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47/M two-year transformation story

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13 April 2018 03:57 PM UTC

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Title 47/M two-year transformation story
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Date 13 April 2018 03:57 PM UTC (1 year ago)
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0 upvotesbsutansalt1 year ago

Intermittent Fasting is legit. I dropped about 20lbs last year doing that with not a single other thing changing. Granted as soon as I fell off that wagon the weight came back and I'm starting it all over again, this time doing a modified Kinobody routine.

usually start my fast at 2 p.m., and break it when I get up the next morning. I go to sleep earlier and easier on an empty stomach, sleep well, and awake early and refreshed at 5:30am most mornings. This helps me get my shit done at home before my kids get up. IF improves my energy levels and I rarely have sinking spells in the afternoons anymore.

For me I do the opposite. I don't even eat until 2 or 3 and give myself of shorter window to eat stopping around 6 or 7, largely for the same reasons you cited (easier to go to bed), which gives me an average fasted period of about 18-20 hours. Some days I can go 24 hours or more without issue depending on what I last ate and how active I've been. Sitting in front of a computer all day doesn't lend itself well to being hangry during work hours, especially if you're drinking all your water.

One of the side effects of this is it makes me sharper at work and I can focus better. The general hypothesis is that being in a fasted state means we are facing starvation and our brains are wired to focus to give us an advantage for finding our next meal sorta thing.

150 upvotespevans121 year ago

I wanted to just express how honest and deeply cool it was for you to put yourself out and have a real honest scope as to the things any man regardless of age needs from themselves

Congratulations dude. You are living now.

95 upvotesArhamzubair1 year ago

Congrats dude! Seriously well done

2 upvotesforwantofnot1 year ago

What he said. ☝️

1 upvotesnomyconcept1 year ago

There is one crucial detail in your post that no one mentioned in this thread before. 90% of your entire post has nothing to do with women.

Only at the very end you grace the topic of your success with women because your priorities have clearly shifted. Your post is so inspiring not because of what you did or who you fucked - you improved yourself for the sake of becoming a better man.

1 upvotesNotMeAtAll20911 year ago

Yeah women were a result of everything else I did. I didn't feel like going into details and field reports or whatever.

If your SMV is high enough, it will happen for you. It's that simple.

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

This is why wet say that women are a lagging indicator!

1 upvoteskhiara221 year ago


1 upvotesbsutansalt1 year ago


Sexual Market Value. Someone didn't read the sidebar.

527 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

As one of those who encouraged you to make a headline post, well done, sir.

For all you hamsters out there, this dude's legit. This is a grown ass man in his 40's turning his life around.

You're in your 20's. What's your excuse? Never mind, get to fucking work, no one wants to hear excuses.

99 upvotesJoriko131 year ago

You're in your 20's. What's your excuse? Never mind, get to fucking work, no one wants to hear excuses.

Rephrase to, "you want to change, what's your excuse?" Then preach it to all who are willing.

20 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Agreed entirely, have an upvote, just playing to the audience.

On some level, you almost have to be a grown man to realize how badly the OP was fucked. We have kids around here who live in mom's basement fapping to porn......not good, but not even slightly as bad as where the OP was.

61 upvotes_TheRP1 year ago

Keep in mind OP is on testosterone. You can do a lot with some drugs.

Still, the work is admirable. Good on him.

1 upvotesadam_varg1 year ago

150mg test and 2iu of gh can do a lot for anybody, but 47yrs old dude after life of fucked up lifestyle wont get that much edge on it compared to natty 21yrs old.

Basically it allows him to do his crazy volume of physical activity and burn fat a bit faster (nothing dramatic and he still needs to be in deficit and eat clean like natties).

I know because i make doping plans for endurance athletes and as such they use similarly low doses of AAS and GH sources.

4 upvotes_TheRP1 year ago

I have a friend who is a doctor and was also a baseball player. The way he put it to me is that TRT puts you at the high end of normal for a man in his prime, or somewhere close to where you are at the tail end of puberty.

That's a pretty significant boost. Obviously that alone didn't help OP reach where he did, the diet discipline alone is very impressive, but what he did would not be possible for people without the Rx.

1 upvotesadam_varg1 year ago

Its way bigger boost than you describe ;) genetically lucky healthy man in his prime dont have these levels 24/7/365, it fluctuates all the time and you tank it down with tons of things: long cardio especially when regular, undersleeping, alcohol, stress and so on.

However his transformation in similar time frame is possible for 'all' men under lets say 35.. except the not getting lose skin.

Saw similar transformation more than once and where i live hrt isnt a thing.

3 upvotes_TheRP1 year ago

Like I said, the high end of 'normal', and you're right - it's all the time. And that's at a low dose like what OP is on.

Black market test in all variations is available pretty much everywhere in the world, at least everywhere with Reddit. The use of test, prohormones, winny, var etc by average guys at the gym is rampant, for more rampant than people realize.

1 upvotesNotMeAtAll20911 year ago

I agree with you 100% brother. Cheers!

11 upvotes_TheRP1 year ago

Cheers to you too, you'll find that maintenance is ten times easier than getting there!

1 upvotesdermaxmustermann1 year ago

The work is absolutely admirable, especially considering the timeframe.

The OP gave a good primer on the downsides of supplementing testosterone and GH. Especially the huge downside of it being very difficult to get off these treatments once you've been on them for a while.

47 is still young, and once you start using testosterone and GH, you've played the only trump card you have. Personally I'd consider it would be more beneficial to delay the moment you need to resort to such things as long as possible.

10 upvotesWinstonMcFail1 year ago

You're crazy.. he's 47 and you think he's too young for trt? Lol. Did you miss the part where he totally regained his life and confidence back? A large part of that is his test use.

1 upvotesadam_varg1 year ago

there is no issues with getting of GH, like zero

test is trickier, 1-3yrs to recover after prolonged use or when unlucky

gh will make only some types of cancer grow faster

there is zero documented cases of anyone getting permanently infertile from AAS use (but there is big possibility it can take up to 3yrs and money to preggo some girl up).. even 'the harshest' of steroids without HCG along arent reliable enough as preconception

his ball shrinkage is due to too low dose of HCG, if doses correctly his balls would be fuller than natty

1 upvotesNotMeAtAll20911 year ago

Just noticed that last sentence lol. Gonna up the HCG!

1 upvotesbadleveragetst1 year ago

Just be careful upping hcg as it will also raise E2 which might throw you out of whack. You might need to add an AI in. As always, labs are key

1 upvotesNotMeAtAll20911 year ago

Thanks for the advice sir. How long would it take for that to show up in my blood work? I get it done every 3 months regardless.

9 upvoteschampionoflesun1 year ago

I wish I had more thumbs so I could give more upvotes. This is badass.

2 upvotesbsutansalt1 year ago

And to the fatasses in their teens and 20s, here's a 70something year old man who will put you all to shame. If he can do it at his age, there's no excuse. I'm just over half his age and I have all kinds of aches and pains, so I can only imagine what he has to deal with on a daily basis, and he's still in the gym kicking ass and taking names.

Your back hurts? Fuck you and lift! Your knees hurt? Fuck you and lift! Your shoulders hurt? Fuck you and lift!


1 upvotesnotonlyplace1 year ago

He took a bunch of drugs, you can take the most out of shape person, pump him full of drugs, and he will look better than most people within a few months,

You're in your 20's. What's your excuse?

Is this a joke? No one can achieve his look without massive amount of drugs and money, and it's completely pointless, No need to look like that to get women

1 upvotesSpartan15901 year ago

One day some of the stubborn guys in here will understand that if you have a doctor monitoring and helping you use Steroids, mostly testosterone and th hormone, you can come out good with a big chance you’ll have no drawbacks bar mood swings and more bodily hair. Being a fatass and feeling miserable is way worse in all cases.

The man is 47, I commend him on having the balls to doing this the right way and admitting it.

-8 upvotesnotonlyplace1 year ago

Any dose of TRT will shut down your testicle, now if you use HGH you can retain.

Being a fatass and feeling miserable is way worse in all cases.

Never said otherwise, but doing drugs is a shortcut, a good shortcut, but you can be lazy on drugs and look like him, this isn't hard work, this is a lot of money, this should be brought up

9 upvotesvalentinoroscoe1 year ago

now if you use HGH you can retain

No, you're thinking of HcG. Please stop talking.

1 upvotesadam_varg1 year ago

dude you fucked up to understand even superficial basics of how these drugs work, literally every single thing you wrote is wrong

so stfu until you know what you are talking about

11 upvotesTurboLats1 year ago

lol he's on replacement dose hgh n test. You don't know what you're steaming about.

-4 upvotesnotonlyplace1 year ago

What is your point? He is on steroids, end of discussion , He will always look better than a natural. Why is this so controversial , he didn't work hard, he worked smart.

