people all across the globe (and heavily on this sub) love to blame what they physically look like, and their lack of materialistic values, as to why nobody wants to date them. but that is simply untrue. your height, weight, facial/bodily features, job, house, car, etc aren’t the reason why you’re single. the reason why you’re single is because of your personality.

i’ve seen the most “questionable” looking men effortlessly and consistently pull the most gorgeous looking women the world has ever seen. i myself have fallen for many of them! no matter how short or conventionally unattractive they were, what pulls us towards them is their insane amount of charisma and the beautiful personalities they carry with it.

i’ve seen both men and women dressed down to sweaty, gross, hole filled clothes and Still get approached and catcalled at. even at their “worst” looking, outsiders don’t know what their material attributes are, or what they look like at their “best” and yet? their personalities are what makes people become drawn to them.

i’ve also seen the most conventionally attractive tall and muscular men with pockets full of cash, being heavily denied by any women they approach. why is that? the second these dudes open their mouths, it immediately turns women off. without a good personality and charisma, everything else about these men means nothing.

now let’s just say that the people complaining in this sub do happen to be unconventionally attractive with low paying jobs. they’re angry and upset because to them, people don’t want to be with them solely due to their physical/material attributes. but after trying to engage in a convo, it’s very clear that what they look like isn’t the problem here. it’s their personality. its their lack of charisma. it’s how they act. it’s their anger blinding themselves from the cold hard truth. and even after addressing their personalities, all i’ve been met with are denials and insults.

your looks aren’t keeping you from getting laid. your personality is. cmv!