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"I'd hate to have to settle for a mediocre man"

by on /r/TheRedPill
31 July 2017 06:24 AM UTC

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At a family dinner last night I was discussing marriage with my 20 year old sister. She is convinced that she never wants to settle down like most women her age and is wasting the best partner-finding years of her life "having fun". She dismissed my claim that she won't be wanted once she hits the wall at 28 and she said "I'd hate to have to settle for a mediocre man", referring to one of her friend's boyfriends as mediocre. This "mediocre" man has finished an apprenticeship and is earning good, honest money yet is considered mediocre by my sister who is earning far less than this man and won't surpass it in her career.

What makes it worse is that my sister feels she is entitled to top shelf men when she genuinely has NOTHING to offer. She never learnt to cook or clean (like most women of this generation) even though I have recommended her to learn this on many occasions. She expects the man to do this. Furthermore, she has admitted to not wanting children; confirming she has NOTHING to offer to any man, yet only demands the highest of men for her.

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