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« I don’t like muscles »

by Coolrubbings on /r/TheRedPill
11 January 2020 04:32 PM UTC

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« I don’t like muscles », said Stacy, with my arm around her waist and her hand up my shirt.

« Working out seems so pointless though », said Julia, as she squeezed my pec after I hugged her.

« Who are you trying to impress? », asked Linda, her eyes darting up and down my torso at the community pool.

A long time ago I probably would’ve believed these statements, I would’ve given up on building a physique, because I didn’t « get it ».

They don’t communicate the way we do.

She likes your muscles, she doesn’t want to look like a slut.

She likes your muscles, she wants you to understand that without having to say it.

A huge percentage of men today are out of shape, flabby, weak. Being strong will raise your SMV significantly, especially if you’re just looking to spin plates.

« B-but I’m Indian »

« I have a jacked friend who doesn’t get laid »

« Looks don’t matter »


As a man, your body is one of the only things you can actually control.

Set a goal.

Eat right. Eat. Eat. EAT.

Lift heavy ass fucking weight. Lift 5 times a week. Sleep at least 8 hours. Be consistent.

Don’t tell anyone that you’re working out. Don’t post your shitty physique on social media, just shut the fuck up and lift.

Do this for a year, then come back and tell me that women don’t like it.

At the end of the day, she’ll tell Billy Beta that he’s perfect the way he is, as she denies him sex and lets him chase her.

But Chad knows better, he knows that she’s drooling, because muscles on a man are like tits and ass on a woman.

Start now.

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423 upvoteslowkeyifuxwithjuice2 months ago

Well put brother. I love being jacked.

422 upvotesCoolrubbings [OP]2 months ago

Betas will resent you for it.

Alphas will respect you for it.

And women will absolutely go nuts for it.

177 upvotesNWDegenerate2 months ago

I was super fit when I was 16-23. I was in the Army Reserves, would work out or hit the boxing gym three to five times a week. I was jacked and confident. My sister used to hate how all of her friends would ask where I was as soon as they would come over and would always ask to see my chest tattoo that they had seen many times already as an excuse to get me to lift my shirt so that they could see my torso.

Then I got lazy for about five years and got out of shape. All of a sudden, I was fucking invisible. Eventually, I turned it around and even after working out for six month's and just starting to get it back, all of a sudden women would approach me. The office manager at work would come into my office and give me a shoulder massage while talking to me and trying to lead the conversation to find excuses for me to come to her house, using things like how she could really use someone to fix a cabinet door or something. The Admin assistant one night when everyone else had left early came in and sat on my lap and I am sure you know where that went.

Women say that they don't care and that it's what is on the inside that counts. They will say that to a guy with a good paycheck that serves a function while you are wondering why she never initiates sex and says that she has always had a low libido....which is bullshit because I've dated girls with Beta ex's that I knew when they were dating and having those issues and I could barely keep up with the girl because she would throw herself at me at any chance. Yeah. Low libido my ass.

76 upvotesy0ussefhesham2 months ago

It hurts so bad how I can relate to this. I just can’t push myself to start working out again man.. I hate how I currently look. I feel so weak and pathetic. I lost all my confidence.

122 upvotesDushbags2 months ago

Hey man. One step at a time. Just go to the gym. You cant climb mount everest in a day.

61 upvotesy0ussefhesham2 months ago

You’re right. Thanks bro. On it!

47 upvotessteve200092 months ago

I was in this same exact spot five years ago. I looked at myself in the mirror and hated how small I'd become. At the time I was lucky enough to be with a girl who didn't know me during my jacked days, so she assumed this was me. We were plenty sexually active, but that clearly increased as I started lifting again. She didn't work out much, so I had no one to push me. However, I realized it got a lot easier to get off my ass when I took it slow, and realized I just needed to take that first step. Just go one time, lift easy, maybe a little cardio to boot. For me, after two weeks of going three times a week, my body and mind got used to it and almost needed it. I didn't feel like I had a successful day unless I hit the gym. 3 days turned into 5 days, and 1 hour turned into 3 hour sessions. Set achievable goals for yourself at first, then once you achieve said goal, set a new group of goals. For me it all started with that first session, and not thinking about how long it would take me to get back to where I was. It'll happen, but don't put too much pressure on yourself. Just get there (to the gym), and the rest will fall in line.

11 upvotesDowhateverthe2 months ago

Once you get in a rhythm going to the gym and stop getting anxious about your gains every week, time flies by and you get jacked pretty fast, just need to have good nutrition and push your workouts to challenging, but fun to keep going. Keep pushing the amount of sets you're doing until you hit the max you're willing to do in a workout.

Recent science suggests that there is no immediate "overtraining" and more sets (20+ week per muscle group) give significantly higher gains than lower sets (6-10 sets per week per muscle group).

The more you train the faster you'll gain basically

Just don't kill yourself

7 upvotesbonusfruit2 months ago

Exchanges like these really take the wind out of people claiming this sub is toxic and radicalizing

1 upvotesAestheticcunt19962 months ago

You mean Mount Olympus

22 upvotesBasketcase7722 months ago

You can ask a friend to go with you. Or you can go bit by bit. Someday you could pass by the Gym and get inside. Look around and ask the employees about something. Next time you can sign up. Start once a week.

When I started running I did that. It’s about consistency. Pick a day and hour. I chose Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the morning.

The thing is that everytime you do something to impress someone else, you won’t stay consistent. You need a selfish reason. I started running due to my anxiety, health and digestion. And I like it. I havent missed one day except if I’m on vacation. My conscience feels heavy when I don’t go. I made a promise to myself basically. I never miss a day.

6 upvotesy0ussefhesham2 months ago

Baby steps it is! Thanks man!

3 upvotesZdeneksfilter2 months ago

I love this sub... you're sure to learn something new, or at least affirm something that you've always suspected to be true.

You're right about taking baby steps and progressing from there. Roughly a year and a half ago; I hated how unremarkable my legs were despite having a largish upper body... so I picked up running to at least build a foundation for beefing them up. I started with 200 meters and eventually cranked it all the way up to 5 miles a day. That was effective for my calves but it did nothing for my thighs. So I started cycling and worked my way up from 1 mile to around 5-6 every 5 days. Needless to say; the results have been astounding, and that was without doing much of heavy lifting, if at all. And just like you, I started running and cycling because of the dopamine injection they brought, which in turn undercut anxiety issues I had. I'm addicted to it at this point.

Also, I realized that sometimes, all we need is a "crutch" to make the process more consistent. In my case, adding headphones/music to my running routine increased its enjoyment infinitely, which led me to almost becoming desperate to go out running each day.

15 upvotesVapeBlowCatipiller2 months ago

Everyone wants to be a bodybuilder, but ain't no body want to lift these heavy ass weights. -- Ronnie Coleman

Go to gym. Lift weights. Don't let excuses get in your way (any). Cut out or down on the drinking (smoke weed if you have to if your in a legal state). Learn to cook and cook yourself healthy food. Make all this a priority.

If you fall off the wagon, because we all do, get back on when your heads back on straight. And keep this in mind, the muscle you gain today will never leave you. It's like a balloon and might deflate but inflating the old balloons is way easier then creating new ones.

You will never create new ones if you don't start right now.

3 upvotesUpOnCloud92 months ago

I took a year off from a consistent gym routine since I’ve been traveling a lot, picked up being a vegetarian for a month and also experimented with fasting. My lifts were cut in half. And my body and legs are noticeable smaller. Is it true that it’s faster to “get it back?” I used to go regularly for years on end

1 upvotesVapeBlowCatipiller2 months ago

Is it true that it’s faster to “get it back?” I used to go regularly for years on end

Absolutely. Size and strength will quickly return after being out only a year. The only time you will atrophy is if you spend years bed ridden.

1 upvotesempatheticapathetic2 months ago

Going vegetarian destroys muscle. But you’ll get back to where you were much quicker. I just took 7 months off due to an injury and got back to my lifts in 2 weeks. But now I’m back in the same rut I was in before I’d stopped haha.

1 upvotesZdeneksfilter2 months ago

If you fall off the wagon, because we all do, get back on when your heads back on straight. And keep this in mind, the muscle you gain today will never leave you. It's like a balloon and might deflate but inflating the old balloons is way easier then creating new ones.

Very, very apt. I used to beat up myself for slipping up, which would sap away at my energy/desire to keep up the routine. I've since realized it's a lot easier to just get back on track and give zero fucks about 'messing up with consistency and progress'.

13 upvotesrecursiveentropy2 months ago

My sincere advice from personal experience: Find a workout buddy, and set an agreed-upon schedule. He'll keep you in line, and you'll keep him in line. It's way easier to flake on a workout day when it's just you versus having to get shit from your workout buddy because you're too tired or lazy to make it that day.

22 upvotesrocknrollchuck2 months ago

What's the hardest exercise at the gym? Front door pulls.

8 upvotesmajaka12342 months ago

Start with your diet.

You're going to eat anyway, right?

Buy a cheap slow cooker (or a nice one if you can afford it) and then look up some meal prep recipes on pinterest.

Buy all your groceries at once - hell, get them delivered if you want.

Not only is it going to be faster and cheaper to prepare a week of meals up front and then throw it into a slow cooker on your way to work - it's healthier and tastier too.

You'll drop $50 for a week of meals and have money left over since you won't need to rebuy spices and containers and shit.

Healthier, quicker, and it's like getting a free promotion because you can save all the money you were throwing away on $9 Starbucks.

This will have a bigger effect than going to the gym. But once you've got the meals prepped and going then you should figure out how to get to the gym

Yes, you could lose weigh from diet alone but you're not going to end up building muscle that way.

1 upvotesZdeneksfilter2 months ago

My man.

Once I started cooking for myself in earnest, I could clearly see the effects that had on my physique 3 weeks later, despite working out less. You could be an absolute dog in the gym, lifting to the point where you get dizzy, but you won't get very far with a shit diet.

5 upvotesobey_kush2 months ago

Read mini-habits you can find it in lib Gen, It could help you

4 upvotesR41nmaker2 months ago

Hey bro. I was “skinny fat” and I hated how I looked. Lifting heavy WILL burn fat. It won’t happen in a day, but it will take you months before seeing solid results. Also, meal prep as much as possible! I really started seeing results once I stopped eating out so much. Plus, you save a LOT of money.

3 upvotesSKRedPill2 months ago

Start stretching and walking instead of feel feel feelz and get to work. Love and hate mean nothing. Get to work and stop thinking about yourself, only your reps and goals.

3 upvotesririx212 months ago

Start with at home calisthenics and a diet. Maybe read a page or two of a book. Try to do something small thats productive and then take a break for a little bit and then go do another small productive thing. Eventually your mind will start craving productivity. It all starts with your willpower though. “The man who said I can’t and the man who said I can are often both right.” What that means is if you say you can’t you already gave up. My friend is going through the same thing but with a breakup and he doesnt realize this. You can do it brother just start small we have are while lives ahead of us but you don’t have forever. Just do it it if you truly feel that way.

3 upvotesNocryingok2 months ago

google Greasing the Groove

3 upvotestentei2262 months ago

Just think of all the confidence that you would get when you were lifting.

Now work out for like 20/30 sessions, and thats all you need when the outcome starts kicking in. Looking in the mirror of a better self of yourself, and noticing the confident boost doing wonder to your life.