But are we really advocating drug use , I mean you can, but just know you will hurt your body permanently.

Also HGH enlarges all organs, his heart , liver, forehead(long term use). Look into this shit even a replacement dose is better than natural.

12 upvotesAuvergnat1 year ago

I think you forget which sub you're on. This is not a competition with rules to abide or else you get disqualified. This is not a place where we shame people for life choices that go against mainstream opinion.

We talk reality here. Reality is that drugs have pros and cons, with the cons being bad consequences on health. Seems to me like OP considered both sides carefully before taking a decision. You're welcome to do exactly the same without having to judge people for taking the opposite decision about their own path in life.

2 upvotescomcain1 year ago

"We talk reality here." Very well said. Upvote

-1 upvotesnotonlyplace1 year ago

This is not a place where we shame people for life choices that go against mainstream opinion.

I didn't shame, judge or even reply to OP, my comment was not a top level reply, it was a reply to someone saying "What's your excuse", I simply pointed out that you need drugs to look like OP, I don't care about the morality of the situation, I'm not advocating or attacking steroids, but OP success is because of drugs and that is a fact

without having to judge people for taking the opposite decision about their own path in life.

I didn't judge, I didn't respond to OP, I didn't make a top level comment , I responded to a guy saying, "What's your excuse"

I don't give a shit if OP does crack,

This is not a competition with rules to abide or else you get disqualified

I never said otherwise, did you even read what I wrote, OP does a bunch of drugs, no one naturally could achieve that look , without drugs OP wouldn't look like that, how is this judging, if anything I'm promoting what OP is doing , because let me tell you, OP would of never looked like that without the massive amounts of drugs.

Seems to me like OP considered both sides carefully before taking a decision.

I couldn't really give a shit, this isn't about OP or his choices, this is about reality of what's achievable, people need realistic goals or to seriously consider using drugs.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

He's snipped and approaching 50 so he already had lower than normal T-levels. Plus he was fat and out of shape so that just compounded it. It's my understanding that the T supplements were to get him back to where he should have been and then got him on point to make the same gains a 20yo man would.

6 upvotesTurboLats1 year ago

Dude lol comeon! Your first line is "end of discussion" then you continue to discuss. You sound like you have your mind made up. If you were open to doing your own research I doubt you would come to the harmful conclusions on PEDs you are putting down.

0 upvotesnotonlyplace1 year ago

Your first line is "end of discussion"

By end of discussion this doesn't mean that there aren't other points to be made, but OP is on steroids, a replacement dose of HGH and test will put you far ahead of any natural

9 upvotesvalentinoroscoe1 year ago

Oh please, if you can't achieve a physique something like this, naturally, under 30 years old you are just lazy. I looked better than this BEFORE I got on TRT at 29 years old with a test level of 310.

Also, plenty of people on testosterone look like shit. Drugs are cheap. It isn't completely pointless. Its not all about getting women. Stop making excuses and start lifting.

-2 upvotesnotonlyplace1 year ago

what excuse did I make? I pointed out a fact, I lift but to think I will ever look like him without drugs is a fantasy world.

Its not all about getting women. Stop making excuses and start lifting.

I never said that, did you even read what I wrote, it seems if anyone points out facts or question anything you just make up random things, can you hold a conversation or do you just yell insults and straw man arguments.

He is on drugs, you are seeing drugs not hard work, He looks better than natural body builders

8 upvotesvalentinoroscoe1 year ago

No one can achieve his look without massive amount of drugs and money

Wrong and wrong.

you can take the most out of shape person, pump him full of drugs, and he will look better than most people within a few months

Very wrong

I never said that

Wrong...you did

it's completely pointless, No need to look like that to get women

8 upvotesJ412h1 year ago

This is complete bs, I’ve been in the stage as a natural competitor and later as an enhanced athlete. I was bigger and more ripped than he is. Yes I was in my twenties but it is possible. Most importantly, steroids are not magic, if you don’t do the work required to look like he does then you’re a fat guy with little balls. Period.

You have some idea that returning your body back to a previous hormone level is bad. You’re the one living in the dark ages.

9 upvotesyomo861 year ago

From what I read, this man supplements only for max levels of natural testosterone. Which is within the very likely realm of a 23yo man. Then he is on Viagra and Cialis. Which happen to be just drugs for a better erection. Nothing I wouldn't do.

Bottom line is: He is doing nothing a young man isn't able to naturally. I do think though 6 times per week in the gym is too much wasted time ie 6 times a week the overhead of driving, changing, showering, changing, driving. If this man is into working out a home gym is the more appropriate way to go.

1 upvotesNotMeAtAll20911 year ago

Yes, I might be obsessed with the gym. And doing lots of activities on top of that.

2 upvotesMukato1 year ago

would you mind posting a link to your gym program? just finished 5X5 and looking for the next step.

1 upvotesNotMeAtAll20911 year ago

It's in the sidebar of the fitness subreddit.

PPL (Push/Pull/Legs)

I'm due for a change, but I really enjoy it.

1 upvotesRedwallAllratuRatbar1 year ago

Which is very natural for a 23 yo man from year 1950

-3 upvotesnotonlyplace1 year ago

No, he is far better than a 23yo man, steroids are magic, they work, but let's not act as if he isn't cheating nature, this isn't hard work, this is money, and needs to be said.

He can't get that look naturally.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

No. He had to replace to normal levels. I'm on the same. You just feel normal again. It's clear you have no idea. It's not like he's on 500mgs a week.

4 upvotesBornShook1 year ago

You need to look attractive to get women. If you're not willing to take steps to increase your attractiveness, you're lazy, and ugly... Litterally and metaphorically.

-1 upvotesnotonlyplace1 year ago

You don't need to take steroids though, Or you having a discussion with me or yourself because you seem to be talking to someone else, as I never said be lazy or ugly?

I just said he took a bunch of drugs, and now I'm ugly and lazy for stating the obvious

I wasn't even attacking OP, I was pointing out a fact

2 upvotesBornShook1 year ago

"No need to look like that to get women"

3 upvotesmassivewang1 year ago

You don't need to be super jacked to change your life, burn fat, and get fit.

I lost thirty pounds in three months doing IF. I went from 0 chinups to 8 in six months. I developed late, arms, shoulders/traps, my chest/upper chest without PEDs. Don't need to be "huge".

Consistent effort every day in any area in which you are focusing to improve will lead to progress. I'm six years into my RP journey and I've overcome. I've seen the results after years of hard work in every area of my life - financial, physical, mental, emotional.

Don't need a shit ton of cash or roids to improve.

1 upvotesnotonlyplace1 year ago

You don't need to be super jacked to change your life, burn fat, and get fit.

Correct, but he took drugs, expensive, drugs, he took steriods. He didn't put in much effort, and he looks better than any natural body builder that's been working 15 years.

Don't need a shit ton of cash or roids to improve.

He does though

2 upvotesweakandsensitive1 year ago

/u/rian_stone - why does TRP let value leeching crabs like this guy stick around?

0 upvotesAndgelyo1 year ago

I would argue that his look is completely attainable natty, it just takes ridiculous dedication. Most of the people here giving praise for taking steroids are fucking scrubs. I go to the gym 4-5 days a week, swim, and play basketball and I’m not nearly as lean as this dude. I’m 27. However, i am firm believer in hard work. Steroids to me is the lazy way out. Any who disagrees can kiss my ass.

73 upvotessmirk_addict1 year ago

I have been waiting to read this since your post the other day. Worth the wait. Empowering as fuck. Brb about to run through this fucking wall at my job.

26 upvotesJLHumor1 year ago

Congrats. It's so drastic that it looks like it couldn't possibly be the same person. That means you did well.

28 upvotesnailsinch91 year ago

Nice job. Very inspiring. Few questions:

  1. Work? What do you do for a living, how did it affect your lifestyle. Meaning, would you just go from work to gym, or gym before work... etc.

  2. Did you self teach both diet and gym routine (google search/books), or did you seek out professional help at any point?

1 upvotesNotMeAtAll20911 year ago

I got all my information off the internet. No personal training really, just 2-3 sessions total. Plenty of helpful advice from my gymbros too.

I'm an IT Project Manager, total desk job lol

9 upvotesjawndergone1 year ago

how do you like being a PM?

1 upvotesNotMeAtAll20911 year ago

Well I'm pretty good at it, but I don't really want to do it anymore. Been thinking really hard about doing something else. Part of this whole transformation thing you know...

11 upvotesmalparido91 year ago

Love it... There's no stopping now! Transformation of mind, body and soul. Become the best version of you, one day at the time.

7 upvotesjesussexyabs1 year ago

Yeah I’m in the same boat with my engineering job thinking about going a different direction but not sure where yet. Hopefully not another desk....

