so reading all this

How do you deal with this?

All I can think of is vetting her properly and having red pill qualities

27 upvotesKingoffistycuffs2 years ago

A good thing that might be tried is to have a large family/demanding career (my votes for family). A large family is filled with enough daily drama to keep the emotions properly fed with love affection anger disappointment etc. then all you’d need to do is fuck her really well and bring stability and decisiveness and bongo bango. Big family is 5+ kids for reference. Might flesh this out at some later date. Seems interesting.

5 upvotesRevo_Luzione2 years ago

Good post. This is a very old-school way of thinking. It's fraught with peril, but it's needed for western values to survive. I'm currently contemplating how to best put this into action, considering the current socio-sexual climate in the west, and whilst still absorbing the lessons of the red pill without being too jaded. The last part is tough, when you've seen up close and personally the behaviors and values of most western women.

1 upvotesKingoffistycuffs2 years ago

I’m not sure who is actually more jaded tbh. The person who see it then retroactively learns why (you) or the person who never learned about it first hand but through the sub (me). Nothing worth doing is ever easy/not perilous:). The real key to the issue however is having enough male children to keep the mother busy with the playful, annoying high energy half. That fairly hard with all the estrogen mimickers in our food and water that’s causing all this emotional bs trannies and gays (though I’m willing to grant the last one not a whole lot of cause.) you basically want to get them fed properly with a healthy gut biome in order to have a more balanced mental health. I’d start you quest with food. We are what we eat after all.

1 upvotesKingoffistycuffs2 years ago

I’m not sure who is actually more jaded tbh. The person who see it then retroactively learns why (you) or the person who never learned about it first hand but through the sub (me). Nothing worth doing is ever easy/not perilous:). The real key to the issue however is having enough male children to keep the mother busy with the playful, annoying high energy half. That fairly hard with all the estrogen mimickers in our food and water that’s causing all this emotional bs trannies and gays (though I’m willing to grant the last one not a whole lot of cause.) you basically want to get them fed properly with a healthy gut biome in order to have a more balanced mental health. I’d start you quest with food. We are what we eat after all.

3 upvotesbluedragon2392 years ago

So you're basically filling her need of emotion that's usually satisfied by seeking out a new hookup with toddlers and hormone raging teenagers while allowing her to deal with them and come to you for a good fucking frequently. Interesting, didn't think of it this way. I guess no matter how well you raise them children always create drama

I think people don't realize that there's more than one way a need can be met. Like when you really want pizza but then someone puts a juicy hamburger in front of you and you still attack it with the same intensity and enjoy it, completely forgetting pizza even existed until you're hungry again.

3 upvotesKingoffistycuffs2 years ago

Also by the time menopause comes around the youngest should be leaving and you’ll be able to settle down into an advisory role for your adult kids guiding them to also get large family’s started themselves. More in this later if you’re interested.

3 upvotesmental_models2 years ago

Yikes! That’s a steep price to pay for a hunch. Next: You realize you’re wrong and fake your own death? What in fucks name????

3 upvotesKingoffistycuffs2 years ago

Think of kids and family like solar panels. Steep initial investment but as you add more they eventually pay for themselves and then some. The large intial investment is scary and if you hire a bad installer (the women) you’ll eat shit but with proper research and I planning you’ll keep risk to a minimum.

0 upvotesmental_models2 years ago

Why make a steep investment?

Pussy is abundant. If you eventually want a family as part of a life decision, then by all means have a family. But, if your answer to the fact that women are manic-depressive needy emotional junkies, - is to load them up with kids - that's fucking unbearably stupid.

The real answer to that is to be valuable, and to make yourself scarce. Then YOU have the power to play or pass any opportunity. Once you commit, you've handed them that power.

1 upvotesKingoffistycuffs2 years ago

Oh? So your saying that you don’t do your research before making a big purchase? For example, comparing solar panels (looking for red flags) comparing companies ( deciding what you do and don’t want in a women) is “loading a maniac depressive emotion junkie with kids” a steep investment? Id say stupid personally, but if you’re the type of person that makes big decisions with little research more power to you and all the luck. A good thing to ask instead of jumping down someone’s throat with the most obvious worst case scenario would be what is a steep investment mean to you? To which I’d reply lifting, learning game, nutrition, getting a good career and dozens of other little things that will help make having kids an easier task. I’ve been here learning for about 5 years now TRP was the reason I got a redit account to begin with. Learn to ask good questions and don’t be a fucking jumpy fag about this stuff. Mmmmkay?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I agree with u/mental_models, you can vet all you want, but you're still taking a huge risk in this society with current family laws. You can be Alpha all you want, you can still get divorce raped. Look at Pitt, look at Depp, if a A list celebrity can't stay married becasue of a woman's need for drama then what makes you think you can?