Soon enough you will feel less pain and stress and lifting becomes an activity/event that makes you feel so good it becomes a healthy addiction.

2 upvotesClickHereToREEEEE2 months ago

I force myself to do it by thinking about Joe Rogan conquering his inner bitch: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=k3J4sQcuPSY

2 upvotesLucky_SARMs2 months ago

Just make a couple of changes at a time...lack of motivation is often largely diet related. My no. 1 mistake dieting was cutting calories by the 100s instead of the 10s or 20s. A lot of good sites offer balanced diets just to maintain your weight. Once your mood improves, you'll find the energy to workout, and eventually work out while cutting calories.

Fixing your diet and eating right is 70%. Working out with resistance training is another 25-27%. And cardio is basically just to shave calories.

That's it. Once you eat right your mood will improve...and sometimes that's all it takes. For me that's what made the difference and got me actual results. Shitty diet = shitty mood = shitty physique.

Best of luck

8 upvotesy0ussefhesham2 months ago

It hurts so bad how I can relate to this. I just can’t push myself to start working out again man.. I hate how I currently look. I feel so weak and pathetic. I lost all my confidence.

12 upvotesNWDegenerate2 months ago

Only you can fix that then. Seriously, don't talk about how you are planning on going to the Gym because there are studies that show that telling someone that you plan to do something gets a positive response so your brain already feels rewarded and less motivated to do more, like actually go.

Just get up and go. No one else can get you there. Do it for yourself.

10 upvotes_BeastOfBurden_2 months ago

Put on sneakers right now and download couch to 5k on your phone and do the first exercise. Take fucking action.

5 upvotesanon393162 months ago

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

1 upvotesTheGreatConst2 months ago

For most guys though it would be unrealistic to expect that women will initiate everything themselves just because of them having muscles. It isn't enough. To get girls easily with your looks enough you should be handsome, athletic and not too short, your race will play a role too as well as your style. In other words, you need to be a "full package" looks-wise if you want to get girls just by existing. The guy who is 8/10 would get ten times less attention than the guy who is 10/10 and from lower quality girls as well.

In all other cases, you should have game, holding frame, initiate, etc.

1 upvotesyomo862 months ago

Tables turned: I had a low libido during tough times at work. Being the 'men' 13h a day is daunting. I was still jacked. Strangly enough my woman was thinking I banged a hotter Stacy because, you know. Be strong, be self-sufficient always improve. As someone pointed out already women are a lagging indicator of success.

1 upvotesSilverCloud731 month ago

Unfortunately people here won’t understand that you need to be good looking to be treated like this

14 upvotesWhopper_Jr2 months ago

Women salivate when they see abs. Should start taking cheek swabs when I take off my shirt, might actually be involuntary

1 upvotesMrSaiyan_333_2 months ago

But can we become big AND still have abs without taking steroids?

2 upvotesemd96292 months ago

Big enough, women don't want a monster

3 upvotesscissor_me_timbers002 months ago

It’s real simple. Humans like strength and fitness in other humans. I guess yeah many betas resent the competition. But women and children will have a default perspective of you as a grown strong male. What do women want? Strong mature males that can handle shit and display genetic/physical/social fitness cues. It’s actually incredibly simple and Darwinian when it clicks.

2 upvotesTheFallingCosmos2 months ago

That username is a tad bit concerning

1 upvotespilot3332 months ago

nothing wrong being jacked and juicy?

-2 upvotesJohnnyrock1992 months ago

And I love being jacked off. All these hoes out here just love my 21.7" dick 😎😎 /s just in case

191 upvoteszboo1h2 months ago

I love it when they tell you that. "Don't get too big, I don't like guys that are too big." and so on.

Bitch you just don't like competition.

72 upvoteslogosolos2 months ago

Ding ding ding. Winner winner

13 upvotesnicksaiz652 months ago

Would you argue that there is no such thing as "too big?" I've been lifting a couple years, I wanna take it all the way and look like a fitness model

26 upvotesionforge2 months ago

One thing is for sure, you don't get "too big" by accident.

9 upvotesPepeApuSmidgeMarvNog2 months ago

If you aren’t taking gear it is impossible to get “too big”.

Now don’t get me wrong, it is possible to be “too big” for most women but when they mean that they mean some elite Olympia generic freak like Jay Cutler or Big Ramy.

4 upvotesfitness43932 months ago

like Jay Cutler or Big Ramy

and then you're famous, so that raises your SMV to compensate.

7 upvoteszboo1h2 months ago

That's probably a subjective thing, but I don't personally think there is such a thing as too big, although I have heard stories of guys with enormous lats that can't wipe their own asses anymore. Those sound like urban legends, though.

Good on you, I hope you reach your goal. Although for me, I don't think I'll ever reach my goal. I am "Forever Small" because as soon as I get to a goal (either a body weight or 1RM) I just want another, bigger goal. The path is the goal. Good lifting!

1 upvotesyomo862 months ago

For me too big starts when steroids get involved or the body gets harmed by no rest time-outs. Other than that anything goes. Women usually never complain about their big perky tits or a firm bubble butt neither.

12 upvotesZdeneksfilter2 months ago

It's even more hilarious when I run into guys who say "I'm scared about lifting as I don't want to get too big. You might want to consider that too, blah blah."

Worrying about gaining too much muscle is like fussing over getting too much money.

7 upvoteszboo1h2 months ago

Those guys are women.

But honestly there are new things to concern yourself about the bigger you get, the same as when your wealth grows. Like for instance I had to have 5 pairs of pants tailored because my legs wouldn't fit in them anymore and I couldn't button them.

2 upvotesfitness43932 months ago

Low key triggered when I hear the word tailored. I spent thousands on a tailored wardrobe to fit my slender body 18 months ago (suits, sports jackets, ton of nice party dress shirts), then I started lifting, and now all these brand new tailored clothes are useless lol.

2 upvoteszboo1h2 months ago

Exactly what happened to me. Lots of places you buy the clothes from have decent rates for tailoring though if you bring them clothes that they sold you.

Only drawback is that you can only tailor clothes so much before you run out of material to work with.

1 upvotesBonusCheckz2 months ago

It's even more hilarious when I run into guys who say "I'm scared about lifting as I don't want to get too big. You might want to consider that too, blah blah."

Worrying about gaining too much muscle is like fussing over getting too much money.

The easiest way to tell somebody has never been actually challenged in thier workouts is the statement "I dont want to get huge" or some variation of it.

Motherfucker. Ive been actively trying to get huge for years. Still not there. Those statements belittle the people that have put the work in, like its so easily attainable.

1 upvotesSilverCloud731 month ago

Completely wrong, most women are repulsed by roided bodies

229 upvotesStron2g2 months ago

As a man, your body is one of the only things you can actually control.

Being fit demonstrates to women your ability to handle your shit. Your discipline and more importantly, commitment. This is a masculine trait 100%. Remember that the idea of strong male commitment is the females biggest turn on.

119 upvotesCoolrubbings [OP]2 months ago

This guy gets it.

If you can’t commit to your own body, how the fuck can you commit to anything else?

-2 upvotesZech4riah2 months ago

There is plenty of rich/wealthy guys with worse than average physique who have their companies going on and work long hours. Are you saying they can't commit on something?

Are you on steroids? Do you shave your armpits? Do you like to mirror yourself daily and flex?

You seem the kind of guy whose success criteria is based on physique. How would you feel like if you lost your physique and muscles? It's not smart to base your confidence and identity on muscles (believe me, I've had a thought on this).

1 upvotesCoolrubbings [OP]2 months ago

Lol, I doubt you got my point.

My success criteria includes my physique, but isn’t based on it.

I’m working on getting a degree in finance, saving up money, and building a strong future for myself as well, I’m confident in my intelligence as well as my body.

I wouldn’t « lose » my physique unless I became a lazy fuck or if I got a bad injury.

2 upvotesZech4riah2 months ago

Lol, I doubt you got my point.

I totally got it, I just disagree with it because the way you write tells me otherwise. It takes one to know another.

I wouldn’t « lose » my physique unless I became a lazy fuck or if I got a bad injury.

Exactly, injury, accident etc that you couldn't keep yourself in shape anymore. About an year ago I noticed that I base my identity way too much to my physique. The confidence should come within, not how you look like or how much you lift. I still think that if I lost my ability to workout and do sports and lose my physique, I would be devastated but I'm working on that and you seem to be a person who should be doing that as well because the way you respond to messages seems like that you base a lot of your indentity on "being that fit guy".

Could you go a month without doing anything physical (no need to eat and get fat). Maybe some yoga and walking or something similar really light to releave static strain. I couldn't because I would hate it how my physique would take a hit and I would lose muscle and strength.

Also my point was that you can be commited to things without being in good shape (what's why I took wealthy/rich chubby guys as an example).

1 upvotesDak_nsfw2 months ago

Discipline & commitment are not solely masculine traits, that's bullshit. However they are certainly traits of desirable mates.

-83 upvotesguyau2 months ago

It's also indicative of a narcissistic sexuality (something which often leads to homosexuality). How many times have I heard women say about fit guys 'i get the feeling he's more interested in his own body than mine'.

19 upvotesbanquos_horse2 months ago

And she's saying that while sleeping with him? You seem to be missing the point that actions speak louder than words.

28 upvotesCoolrubbings [OP]2 months ago

Just like how I’ve heard « I don’t fuck black guys » from women, within hours of bending them over?

Listening to a woman’s words is suicide, you’ve got a lot to learn.

6 upvotesmaximusnaya2 months ago

Wisdom in these words. Yes sir.

3 upvotesZdeneksfilter2 months ago

True as hell. The guy you replied to needs to get acquainted with the side bar before commenting.

1 upvotesguyau2 months ago

Weird though how they all start speaking truth when it conforms to what you want to hear. When a girl says "I love fucking ripped dudes", is that also bullshit?

1 upvotesCoolrubbings [OP]2 months ago

Seeing as how muscles are literally a secondary sexual characteristic amongst men, I don’t see why it would be bullshit.

Height is also one, and every man knows how important it is to women, so why would muscles suddenly be out of the question.

Tits and ass are secondary sexual characteristics as well, and I’ve never seen a straight male say that he absolutely dislikes either.

What YOU want to hear though, is that muscles don’t matter, that it’s narcissism etc, so keep living in that delusion

1 upvotestyronethejabrone2 months ago

Funnily enough this is not wrong

257 upvotesPIQAS2 months ago

this is like a poem that makes me wanna go hit the gym for the 2nd time today lol

85 upvotesCoolrubbings [OP]2 months ago

If you still have it in you, go. If not, hit the gym even harder tomorrow.

67 upvotesTorchedSky2 months ago

If you're lifting hard enough the first time your muscles should be so taxed you CANT go again the same day

26 upvotesUltraCarnivore2 months ago

And shouldn't in the next (for the same muscle group)

10 upvotesskippwiggins2 months ago

There’s ALWAYS something you can do for a second time. Cardio, abs, calves, forearms, or traps. All muscles that rarely get worked and can be worked almost everyday. Even if it’s a light swim and the hot tub, sometimes I love going twice a day. Just dont go twice to do two major muscle groups.

14 upvotesVaN__Darkholme2 months ago

There's also CNS fatigue. Rest and Nutrition are more important than lifting.