25 upvotesredpillbanana1 year ago

Thanks for the submission; I was hoping you would write up your story. This should serve as excellent motivation for everyone to get their act together. I especially liked the fact that you gave the pros/cons of TRT and HGH.

Also thanks for turning me on to Dr. Jason Fung. I'm reading The Obesity Code now and I can't put it down.

So how do you balance work/kids/gym/LTR? Or are you retired now?

Also, it looks like you were heavy enough that you might have had to deal with loose skin after losing the weight. How did you deal with it if at all?

1 upvotesNotMeAtAll20911 year ago

Thanks brother!

I'm going to have to read the Obesity code, I have just read a bunch of his articles, and seen a couple of videos.

I will say that I have a job with an unbelievable work-life balance right now. I manage a team of people all over the world, so I can do that from pretty much anywhere, including the gym lol. However, I am needing to leave this job for greener pastures and I know it will be more difficult for me to get in my time at the gym when I do so.

1 upvotesNotMeAtAll20911 year ago

As for loose skin, I have a tiny little bit around my waist that can be seen at certain angles. I am very hopeful that intermittent fasting and autophagy in particular well help kill that last little bit of unneeded skin.

I think maybe the HGH helps with that as well.

1 upvotesadam_varg1 year ago

It did and lot, like most of it considering your age.

From what i have seen it takes 2-3yrs before its time to throw in towel and get loose skin cutted off.

3 upvotesmmishu1 year ago

Have you noticed any facial structure changes on trt and hgh? Or is the dosage not high enough?

2 upvotesWinstonMcFail1 year ago

Luckily for you, you will find that it's not all too difficult to maintain what you've built so long as you stay in the test. Drop the test and then things become very difficult. Nice job btw.. congrats. Don't know you but am happy for you. Very few people have the discipline to do what you did man.

2 upvotesredHussar1 year ago

Be carefull with Dr.Fung and his book. Although he has a lot of good tips and success behind him, his "insulin obesity theory" is incorect.

2 upvotesredpillbanana1 year ago

Got any links to good refutations?

3 upvotesredHussar1 year ago

Dont have exact links but check out Layne Norton Youtube channel (biolayne) and Lyle McDonald site (body recomposition). I especially recommend Biolayne series about weight loss and fat metabolism.

22 upvotesChemoley1 year ago

Absolutely motivating. Any feedback from the ex-wife?

1 upvotesNotMeAtAll20911 year ago

She knows I'm out of her league now and is filled with blinding raging jealousy of my new girlfriend, who is extremely high status.

I try to keep things civil since we are co-parenting 4 school age kids, but she's kinda toxic and it's hard.

45 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

co-parenting 4 school age kids

1,000 more props, dude. You're taking all of your responsibilities very seriously. I don't have any kids so I don't have anything to say how now to manage it, but props for doing so.

1 upvotes88Will881 year ago

Not sure about the terms of your breakup with your ex wife but I always advise fellow divorcees over 40 with kids to make a friend/ ally out of the ex. I did it and it has changed my life and the life of my kids. I went from a hostile/ toxic relationship to a relationship where she will do practically anything for me. If I asked my ex wife to come over, blow me, clean my house then transfer $100K into my bank account, she would simply ask which of those I would like her to do first. Making an ally out of your ex is not even hard but it does kind of depend on why you broke up. I can show you how, PM me if you like or I can put it here in the comments.

3 upvotesImHerWonderland1 year ago

Hell this would be an awesome post that I would love to read to be honest.

How about, taming the beast

1 upvotes88Will881 year ago

It was s long and difficult process. Not sure that I am ready to share that much of my life in the internet. I did write a post about how to divorce your wife. That covers most of the theory

2 upvotesImHerWonderland1 year ago

Perhaps I should have elaborated:

Making an ally out of your ex is not even hard but it does kind of depend on why you broke up. I can show you how

I meant this part would be an amazing post. I will check out your post on divorcing your wife though, as the theory is what I was interested in.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesNotMeAtAll20911 year ago

Might as well put it in the comments!

1 upvotes88Will881 year ago

First I need to know about the circumstances of he break up

1 upvotesNotMeAtAll20911 year ago

We were married 18 years, had four kids, but had grown apart. I was typically beta AFC, but nothing like I was at my worst. That came after the divorce.

I caught her cheating, and left immediately. I had cheated too, but never got caught.

We have been divorced for 7+ years now, and I don't have to pay child support or alimony anymore because of an inheritance she got. She was a SAHM when we were married, and is set for life with her inheritance and so doesn't work still.

We got along great for the bulk of this time, even as I started making progress on my transformation, but she really blew her top with my new LTR, who is high status and very wealthy. We have taken several trips together, the kids really like her, etc.

1 upvotes88Will881 year ago

Sounds like you are half way there. Just game her emotionally. If she blames you for anything just repeat certain mantras and obviously never lose frame: “we had a long relationship but it is over now” “we need to cooperate for the sake of the kids” “your happiness will always be important to me, you are the mother of our kids” “we need to act like adults and set a great example for our kids”. If she blames you for anything just use fogging “sure I could have done things better” “I wish that never happened” acknowledge her but do not act submissive. Don’t blame her for anything even if she is 100% at fault, just say “people make mistakes”. I an convinced that impenetrable frame, game and mantras will work, did it myself.

4 upvotesWinstonMcFail1 year ago

Hey man do you mind sharing what types if professional pics worked best for your on accounts? It's something I'd like to do but I'm a bit lost on how to go about it. Finding a photographer, do I get head shots or have this follow me to the beach for a natural setting pic or what lol

1 upvotesNotMeAtAll20911 year ago

My settings were a bar and a gym. But I'm guessing you mainly need to find the right photographer, and they should know the good spots in your town. Make sure to look at their work, they'll usually have an Instagram or something.

It's very common these days for photographers to shoot profile pics, so ask very directly about their ideas.

And you just have to get past the awkwardness of what you're doing. My photoshoots were in public places with other people around lol.

So so worth it though.

3 upvotesWinstonMcFail1 year ago

Haha.. oh man a full on public photo shoot. Alright alright

2 upvotesSKRedPill1 year ago

Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned -- it's an old saying.

2 upvotesRian_Stone1 year ago

That's pretty common among the divorced rp guys.

The way most are working with it is polite distance, and everything through email (for the record)

1 upvotesNotMeAtAll20911 year ago

Yeah unfortunately I've allowed myself to get into a couple of arguments with her recently. I said some brutal shit that was of course true, but is only coming back to make things harder for me.

I need to get back to that cool respectable distance, and I do try to keep things on text. She has 40K unread emails, and already misses all kinds of important kid-related stuff, so unfortunately that's not an option for me....so annoying.

Still, she is doing things now like inventing reasons to call late at night when she knows I'm with my girlfriend. Like kid-related stuff she tries to make out to be urgent.

This has become my biggest issue with my new life, whereas we got along just fine when I was a fat beta.

2 upvotesRian_Stone1 year ago

Obsticle is the way man. I know it's not busy yet, but redpillparenting will eventually take off, as more dudes with kids start redpilling.

I've crossposted this to marriedredpill, and I know theres a few divorced dads in here who had some shrill witches. I'm sure theres plenty of knowledge in here to work with

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Keeping it civil for the kids

fucking awesome

65 upvotesEpicLevelCheater1 year ago

Point awarded per the request of an EC.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

He should be endorsed. He is the shining example of how men build their own value

2 upvotesRedasshole1 year ago

I wonder why he got a point? Isn't supposed to be awarded to someone who demonstrate a good grasp of RP principles?

17 upvotesLiveAFTSOV1 year ago

Yeah, like lifting. and discipline and monk mode

Who woulda thunk.

4 upvotesImHerWonderland1 year ago

Dude, you look at his before and after pictures and tell me he doesn't have a decent grasp of rp principles.

Two years of fucking lifting, discipline on not eating out, keeping a routine, fasting while watching his kids eat, shit tests he most likely had to endure that he didn't mention, snagging plates while improving and not going complete sperg monk mode. Two years of hard work and sweat, and you mean to tell me he didn't show any qualities of RP?

I can list a thread by an EC, or someone pointed for nearly every single thing I just described, and he did all of those things. He used the tools provided and got fucking results, and then shared it with the tribe. Hell yeah he gets a fucking point.

Edit: I'm not saying he should get points for just lifting. But the stress, pain, and suffering that he endured to get to this time in his life is why he should be pointed.

-1 upvotesRedasshole1 year ago

Yeah but you know to me RP principles were mainly geared toward sexual strategy and understanding of women. But hey

3 upvotesImHerWonderland1 year ago

Women are a result of knowing and following RP principles, never the goal. If you try and understand women you'll drive yourself insane.

And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.