1 upvotesfigyg2 years ago

I think this is really good advice. Plus the social shame that would come from her ruining the relationship would be a threat.

1 upvotesp3n1x2 years ago

Yeah, but this only works if you are OK fucking the same pussy for the rest of your life. Some men have broader appetites.

You also have to have something going that can afford 6 dependants in a healthy environment. That is not a trivial task. Specialists that make the money to have such a luxury are not 'common' men.

2 upvotesfigyg2 years ago

In my opinion, at the very least you want to see that her parents are still together, especially if yours aren't. If both of you come from broken homes, there's a snowball's chance in hell that it's going to work out

4 upvotesKingoffistycuffs2 years ago

A good thing that might be tried is to have a large family/demanding career (my votes for family). A large family is filled with enough daily drama to keep the emotions properly fed with love affection anger disappointment etc. then all you’d need to do is fuck her really well and bring stability and decisiveness and bongo bango. Big family is 5+ kids for reference. Might flesh this out at some later date. Seems interesting.

7 upvotesRevo_Luzione2 years ago

Great post. This is why maintaining frame is so important. Maintaining frame allows a man to maintain his composure while creating the conditions of the emotional roller coaster ride that women need in their lives.

6 upvotes10Kmonk3Y52 years ago

You keep saying "mission". What is your mission? What is your end game here?

29 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

If women didn't exist what would you be doing

14 upvotesRich77u2 years ago

This is in itself a red pill

2 upvotesblobblobz2 years ago

This would be a great poll / survey to do on trp

1 upvotesbitcoin11882 years ago

Who cares about this guys personal mission. This was a great post. Much to take away from it

6 upvotesBear-With-Bit2 years ago

One of the best things I've learned here is the difference between the natural states of both genders. Men need stability, women need drama.

To take it a step further, stability helps men to do work and get things done, while drama helps women to be overwhelmed by emotions.

18 upvotesxenigala2 years ago

You seem to be attracting girls with borderline personality disorder.

19 upvotesSelf-honest2 years ago

I think they are all on that spectrum. Some are just more addicted to the drama than others. BPD diagnosed chicks are just the most willing to kill somebody to get their fix.

8 upvotesawalt_cupcake2 years ago

LMAO BPD is to women what Autism is to men. I love it.

3 upvotessd4c2 years ago

NPD chicks are worse (and even worse than that are sociopaths).

7 upvotesHelrade2 years ago

We are supposed to vet women with mental health issues and or childhood trauma but what if the red pill aware man himself is afflicted with such ailments? Would it not be a double standard to require normalcy when he himself has suffered from mental illness? Or is a red pill aware man who has mental health issues unworthy of love and affection? It’s hard to wear a mask constantly to be more alpha at the expense of authenticity. Yes I know we must be the best version of ourselves but we must also be real selves to have genuine intimacy.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You can have those issues and get over them. And I’ve seen women do the same. The nature of dealing with and repairing mental health issues is that it is done by one’s own choice and with a little hard work. As a result, simply by being aware, you’re irreversibly on your way to a more healthy and stable state of being, but you will meet loads of women who aren’t on their way - who haven’t taken the personal initiative to even be aware and take responsibility for their issues. Women you formerly wanted to be with lose their value to you because you find that you deserve and demand better.

When you search deeply for your own values and start to align your life to them, your course starts to straighten. It’s like your stars are coming into alignment. Let’s take an example from your post. Correct me if I’m wrong on this:

You questioned whether a red pill man (you) is worthy of love and affection. I’m guessing you’re unsure about that, because you suspect you’re not, or you frequently tell yourself you’re not. But because it’s a meaningful issue to you - otherwise you’d peacefully accept that you’re not worthy and be done with it - it gnaws at you. Love and affection are valuable to you. They’re encoded into you, and to live rightly and to be true and honorable to yourself, you must base your actions on those inner values. Balance that with the fact that men and women don’t love the same (see The Rational Male book series, specifically the first one), and the current cultural climate, and you have some useful tools to guide you. You understand yourself, women, and the environment. Add to that some experience and skill in following your values and making a life based on these, and you’re on a different path.