-2 upvotesskippwiggins2 months ago

Oh absolutely. Muscles are made in the kitchen. I eat so much quality food, I don’t think I’ve ever over trained in my life. I could see someone out of shape who only eats fast food over training and under recovering. I’m also ON cycle right now, so I don’t see any over training in my future, esp for the next 16 weeks lol.

1 upvotesKorrangar2 months ago

Come on, it's like a recipe, you need all ingredients

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 months ago

Careful with lifting too much, you could seriously injure yourself if you routinely do this and are just an amateur. Someone working out that hard needs a crazy diet and possibly a trainer as well.

5 upvotes404_Doxnotfound2 months ago

I’ve been there, I thought my body was shutting down, muscles locking up, lethargic to the point I crashed for nearly 15 hours. It is very possible to overtrain. The key as he mentioned is to eat right, sleep right and I would add to listen to your body.

Go back to the gym, but take it light. Walk it off.

1 upvotesZdeneksfilter2 months ago

nd I would add to listen to your body.

Jean Claude preaches this all the time, and it must be effective since he's looked like a god all his life (even now). However, this is advice that is better suited for experienced lifters as opposed to newbies.

1 upvotes11-Eleven-112 months ago

Just no. Thats how you hurt yourself then you're out for a month. Just because you can train that hard without hurting yourself doesn't mean other people can.

74 upvotesharry_powell2 months ago

It's fine to start lifting because you want to be jacked, but honestly, if that was the only benefit I'd have stopped at month 3 and never gone back. The reason why I continued is due to it enormously helping with my depression, how it basically eliminated my severe backpain issues, how I started to have a lot more energy during the day and better mood... I could go on all day.

And don't get me wrong, girls will pay a lot more attention to you after being jacked, but that just feels like a nice bonus compared with everything else you get.

Start now.

5 upvoteslargepaycheckaddict2 months ago

Same man. The gym is my antidepressant. Not only does it help with being in an emotional funk, but it also helps with productivity in other areas of life. When I am depressed I can’t get nearly as much done cause I don’t have that “let’s fucking get it” attitude the gym helps cultivate.

1 upvotesSteveUrkel9992 months ago

I can relate to both of you; having a shitty day, start my workout and half way through music is on and I'm dancing and singing as well.

2 upvotessilent_dominant2 months ago

I have the least body aches (neck, back, etc) in the periods where I'm lifting consistently.

Reason enough for me to keep it up

139 upvotesTruedemocracy62 months ago

"I like the Dad Bod" to women is the "does this dress make me look fat" too men. She says this while squeezing your chubby love handles to not hurt your feelings and to continue the comfort gravy train. I have friends whose wives and GFs tell them this, yet at cookouts or pool parties they are all trying to touch me

"I dont like guys with too much muscles" IS a thing. But when women say this they think cover of bodybuilding magazine, when men hear this they think "good, dont have to touch weights and can train for that 5k!". It is I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E to reach the 'too muscular' realm for women naturally. Look up natty bodybuilders or top natty lifters. Decade of training, on point diet, and great genetics yet they never pass into the 'gross' territory.

That said vascularity and definition is key. You will never see a bloat lord powerlifter smash hot thots. You want to be big as possible with your body fat around the 12% range (or lower if you are capable) to get strong results.

Lifting is crucial. So many guys go the beta bux route to get women. Need a nice car, need a nice suit, need to work 60+ hours to make money. Sure if you want that go ahead - but getting strong will let you fuck anyone you want without killing yourself for it. Much better route.

50 upvotesPillbugs_Guns2 months ago

"I prefer the dad bod" = I prefer someone who is too lazy and undisciplined to ever dream of leaving me, because he knows I'm the best he can get, despite being totally average myself. I prefer someone who will let me make them my emotional tampon and resource hub in exchange for pity sex once a month, because he doesn't devote any time to working on himself. I prefer someone with low self worth and self esteem, because it's easy and comfortable and I never have to put in any actual work of my own.

She says she prefers these things, but we all know her actions say otherwise. You think given a no-consequences choice between Joe dad bod and fight club era Brad Pitt, she's really going to go with flabby arms and a beer gut? Women are exceptionally good at tricking themselves into believing they 'love' these men, but what they really love is how comfortable and low effort it is for them. She loves how he makes her feel, she doesn't love him.

1 upvotestentei2262 months ago

So true I feel like my younger self is getting attacked.

77 upvotesCoolrubbings [OP]2 months ago

Excellent points all around.

No matter your height, your race, or your income, having a strong, lean body is the ultimate cheat code.

It speaks to something primal in the female brain, something they might not even realize.

36 upvotesSirCoolJerk692 months ago

Your middle sentence is probably the most important fact in human history.

19 upvotesmaximusnaya2 months ago

Ultimate cheat code LOL. yes sir!

24 upvotesGreaterbird2 months ago

"I dont like guys with too much muscles" IS a thing.

It is, but not in the way chubby basement boys think. She still prefers a body that takes some kind of achievement or self control to have, like rock climber guys. No one wants fatties for their bodies outside of people with specific fetishes for that sort of thing.

3 upvotesFinallyRed2 months ago

I can't help but think that the guys who are actually "too muscly" given they're meeting face to face are maybe 1% of 1% of fit men. Up close she is dwarfed in size and sees their muscles rippling with every movement, sees the respect they instantly get from other guys, and that they aren't actually as intimidating as they look. They also aren't covered in fucking veins for much of the year.

1 upvotesTruedemocracy62 months ago

They exist, go to any major gym. But like you said maybe 2-3 guys at the entire gym reach that level and they are heavily juiced

2 upvotessilent_dominant2 months ago

"yet at cookouts or pool parties they are all trying to touch me"

I read cuckouts and it's surprisingly fitting

1 upvotesBonusCheckz2 months ago

"I like dad bods" = I dont want want to be obligated to put effort in also

68 upvotesminorsplsdmme2 months ago

I started working out to get girls but then I realised there's a lot more to it. Lifting reminds me of what it feels like to be a man. If I skip a couple of days, I forget and have to be reminded again. Lifting properly takes hard work and gives a deep sense of fulfillment which nobody can take away from you. You sleep well because you know you respect yourself. You have more energy and feel like doing more useful things with your time. You feel valuable and capable in life to achieve anything you want.

24 upvoteschang3up2 months ago

Amen. When I used to think about getting girls, I couldn't bring myself to adopt the level of discipline required. Now I lift for myself, go to the gym almost every day, and love it. I also found that, once I started lifting for myself, it's like I'm the only one in the gym. Everybody else is invisible.

It's a selfish pursuit, and that's what I love about it.

6 upvotesgains_o_clock2 months ago

What changed your mindset to be able to lift solely for yourself? I want to eventually achieve this

6 upvoteschang3up2 months ago

1) I used to be desperate for female attention. Realized after years of therapy that relationship with mother was really rocky; it's slowly improving.

2) I have struggled with depression for years; as a result, being neurotic and self-loathing came all too naturally to me. After years of succumbing to these forces, I found myself instead thinking of things I hated about myself and inventing ways to fix them.

2A) Examples include:

Hate that you don't meet girls? Go to a party and turn up the charm.
Hate that your pecs are flabby? Chest exercises for days.
Hate that there's not enough time to get your work done and still enjoy your life? Wake up earlier and eat properly.

The list goes on and on.

3) I also found setting extremely small goals was an excellent motivator whenever I start anything; next thing you know, the goals get bigger as you do.

Also, this video is supposed to be comedy, but it has a lot in it that I go back to when I need to keep my eyes forward. Do let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

Edit: formatting

4 upvotesgains_o_clock2 months ago

Oh man I love brosciencelife. Thanks for the answer bro and good luck with the rest of your journey

11 upvotesTitusBjarni2 months ago

Yes. It hardens your mind. That's useful in just about everything you do in life. Therefore you should do it whether women like it or not.

48 upvotes_do_not_read_this_2 months ago

Listen kids: I'm fifty-*cough* years old. I lifted heavy in high school, again in my '30s. I started lifting heavy again about a year ago, joined a gym last March because I ran out of iron in the apartment "fitness room."

About five months in, all of a sudden women started touching my arms, my shoulders, for no reason. One lady grabbed my ass at a freaking business networking event!

Now, I'm a grown ass man, and these are grown ass women who know how to behave. But it's almost like you can see the flutter down in their deep lady parts, like they can't help themselves, like they're licking their chops.

"I don't have time" fuck you dont. My lifting takes 40 minutes, call it an hour with driving there and back, that's it.

If you go to the gym and don't fuck around on your phone, that's all you need.

17 upvotesVapeBlowCatipiller2 months ago

Lol we got similar stories. Also 50, worked out all through my 20s. Stopped mid 30 for a few years...drank, ate, got the dad bod. Started up again. Got jacked again. Got hurt and stopped again. About 4 years ago, I was fat and unhappy after booze, food, and couch potato isms. Hit gym hard again. Harder than even in my 20s. Today I feel fucking great again. Like I'm 15 years younger then I was 5 years ago.

5 upvotesZdeneksfilter2 months ago

Truly inspirational. I'm nowhere near as old as you guys are.... I'm 27. But I can say that after steady exercise these past 2 years or so, it's crazy how great I feel these days. I don't recall feeling this powerful and explosive ever.

6 upvotessilent_dominant2 months ago

Fit body+nice clothes in your 50's puts you above 99% of your competitors and you an probably score 20yr olds if that's your thing.

In my 30s now, thanks for the reminder to keep it up.

1 upvotesSilverCloud731 month ago

The only way you can be 99% is by having an attractive face

2 upvotesrdaneeloliv4w2 months ago

"I don't have time" fuck you dont. My lifting takes 40 minutes, call it an hour with driving there and back, that's it.

This. People try to make things so complicated that they never get started. Even just focusing on 4-5 compound lifts (squat, deadlift, bench, overhead press, pullups) 3-4 times a week it would make a huge difference.

46 upvotesIamthespiderbro2 months ago

My bud and I were partying on a beach a couple summers ago. Met this group of 3 or 4 girls. My buddy in his pre red pill days was rocking the full on dad bod at the time and I was/am pretty jacked.

Somehow it got brought up, and they all agreed that “all girls love dad bods”. Conversation went on for about a half hour. I wasn’t necessarily arguing against them, but I was curious to hear what justifications their hamster wheels could come up with cause I had also seen quite a few girls on dating sites state the same thing. Topic got dropped, but we ended up hanging out with them the rest of the day.

Needless to say, only one of us hooked up that night, and I’ll leave it to you to guess who.

16 upvotespigeon_exe2 months ago

It's the motherly instinct. Rather than seeing them as breeding material, dad bods are a non-threatening thing to take care of (ie. Build self esteem and not hurt feelings)

39 upvotesgorilla_bro2 months ago

I like the part about not telling anyone about what you do or how often you workout. Don’t post it all over social media. Can’t stress this enough. You are not mysterious if you post your whole life on IG. You don’t want women to know how often you train and how hard you train. Make it seem like it’s nothing. Good post my man.

20 upvotesCoolrubbings [OP]2 months ago


I’ve seen so many guys post their « workout » online, only to stop working out soon after. They just wanted the boost of validation that social media has gotten us used to.

People have no appreciation for how long it takes to actually look like you lift.