19 upvotesComanche61 year ago

Fucking right on. For laffs, contrast this guy's super detailed and amazing transformation 500 upvote post with the landwhales who post a 400+ pounder pic, lose 150 and still look like beast that should be harpooned, cut up and rendered into lamp oil. "U go girl!" And those posts get 45k upboats! If it weren't for guys like this, our society would be dead already.

4 upvotesbsutansalt1 year ago

He could probably post a similar thread in one of those mainstream subs and get those kinds of upvotes if it makes it's way to /r/all. It'd be funny as shit if he did and then that post lead people here as a success story.

Hmm... ideas... percolating...

6 upvotesImHerWonderland1 year ago

I'm downvoting you because I feel like your argument is flawed. Women do usually get a bit more attention, especially online, yes. However, I guarantee if OP posted this with no RP context, and just talked about cleaning up his act for himself and his kids he would get a shit ton of upvotes.

EVERYBODY likes to see these kinds of posts because they're motivating and it lets us imagine ourselves in OPs position.

I'm also downvoting because personally I support anybody who is working to improve themselves. Women too. If a 400lb landwhale gets off their ads and hits the gym and loses 150lb of course they're going to still look fat but I'll be damned if I shun them. Fuck that, that's fucking awesome I'll be cheering too lol, that is a fucking accomplishment man. Motivating men and women who have taken steps to improve themselves and have shown consistent discipline and progress towards their goals is great for everyone. Now, fatbodies who post pics and say they are proud and won't change a single thing are a completely different story...

15 upvotestrancedj1 year ago

Congrats man. Well done. You’re story is inspiring.

Being in my early forties I’m so fucking tempted to start TRT and HGH. But I’ve had my levels checked and there’s really no reason for me to do so other than slightly better aesthetics and gains. For now I’m staying all natural. I just can’t see the benefit outweighing the risks involved. Not at this point anyway.

9 upvotesArabian_Wolf1 year ago

I believe a diet of fresh food (canned food is bad), with lots of fat, and being active should be good.

Read this article, it's indepth for naturally increasing the T (granted the author is in his 30s, but better trying this method than not trying at all):


5 upvotesf4gs2de4th1 year ago

I would hop on, I don’t see any reason to not live on the elevated side of TRT levels (900-1200) ng/dl

2 upvotesofficerkondo1 year ago

But I’ve had my levels checked and there’s really no reason for me to do

What were your levels? Most doctors will say you’re fine so long as you’re above 300 and can still gets boners.

I’m your age. I just started TRT about two months ago and can’t imagine looking back.

1 upvotestrancedj1 year ago

I had to go back and check. Seems I was on the lower end of 300. Probably why my doc didn’t suggest trt. And this was back in 2015 for fucks sake.

What type of trt on you on? Feel free to PM if you like. I’m looking at options like pellets vs shots vs creams.

Thanks man.

2 upvotesofficerkondo1 year ago

What you have to bear in mind is the methodology for the reference range of 264 - 916 ng/dL. They measure a population of men and then kick out the bottom and top 2.5% testosterone levels. So in other words, it's not that the range of 264 - 916 ng/dL is ideal. Rather, it is just that 95% of the population has testosterone levels somewhere within that range. And yeah, my doctor laughed when I asked to get my levels tested, saying that so long as I could get boners, I was fine. I went to another lab and got the test - I came in at the low 400s.

According to this data, being on the lower end of 300 means you had the testosterone levels of a man 85-100 years old (average of 376 ng/dl). I wasn't doing much better.

I am on injections with the goal of bring my testosterone levels to the higher end of that reference range. I will PM with more information.

1 upvotestrancedj1 year ago

Sounds like we may have the same Dr. ;)

Thanks for info!

1 upvotesbsutansalt1 year ago

Being in my early forties I’m so fucking tempted to start TRT and HGH. But I’ve had my levels checked and there’s really no reason for me to do so other than slightly better aesthetics and gains.

Same. Doctor said they're not necessary, so no treatment programs for me (even if I'd still benefit from them due to age). For now everything is still in the range of "normal", if a bit on the lower end of average for a couple of things.

1 upvotestrancedj1 year ago

I plan to get my levels checked again. I’m pretty sure mine is still on the low end of 300. If so, I’ll look into trt via one of the men’s clinics in my area.

25 upvotesR41nmaker1 year ago

Damn dude! I am 28 and recently took the Red Pill after a rough break up from an almost 10 year relationship. Your post is definitely inspiring and I saved it so I can refer to it later. Nicely done!

20 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Wow, just wow. If you truely are legit, I have the utmost respect for you and your transformation. Two years? Thats the power of potential for you.

44 upvotesjoner8881 year ago

When a 47 year old male looks better then yourself after the same amount of training you feel defeated.

40 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Defeated? How about fucking inspired?

13 upvotesjoner8881 year ago

Yes. Very inspiring story ,but fuck man those gainzzz

40 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

You have to understand just how magic TRT is. Don't compare yourself with anyone who's drug enhanced unless you are too.

1 upvotesNotMeAtAll20911 year ago

I tried to be honest about that. It's a fair point, even though my transformation was well underway when I started.

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

You've been 100% honest about it (thank you, it's rare!). I realised I didn't reply to the right comment. Congrats on the gains :)

2 upvotesGarathon1 year ago

Do you have any pictures just before you started trt?

1 upvotesddbsirt1 year ago

TRT is only magic if your levels were low. If you have healthy levels you won't notice a huge amount.

1 upvotesadam_varg1 year ago

yes you will

it wont make you look like bodybuilder, it wont make you look like OP, but it will allow you to look like OP

100-250mg test + 1-4IU hgh is what endurance athletes usually use (combat sports included..)

1 upvotesddbsirt1 year ago

He's on 150mg weekly. Giving him a high end of natty levels.

HGH will help but you didn't say that. You said TRT is magic. Which it isn't. OPs physique is easily achievable naturally.

1 upvotesAndgelyo1 year ago

The dude is on hormones. Yeah he looks good (for his age), but cmon now. Have some god damn dignity for yourself. I’m starting to think that the only way to become aesthetic in today’s age is shooting up some of that foreign.

2 upvotesjoner8881 year ago

Eugene Sandows and the other old school strong men where pretty aesthetic.

8 upvotesBusterVadge1 year ago

Dude, congratulations on your amazing progress. You are what Red Pill is all about - Being the best man you can be and focusing on being a little better than you were the day before.

Your before and after pics show your hard work and discipline that so many men these days lack.

9 upvotesLoneWolf15571 year ago

You went from looking in your 50's to early 30's amazing job, trying to get my dad in the gym with me he's pushing 290 but won't do anything about it

3 upvotesLoneWolf15571 year ago


3 upvotesLoneWolf15571 year ago

Will do, he just doesn't like to talk about it so it's hard to introduce it into the conversation.

1 upvotes1z1z2x2x3c3c4v4v1 year ago

Let me make a suggestions for your dad. Buy him a small, 25 lb dumbbell, and tell him to practice every other day, right after dinner. He can sit while he does this... and do it at his own pace, but he must try to get through a single set of 10 reps.

When he can get to 4 sets of 10 reps... he is ready for the gym... and can then work with the 30lbs dumbells...

Cost? $20.

1 upvotesbsutansalt1 year ago

Sad to say you cannot make someone want to improve themselves. At this point you'd be best served by taking out a sizable life insurance policy as he's eating himself into an early grave.

9 upvotesFun2badult1 year ago

God dammit that was a good read. I’m at 38 now on the opposite spectrum, skinny as f and can’t get weight, no discipline but mad motivation. Will be saving this to check periodically for motivation. Keep posting and let us know anything more positive

1 upvotesddbsirt1 year ago

If you have to ask how much, you probably can't afford it

I never get this expression. People who can afford it could just be genuinely interested in the yearly costs of running it.

Dumb as shit.

1 upvotesddbsirt1 year ago


1 upvotesddbsirt1 year ago

That's not a huge amount. Most people here have no idea how much HGH costs because they don't use PEDs. Why does that automatically mean they can't afford it.

1 upvotesStonerTigerMom1 year ago

After your post, I started researching. Would you say it cost $500/ month?

Because I would pay twice that to have a fully functioning DH.

7 upvotesJoriko131 year ago

Great to see posts like this to fire me up to keep going with my own work. Thanks OP, all the best.

12 upvotesmountainbiker1781 year ago

What was your Test before you started TRT?

11 upvotesRian_Stone1 year ago


11 upvotesRian_Stone1 year ago

Jesus, that's BuzzFeed vlogger levels

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Bra-fucking-vo, sir. You are a true inspiration and I thank you for sharing your story.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Thanks for this buddy. After seeing your transformation pics in the other topic I very much wanted to hear your full story.

6 upvotesElijahBurningWoods1 year ago

Glad to see, you've made your comment into a post. Well done my man!