Lastly, you don’t have to wear a mask to be a masculine man and still be true to yourself. As you become more masculine, it will feel more true than anything. Every part of your development is mutually reinforcing. Your success and fulfillment (not momentary, masturbatory happiness) snowball. The good in you increases exponentially as long as you follow your values. The best version of yourself is extremely genuine and adept at finding and maintaining real intimacy. He just isn’t a beta chump getting fucked in the ass by life.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

This is EXACTLY what I was thinking while reading the post. Thanks for saving me the trouble

7 upvotesSimpleJacked2 years ago

This is also what happens when you alpha widow a woman. You have pushed all of her emotions to such an extreme degree she can't find that emotional high anywhere else. She fuckin hates you and loves you at the same time. Much like an addict she will always be one hit away from relapse. Problem is there is no rehab from alpha cock and nobody is going to sit her down for an intervention.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

This is profound. She’s fucked unless she gets some serious introspection and relates to her addiction like a sober alcoholic relates to drink. 999/1000 times - not gonna happen.

5 upvotesWiseMonkeyGoodMonkey2 years ago

I have literally never said this before, but this guy gets it. Spot-fucking-on.

6 upvotesbobers6542 years ago

I sometimes come on this sub because I agree with a small percent of the stuff said here.

I feel that this could describe some people I know, maybe only some of the time. And there are girls, my ex for example, who did not start ANY drama (she isnt on any social media to get an idea), she was just very driven, worked 50-60 hour work weeks, now finishing up her 2nd degree, never asked me for money, etc...

What Im getting at is quite a few girls (and maybe it's the company, the type of girls you have experienced in your life) really do not like a dick shoved down their throat. Some girls grew up with great parents and were average or ugly as kids, but grew up hot... Some realize that having an abusive boyfriend is self-abusive.

I read and soak up a majority of what I can so that I can get inside the head of some select few people who may fit this picture, but Im not going to apply it broadly. Its not just ethically wrong, like many crazed feminists would scream, but simply is incorrect. People are complex; some follow animalistic instincts, while others have transcended those impulses and can coherently understand long-term effects of choices on themselves.

Go find women that value themselves because they do exist. I and my ex are still good friends, so I can get a good sense of my strengths and weaknesses. I asked her; "Was I the first guy who has not texted you the first day I got your number?" She looked confused, because she never realized it before, but it was, in fact, true. On the other hand, if I had ever tried to shove my dick in her, even if I wanted to, I would have been gone like that.

Which feels more desperate of an action? The rape or the not-texting-her-right-away that excited her while also noting that I had some subtle quality in me?

We had some amazing, exciting experiences, but she draws a line. And if you are a man, you would, too. Not just on yourself, but the shit you'll take from others. You'll have fewer "friends" if you call people out on their shit, but the few that remain will be a quality bunch, and believe it or not, girls think the same way.

4 upvotesRedPillHanSolo2 years ago

Very insightful. Reminded me of things that Rollo lined out in his "Indignation" post.

2 upvotesshootiemcglock2 years ago

I think this is an important aspect of intersexual dynamics that can’t be ignored. Guys are so fixated on becoming alpha, for the right reasons, but that’s still no guarantee. Spinning plates is the answer. Solid post, articulated well. Hope to see more content like this in the future.

5 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

This is something I've been saying for a long time. Women must feel all emotions or they become distraught. One of the worst things I did early in my marriage was trying to intervene when Legal Cohabiting Female was either sad or angry. The funny thing is she outright, explicitly told me not to do it, but I persisted. Once the fucking lightbulb went on in my head, things got substantially easier between us.

And yes, blooptards, I said that. It was MY FAULT. Mind blown, right?

And when I mean distraught, I mean quite literally. The longer they are removed from those feelings, the worse they get and there is no bottom to this pit. Men kill themselves because they see at as a solution. Women kill themselves to escape how they feel. In my (limited) experience with women in such a bad place, ultimately they got there because they could never find a balance of emotion.

It should also be noting I think this is why women with kids tend to be better balanced. Children are insufferable assholes when it comes to parenting them. They will take women through all the emotions.