Let the results speak for themselves.

2 upvotestentei2262 months ago

Its the same as speaking out loud our ambition.

The more we talk about it, the less we want to actually do it.

16 upvotes_do_not_read_this_2 months ago

Act like you've been there a 1000 times before.

In all things.

35 upvotesReverenter2 months ago

Remember, it’s not just the muscles - it’s also what they represent.

Lifting is the ultimate equalizer. You can’t buy big muscles. You can inherit favorable genes, but you can’t inherit big muscles. Every jacked guy you see earned his physique by busting his ass - no exceptions. That guy wearing the Rolex? Yeah he could be rich, or it could be a gift. That guy over there in the Porsche? Could be living in his mom’s basement. But that jacked motherfucker over there? You know he worked for that shit, and women know it too. They know he takes care of himself, they know he works hard, they know he is relentless. They know he is willing to endure pain to get what he wants. It’s a primal understanding that’s immediately known without needing any thought.

Good write-up brother.

-1 upvoteslala_xyyz2 months ago

You can’t buy big muscles

Yes you can, it's called steroids.

3 upvotesCarfentBoofer2 months ago

Yeah bro just inject test you'll be massive instantly

-1 upvoteslala_xyyz2 months ago

I don't juice, but I'm just saying that you can literally buy muscles with steroids, and it's very cheap as well (cheaper than most quality supplements)

1 upvotessomestupid2 months ago

You're literally clueless if you think that's how it works.

Coming from a guy on steroids, please don't do steroids.

If you think you can just inject hormones and wake up the next day huge, then you have a lot of reading to do. Go spew your worthless ideas elsewhere.

1 upvotessomestupid2 months ago

What about 4 weeks after they stop taking supraphisiological doses of steroids? What about all the time after that? Where are the results at those times? The study doesn't account for that.

I'll tell you what happens 4 weeks after. Once you ruin your natural ability to produce testosterone, your muscles return to baseline or lower (because you have lower than your natural levels).

So sure. You're potentially, theoretically correct. You can take the short vacuum of time that the subjects are on steroids, not working out, and say "hey, they have bigger muscles than natural men!" And, with that, entirely miss the bigger picture.

These subjects would have to keep supplementing with the same level of steroids to maintain the little amount they gain while not working out (did you look at how much they gain in the study btw? It's not that significant). This is not a feasible solution, and is terrible for your heart and overall health. Even the people who do retarded doses of stuff on the roids sub don't stay on it forever.

So what are the options? You can take steroids, mess up your natural ability to produce testosterone (possibly permanently). Then what? You have to continue taking steroids. If you take them at normal human male levels, like TRT, you're not going to have the enlarged muscles 4 weeks later that you got from the supraphisiological dose.

Or you can just stay natural because fucking up your natural levels for 3 months of very small, temporary gains that go away when you stop is beyond retarded.

1 upvoteslala_xyyz2 months ago

What about 4 weeks after they stop taking supraphisiological doses of steroids? What about all the time after that? Where are the results at those times? The study doesn't account for that.

it doesn't matter really, that wasn't the original point argued. and let's be honest, the vast majority guys on drugs do it for a lifetime so it doesn't matter. they get addicted to low-effort gains and big muscles. of course they'll lose shitload of lean muscle mass off-cycle, but if you want to grow muscle the point was that yes - you can literally buy it. and it's actually relatively cheap, a bottle of test is much cheaper than taking ordinary supplements and taking care of what you eat for 5x as much time.

1 upvotessomestupid2 months ago

it doesn't matter really, that wasn't the original point argued.

If we are going to be pedantic like this, then the original argument was that you can buy big muscles with money via steroids. I disagree. According to the study you posted, doing steroids and not working out gives you about 12 weeks worth of natural lifting. Have you lifted 12 weeks? That's not "big muscle" territory. Try years.

1 upvotesJuicymedic971 month ago

I know plenty of guys blasting tren that don’t look like they’ve ever seen the inside of a gym.

27 upvotesSnowpeartea2 months ago

I have been going very consistently to the gym for 2 years now. Started around 135-137

First year a lot of gains (+10-15lbs in body mass). A lot stronger in all my lifts. Now I fluctuate between 145-153lbs.

year 2.... Unfortunately not much difference. Still trying to progress load but joints hurt and whenever I eat less carbs I feel like I have no energy to push the weights.

Someone open my eyes please. I can't seem to go to the next level. Maybe if I need to quit porn or something

Edit: thank you to everyone's great replies! I ll add more info 1. I have always been around <10% bf until I started working out. 2. 2nd year very little to no progression around 11-15% bf. First year went from squating 95 to 225 and hit 1rm for squat and deadlift at 295. 2nd year stuck only able to maintain ... Cannot do more than 1 and cannot do any heavier than this even by 5lbs. Surprisingly for bench I have been going up which is nice from 135 to 175. 3. Starting out my 3rd year and want some insight on how I can be more productive or get better results. Basically had 1 whole year of working out with almost no results or could be 6-8months BUT for a Long time 4. I do play a sport 3-4 times a week, I count that as my cardio. Not super intense but I do sweat a bit here and there.

50 upvotesCryptoViceroy2 months ago

Sounds like you probably just need to eat more food.

If you're trying to pack on size you don't cut carbs.

43 upvotesCoolrubbings [OP]2 months ago

You need to eat more damn food. And give your body appropriate rest.

Gains always slow down at some point, your body will resist your attempts to gain muscle, so you need to push to the next level by eating more and lifting heavier.

-1 upvotesSnowpeartea2 months ago

I am not that tall, any heavier I ll look too bulky. Kind of want to cut down bf hence eating less carbs

6 upvotesProto_Sigma2 months ago

You need a program for your goals then. What’s your current bf% and where do you want it to be?

As an example- I’m at 14.6% right now. I’d like to be at 10% or less- I’ve always wanted to have a six pack. There are 3500 calories per lb of fat so I’m running a caloric deficit of ~500 cal a day, jogging a few miles each morning, and doing high volume low weight compound lifts at the gym. You need to eat about 1g of protein to maintain your muscle mass so I’m tracking my macros and making sure I’m giving them enough to keep them around and working them hard enough that my body won’t I’m also doing light ab work on my rest days to tone up my core. If all goes to plan I’ll be down 10lbs of fat and right around 10%bf by the end of March. Then I can spend the rest of the year shooting for a slow clean bulk, eating healthy but at a 500 cal surplus and doing lower rep, higher weight work.

If you want to cut before you bulk that’s more than fine. But whatever you do-lift! Also eat less to cut and more bulk and plan your lifts accordingly

1 upvotesSnowpeartea2 months ago

Are you able to build strength even if you go on caloric deficit? Do I have to choose between strength and 6 pack abs? I heard 12-15% bf is best for building strength

2 upvotesProto_Sigma2 months ago

It's difficult to pack on muscle during a caloric deficit but it's still possible to build strength in a limited fashion. Strength is functional so there's a neurological as well as a physical component. What that means in layman's terms is the more you do an exercise or certain type of movement the more efficiently your brain can direct your body. If you keep doing an exercise with proper form, especially a new exercise, you can still pick up strength in that specific motion.

The best you can shoot for on a cut is to maintain what muscle you have. If you're eating enough protein during your cut to maintain them ( generally 1g per lb of bodyweight) and you're regularly working your muscles your body will avoid cannibalizing the tissue because it doesn't need protein specifically and because it will regard those muscles as high priority.

Take it from me as someone who spent years trying- it is very difficult to add muscle and cut fat at the same time. It's easiest with beginner gains and if you change your lifestyle to promote a better hormone balance (raise testosterone, which promotes lean mass, and cut cortisol, which promotes fat retention) you can get some results but the best way to do it at intermediate or advanced levels is to prioritize one at a time.

I've never had a 6 pack, but most research indicates that it becomes visible at about 8-12% bf depending on the man. You can target the abs specifically with certain exercises to increase muscle tone (more prominently abdominal muscles will become more visible more quickly) but you've got to shed off a certain layer of fat.

Once you have six pack abs you can pivot back to strength. If you're bulking properly (clean diet, ~500 cal surplus) you can minimize additional fat while putting on about .5lbs of muscle per week (ideally).

P.S. Use this calculator to help you out. There are others like it, but this is my favorite.

13 upvotesmuricanwerewolf12 months ago

Eat more unless you’re actually trying to lose fat. You can’t gain and lose unless you’re on the skittles. I’d also wonder if you’re not giving your tendons and joints sufficient rest, lower volume might be necessary. You might also consider dropping the weight on all of your lifts and focusing on technique, with the idea of giving your tendons and joint a little less of a beating.

2 upvotesitmarcel2 months ago

You certainly can cut and gain muscle, but you have to OD on protein. And it sounds like he has connective tissue problems. Longer rests for that

2 upvotesmaximusnaya2 months ago

Focus on technique. Wisdom here. Yes Sir!

12 upvoteskenpachitz2 months ago

Had the same issue.

Went away once I switched off a Linear Progression program (Greyskull LP) onto something slower (5/3/1).

I was basically maxing out intensity in every session thinking I could get more progress when the truth is I’d hit the ceiling on my linear progress.

4 upvotesGreek-God-Brody2 months ago

Try high reps, bodybuilding training if your joints hurt with low reps

3 upvotesTurdFerguson8122 months ago

For me the solution was eating more protein...a lot more. 1g/lb of your body weight every day. I never realized just how much protein 175g is until I really started tracking it.

3 upvotesKurokaffe2 months ago

You’re going to have to make a decision on how much time you want to devote to this. If you’re willing to spend time on the gym and are really committed to improving yourself you need to:

(1) Make sure your recovery is on point. You can train pretty retarded kind of hard if you sleep enough, don’t have a lot of other stress in your life, and do active recovery (walking, light fun “cardio”) and/or recovery modalities (sauna, cold/contrast showers, meditation/yoga).

(2) If you’re new to this stuff, pick a goal and focus on it. a. Get strong. b. Add LBM. c. Get shredded. Typically (a) or (b) are better first, but if you’re unhappy with your body (c) is not so bad because it can be a really good learning opportunity if you actually accomplish it. Of course, if you’re like 20% BF and you’re not huge to begin with, getting shredded is gonna take a long time and there won’t be muscle there when it happens.

(3) Make sure your technique is on point. As a sort of corollary point, I’d also add experimenting with different lifts/variations. Check out John Meadows’ channel. He’s incredibly talented and has a ton of different variations to accomplish different nuisances in bodybuilding.

(4) Trying harder. This gets memed a lot, but I think the mental part of lifting is so important. If you can get out of the big box gym and find a crew to train with in a smaller setting, you will see gains I guarantee it.

Most posts don’t detail their entire history of human being. Tailor your expectations. Mosts posts that are like “I hit the gym for 1.5 years and got huge and shredded” are either full of BS, by someone who was likely a high level athlete for most of their life but just didn’t lift much, they used some kind of pharmaceutical, or they just hit the genetic jackpot. There is genetic variation, and some people see gains incredibly easy, and for some training doesn’t produce as much results (it’s a bell curve, most people fall in the middle).

It’s really not that complicated, but it’s not as easy as hit the gym 3 x a week for 45 minutes as some make it out to be.

