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LWMA official statement regarding recent comments on MensLib

July 21, 2021

Recently, in a MensLib post about anti-feminism, a number of false allegations (including by one of their mods) were made about the LeftWingMaleAdvocates community. For anyone who is not ideologically blinded, and looks into how we actually handle these issues, these are obvious lies. These allegations are also devoid of evidence.

They accuse us of racism, despite our rules 2 and 5. They accuse us of misogyny, despite our rule 6. And as any regular in our sub knows, these rules are enforced.

Their only "evidence" that we are racist is a post critical of CRT (Critical Race Theory), which underlies the racist ideas of Robin DiAngelo and others, and is now very far removed in practice from its academic roots 30, 40 years ago. And this is a post made nine months ago. If we were so racist, one should be able to find multiple examples in our sub within the last few weeks...

Instead we have addressed racism here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and most recently here.

Their allegations of misogyny are mostly because they confuse our criticism of feminism with hating women. This couldn't be farther from the truth. We are in support of women's rights. But we don't agree with an ideology that too often engages in misandry and that too often is not in practice egalitarian.

Some posts that go into this can be found here, and here, and here. Also this one that highlights that the prevailing narrative infantilizes women.

Also, we do not hate MensLib for "bowing down to women" as they claim. We hate them for being subservient to feminism, which hinders necessary discussion of men's issues that are affected by that ideology. Criticism of feminism is not misogyny. An ideology is not a gender.

This is highlighted for example here.

They say we have never been left-wing. But we have always been, and this is enshrined in our mission statement. Yes, we do not require all participants to be left-wing, and are open to discuss men's issues with people who are right-wing or have other values antithetical to ours, as long as they do so within the rules. They should not confuse our willingness to engage and educate with being a "pipe-line to the alt-right." We choose not to be restricted to an echo chamber. If anything, we are a pipe-line to egalitarianism.

They claim we are not left-wing because we view Andrew Yang as a left-wing politician. His main idea that he keeps pushing is UBI. How is UBI not a left-wing idea? It would give great economic support to all citizens, exactly what someone on the Left would want. He is all for ending poverty, fixing capitalism, and fighting climate change. And by the way, I think there are more people here supporting Sanders than Yang.

They say that if you don't agree with us, you get called a simp, cuck, or beta. But these terms are not allowed as per rule 8. And this rule is enforced, as some of you can attest to, even when targeted at people not present in the discussion. Besides, we do not allow personal attacks as per rule 7, and this is one of the most frequently enforced rules, as I am sure some of you can attest to. In fact, we often get smeared as right-wing when we enforce this rule on our own people. I'm sorry, but just because you are a left-wing male advocate does not mean you get a free pass on breaking the rules and being rude to others.

I challenge them to find any actual evidence of this within the past year.

It looks like none of them have read our mission statement and spent enough time engaging with our subreddit to understand what we stand for. We hope people can see past their misrepresentations and lies, and make up their own minds based on what they actually see here in our sub. Start with carefully reading our mission statement.

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