FYI: this is why our formatting guidelines should be followed. I think you have a lot to say here but it gets a bit muddled when given as a stream of consciousness.

2 upvotes0attr2 years ago

There's a lot of poetic feeling behind these words but there is also the paradoxical fact that, in order to write something like this, your experience with women has to have been quite limited. Your talking about one kind of woman, which maybe is the only kind that you meet.

Open up your eyes just a touch and you'll find there really are all kinds of women around. Some are loyal until death -- too loyal for you, I would imagine. Some are clingy. Some are too insecure to be in a relationship. Some are happy in relationships that look nothing like anything you described above - many, in fact.

I could walk out the door of my apartment complex and bump into 3 women who I know behave nothing like the above. Your life experience is severely lacking.

3 upvotesNkkBeez2 years ago

This is one of the most accurate assessments on female behavior I’ve seen in a while. Thanks for sharing. This is like the layman’s cliff notes for woman’s psyche in a nutshell.

4 upvotesG_Banger2 years ago

This is 100% bang on. Just broke up with my gf of 1 year last night. It was a matter of time, and I was planning on breaking up with me in the near future, but she messaged me saying how the spark was gone etc... She's gotten bored because there's no excitement in the realtionship anymore.

IMHO (and I could sense this about her from the beginning and OP mentions this) she would rather bounce from toxic relationship to toxic relationship with her few orbiters because at least that hits her need for emotional stimulation

1 upvotesp3n1x2 years ago

Don't blame your boring'ness on "toxicity". Yeah, if you aren't the right dude to keep her entertained, move on. But don't make negative excuses.

You may have been "the comfortable cock" to her and not the master.

3 upvotesjazz_inmypants2 years ago

Thanks you for your thoughts OP. Very helpful and nicely written. I couldn't ask for more

3 upvotesreddishworm2 years ago

Love the post. Reminds me of Patrice O'Neal - Sharks vs. Penguins.

0 upvotesSelf-honest2 years ago

Just listened to it. I love Patrice. Always on point.

3 upvotesAnanonguy882 years ago

That's so fucking true. Not long ago I tried to be a strong and intense emotion pod and it was getting me laid with few hot chicks but it's so exhausting for a long term that now I'm burned out, not giving a fuck even about the fact that they are getting bored, I'm getting bored of these chicks too and feel no need to play in their circus anymore to keep getting laid which is not a fix anymore too. I was no better than these dopamine addicts, I took the female trait and acted on it. Fuck it all.

Now I'm not sure how to proceed from this as I lost any will to game anymore. Maybe I should wait till the thirst for women comes back and go monk mode until then.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

What part (s) of it are you becoming bored of? Where is the disdain coming from?

3 upvotesFulp_Piction2 years ago

This started well and got really weird and rambley. Throughout the whole thing you've assumed that women have the self awareness to know exactly what they're doing all of the time - they don't. I don't think anyone does 100% of the time. I think that's why talking about 'the game' doesn't work. You're making her realise how systematic this whole thing is, you're killing the magic and the specialness and the feels for the ego boost of saying 'look at me, I know this shit', and you can't fuck an ego boost.

3 upvotesstrikethrough1232 years ago

Learned a lot from this post. Side-bar material.

3 upvotesMastodonMoney2 years ago

This is why a hot boring woman is my perfect woman haha.

2 upvotesp3n1x2 years ago

hot boring woman

Your version of hot maybe far different from the norm. This is Unicorn talk.

2 upvotesFrenetic_Zetetic2 years ago

The essence of behavioral psychology distilled in real-world examples.

This post is essentially perfect.

2 upvotesUltimate_Mindset2 years ago

Great post! Explains so much. So the shittests are their way of talking, they want to be treated like they treat a guy that aproaches and gets a shit test. They want the drama and that is what my biggest problem was always!!! I always felt like girls are very shallow, I never wanted to play their game, just wanted NO DRAMA. Why are women like this? What natural purpose does it serve? They just want the feeling, no depth to it, its bullshit, why wouldnt they want a trait in a man that is very hard to master or rare... If we look at the greatest men in the history they werent all swimming in pussy but they should and all the normal guys should be strugling. Womens antennas are screwed.

1 upvotesRene-Girard2 years ago

The solution: Create bullshit drama out of nothing to keep her hooked. Drug or alcohol "abuse", gambling, cheating, getting into fights with her or with others.