7 upvotesSoulRedemption1 year ago

It's really nice to see a post from an older gentleman who is rocking it. This should pretty much kill the "I dont have the time", "lifting isn't for me" for the newbies here.

Well done man, great post and motivation.

15 upvotesRares55551 year ago

To all you fuckers telling this saying you won’t achieve this body without test and steroids, who the fuck cares?

He turned his life around and didn’t end up fapping his life to porn without even being able to see his dick.

Everything you do is a means to an end. If he likes the ending, fuck the means.

5 upvotesresoredo1 year ago

What is your job, and what are your working hours? If you have any

7 upvotesStonerTigerMom1 year ago


7 upvotesStonerTigerMom1 year ago

Did you notice any pushback from the generally beta tech crowd? Did it help you in rounding up (pun intended) the tubs you have to work with?

3 upvotes1z1z2x2x3c3c4v4v1 year ago


3 upvotes1z1z2x2x3c3c4v4v1 year ago

Yes, please post on how it improved your ability to lead.

5 upvotesinsanity_wow271 year ago

Good going man you look great. You've inspired me to try IF this week.

5 upvotesnester791 year ago

Thanks for the honest post. I'm about to hit 40 and made similar changes as you did about 3 years ago. I would also add that in time I started aerobic training again too and do triathlons regularly now and that adds to the endorphin level. I think there's a subset of women who run a lot and love when a guy can keep up or run faster than them in long distances.

Question: what dose of Viagra and Cialis do you use? I don't have erectile dysfunction (maybe some psychological sometimes) but definitely feel more solid when I use Viagra or Cialis to the point I'm starting to use it almost every time.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago


3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Do you watch porn, if so, stop it. Porn causes ED.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago


2 upvotesnester791 year ago

Porn causes ED in men under 35 for sure. There are other causes of ED though. 40% of men around age 40 have ED of different causes.

Not good to just throw a blanket statement like that though I do agree with you. Porn is destructive.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Inspirational. At 39 I’m at about month 2 from where you started. I know I’ll get there.

4 upvotesBunnyPoopCereal1 year ago

I'm motivated. You're motivated. We're all motivated!

3 upvotesWorldNewPilla1 year ago

well done!! thanks for the sharing. what do you do for living? And what is your best advice on getting friends from the place you came from?

4 upvoteseccentricrealist1 year ago

Your transformation is fucking insane man, nothing but respect for you.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Oh shit man, that's some real motivation shit. Im on the same journey. Never stop raising the smv. Esp because you are in your late 40s. Some crazy shit.

5 upvotessithlordzeta1 year ago

awesome story, ty for sharing. as someone in my late 20s you've just added alot of motivation for me to conquer all my current obstacles with no excuses.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Wow, you really did it. Hats off to you sir!

3 upvotespoonis81 year ago

How’d you lose the boobs? I’m struggling with chest fat.

4 upvotesSynist0r1 year ago

Those first 2 pics: from chubby to Bruce Wane

3 upvotesFreenorthman1 year ago

Congratz on looking like a human finally. Good Work Keep it up

7 upvotesberryfarmer1 year ago

and I firmly believe it makes women more attracted to me in some subconscious way (perhaps due to pheromones or something?). Women noticeably just want to be physically close to me in a way that isn't fully explained by my improved physical appearance....in my opinion.

Quite simply, it's quantum physics. In a few years this will be common knowledge. https://resonance.is/confirmation-quantum-resonance-brain-microtubules/

Call it "energy", "vibe", whatever. They can feel who you are, and they are skilled in reading these feelings. It is their baseline of normal operation and functioning.

The materialistic worldviews will be dying soon. They're simply incorrect, with theredpill furthering the awakening, albeit inadvertently.

3 upvotesBobbySean01 year ago

Yes! This is the absolute truth!

6 upvotesanabolic921 year ago

Congratz again, a good example to the community.

People might call you out on steroids, but 800 test is something a lot of young guys can be around natty, so they have no excuse.

What interests me more is how your frame changed according to your physique.

I have a similar physique, but my mindset is of a bitch still.

I would like to expand a little more, with examples if you could, of how you noticed girls interest's arise.

Maybe one of the most memorable lays you have had ever since then as a FR.

2 upvotesBigbighero991 year ago


2 upvotesBigbighero991 year ago

I'd love to read a detailed post about that

4 upvotessky_fallen1 year ago

I have low t or at least would assume so , am getting my doc to check it next week. I am not on drugs and get enough sleep and already do noob workouts, does this mean mine will stay low? Let's say worst case: with normal lifestyle it is 300, how much can I get it up without gear?

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I moved from 100% sedentary to very active as well, but my T hardly increased. We looked at iodine and vitamin D levels, both of which apparently affect and are affected by your T-count. The point is there are still other factors at play; your doctor will have to advise you on next steps before you get to your conclusion.

3 upvotessky_fallen1 year ago

Well in my country it has just turned to the 6 months where we can get V-D from the Sun, so I went for a 2 hour run through the forest in my shorts, even without shoes .. I will do this all Summer and test again in September to find out if it is that.

2 upvotesanabolic921 year ago

I have no idea man, I'd say go to the testosterone sub and they might have some natty protocols over there.

3 upvotes8882221 year ago

Amazing transformation, you just gave me the extra boost I need. well done !

3 upvotesnah461 year ago

Badass transformation. Nice job. Never stop brother

3 upvotestrampolinetrade1 year ago

it's really good to see actual success stories here, you're the man!

3 upvotesThelongwayhome261 year ago

tldr : BEAST mode activated !!

3 upvotesSuperCrazy071 year ago

That's unbelievable and inspiring. Great post!

Out of curiosity, it looks like you hit 225 at around May 2016 and more or less stayed there until May 2017.

I didn't see anything in your story about a change you made around that time that got you to drop those last 20 lbs or so?

2 upvotesprostaddict1 year ago


2 upvotesprostaddict1 year ago

Hey man - I'm also 6'3 and just wondering what weight you're at with 9.2% bodyfat?

3 upvotesPmart2131 year ago

Congratulations bro. I'm really happy for you and I hope this inspires many other men. It's never too late to make life what you want. All you need is discipline and persistence.

3 upvotesIronMonk481 year ago

Solid post. Very inspirational. Great job OP!

3 upvotespdiggs15001 year ago

Not all heroes wear capes! You're an inspiration Bro.

I think I'm going through a similar process. I'm 37, and about 2 months ago I swallowed TRP. Since then, I've been on Keto+IF, Gym 6 days/week, 5x5 SL, crazy 30+ mile biking, barely any alcohol, no more Warcraft, chatting with women, and not giving a fuck. A few pluses: More confidence, my clothes are fitting, 10 pounds down, and the hardcore members of my gym now give me the 'nod' whenever I'm in. Hell, I'm in almost in the gym as much as they are. Thank you for sharing!

3 upvotessuddenlysnowedinn1 year ago

You’re an absolute inspiration, man. A legend. I’m making progress for myself (29yo) already, but you just gave me an extra dose of motivation.

No kids yet, but I absolutely want them, so I’ll be avoiding HRT for as long as I’m seeing measurable progress.

Are you typically in ketosis? The brief bit I skimmed about your diet made it sound like you may be, but idk how many grams of carbs you’re getting from fruits and veggies.

2 upvotesPrimePairs1 year ago

Just add HCG to preserve fertility or put your swimmers on ice.

3 upvotesimboredofitall1 year ago

Respect. I'm 36 now, wishing I had learned about TRP earlier, feeling as though I've lost so much to time.

Reading your post has me feeling motivated for the future. I'm currently working on my body and my career like never before, seeing results and continuing onward.

Thanks for sharing.

3 upvoteskayfab1 year ago

GREAT i am looking for this type of transformation, i still have around 20-30 pounds to lose, i do fasting try to hit 16 per day..... i grad P90X3 and am now doing 22 minutes hard corps with adonis index...my diet still needs work....

Not looking to bang women i will be 46, but when you are in shape its true that women touch you a lot more.... yeah being physical.

3 upvotesandAutomator1 year ago

Hey, thanks for the story buddy. I bet the hormone therapy was much more useful for you since you're snipped. Out of curiosity, how tall are you?

3 upvotesFilofa1 year ago

Looking fantastic, we both know our work is only starting.

Best wishes.

3 upvotessamurai961 year ago

Damn bud, I remember you commenting about your transformation on some post, and I was thinking you might make post about it. Well bob's your uncle, you dunnit, and you're getting quite some adoration too.

I'm curious though, was she the one who originally left you? Asking because if it was her, then she's probably steeming with regret rn.

3 upvotesBettawayz1 year ago

Massive respect! Fu*k those hamsters who can’t believe that hard work can actually amount to something. Twice the respect for the honesty in the post.

3 upvotesFrankCostanza1111 year ago

I’d upvote 10x if I could. This is what it’s all about.