1 upvotesSnowpeartea2 months ago

What is lbm? I think I might need to focus on more recovery and de stressing. Life has been pretty tough these couple of years especially the financial part. But working out has helped me on focusing on the good stuff and confidence.

2 upvotesKurokaffe2 months ago

Lean body mass. Another way of saying “get big” but keep yourself in check and make sure you’re adding quality weight and not bulking into a blob.

13 upvotesAriaRz222 months ago

Quit masturbation for 6 months and see the change.

16 upvotesGoldenKnight2392 months ago

Good advice a lot of times, but that's not why OP isn't seeing results.

1 upvotesAriaRz222 months ago

Well for slower gains ive heard guys take more protein and supplements. Well, semen retention is just like protein shake, when you lose that much nutrients.

2 upvotes404_Doxnotfound2 months ago

The body is always adapting. Hitting a plateau is something ALL bodybuilders experience. You need to step up your progressive overload, sleep 8 hours and a lot more quality food.

I meant to emphasize eating a lot more food, but it should be quality food as well. If you are running a maintenance diet, you will see maintenance level results.

2 upvotesZech4riah2 months ago

Add gelatin to your diet. You are eating only probably muscle meat and missing important ingredients to support your joints. Gelatin fixes that and also adds nice profile of amino acids to support your brain functions and digestion(helps with sleep, gut health etc.). It's low calorie and gives you nice boost in protein intake. Consider eating atleast 20-30g of your daily protein as gelatin.

You can consume it as raw (warm water where you mix 2-3 tablespoons of gelatin) or you can make after workout "recovery jelly" of gelatin and orange juice (healthy carbs and protein in the same mix).

1 upvotesSnowpeartea2 months ago

Oh I like jelly Lol. Been cutting down sugar never touched jelly in a while.

2 upvotesZech4riah2 months ago

Processed sugars are a bit bad but naturally occurring sugars (like natural organic orange juice) are not.

It's a myth that sugar is bad for you when used in moderation. It gives you a nice boost in glucose levels in your blood, which on the other hand makes hypothalamus notice that there is energy available -> releases GnRH to pituary -> pituary releases Luteinizing Hormone -> Luteinizing Hormone tells testicles to produce more Testosterone.

Now if you talks about those "typical" jellys you buy from food store - they can be compared to candy and are a different story than my suggested self-made recovery jelly:

  • 1 cup of water (warm it up)
  • Dissolve 2 tablespoons (or 14-28grams) of gelatin to it
  • If you want, add some L-carnitine powder ~4grams to make androgen receptors more receptive
  • Add 1 cup of organic orange juice (or whatever you prefer, I prefer organic natural pomegrenate juice)
  • Mix it up and put it to the fridge for 2 hours
  • Enjoy

Much better than any (processed) sugar and transfat filled recovery drinks.

  • Gelatin: Helps with joint helath and sleep. Increases 5a reductase activity (More DHT which is more potent androgen than Testosterone)
  • Carnitine - Increase andrgen Receptor density (there is no use for testosterone without receptors which receive the testosterone and make it active.)
  • Fructose pushes your SHBG down and it doesn't bind your testosterone so more testosterone and dht remain bioavailable. And also lets your body create more T because of the reasons I explained at the second paragraph.
1 upvotesSnowpeartea2 months ago

And I can buy all these at the grocery store?

2 upvotesZech4riah2 months ago

Depends, if it's a big grocery store you will probably find carnitine as powder from there. Orange juice definitely (just don't buy the cheapest one which is based on water instead of actual squeezed orange juice/concentrate).

I'm not sure about gelatin but it's easy to order it from iherb. I prefer Great Lakes unflavored beef hide Gelatin.

1 upvotesSnowpeartea2 months ago

Thanks so much. Let me try that out. I don't know if it's joint but I just feel pain around the joint area even when I take the stairs lol

1 upvotesmaximusnaya2 months ago

One solution seems to be raising your reps or the weight lifted. Raise your standards ... if you can (sometimes a good self challenge is the thing you need to start your inner fire).

Hope it helps.

1 upvotesIvan_The_Reddish2 months ago

What's your height? You say you're worried about looking bulky, but unless you're 5'4", 150 isn't going to be close to your max.

Spoiler: You're not eating enough.

1 upvotesSnowpeartea2 months ago

5'7 - I feel like around 150 looks like a good weight. My whole life I have been single digit bf%. Since 2 years ago I started to be around 11-15%. Kind of want to tone up a bit and go to 10 or 9

2 upvotesIvan_The_Reddish2 months ago

Obviously this depends on what your final goals are, but given that your current weight puts you solidly in the "average" weight category based on BMI you're probably actually a bit underweight. (Those weight categories were created back when everyone wasn't getting enough to eat.) But your choices at the moment are basically to get bigger then lean out, or lean out then get bigger. Seeing as how you seem to have little problem leaning out, I'd suggest getting bigger first. Look at it long term: You may have to hide your abs for a few months, but you'll make it farther in the end.

For your joints and such, there could really be any number of issues causing it. Ones to look at would be form (doing an exercise incorrectly), volume (doing too much), imbalances (doing too much of one exercise but not enough of another), or the exercise itself (people have come up with some truly stupid lifts, which are more likely to hurt you than help you).

Since I don't know your routine I cant give you specific advice. But generally speaking if you're doing a high volume routine try switching it up a bit for a low volume-high intensity routine such as starting strength. If you're benching all the time but not doing much else for your shoulders try (overhead) pressing and chin/pull ups. Eating more protein, especially glycine, can help. Add two cups of broth with a tablespoon of dissolved gelatin to a meal every day or every other day. Or start getting chicken skin-on and eating the skin. Muscle meat is low in glycine, but it's one of the main amino acids that make up tendons and the other gristly parts.

2 upvotesSnowpeartea2 months ago

Thank you so much! I had a similar though that I might be over working and considered lowering the volume, I find myself at the squad rack for like over an hour sometimes. I do 3x5 warm up sets then 3x3 sets slowly going higher and closer to my pr then another 5x5 at a same weight as the first working set.

seems like the solution is to BULK to maybe 170 then cut!

1 upvotesIvan_The_Reddish2 months ago

When you say slowly going up to reach your working sets, what kind of jumps in weight are you making? And yeah, if you're doing 3x3 for each bit of weight, that'll be an awful lot of volume.

1 upvotesZdeneksfilter2 months ago

Hi man, I've seen someone recommend eating more and I'd say that makes lots of sense.

Check this out. In fact, I recommend everything on that site.

1 upvotesJuicymedic972 months ago

How tall are you? How many calories do you eat per day and what is your sleep like?

1 upvotesSnowpeartea2 months ago

5'7 or 170cm on a good day. I eat 3 meals and drink a protein shake everytime I work out.

My new year resolution is to sleep before 11 and try to get full 7-8 hours of sleep. Before the new year I have been sleeping around 5-6 on days I work and 7-9 on days I don't to make up for it.

23 upvotespavan23042 months ago

I have been both skinny and jacked. Got laid only when I was jacked.

19 upvotesidrwierd2 months ago

Janet Weiss from the film Rocky Horror Picture Show told her boyfriend Brad that she ‘didn’t like men with too many muscles’, then fucked Dr. Frank N. Furter’s muscular creation

15 upvoteshello-imreddit2 months ago

This is gold, I'm 3 months into trp got a weekend job, started nofap, focused on studies and going to get that gym membership right now. Been doing calisthenics for a month, I'm getting stronger but not much size since I'm pretty slim. Thanks for the kick up the ass, weights will be a new and probably uncomfortable but that's the only path to greatness. Trp has to be the best discovery of my fucking life.

9 upvotesCoolrubbings [OP]2 months ago

Trust me man, there will be no better day than the one where you look at yourself in the mirror and go, « damn, I’m getting bigger ».

Relentless self improvement, that’s the only way.

2 upvoteshello-imreddit2 months ago

Definitely bro. Only problem i highly dislike the machines in the gym so it'll mainly be the free weights but progress is progress:)

2 upvotesrenaldobalkmanbucket2 months ago

Should be free weights strictly for the first six months imo. Dumbbells and kettles are amazing for joints and tendons. If you train machines first you’ll create uneven muscles and poor stabilizers which will lead to injury long term. After a few months on DB it kettles, incorporate barbells. By then you should be pressing, squating, and deadlifting dumbbells or kettles are a solid technique and weight. Barbells help add more weight which will lead to size gains. After you build a solid base with those three tools, if you want to refine individual muscles, THEN consider machines. But even then, free weights should be at the center of your programming. Machines help fill in the gaps, that’s it

4 upvotesVaN__Darkholme2 months ago

Make sure to eat right and enough protein. Noob gains are a thing but if you ignore nutrition, you’re asking for trouble.

2 upvoteshello-imreddit2 months ago

Been tracking all my food and supplements with my fitness pal for about a month now so I'm set, appreciate the heads up.

95 upvotes4ktx2 months ago

5ft3 Chad here. I get felt up by females regularly. Skinny vs muscles, is the equivalent to small chested vs big chested females.

73 upvotesCoolrubbings [OP]2 months ago

Got crazy respect for you bro, you’re owning that physique 100%.

Getting felt up by women feels like crack cocaine.

72 upvotes4ktx2 months ago

Bro I literally get sexually assaulted.

22 upvotesshalomanioleh2 months ago

small chested vs big chested females.

I like small chested women though. Now asses, that's a whole nother story.

8 upvotes4ktx2 months ago

No that assumes to each there own. Skinny men pull shorties the all time.

16 upvotesVSelf472 months ago

It even goes around that other men start saying how jacked you are and how “I could never be like that, it’s too hard” shit they say.

32 upvotesstaytrue19852 months ago

I dont like big tits. Firm and perky is better than utters.

60 upvotesRapante2 months ago

Until you meet the one with big firm tits... It's rare and glorious.

21 upvotesLollipopFlip2 months ago

Idk man, sometimes I love them utters grace my face as I'm pounding away while she rides. It's pretty fantastic

1 upvotesfolded1000time2 months ago


13 upvotesNergaal2 months ago

because muscles on a man are like tits and ass on a woman.

I think this should b said more often, because even autists will get it.

46 upvotesMarmalade_Knight2 months ago

I guess Latin American women are different, not a single one of my plates tries to hide the fact that they love my muscles and the tree trunks I've got for legs. I went through a lazy phase a couple months ago, stopped going to the gym for a while and I could tell their behavior changing towards me. All women love big muscles, they signal masculinity and high testosterone, there's no denying it.

Now, if only I could find the cure for being 5'7

67 upvotessuperphotonerd2 months ago

The cure for being 5'7 is lifting

6 upvotesBrownGummyBear2 months ago

Not giving a fuck also works, agreed lifting is needed as well though

5 upvotesRedBloodHunter2 months ago

5'7" guy here, this is true. At least at this height you're taller than most women you'll meet. If you're ripped and have a strong frame, women won't care, especially when you can pick them up and throw them around with minimal effort

2 upvotessuperphotonerd2 months ago

i agree with the picking up thing, shit moves different when you show them you can do that

7 upvotesSnowpeartea2 months ago

Looking for the same cure. HAHAHA. The cure might be lift so much and get so muscular once they see the muscles they dont realize the height

23 upvotesmrspicytits2 months ago

I work out because it makes me feel good but it also makes me feel powerful. It's the most basic form of power a human being can possess. Physical power. Power and competence = confidence.