1 upvotesRedPill_Swinger2 years ago

"She would rather be cheated on than agree to an open relationship". Oh how I wish this was untrue. I've only had a few open relationships which included swinging plus a few others where we orbited swinging without actually playing. And guess what? The best moment to propose swinging is either after she catches you cheating on her or when you "threaten" to leave her if she doesn't feel ready, that's why "curious" couples are stuck in the limbo. After that she tries is and will thank you for the rest of her polygamous life

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

This is why women shouldn't vote.

The best thing for us to do is to have multiple women in our lives.

Exactly. Bring some stability into our lives by regulating women to the position they were meant to be in.

3 upvotesCrazyAlligator2 years ago

Jfc dude. Women shouldn't vote? Even if you acknowledge this highly questionable stance on "what each gender wants" we're all still people and we all still have to live in the same society. Do you literally think women are second class citizens? Because if so you have some fucked ideology man.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

My "fucked" ideology is the truth. Feminist society refuses to acknowledge it becasue it doesn't further their bullshit.

Women shouldn't vote?

No. Because women operate on emotions, not logic.

Do you literally think women are second class citizens?

Yes Yes and Yes. There's a reason why thousands of images like these exist. Women operate on emotions, not logic. Societies thrive on logic and fall becasue of emotions. Look at Rome or read the book of Genesis. Can't get three chapters into the bible without a woman fucking something up & a man that was stupid enough to listen to her. Women were literally created to please us. We've forgotten this.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Your sexism is hardcore to the point you have obsessed over it and talk about woman in any negative way you can, as much as you can. You say woman operate in emotion, when clearly your emotional drive and operation in life is to talk down about 50 percent of the population any chance you get to make yourself feel good that you got it out for people to listen. No point in arguing either. You said zero facts

1 upvotesFinancialMagus2 years ago

He actually gave two facts - two specific examples where emotions ruined something good. Society and life runs well when it runs logically. It runs horribly when it is run by emotions.

Rather than say not letting women vote, I'd rather only those who had a net positive tax contribution to that branch of government be allowed to vote. If you are paying in, you can vote. If you aren't, you can't.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

sexism is hardcore

It is. Truth is hardcore. You're either a woman or a weak beta male judging by your tone. Read the bible. A fact in and of itself.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

You can spout words and call whatever that comes out of your mouth truth, not emotion, all you want with zero facts, it just makes you look like an idiot that always believes their right and never changes their mind. Bible is the last place to look for truth. I support when Ben Shapiro says it most of the time due to his facts, you just have none.

2 upvotesKoryphae_2 years ago

If almost everything is perpetuating yet still having a balance in life, I think it is far more important to keep that balance than to forcefully exercise "EVERYTHING MUST BE LOGICAL"-mindset. In broad sense, you can not say logical/rational thinking is necessarily "the right way". An argument that "societies thrive on logic" is a weak one since, as once again, the stuff in nature rarely is straight up linear, meaning even progress must have it's ups & downs.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

In broad sense, you can not say logical/rational thinking is necessarily "the right way"

Of course it is. And fuck "balance." There has always been a hierarchy in nature and humans are no different. We'd still be living in grass huts today & you wouldn't have the luxury of bitching on the internet if society operated the way women do.

Feminism is wrong. Deal with it.

-1 upvotesFedor_Gavnyukov2 years ago

"girls just wanna have fun". remember that song. a lot of foreign broads, especially russian ones, have figured this out. they get into the best shape, fake tits, whatever it takes. travel the world fucking rich dudes, spending their money. then eventually as they get older some rich guy will undoubtedly marry her and keep spending more money on her and giving her the life of lavishness and luxury.. and a lot of times other dudes to fuck. every woman i've ever spoken to wishes for the easy life. many can't have it though because being ugly and socially awkward is a thing.

1 upvotesnasisliiike2 years ago

Agreed with this up until the laughably bad and retarded last paragraph. It's not all about fucking. If that's the only thing you're after than that's your fault. That's on you.

1 upvotestrpnewguy6662 years ago
  1. I think it's clear that this behaviour is not normal or healthy, and that by enabling this behaviour you do a disservice to yourself. You, as a man, should not indulge in a lifestyle that creates those emotional ups and downs, since they will not just affect the woman but also you.