3 upvotesrasta_rusk_991 year ago

Holy shit sir, that's amazing.

3 upvotesduck_tape1 year ago

Do you track your calories, macros etc.?

2 upvotesJDRoedell1 year ago


2 upvotesJDRoedell1 year ago

I’d be interested to know what’s in your shakes. Impressive transformation brother

3 upvotesDextline1 year ago

Late as fuck to this. I read your post earlier and just thought of https://youtu.be/7kbSfFFEvxw

Take the bro's advice and consider simple maintenance before you go too far with the gains and get into weird centaur porn. :D

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago


3 upvotesCaciqueBoss1 year ago

Man this post motivated me af nao

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago


6 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Men create their value and women are born with theirs

OP can do it, so can you

3 upvotesUncleWarwick1 year ago

This guy fucks, literally and figuratively. Kudos to you sir. We need more posts and stories like yours here.

Also a couple grand isn’t anything for your salary, but the clinic I was looking at my TRT would be 2400/year. You may or may not be getting ripped there. (I’m passing on TRT for now because I’m too young - 29 - and don’t have my life completely in check to determine I definitely need it, tested in the mid 400s, but I still have diet and gym gains to achieve first before I hop on the train)

2 upvotesUncleWarwick1 year ago


2 upvotesUncleWarwick1 year ago

Underground you’d be paying like 100 a month if that.

I wanted to start because I’m a complete believer, but I couldn’t in good conscience until I got all my shit in check and see where my levels are at then.

2 upvotesBruHEEZ1 year ago

Well fucking done, sir.

2 upvotesRian_Stone1 year ago

Mind if I cross post this to marriedredpill? Would be a great compliment to Stacy's post on fasting...

2 upvotesThunderbutt771 year ago

Amazing man. Thank you for sharing this.

2 upvotesjclaytonc1 year ago

Well done my man. I turned 30 today, and I am in better shape than when I was 25, but I still have work to do to catch up with you. Enjoy it.

2 upvotesBiglordg1 year ago

Awesome job man. Shit like this makes me want to go even harder in life, at the gym, and at work.

2 upvoteshotrod8171 year ago

Damn bro, this is really inspiring. Continued success on your journey!

2 upvotesgorebwn1 year ago

Yeah man. Murdering it out there. Keep up the good work man.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

The elbow tendinitis doing pull-ups is a real hurtle. I messed mine up doing chin-ups. It's been a few years since and I still feel it in one of my elbows. One thing I've started doing is alternating scapular pull-ups and full pull-ups in a single High-Intensity-Training drop set. I use rubber bands. The scapular pull seems to help everything get aligned and makes the complete pull-up much stronger. The rubber bands drop help me achieve failure without straining the tendons. I think increased frequency also helps--at least one set to utter failure every day.

Keep it up. You're obviously kicking ass.

2 upvotesrichi00031 year ago

Preach man, you're a role model to some people

2 upvotesTenth_101 year ago

Congrats on your journey. I'm on the same path right now, having started last August and pushing as hard as I can. I have lost 13Kgs of fat, pound up a few kgs of muscles, but on the women side it's nada.

Couple questions if you would kindly answer : - What's the size of the city you're living in ? - Do you do anything besides Bumble to meet women ?

Thanks in advance and God speed to you !

2 upvotesTenth_101 year ago


2 upvotesTenth_101 year ago

I see ! Thank you very much.

2 upvotesvinsomer_1 year ago

Dude, that was a great reading . Your tale is awesome. I wanted to ask you something, bro. There is a philosophy about lifting, that shit about beat your limitations every day and stuff. How was that for you? How did you felt a personal development? Mostly, what was the full effect of lifting in your mentality, and, perhaps, your spiritual side, as you're talking about meditation and seems to believe in it (i do believe in it, meditation and spiritual healing are cool af).

2 upvotes3d_truth1 year ago

I am into meditation and do it in the sauna in addition to doing it in my room. If you are just getting into meditation, solely doing it in the sauna is doing yourself a disservice. It is so much harder to focus. Keep trying in the sauna, but do it at home everyday aswell.

2 upvotesokuli1 year ago

I'm new to meditation, but as a beginner I find it much easier to focus in sauna. When I'm at home I have racing thoughts of reading a book, internet, check mail, etc. While in sauna I don't have a phone with me and I'm there for 10 minutes anyway, so it's easy to focus.

2 upvotesU-941 year ago

I fully expect to start HGH and Testosterone treatment in my 40s. I've worked out nonstop since high school (32 now) but I know without these aids, it'll be pointless at the gym with the natural muscle loss.

2 upvotesyomo861 year ago

But first try to supplement naturally ie get a blood test, improve vitamin D, zinc and magnesium levels to the optimal amount. Going on HRT is a live changer, as your body becomes accustomed to, so quitting is out of the question at some point

2 upvotesopenWh1te1 year ago

Good job, man! Keep it up

As per meditating, have you heard of Deprivation Tanks? They help a lot with learning meditation, practicing meditation, and physical restoration.

I highly recommend it, in this lively noisey world that we live in.

Groupon tends to be a decent place to look for coupons for local services. They can be called float tanks...

They are epsom salt baths designed to isolate you from input like sound, light, and the sensation of gravity to some extent (it's more dispersed when floating than simply be standing).

Peace out

2 upvotescaptainsaveahoe691 year ago

Fucking great stuff man! Congrats and well done sir!

2 upvotesThrowTheEgg1 year ago

Nice work, two quick questions: 1) Re the TRT - did you test for low testosterone and were ‘legitiimately’ recommended to it, or did you decide for yourself and then undertake? No judgement just curious; 2) with the fasting, any concerns/limitations about too great a window between protein intake? That is my one and only reservation about IF, that I’ll miss out on getting enough protein for muscle growth...

Thanks man

2 upvoteshiddenpersona1 year ago

Did your libido survive after years on SSRIs? I had extremely high libido before and while on Cipralex for 2 years. I stopped after 2 years and shit the libido is sometimes still non existent. I really have to pay close attention to my diet, sleep and workout otherwise zero libido for women.

If so, how did you manage to get your libido back? I think I either damaged some receptors or lost it all for some other reason. I did nofap for 2 months and I think it may messed up with my libido either.

2 upvotesOfficerWade1 year ago

You’ve made it look easy. I wish you the best of luck and as always stay safe out there.

2 upvotesHotelmotelholidayinn1 year ago

How much do PED’s cost you? Does insurance cover some costs?

2 upvotesAFthrowaway30001 year ago

Inspiration. Saved for future reference.

2 upvotesMath1261 year ago

Awesome pics. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakn’ huge, solid, thick and tight you can get. Thanks for the motivation.

2 upvotesbasedmattnigga71 year ago

Amazing story dude. I'm inspired to cut the snuff, been chewing for ages.

Also going to start the lifting tomorrow. And forming a plan.

Thanks for posting.

2 upvotesclinicalbrain1 year ago

So are you taking TRT for muscle gains or because your are low on T? I didn’t quite get the reason from your post.

2 upvotesGozsayin11 year ago

Wow just wow dude nobody hear needs to tell you how far you've come because you've lived it. Your an inspiration to all if not just to me. P.S Im not normally not a super fan of steroids but I'm glad to see someone in your age range (range it should be used unlike some of these young guys) bouncing back they way you have

2 upvotesBradTheGymRat1 year ago

Kudos my man! 47 and killing it!What an inspiration.

2 upvotesGearski1 year ago

Glad to see you include your cycle info, too many guys who refuse to be legit about it even while anonymous. Props on the transformation.

2 upvotesyomo861 year ago

Just one question. 6 times a week gym + cardio + other physical activities seem quite much to me. How do you regenerate to 100%? Going the odd week without sports once every blue moon?

2 upvotesearthmother921 year ago

Cool post. I dont get one thing though. So much time in the gym? Cut it in half and start reading some books.

2 upvotesSuave_Terry1 year ago

Jesus Christ man, good fucking job!

2 upvotesSTFUIDGAFUCK1 year ago

Truly Inspiring. Thank you sir

2 upvotesSemperPrimus1 year ago

One of the most impressive posts I've read on here. Good for you man and thanks for the motivation and inspiration.

2 upvotesdyed_red1 year ago

Congrats for the amazing transformation, man. Can you give us your stats? I'm talking arm circumference, 1RM bench press, etc. And can you give us a front shot on the after physique? It would make things more comparable with the before one.

2 upvotesdyed_red1 year ago


2 upvotesdyed_red1 year ago

This is the wrong place to try to bullshit haha

So should I assume you're too shy to give em' out?

2 upvotesdyed_red1 year ago


2 upvotesdyed_red1 year ago

Awesome, I'm sure lots of people would like to have a look

2 upvotesdeeze61 year ago

Awesome job, Im in my 40s and considering TRT as well. I'm curious, what was your starting testosterone level? And did you try any natural methods of increasing testosterone?