11 upvotesshalomanioleh2 months ago

> Lift 5 times a week.

Let's be reasonable here according to our goals, you can do fine on 3 days a week. If you're advanced, and want to be body builder level then a split 5x a week routine is cool.

1 upvotesrenaldobalkmanbucket2 months ago

Fuck that, six day PPL is the only way

10 upvotesGucciGangBucks2 months ago

Agree with everything except “lifting 5 Days a week” isn’t necessary. For the non lifting base you’re trying to speak to you can build a solid physique going 2-3 times to the gym tbh. Which is why I never understood why people don’t lift it helps so much and you really only have to go like 3 times a week.

21 upvotesDTron23322 months ago

I've been going to the gym consistently for the last 3 years, and let me tell you it was one of the best decisions I ever could've made for myself.

Not only is extremely addicting, but what makes you feel good will always make you look better. I'm 225 at 6’3, I dwarf most men and get looks from everyone pretty much everywhere I go.

Men and women are intimated by it, but it a good way. Most men resent me for it, most women see me as pure sexual object. Keep in mind I’m only 19, but I look better than 99% of the population.

Perks of being a bodybuilder ;) everyone treats you right. I fucked more women than many guys at my age have, but honestly I could care less. Once you have a vision and a purpose, not much phases you 🤷🏻‍♂️

23 upvotesCoolrubbings [OP]2 months ago

You’re living the life the right way brother.

Most tall guys make the mistake of not working out, and just relying on their height.

Height + muscles is a crazy combo.

1 upvotesbssftw2 months ago

Height + muscles = game over

3 upvotesR41nmaker2 months ago

Very nice. 6’5, 242lbs guy here. I’m also Hispanic, which is extremely rare. However, I’m going to be 30 in a few hours while you’re only 19 and your life is barely starting. I didn’t start seriously lifting until about 2 years ago, so you got a nice head start. I commend you for your accomplishment.

2 upvotesDTron23322 months ago

Happy birthday man, and yes my life is just now starting to speed up, I’m extremely motivated and optimistic about the future.

I plan on being one of the best bodybuilders of all time. Thanks again, always nice seeing some positive encouragement on here

2 upvotesR41nmaker2 months ago

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I’m glad to hear you got big plans for yourself in the future. When I was 19, I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing. I was living life on autopilot but it looks like you got a good head on your shoulder. Good luck brother 🤜🏼 🤛🏼

33 upvotesYronArchibald2 months ago

I loved the “B-but I’m Indian”. Rofl. Who gives that excuse? What’s the logic behind it?

33 upvotesCoolrubbings [OP]2 months ago

I’ve seen a lot of guys in this sub and online say that they can’t get girls because they’re Indian.

Apparently being brown is a disadvantage or something

3 upvotesbbcbarbarossa2 months ago

dude im indian and live in a predominantly white country, trust me being Indian is only a problem if you make it out to be. I get plenty pussy. Oh and to your credit, I do lift and clearly look like i do :)

29 upvotesRasAlGhul9112 months ago

Bro you were virgin 78 days ago. Quit bullshitting.

6 upvotespatriot4512 months ago


3 upvotesbbcbarbarossa2 months ago

Not anymore man. I made certain adjustments. If you're struggling i would strongly advice approaching more. Previously I would approach like one woman a year and that was my playing ground to test and experiment theories. Now I try to approach once or twice a week and my lay rate is about 25% which I'm quite proud about. Oh and guess what, I'm getting better each and every time. It was never about my ethnicity, simply my game. I'm yet to bang an 8 or abovd but I've never gone below 5 either.

-3 upvotesRasAlGhul9112 months ago

Bro i am brown and in a brown country. I don’t know about white dudes, but in our culture red pill is inherently present. I lost count after 40-50. I wish you luck brother.

1 upvotesbbcbarbarossa2 months ago

Are women receptive to cold approaches or talking to strangers? As far as I've heard there's a severe ASD there.

2 upvotesriggedved2 months ago

I’m Indian too, living in India but frequent international traveller. Whenever I travel to the US, Im always overwhelmed by how many girls approach me. Thats why I love the US, since girls approaching you doesnt happen in India. My n-count for 2020 is already 2.

21 upvotesCoolrubbings [OP]2 months ago

Oh I know man, I’m black and a lot of other black guys think it’s a disadvantage, but honestly it’s a strength for me.

I just hate seeing brown guys use their ethnicity as a reason for them not getting pussy. I’m glad that isn’t the case for you.

2 upvotesbbcbarbarossa2 months ago

Oh no no you were absolutely right there, my indian friends think the same. And not going to lie I did doubt it myself at one point in time when I used to have a a victim mentality and not take shit like a man.

13 upvotesAngelrun2 months ago

Indian also brother I fuck white girls out here 😂

11 upvotesCoolrubbings [OP]2 months ago

As minority guys I’m sure we’ve all been there at some point, you’re your own greatest enemy.

A girls preconceived notions of minority dudes kind of just got out the window once you’re jacked and know how to talk.

Her desire to fuck you has to be stronger than whatever prejudice she’s got.

1 upvotesZdeneksfilter2 months ago

You're spitting gems man. Real gems. I'm even skeptical you're only 21 with all this wisdom you've got.

4 upvotesziphias2 months ago

This post brought to you by the guy who asked Reddit if a butt plug can stop his smelly-ass Indian/Pakistani food farts.

1 upvotesZxbair2 months ago

Being asian is not a disadvantage, being weak and having no frame is the disadvantage; which seems to be the usual state of most asian males in western countries. Have you ever seen a dude with strong frame and a good physique- not get laid?

1 upvotesempatheticapathetic2 months ago

Location is important. If I still lived where I grew up, being Indian is low status. I had to move somewhere where race doesn’t matter as much. It matters when it matters.

8 upvotesthe-brd2 months ago

Chicken and veggies for the win

  • protein shakes after workouts. don't miss on that bros
1 upvotesempatheticapathetic2 months ago

It’s more beneficial to have one before than after supposedly. Having protein available as you’re lifting utilises it more as your body can use it as needed.

9 upvotesConartist962 months ago

Don't believe what women say Watch what they do

41 upvotessimplecountry_lawyer2 months ago

I'm gonna start lifting on my next day off. I'm sick of putting this off.

51 upvotesgrandmasbroach2 months ago

Here's what I always tell people who act like they don't have the time and need to wait for days off. Say what you will about him, Obama managed to exercise 5 times a week. You're not busier than a fucking US president, you're just not. You never will be. The ONLY reason you don't have time for the gym, is because you're not making time for the gym. You can always come up with an excuse, and trying to act like you're so busy you can't go, is just that. An excuse. Fuck a day off, just go!

23 upvotes_do_not_read_this_2 months ago

My lifting takes me 40 minutes.

One, I don't sit on a bench playing with my phone.

Two, I do just the big basics: dead, bench, some kind of row, shoulder press, bi and tri, plus maybe one more depending my mood.

Three, "30 - 45 seconds between sets" means fucking "30 - 45 seconds between sets" not two minutes to bullshit with someone or check your phone. That's about 6 -10 deep breaths

6 upvotesgrandmasbroach2 months ago

I take a big longer breaks between my sets. Probably closer to the 2-3 minute range. I'm guilty of listening to music at the gym. I figure I could do worse things and have worse habits. Hey, at least I'm there 4-5 times a week.

3 upvotesgains_o_clock2 months ago

I think it depends on the weights you're moving. When doing powerlifting style training with really heavy weights and lower reps I definitely take 2-3 minute breaks sometimes up to 5 between sets like for deadlifts or squats. For moderate weight/reps 1-2 definitely keeps my heart pumping

1 upvotes_do_not_read_this_2 months ago

There's a lot of different theories on how to do sets. I'm old school, three sets of 6-12 and maybe a burn set after, short break in between sets.

1 upvotesskippwiggins2 months ago

Everyone is different. Sometimes I weight 3-4 minutes and lift as much weight as possible and sometimes it’s only 30 seconds and basically every set that day will be right after the next. Every 12 weeks I’ll switch up my routine

2 upvotes_do_not_read_this_2 months ago


Older I get, the more my workout depends on how my body is feeling that day. I'm not as rigid in my routine as back when I thought things like that mattered to life.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 months ago

Is listening to music at the gym supposed to be bad? I mean, it hypes me up, but i feel I waste so much time on the thing looking for the perfect song to play.

Also, once I forgot my headphones and it's like I had no energy to workout.

1 upvotesgrandmasbroach2 months ago

I've heard some people look down on it. Honestly, I really don't care. It's not something I'm going to get worked up about. Nor will I change it.

1 upvotesBrownGummyBear2 months ago

You’re losing your pump by waiting 2-3 mins between sets, try 45-60 sec rests and you’ll feel the difference

3 upvotesgrandmasbroach2 months ago

Not really going for a pump. I have been focused mostly on pure strength. I'm a broke down, beat up 35 year old ex army paratrooper. Old injuries flaring up have taken me out of the gym more than I'd like. I've been back at it hard for about a year now and have had really solid results. I got on trt as well and that has definitely been helpful all around as far as quality of life is concerned. Very much recommended anyone over 30 to get their levels checked. There's so much plastic and pharmaceutical shit in our water that most men will have fried their endocrine systems signaling pathways and ligands by the time they hit 35. Not much you can do about that other than try to eat healthy and stay away from plastic as much as possible. I really believe, and I have a degree in microbiology so I'm not talking out of my ass, that plastic will basically be our generations lead.

1 upvotesBrownGummyBear2 months ago

As long as you’re pushing yourself (in a safe way) it’s fine then. Great to hear about your TRT results buddy

1 upvotesmaximusnaya2 months ago

6-10 breaths. Thanks for the tip.

1 upvotesrdaneeloliv4w2 months ago

This, except I take 2-3 minutes between my really heavy sets.

1 upvotesempatheticapathetic2 months ago

One, I don’t sit on a bench playing with my phone

Lol, I read this while sitting on a bench between sets.

3 upvotespuLsOr2 months ago

Fuck yeah man. Can you give me a source so I can save it and shove it in the face of all the people making excuses? Thanks.

6 upvotesmuricanwerewolf12 months ago

Excuses are just a person’s way to say “I don’t want to do that”. You could defeat all of their excuses logically and they still wouldn’t work out, because they’re missing a key component of motivation. And whatever that thing they’re missing is, they’ll never tell you, because the true reason, if confronted, is punishing to the ego. It could be “I don’t believe I can do it (get big, be attractive, get women)” it could be “I’m afraid of what people will think of me (as a beginner, as a meathead)” it even could be “my dreams aren’t worth giving up one iota of comfort” but it’s never something logical.

I do a ton of cool shit and always tell my friends “the door is open” but I never argue why, after they’ve expressed a desire to learn, they don’t follow up. It’s a waste of time. They don’t have the desire for it that I do, or they’d show up without me.

3 upvotesWabbajak2 months ago

Here is a detailed summary of his exercise regime.

63 upvotesCoolrubbings [OP]2 months ago

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen what your body is capable of.

I’m 21 years old, and started lifting almost two years ago, I never want to stop.

I urge you to do it, no one’s ever regretted being jacked.