  2. This sort of advice is probably to be taken from a "bang as many chicks as possible" / plate spinning PoV or serving that kind of lifestyle. If you're trying to apply that mindset to an LTR, I think you're poised for mayhem.

  3. You use this metaphor of drug addiction. (It's probably not even a metaphor but the truth, in a psychological sense). Drug addictions can often be cured by abstaining from the drug. You don't mention this in your post. Maybe rightfully so, because the drug is literally available on every street corner. Maybe it's ridiculous to think the addiction can be cured once it's there...

1 upvotesShaman66242 years ago

I disagree. Women are also built to pursue stability. Obviously. A stable environment is nesscary to raise kids. I think that what you say that women want is summarized by : they want the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal. And Men want that to. We're different, yes, but not THAT different. The main difference is that women often want to be the first mate. So what she really wants is a man with a compelling vision and the balls to make that vision progressively more real. Then ofcourse she wants her own little projects here and there but she wants to feel like you are bigger and more important to society than she is.

The progressive realization of a worthy ideal is what life as a human is about anyway that is what gives you all those emotions: Living and following your own ideals and values. And a women, on the sideline, watching your struggle and life unfold in awe (ideally) experiences strong emotions. That's why you think that she wants the emotions but what she really wants is the thing that gives her those emotions. And in a short term romance that thing is a short dream of sorts it's what you use to hook her in and it's a story waiting to unfold that you represent. While in a long term relationship that thing has to be real and you have to BE it. That's why so few long term relationships succeed. Because they depend in a larger part on a man's real value instead of his capacity to create dreams. (but ofcourse seduction also stays important)

Women are less stable on average, that's true. The theory behind that is that they had to be more neurotic so their mind keeps anticipating bad things that can happen to their baby's

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

It was definitively an epiphany for me when a female friend told me she likes having a good cry. I was wondering why the fuck she and her friends would see movies that just made them cry and that was her response.

If there isn't something to cry about, they'll invent something.

1 upvotesRandomePerson2 years ago

Jesus Christ. Sounds like you have self selected the most fucked up women to be in your life. Where are you going where the majority of women you meet would rather be abused than bored. Seriously, I want to know so that I can stay far the hell away from that den of train wrecks and daddy issues.

1 upvotesGamerzHistory2 years ago

This is what we call a pussy magnet

1 upvotesseattleron2 years ago

She'll feel like an experienced person teaching a naive boy. She'll feel like she's taking away the innocence of a young boy. She'll feel the taboo of betraying the trust of a man she professes to love. She'll feel really good and have so much fun. Then she'll feel really bad and beat herself up. Then she'll confess and her spouse will lose his shit and that'll start more drama. And it'll all be delicious.

Absolutely fantastically put, and accurate. Well done.

1 upvotesTruthSeekaaaaa2 years ago

I read this post pretty much every day, multiple times, and everytime I find it so brutal but so objective. I've recently break up from a sick relationship, obv in hindsight it's easy to see things as they are and it's really clear how females want emotions not the person. The woman I was seeing always spoke about her emotions, how I made her feel in a certain way, but she wasn't attached to me. She was after the strong emotions a man with 16 years less than her was able to provide. She didn't see me beside her in years, but the emotions were so strong that she accepted to be in a relationship she didn't want. She hinted many times she like a man who is the perfect description of the provider. She said I was giving her all the things she needed in that moment. Guess what? I'm so naive that I began to fall in love for a person I don't really like who would be ready to dump me in the future, with no mercy, only to fulfill her next needs.

I wasn't special for her, I was just an emotional pod

1 upvotesLambdal72 years ago

Posts starts out really good, but then says this

Men are not built this way. Men love stability. Stable emotions, consistent sex, and freedom. This is the foundation we need to build things. Forging alliances, creating civilisations. None of that could be done if we were all out looking for the next emotional high.

It's exactly the opposite

Men love change. Adrenaline junkies, sex with lots of women and freedom, always looking out for the next challenge to get the next high.

This is the foundation we need to build things. Forging alliances, creating civilisations. If we were already complacent, we wouldn't be doing that. Though, we want to get faster, better, stronger, richer.

This is what drives us, this is what drives humanity, this is the only reason we still exist, because we want to spread our seed and advance our civilization.

However, saying that we want stability etc. isn't really true. Men are built even more to always look for the next dopamine hit, get richer while scamming people, fuck the woman hotter than the previous one, conquer continents and killing a large part of their inhabitants. This is especially true for men.