2 upvotesChadTheWaiter1001 year ago

As a now 27 yo man, took viagra when I was 21-25 on occasion. When I did take it I had wood for about a week (on and off) but I’m talking steel fuckin wood.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Nice work. I should make a post like this at some point. 36 with two kids, after divorce went from 360 down to 240 in one year and look to be at my best shape ever at 200lbs by august. Not to take away from this post but my before and after pics are gonna be pretty dramatic.

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2 upvotes319Skew1 year ago

Thank you for sharing. As a recently divorced single father, I find your post to be very inspirational.

Is there a sub for TRP success stories/transformations? I feel like there should be a section for people living the TRP lifestyle before and after stories.

2 upvotesArabian_Wolf1 year ago

I'm mirin you, nice body.

Just keep up the good work and don't fall into mediocrity again.

2 upvotes2jz240sx1 year ago

Great story and congrats! All the hard work you put into yourself has paid off!

2 upvoteshongkong_man51 year ago

Kudos to you man keep it up and stay hungry!

2 upvotesst3roids1 year ago

there numerous papers that point the effect on hormones on muscle building.

Point taken without hormones no serious muscles will ever built. In fact after a certain age 45+ doing weight lift without steroids isn't recommended and is counter productive cause you always be in catabolic state.

Of course is another thing doing couple of grams testo with tren hexa every day and 10 ui of hgh along wit insulin with just taking testo and some anavar and a couple of ui hgh which in no way is harm full and only beneficial

2 upvotesbluepillcarl1 year ago

Any idea on what your daily calorie count and macros might be?

2 upvoteshack3ge1 year ago


2 upvoteshack3ge1 year ago

What do you weigh?

I'm cutting on IF doing 1400/1800 split and I'm 160lbs 5'8" - god I wish I could eat 3500 calories a day. I know I need to bulk but I want to get to sub 10% BF before I start. I wonder sometimes if I am hitting a plateau because I don't eat enough. My activity level is pretty high but I don't do any cardio outside of combat sports (BJJ / Muy Thai). I'm stuck in that 12-15% BF range and its hard to move the scale and see visibile resuls but I've heard I'm in no man's land. Part of my MAP for the week is to use a food scale to make sure I'm not underestimating which is also a possibility.

The trick to IF results really is high fat and protein - I lose more fat and feel better when I eat nothing but bacon, pork ribs, beef, eggs, chicken and throw some green veggies in and some plaintain chips for carbs.

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2 upvoteshack3ge1 year ago

Yeah I'm 35 - going to get my T levels checked next week so maybe I'll have some help. I still think its doable at my age to get sub 10% naturally just need to find the right combination of carb cycling and tightening up my calories. I just started getting back into lifting about a month ago so I've got a few months of noob gains ahead of me too.

3500 calories is well above maintenance so you must be very active or the HGH is helping alot.

2 upvotesTheseNthose1 year ago

I don't read it past the pictures. Holy fuckin shit dude! Great job!

2 upvotesRedPilledGodEmperor1 year ago

This is a great post that shows that it is never too late to improve yourself/body and change your life for the better.

2 upvotesseanwilliams351 year ago

Super inspiring - keep it up

2 upvotesDiscardedThoughts881 year ago

Love this post. Honesty... We should give this guy props, whether you agree with his regime or not doesn't matter to me. This dude is killing it.

Great job man ! Inspiring story and I can imagine your kids are very proud of their father. Keep on living YOUR life the way YOU want to live it.

2 upvotesivyentre1 year ago

Props to you for having the balls to come out and say you had drugs to help you...most people who make this kind of transformation lie about it and say 'i worked hard, and you can have the same results if you work hard too!'

Sometimes real inspiration comes through brutal honesty instead of bullshit sales pitches. Much thanks.

2 upvotesJudgeDoom691 year ago

Did you start the TRT through your family doctor or did you go to a men's health clinic? Same question on the HGH, is that through a clinic. And could you please ballpark the cost per month?

Do you drink alcohol at all, and if so how much and how often?

2 upvotesAechzen1 year ago

First, congratulation on your improvements and thanks for your post.

There is no way I would be sitting today at 9.2% bodyfat with visible abs without HGH

I agree. I've been as lean as 10.5% natural, but it's very difficult to be simultaneously putting on muscle, eating enough, and stay that lean. I'm now hovering between 11.5% and 12% and I run a hell of a lot. I wasn't any more successful with women at 10.5%; in fact, if you have to trade being stronger or leaner, I think stronger at 12% is better.

All that said, you should find a doctor / clinic you trust, and strongly consider tapering off. Those cancer risks you mentioned are real, and you're already at increased cancer risk from your years of chew. Cancer is way worse than just having shrinking balls.

Just being as strong as you are, you're probably going to have pretty strong testosterone production. But what the fuck do I know? I'm only 37.

1 upvotesAechzen1 year ago


1 upvotesAechzen1 year ago

I feel like being where I am with TRT and HGH is a hell of a lot better than being where I was with Paxil and Skoal.

Ha. That's absolutely true. Anti-depressants are awful. I tried some tobacco as a teenager and never got addicted; I know it's tough to quit. Nice work on that too.

2 upvotesLA_producer1 year ago

I’m curious if the 20-somethings came from online dating. I’ve noticed a major drop off in interest from 20-somethings online now that my profile’s age crossed over 40 years old.

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2 upvotesLA_producer1 year ago

Yeah, exactly. That’s why I was wondering how you pulled it off.

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2 upvotesthatboyjeff1 year ago

You’re a bad mother fucker.

2 upvotesabudun791 year ago

Your's is one of the most impressive transformation to me (talking about your pictures). Outstanding!

2 upvotesTheseNthose1 year ago

this inspired me to get chest hair implants

2 upvotesofficerkondo1 year ago

I know I'm late to the party but I'm an early-40s guy who just got on TRT about two months ago. Your post and progress photos are very inspiring and give me hope.

Now you have me thinking about HGH...

2 upvotesRevo_Luzione1 year ago

Thanks for your report. This is a very inspirational post, older cats who are on this board, take heed. It's not too late, at any age, to build yourself up & create a life worth living.

2 upvotes1z1z2x2x3c3c4v4v1 year ago

elbow tendinitis is making this hard

I am 48, and have recently pulled something in my damned elbow too. Any advice?

2 upvotesplentyoffishes1 year ago

Great! Any tips on online dating in your 40s? I find that very few younger women are responsive on Bumble, etc. when they see the number (40 whatever), but in person, it's no problem.

2 upvotesTre_Walker1 year ago

I applaud you sir as a true inspiration. We need more of this. I am saving your story to refer to on my own journey. Thanks

Oh BTW do you have an opinion on MK-677 for HGH? I will work on HGH before T.

2 upvotes1v1crown1 year ago

WAT THE FUCK those before after pics tho

2 upvoteshandfulofnuts1 year ago

Dadbod to Chadbod. You look 10 years younger, easily. Well done.

2 upvotesSickOfIt5181 year ago

You're definitely a hero. Great job!

2 upvotesCyberChutney1 year ago

That's ridiculously inspirational. You look like a total beast in the after pic.

Thanks for the tip to do IF but skipping the evening meal. I've tried IF with no breakfast but it tends to make me fidgety just when I need to get some work done at the start of the workday. No dinner seems to work a lot better (three days so far).

2 upvotespmtiggobitties1 year ago

Bravo OP! Youre a fucking champion and an inspiration.

Youve added fuel to my self-improvement fire.

Thank you. Keep at it!

2 upvotesIamBammBamm1 year ago


What was your body fat % when you started T and HGH? Curious what your height is as well?

2 upvotesNameUser181 year ago

Same yeah. I’m thinking of getting some myself tbf - like you say I’d rather do the injections and reap the rewards than not and stay ‘meh’. Have a good one.

2 upvotesohk97r6dll1 year ago

Inspiring. Thank you. I was in a relationship for a few years and let myself get way out of shape. I make excuses now that keep me looking like your before picture. This post reminds us all of what we can do if we throw out excuses, focus on goals and remain consistent in that focus. Two years from now, I don't want to look the way I look now. Great post.

2 upvotesBloody69Hell1 year ago


Please expand on your height?


2 upvotesbookloverphile1 year ago

Very inspiring! would love to meet you!

2 upvotesTMac11281 year ago

This dude's a JRE podcast listener

3 upvotesNameUser181 year ago

Awesome story (been lurking 4 months , and you guys saved my life). But do we count using test and hgh as part of achievement , or is that not considered cheating?

4 upvotesNameUser181 year ago


4 upvotesNameUser181 year ago

Sorry I didn’t mean to come across demeaning your achievements or anything - it’s a very inspiring story! I saw your comment on that post the other day so I knew I had to read your full post. Congrats on the success.