18 upvotesthrowing8smokes2 months ago

Amen. Honestly, growing up I wasn't "naturally athletic" or "naturally talented" or all the other bullsh*t words those beta bux dads would throw around because they were too lazy to bust their ass playing or sport or hitting the gym. Oh, "I'm, not naturally athletic" LOL. The human body is meant to MOVE. I'm 25 years old, been lifting hardcore since 17-18, and now all of these movement patterns come easy af. Running, throwing, etc. all of this shit. I am a master of my own body. Obv I'm not a god at basketball or any skill sport that I didn't put work into, but I definitely can out-perform from a physical standpoint anybody on the court, soccer field whatever. Hard work CAN beat skill. And imagine all of the hard work lifting + SKILL?

The point is, everybody is naturally athletic to some degree. Obv people will be better at some movements than others, but don't sell yourself short by saying you weren't "naturally" athletic. You weren't on the all star little league team and jimmy was, not because he was that much of a better "natural athlete" than you, but because you didn't see that he was fielding grounders and hitting balls at the field everyday after school for 2 years, on top of coming to practice.

-28 upvotesguyau2 months ago

Fuck I have. The opportunity costs of the effort it requires aren't worth it. Plus without gear you plateau pretty quickly and as you get to the tailend of your 20s you lose mass quite rapidly if you take a break. Also, you will fuck up your body if you're using poor technique.

11 upvotesMobile_Pepper2 months ago

ya man, you should just give up with that attitude

3 upvotesmuricanwerewolf12 months ago

Lol don’t take a break (how long are we talking here? It’d have to be months) and don’t lift like an idiot. The platue is fine, once I hit that I dropped my lifting down to 3 times a week and still see moderate improvement. I’m in my mid 30s btw. Your doom and gloom is specific only to you.

The name of the game is discipline, which you clearly don’t have.

1 upvotesfolded1000time2 months ago

Get your diet on point, get your technique on point, and quit bitching. Lifting strengthens the mind even if your body is at its peak.

21 upvotescasemodz2 months ago

Just do some pushups whenever you can at least

Don't plan just do it

13 upvotesTruedemocracy62 months ago

if youre going from never working out to baby steps maybe - but you wont see results for long until you get a program of some sort, even if it's making up your own.

2 upvotesmuricanwerewolf12 months ago

Yeah this. I actually told my roommate “if you’re not willing to go to the gym don’t bother” after he picked up some 20lb dumbbells, curls aren’t gonna make you buff. And since you’re a free man you don’t have to do some “20 weeks to fitness” bodyweight workout like you’re a prisoner in the hole for biting a guard. As if the person who only wants to do their workouts at home is gonna actually do that shit.

The reason people do these goofy at home workouts is they’re unwilling to do the bare minimum of what it takes. They don’t want to feel judged at the gym, or feel uncomfortable as a newbie. They don’t want to drive over there and put on some shorts. They don’t want to give up the opportunity cost of being able to half ass their workout because they’re watching TV while they do it.

It’s self defeatist behavior.

1 upvotesutopianaura2 months ago

What's wrong with home workouts?

8 upvotesHord12342 months ago

I second pushups, shedded a pile of weight doing them every day

1 upvotesZdeneksfilter2 months ago

The greatest effect pushups had on me was they corrected my posture in ways I'd never have dreamed of. Before, I'd actively have to roll my shoulders back and stick my chest out to have proper posture. Also, my shoulders were ever so slightly slanted downward, left to right. Three months of a mere 50 pushups a day righted everything.

Oh, and they blow up your triceps like a mofo.

29 upvotesshaggy14522 months ago

Fuck your next day off, just do it. If you can’t wake up early to do it, then go after work, if you don’t want to after work, wake up early to do it. Fuck it man i go on my lunch break sometimes. There’s always time for the gym, you just have to make the time. It’s the easiest thing you can do for yourself, the hardest part about it is actually getting there

6 upvotesNWDegenerate2 months ago

Your body is the greatest instrument and tool you'll ever own.

2 upvotesTruedemocracy62 months ago

No reason to wait. When you make it routine you will always find time for it. Traveling for work? Better scope out the hotel gym or something nearby. Have evening plans? Better set the alarm extra early the next day. Friends want to day drink all day? Fuck that - I put my body first, etc, etc

1 upvotesVapeBlowCatipiller2 months ago

Waiting until your next day off is just one more excuse.

Everyone wants to be a bodybuilder, but ain't no body want to lift these heavy ass weights. -- Ronnie Coleman

1 upvotesElectronicStrain882 months ago

Start today. Otherwise the next time you have "a day off" you're going to wait until the next "day off" and you'll stay small forever.

8 upvotesineedavacation42 months ago

Lost 58 lbs so far. Going to lose more this year.

8 upvotesThekantona2 months ago

Even If women disliked it I would still lift. Everything it does and can do for a person outside of getting laid is worth it.

7 upvotesEmpowerMen2 months ago

Back in middle school, the teacher asked the girls in class why the guy need to have a sixpack, they then said, personality is what matters. Those same girls where pulling up my friend's shirt to see and also attempted to touch his sixpack.

In the next school , different name in Norway than other countries, not sure what to call it. There where girls talking about muscles being disgusting, one had a bodybuilder as their screensaver, another one was dating a bodybuilder, one was obsessing over my friend which is a bodybuilder even though he had a gf and she new it, she was her friend aswell.

Find it pretty ironic

8 upvotesVapeBlowCatipiller2 months ago

Everyone wants to be a bodybuilder, but ain't no body want to lift these heavy ass weights. -- Ronnie Coleman.

Yea this is a ploy. She likes them now, but if she makes you her property, she doesn't want any other chic stealing you. So she will say this shit to condition you for when you cave and sell your soul to her. Then she has your ass, and has an excuse to dump your ass. Don't fall for that shit, keep lifting like your damn cock and balls are at stake.

And for fuck sake men, learn how to cook. If you leave all the cooking to her, you're just gonna get pizza, tacos, pasta, deep fried and processed shit and take out every night.

1 upvotesZdeneksfilter2 months ago

And for fuck sake men, learn how to cook. If you leave all the cooking to her, you're just gonna get pizza, tacos, pasta, deep fried and processed shit and take out every night.

Great advice. Personally, I dislike the idea of having my girlfriends move in with me and handle the chores, Etc. I love having my time and space to myself. As such, I've had to learn how to cook, keep clean, stay neat, Etc. But if you truly must live with the girlfriend/get married... if you really, really have to; then for the love of god postpone it for 6 months to a year and properly learn to take care of yourself first. Learn to cook, clean your place, have your laundry done, et al. This way, you'll never be hopelessly dependent on your woman like so many goofballs are... and she'll sense this and respect it.

I knew a guy who was a phenomenal soccer player. Greatest set of abs I've ever seen and despite only being 5'8" or so; he was able to draw in women with few problems. And then he got married and did what so many men think is the manly thing to do: let the woman handle all of the kitchen stuff. We met up recently and I couldn't believe how shit he looked; fat gut, jowls, he shambles these days, Etc. Now he's just an average guy.

16 upvotesmuricanwerewolf12 months ago

That was the funniest thing about the “dad bod” craze. Women were trying to rationalize the obvious hypergamy of women being attracted to Leo DiCaprio, so instead of admitting women like a hugely successful and rich man they said “oh, the dad bod is IN!”. But it was obvious to anyone with a brain women don’t prefer a unhealthy looking guy. Or check out this cope from 2015 https://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2015/05/11/i-have-a-dad-bod-heres-why-women-love-it/ where the author gets so close to older guys appeal to women (running a business, older men often have value) but then tries to claim the successful man doesn’t have time for fitness. He also tries to claim his 20 something year old body couldn’t attract women in a significant way when we know it’s the blue pill 20 year old bag of insecurities in his head that got in his way. Though I imagine if we even scratched the surface of this man’s dating life not much has changed.

Ultimately, we at the red pill know there are many paths to female attraction, but the easiest, most immediate way to catch a woman’s eye is have a body that doesn’t look like a bag of shit. For most of us, that’s more attainable than a Ferrari.

7 upvotessjswander942 months ago

Amen brother. Size is the prize and swole is the goal. Get big get shredded and your in the top 1% of men physique wise.

8 upvoteswillswag9102 months ago

I lift for my self because the most satisfying thing is looking at yourself after a slutty chest workout and thinking about how far you have come since before you started lifting. The attention from women is just a nice side effect

1 upvotesbssftw2 months ago

Seriously, this is my favorite part of lifting. When I first got serious with bench I was only able to do 135 and a 5 for 5x5. I have now benched 225 for 5x5. The high I got off of that achievement was amazing and the lasting self confidence from this attainment hasn't worn off since.

7 upvotesbanelord19762 months ago

when I stared I did it for girls, but as time when on I did it because it make me feel and look great for me.

1 upvotesi-like-vagina2 months ago

Im laughing because this was for a long time my biggest blind spot in game, because i got results. I fucked stunners, like drop dead gorgeous women while not being in my best physique. Just one thing started to annoy and bother me, guys with no game and good physique got approached by women without doing anything. In addition to that i started going to parties were the only value was a good body. It fucked me up mentaly also my game. This was a lesson to be meant to learn. A good body is like a cheat code, you get your foot early and easier in the door. Now top that with actual good game. You drown in pussy.

1 upvotesSilverCloud731 month ago

Typical male fantasy scenario not at all based in reality. Lol.

8 upvotesrockyp322 months ago

Lmao don’t post your shitty physique on social media ahhah so true I’ve come close but I honestly don’t even wanna post till im satisfied

7 upvotesshaggy14522 months ago

I’ve fallen out of my gym routine. I haven’t missed a day (except my one rest day a week) in a couple years now. I fell off about a month ago. This post inspired me to come back with more determination. Thanks bby.

6 upvotesSpets872 months ago

Recently took off my shirt off at a festival to put on something underneath, and the girl next to me just went, whoa your pecs are amazing. Yeah girls like muscles. Massive ego trip when they complement them too.

1 upvotesSilverCloud731 month ago

Lol at thinking that just because a girl compliments your body she is sexually attracted to you. Three years ago I built up a good amount of muscle over the summer, and I got a ton of compliments from my family members about how good my muscles looked. They weren’t into me, it was just an observation. Also I’ve been complimented on a piece of clothing before and then called ugly by that same girl.

1 upvotesSpets871 month ago

The lol is on you, I slept with the same girl that night. And being complemented on clothing is different, because people say it about weird looking shit like scarves with dog shit print or something. It's the shock value there.

1 upvotesSilverCloud731 month ago

It is irrelevant whether she slept with you or not, because the point is that just because you are complimented on your muscles, does not mean that whoever is doing it is into you. Like I said, I got lots of compliments from people when I had good muscle mass, but they weren't interested in me. It wasn't just family members btw, it was also female friends of my parents and a couple kids my age. The girl you slept with would still have been into you regardless of how muscular you were at the time. Her complimenting you merely gave you an ego boost, giving you confidence and encouraging you to pursue her. Attractiveness is determined almost exclusively by the face and to a lesser extent by height.

5 upvotesEdmondDaunts2 months ago

It’s been called the Butchers Shop Stare.

When you’re looking intently at the meat.

You’ll start to notice it when you develop more muscle. Relatively big arms with broad shoulders can trigger it. But build the legs too. You’ll see the mouth open.