1 upvotesFuture_MK2 years ago

Solid post, could be structured a little better but the theme is good. AWALT and remember she’s not yours, it’s just your turn.

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

you really oughta just leave it at "solid post"

3 upvotesp3n1x2 years ago

Or the emotional downvoters should be able to accept constructive criticism without negativity.

Nothing wrong with getting "better" all the time. If you tell OP "this was perfect" to sugar coat it and be a "polite blue pill faggot", then you are being disingenuous and hurting OP in the long run.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

could be structured a little better

wheres the constructive part? its ambiguous and condescending, and if someone wrote just that on something i wrote I would call them out.

it's not written how YOU would write it but that's okay because you didn't write it.

but the theme is good

oh very nice compliment. are you his school teacher? are you going to send a good report card home for his mommy and daddy?

If you tell OP "this was perfect" to sugar coat it and be a "polite blue pill faggot"

nothing is perfect. and you have to re-engage how you define blue pill and red pill such that not everything you do or don't do get's delimited into those two extremes. then again if you are so concerned with downvotes and defending your honor that you wrote this retarded reply, i might be wasting my time giving you actual constructive criticism.

1 upvotesFuture_MK2 years ago

It’s not that deep fam... relax

1 upvotesdustman832 years ago

Great post and so true. Seems even more prevelent with attractive women.

1 upvotesTheAC9972 years ago

I used to think that my ex wanted to have a bad life, but maybe this is what was going on instead?

1 upvotesbeginner_2 years ago

And that is why, if you want kids and hence some form of LTR, you need to choose the boring girl. You can go do exiting stuff with male friends or alone. If she is already very active, runs to every party and happening you already know she is easily and quickly bored.

The manosphere is so caught up on the concepts of alpha and beta but I feel like everyone is missing the bigger picture here. There are so many stories of textbook alphas getting cheated on it's not even funny.

if you get cheated on, you are exclusive and hence acting as a provider (beta). That's the problem. She can't really cheat on her alpha jerk because they never were exclusive. A provider can also hold frame, go to the gym, jadajada but he still acts provider and hence cheating will happen sooner or later.

1 upvotesTheSebitti2 years ago

Please learn how to use paragraphs. It is used after the end of a sentence, not mid sentence. I see this so often here...

Overall quite a pointless post. Seems like it was written on the fly.

2 upvotesmax_peenor2 years ago

Overall quite a pointless post.


Seems like it was written on the fly.

But this is why it seems that way to you. As noted in my post, I think it suffered because it was a stream of consciousness, rather than a proper essay. Nevertheless, there are good points here, even if they have been covered before.

1 upvotesewrc2 years ago

should have more upvotes

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Good post.

1 upvotesDominic_Farussi2 years ago

Good post. A bit too long in my opinion and I also don't agree with you saying men aren't built in a way that makes us crave emotions. Most men are actually dopamine-addicted and that's one of the main reasons for the current male depression.

The reasons women are more prone to this addiction is the the fact that they lack ambition and purpose, compared to us, and also that any emotional high a man feels is increased by ten-fold if felt by a pussy carrier.

1 upvotesCAPIreland2 years ago

Really fantastic post, gives great insight in ways I hadn't fully considered before :)

1 upvotesradiantoscillation2 years ago

There’s a lot of stuff that I find weak here, talking about alpha beta etc « lift bruh » « me I fuck girls me me me », but this is actually quite good, the big picture as you say. Reminds me of some Rollo tickets.

I think you forgot to add that sometimes it’s not even planned, not sure if they are actually conscious of all this. Most useful thing to keep in mind is: take care of yourself first

1 upvotesPaulMurrayCbr2 years ago

The pain they are searching for is the pain of childbirth.