2 upvotesWinstonMcFail1 year ago


2 upvotesWinstonMcFail1 year ago

Seriously. Only haters would call it cheating. Dude isn't competing in a sport.. he's trying to improve his life he did it dramatically.

1 upvotesNameUser181 year ago

Not a hater at all, but it’s still cheating if you can’t do it naturally isn’t it? It’s just like congratulating a chick who had liposuction instead of dieting.

1 upvotesWinstonMcFail1 year ago

Well.. I guess. But I don't consider either cheating. How can you cheat someone else if you're the only person in the equation.

1 upvotesNameUser181 year ago

You’re not. I meant it’s easier to get buff and ripped if you’re using test/hgh - that’s all. Basically it takes less to get in awesome shape using them than if you’re natural.

Like I say, I don’t object at all - he’s done great. I’m just saying there’s probably less credit due if you’re using enhancing drugs.

2 upvotesWinstonMcFail1 year ago

Yeah.. I totally see where your coming from, but just in my head.. I don't give him any less credit. If anything.. I give more props. Willing to do whatever the fuck it takes. He simply couldn't be where he currently his at his age without the drugs. Fuck it. All in. I respect that lol. Either way.. silly debate. I see your point. Good weekend to ya

3 upvotesshubhidoobi1 year ago

Your ex wife is going to regret ending things so much. But man keep fucking chicks don't go in another LTR, you don't need that shit.

2 upvoteswutaboutthetwinky1 year ago

Congrats on the life change, man. Only, why get into a relationship when single life was so good?

2 upvotesthrowlaca1 year ago

Your hair improved 300% too.

It's an amazing transformation however taking 2 daily injections for life is not for everybody.

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1 upvotesddbsirt1 year ago


1 upvotesddbsirt1 year ago


1 upvotesddbsirt1 year ago


1 upvotesddbsirt1 year ago

Don't hit up the ask anything thread. Read the wiki first. Then hit the ask anything thread, it's not the explain everything thread.

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1 upvotespcsubliminal1 year ago

What's TRT?

1 upvotesLion-Slicer1 year ago

Testosterone replacement therapy

1 upvotesLion-Slicer1 year ago

Why the HCG? Just to keep your balls from shrinking?

1 upvotesEqualResponsibility1 year ago

I only looked at your pics... this is totally evil of me and I’m still working on it. Can we get a candid pic of your ex’s face when she sees what you look like now? It would be epic.

1 upvotesPMMEURRETROGURL1 year ago

Trying to get hgh prescribed myself, how should i approach my doctor?

1 upvotesnowboarding1 year ago

What kind of pics did the photographer take?

1 upvotesGerstlauer1 year ago

Hey man. Stellar job, well done.

Can I ask how you've dealt with your elbow tendonitis? Struggling with it too right now.

1 upvotesoneoftwentygoodmen1 year ago

man after I saw the after photo all I could think was just I'm so fucking proud of you

0 upvotesStonerTigerMom1 year ago

I thought this was a Keto post and wanted to say how amazing and hot you look until I realized where I was (“plates” tipped me off).

As much as it pains me to complement someone who calls women dishware, your hard work is hot AF. You could probably have as many dishes as you like

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago


1 upvotesblkMGTOW071 year ago

Dude, didn't read your post yet but great fucking job on the weight loss man! Just had to say that. Well done.

1 upvotesButt_Man_691 year ago

No after picture? No homo but top 1% fat to fab transformation means we want to live through your experiences.

2 upvotesButt_Man_691 year ago


2 upvotesButt_Man_691 year ago

Oh I see. It’s coupled in. I’m on this weird Apollo browser everyone keeps shilling. On the picture: yep this guys fucks.

0 upvotesPatsFever1 year ago

Holy nice man, I wonder if vitamin S involved because that’s beast mode for 1 year. Bet the ex wife is swooning.

EDIT: Okay this is basically an advertisement for steroids. Nice feel good story, but to play devils advocate there’s some long term health impacts with steroids that are not as feel good.

3 upvotesPatsFever1 year ago


3 upvotesPatsFever1 year ago

Nah, I honestly get it, but sometimes these steroid posts can be confusing for younger people and there’s a big difference taking all that stuff around 45 vs around 25. The results are impressive and we only have one life might as well live it.

2 upvotesstickstickley871 year ago

Yup. Baseball, football, life. It’s fucking cheating. It’s fine though, you can’t run from the effects, sooner or later you have to pay the piper. Nothing in this life is easy.

1 upvotesAlexSKT991 year ago

My guy just went from dad to daddy. Well done sir.

-5 upvotesnotonlyplace1 year ago

DISCLAIMER! Yes, I am on PEDs now

TRT,Human growth Hormone, PEDs, that will transform anyone , without working out, you can sit and masturbate all day and look better than 90% of people

There is no way I would be sitting today at 9.2% bodyfat with visible abs without HGH

There is no way you would look anywhere near what you do without the amount of drugs you put into your body.

tl;dr Take steroids, fuck bitches, the new TRP message

tl;dr: If you take steroids there is a real chance you will be on TRT for life, and your balls will stop working even with HGH,

6 upvotesmonadyne1 year ago

There is no way you would look anywhere near what you do without the amount of drugs you put into your body.

Jeez, what an asshole you are, notonlyplace. Can't you read? This guy's been doing it all: working out for 1.5 hours per day, six days a week, gave up carbs and sugar, now fasts for 16 hours per day. He pointedly does ~not~ fap or sit around playing video games or piss his time away anymore. He cycles, does yoga, etc., etc., etc. ...And here you are proclaiming that his gains are all due to chemicals.

Here's a resolution maybe you should make, notonlyplace: "Today, I'm going to try to be less of a judgmental piece of shit to my fellow man!"

You can do it, notonlyplace. We believe in you!

-1 upvotesnotonlyplace1 year ago

gave up carbs and sugar,

All sugar becomes carbohydrates, I heavily doubt he doesn't eat carbs, because that would mean no fruits or vegetables

working out for 1.5 hours per day, six days a week And here you are proclaiming that his gains are all due to chemicals.

Yes, he has increase protein synthesis , faster recover, less down time, without drugs he wouldn't look like that at all.

Today, I'm going to try to be less of a judgmental piece of shit to my fellow man!"

I never said it was right or wrong, I never said he was bad,good,lazy or anything I just said, drugs made him, which they did

1 upvotesPrimePairs1 year ago

Something like 95% of steroid users recover fertility even after decades of use. Generally you can supplement with HCG which will prevent testicular atrophy and infertility.

-4 upvotesStevenXBusby1 year ago

Great for you. But that’s a lot of drugs. I’ll stay a loser.

3 upvotessamurai961 year ago

Better to die in a blaze of glory than live a coward no?

1 upvotesnester791 year ago

Choosing to be a loser is a personal choice and has nothing to do with whether this guy uses drugs or not. You can do everything he did without the drugs but it sounds like you just want to be complacent which is totally fine - it's a free country and I won't judge you. Just don't complain if you're not getting what you want out of life when you've declared loser mentality.

1 upvotesStevenXBusby1 year ago

You’re right about everything except being able to duplicate his results naturally at that age.

The man is an absolute stud. And I don’t mean to be negative about his success. But there is very little information in his story that applies to non-PED takers. Just the metabolic changes and joint health are a different ball game.

3 upvotesnester791 year ago

I never suggested that you would obtain the exact same result - sorry if that wasn't clear. I was only saying you can choose to end the loser streak and work out, lose weight, and get out there with or without hormones.

There is zero excuse for any male who is still able to be mobile to not exercise both aerobically and anaerobically. It's not just for women it's for your own health as well - with or without supplementation.

1 upvotesCaptain_Save_A_Hoe_1 year ago

Pathetic person and pathetic "journey". Noting changed with you as a person and you would still be a obese omega if it wasnt for steroids. Which is to say any super omega who has somehow managed to collect enough $$$ can uncuck himself with excess steroids.

3 upvotesTheRedPike1 year ago

A little early to be hitting the bottle/bong/huffing glue? Play nice, kiddies.

1 upvotesnester791 year ago

Steroids don't work unless you work hard. Can it be considered "cheating"? Sure maybe by some but you still have to work hard at it.

Lance Armstrong doped but he could still kick most of our asses even if he didn't dope.

I follow what you're saying but your comment was completely wrong and misguided at best.

0 upvotesNovicePilgrim1 year ago

TLDR: Juice and viagra.

Still impressive, and it shows that if you really want it, you just have to get up and pick it up. And pay the price, of course. The worlsd is yours, yet nothing is free.

2 upvotesnuffsaid6661 year ago


2 upvotesnuffsaid6661 year ago


2 upvotesnuffsaid6661 year ago

Yeah just did lol sorry bout that. Nice transformation

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