0 upvotesFedor_Gavnyukov2 years ago

it really is true. if she keeps popping the kids out she'll have all the emotions and drama

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

What do you do NOW? "Let's go get dinner." BORING. -You had one eternal enemy in childhood, boredom. Like a void, it encroached on you in school, ensnared you with a stupid trip with the parents, and enveloped you as you stepped on the school bus. You embraced every chance for play. If there is ONE thing a man must NEVER do to a woman, it is this: DO NOT BORE HER. Make her happy, make her angry, make her laugh, ANYTHING but bore her. That enemy, boredom, is back and women are looking for you to strike it down. Embrace your youth and live again for the first time

There was this other guy that became a super successful lawyer. He bought the token status car and made a mini-mansion. He went to the gym every other night. He had money, had status, and looked great. He thought the ladies would find him PERFECT. Well, they did find him perfect but not for the reasons he wanted. They found him PERFECT for STABILITY. So he married a ‘super hot babe’ and had kids (which he paid for a nanny to take care of). What does the ‘super hot babe’ do? She cheats on him! “Don’t you love him?” "Yes, yes I very much do,” and she speaks the truth. No, she sleeps around because SHE IS BORED. He dehumanized everything. She doesn’t have to work, doesn’t have to raise the kids, and doesn’t have to do anything. Of course she won’t leave him. And of course she is in ‘love’ with him (or rather his STABILITY). Yet, she is bored and cheats on him. If the guy was a bit more human and less perfect, she might find her husband more interesting than his foolish role of Mr. Perfection.

The Book of Pook https://bookofpook.neocities.org/TheBookofPook.pdf

1 upvotesLMM-GT022 years ago

Confirmed: Women are warp spawn that feed off of emotions

1 upvotesMrCarepig2 years ago

What a breath of fresh air, i got that feeling like when you read stoicism and it clears something up so simply.

1 upvotesS-Blaze2 years ago

They want the rollercoaster.

0 upvotesRgfnd2 years ago

Very interesting insights, I’ve never thought about it like that before.

0 upvotesthemaratha2 years ago

At first, this seemed like baloney, but then realised that there might be some kernel of truth to it.

0 upvotesAvskygod02 years ago

women are chaotic creatures, we should srs fix this asap,the current year argument is stupid but you can't have such obsoleteness in this stage of civilization (because it will become ruined, see everything)

1 upvotesDudeWtfusayin2 years ago

This is some fucked up cringe shit. Good luck being happy, "alpha". Jesus.. that's just pathetic.

0 upvotesSignor19682 years ago

You reminded me on this: http://catch-women.com/2012/10/how-and-where-to-find-sex-online.html#what_women_want , answer to famous question "what women want"...

0 upvotesThundersnow692 years ago

This is the most profound interpersonal relationship type theory I’ve ever read. It fits so many things in my life right now...

thanks for sharing

0 upvotesironjohnred2 years ago

Squeezing those pods is exactly how they emotionally manipulate. Thanks for this post. Puts several things in perspective.

0 upvotesweroafable2 years ago

That last paragraph, thank you for it.

0 upvotessirZofSwagger2 years ago

Thank you for writing something that didn't suck!

0 upvotesnewName5434562 years ago

Does this mean she doesn't love her spouse anymore? No. She does. She was hooked on the feelings the alpha spouse provided. But she's felt that for way too long and it has become familiar. And boring. FUCK BOREDOM. She just wanted to take a break and feel something else for a while and then she'll be back. If only her spouse understood. It wasn't that the pool boy was "better" or "more alpha". He was just something different.

The lesson is female love is pretty much worthless.

0 upvotesdwoods972 years ago

Does this just mean LTR are not worth the investment

0 upvotesHelrade2 years ago

I get what you are saying. Appreciate the feedback.

0 upvotesBarvazon2 years ago

Good post OP, but..

Men are not built this way. Men love stability. Stable emotions, consistent sex, and freedom.

The freedom to fuck multiple partners.

0 upvoteschazthundergut2 years ago

She wants to dance with her feelings in the moment.

That's why when she's being a cunt it is so important to simply disengage and remove your attention, and be totally non-reactive to her outbursts. Never engage in verbal arguments with girls. Discussions and debates are good (although men are much better at these generally) but never verbally fight with a woman. It's like arguing against an irrational schizophrenic who knows all of your insecurities and has the memory of a robot.

Chicks love to fight. It is still attention, still emotion, and still connection. I prefer to sidestep the fight altogether, and get straight to the makeup sex when she inevitably returns to my frame.

0 upvotessleepyweaselisawake2 years ago

I agree with most of this. You're right women want to feel all of those emotions, but they only want to feel them when they want to. Every guy is at the mercy of her current emotional state. Stoicism and frame are your only defense.

0 upvotesmoneybitchesandpower2 years ago

That's why you should just a hire a prostitute no clinginesss, no drama.

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