You don’t have to massive either. Just solid. Like a slab.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 months ago

There's a YouTube video called 'how women react to muscular guys' or something like that, that's all you need to know about if woman like muscles or not

5 upvotesswampbastard692 months ago

Had a gf who hated 'big muscles'. I am muscular but not jacked - lift 3x/week 6 1" 185 - a bit lanky, more of a swimmer physique. She exclaimed she preferred my 'type' of body. Then one day at the pool I saw some absolutely jacked dude - not particularly handsome, clearly on some gear - probably 5 10' 235-245 at 10% bf. He said hi to her, she revealed she had 'a fling with him in college, I thought he was cute'.

ya she didn't like 'big muscles' lol - I asked her about his muscles she said 'he's not jacked' lol - the guy was one of the most jacked guys I have seen in my city...The fact is they are very scared (reasonably so) about how lizard their hind brain truly is. They know they are slaves to it.

To be fair to girls, so few guys are that jacked, girls dont even know they like it because they dont have access to it - they just see it on insta, and as we know humans will forswear what they cant have - 'rich people are evil' etc.

2 upvotesCleopatrus2 months ago

Majority of guys in my circles and in my city are DYEL/don’t lift.

I really wonder what’s gonna happen to the US in "the roaring 20’s" lol. We’re becoming more like the black community each year

9 upvotesJCX_Pulse2 months ago

Was out to dinner with several female co-workers this weekend. They bring up the actors Bill Hader and some other not conventionally attractive guy, I can’t remember. They start going on about how “he’s (Hader) hot now! Since he got jacked”

Muscle can completely change a woman’s view of you, don’t ever be mistaken. It can make a serious impact on your SMV.

4 upvotesSnowboard182 months ago

Lifting like a mad man is definatly one of the greatest decisions I have ever made, I started even before the red pill because I had horribly low self esteem, lifting gave me confidence and basically pulled me out of a grow depression.

4 upvotesopper-hombre12 months ago

I will never the understand the “looks don’t matter” people

4 upvotesSKRedPill2 months ago

Women lie at every point where they are vulnerable. And that's where they are really easy to attract.

It's sort of like that survivorship bias case in ww2. The bullet holes were all in the non fatal areas. The aircraft that got hit where it mattered didn't make it back.

3 upvoteslumberjackinla2 months ago

muscles on a man are like tits and ass on a woman - lmao well said

6 upvotesC4scop42 months ago

This is so true. As a guy who's been training hard since I was 16, I find myself in the difficult position to stop going to the gym to pursue a career. This makes me feel sad. But when I'm done studying, I know I will start lifting again. Peace bros, and stay strong.

8 upvotesSneakybobo2 months ago

lol have you tried being short ?

Get in shape, yes 100%. But do it for yourself, not for a bitch's validation.

3 upvotesBasketcase7722 months ago

I really don’t know. Maybe some women really don’t like fit men. But I don’t need to lie about it. Fit men are attractive imo. But to me it’s the same as women, I don’t consider obese bodies appealing.

3 upvotesratpoison9872 months ago

I get 10 hrs a night lol. makes a huge difference.

3 upvotesclon3man2 months ago

Most people don't have the discipline to stick to an intense exercise routine. They should stick to long walks and some low-key group fitness classes for mental health and joint health.

Step 0: Admit that you're a faggot who doesn't like heavy lifting instead of deluding yourself. Then maybe you have a chance at being disciplined in the gym.

3 upvotesdisciplined912 months ago

Love these types of articles that bring out a sense of inspiration. Good job OP 👍👍👍💪💪💪

3 upvotesBobbyPeru2 months ago

But Chad knows better, he knows that she’s drooling, because muscles on a man are like tits and ass on a woman.

I actually had my wife tell me pretty much this exact same thing. I often wear short sleeve shirts that show off my arms. One day as I was leaving, she said me showing my big arms is the same as a woman showing cleavage. I just chuckled, and left

3 upvotesTheFallingCosmos2 months ago

I wouldn't say you have to necessarily lift 5 times a week; 4 or even 3 times a week can be sufficient. The much more important aspect is consistency

3 upvotesI_sort_by_new_fam2 months ago

With martial arts. You'll be ripped and also develop your mind. Like have a personality.

3 upvotesxX420JUICYSYNAPSEX692 months ago

wow, this really convinced me to pick up my lifting routine. really wasn’t expecting to find anything i agree with on this sub, but here we are

thanks man

6 upvotesfugluru2 months ago

I have enough motivation and dedication to start lifting, I just have absolutely no idea how to start, like what exercises I should do. How heavy I should lift ect, anyone have some “guide” or any help with that?

8 upvotesRayneXero2 months ago

Look up stronglifts 5x5. It even has an app

9 upvotesCoolrubbings [OP]2 months ago

I can help.

Look up Stronglifts, it’s a beginner program.

If you want to make your own program that’s fine as well.

First step, go to the gym today. If today really is impossible, then tomorrow. Don’t put it off longer than that.

All machines have a guide on how to use them and which body part they target.

Dumbbell curls are for biceps for example.

Eat 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, buy protein powder, the brand doesn’t really matter, it’s all the same.

Creatine helps, but isn’t a requirement.

Honestly dude, just go to the gym, lift, hit every muscle group twice a week, eat correctly and sleep right.

That’s it. I hope I didn’t write all this for nothing.

2 upvotesfugluru2 months ago

I would absolutely love to go to the gym tomorrow. But sadly I have a bad case of the flu and I’m having problems even getting out of bed, but trust me the moment I’m ok again I’ll hit the gym

1 upvotesriggedved2 months ago

Doing SL5x5 since 1.5 years now. I dont take protein powder because I stay away from anything remotely processed.

My diet is strictly vegetarian and I dont even consume eggs. For protein, I eat grains, pulses, millets, dairy products (2 glasses of non-fat milk everyday), curd, yogurt, cottage cheese, peanut butter, lots of dry fruits like peanuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts.

1 upvotesno0excuse2 months ago

Did you constantly increase the weights? I started with 20kg weight and lifting 65kg for squat/ deadlift and 42.5 for bench/ row lastly. But it feel hard anymore increasing 2.5 kg every workout. I also feel little pain on my joints the day after workout. I wonder if this is normal.

2 upvotesriggedved2 months ago

This is normal. My first few weeks I was increasing 5 kg every session in squats, then it kept getting more difficult so I dropped it to 2.5. Now I’m squatting 90kgs since last 3 sessions. Because of the great difficulty I am not increasing the weight. This also happened around the 80kg mark. Just keep at it, it will get better with time.

1 upvotes102117991072 months ago

This is shit advice. "just go lift" doesn't help anyone. My beginners guide is an all inclusive buffet of how to structure programming.

4 upvotesLLL3peat2 months ago

find a starting bodybuilding routine to learn and you'll grow. Otherwise, I'd advise you to join and gym and get a personal trainer to show you how to do various movements with proper form. Form > weight lifted in the beginning.

Choose one and stick to it. Should get you started :


2 upvotes102117991072 months ago

Look at my beginners guide series I wrote.

You're welcome.

1 upvotesRedBloodHunter2 months ago

If you have the motivation then you should have already done the research. You have the internet at your fingertips.

Look up StrongLifts 5x5 or Starting strength. It has a step by step process on how to get started, proper form and technique. There's a few other beginner programs but these are the most popular, because they work. All share the same underlying principle, progressive overload - start light and add slightly more weight each time you work out.

Make sure you eat right as well. To build muscle you need to eat a lot of protein and eat at a caloric surplus. Check out r/loseit or r/leangains for info on this. Leangains is pretty popular here, it combines intermittent fasting with strength training. Its effective but not for everyone. I think there's also a section on working out in the sidebar at r/asktrp.

1 upvotesNabroleonBonaparte2 months ago


This website has multiple programs to choose from, but recommends Starting Strength 5x5 if you’ve never lifted before.

3 upvotesThiccBoisClub2 months ago

An important caveat should be don’t lift to get laid, lift to become the strongest and best looking man in whatever space you set foot in. Don’t do this for women, they will automatically come. Acquiring the respect and admiration of your fellow males is the goal, because then you know they set you up as an example in their own mind.

5 upvotesRasAlGhul9112 months ago

Indian and slaying it proper my friend! 🤨

2 upvotesTheLoveGuardian2 months ago

Couldn’t agree more. They all deny it yet in reality love and drool over it. Working out can get you out of the Friendzone on its own because the only way to get out of the friendzone is for her to start seeing you in a sexual manner: How To Never Get Friendzoned

2 upvotesdisciplined912 months ago

I'm not in a good physical shape at all but I just have this feeling that by consistently lifting, it'll change the world around me and just being able to feel different because of looking jacked. It's just finding that proper mindset and getting to work because I'm sick and tired of being fat.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 months ago

You can either have a life of being invisible to decent women and getting no respect from anyone else, or you can have attractive women wanting to sleep with you and being able to command respect from everyone else. It's your choice.

2 upvotesdisciplined912 months ago

Agree 100 percent my friend. The situation is in my control. Just got to take the actions to get towards that point.

2 upvotes102117991072 months ago

I wrote a detailed beginners guide not too long ago for this exact reason. Guys need the tools to understand how programming works for lifting to make gains instead of shit advise like "just lift"

2 upvotesBabylunchbox2 months ago

Very true. I work out everyday & the women at my job always come up with some reason to touch me

2 upvotes_sadboyloko2 months ago

I work out at least 3 times a week. I aim for at least four, given that I don't always go for at least an hour.

My problem is, I meal prep once in awhile but not always. I'm still in that skinny fat stage although I've definitely seen some progress.

The good thing is I don't eat out a lot and don't like drinking. I believe the amount I eat (too little) is holding me back even with daily protein shakes. And yes I've upped my weight lifting in the three years I've been on/off.

1 upvotesR41nmaker2 months ago

I’m 6’5, weighing 242 lbs. I used to be skinny fat and tried all sorts of things. What has helped me recently is intermittent fasting. Skip breakfast and just have lunch and dinner. Increase protein intake on days you lift. My weight has remained about the same, but my waist size has gone down while my muscles have grown.

Also, cut out sugar and sugary drinks and drink lots of water whenever possible.

2 upvotesZech4riah2 months ago

There is also some legit but less obvious reasons why girls don't actually like when guy has "too much muscles" but they aren't necessarily related to muscles themselves.

Good physique makes even hot girls feel insecure. It puts pressure on a girl to move her ass to the gym. They don't like this feeling of insecurity.

The other thing is that girls don't like when a guy compensates themselves by over obsessing about their body.

Also too much is too much. Gymbros on roids think they are the shit in the eyes of women but they are not. They seem unnatural to women and that's why girls don't get attracted as much to unnaturally big muscles. (Altho these really big guys usually have no problems getting women because there is a niche group of women who really desire unnaturally big dudes).

Also it's rare that I fuck a women because of my physique or be able to pull a girl thanks to my physique - good physique is just a nice bonus to a girl and it makes keeping the girl in rotation a bit easier but it does not usually help in cold approach.

3 upvotesCleopatrus2 months ago

Then explain zyzz and the girls that threw themselves at him at the beginning of the last decade

2 upvotesZech4riah2 months ago

Did you even read what I wrote before commenting? It's right there:

Altho these really big guys usually have no problems getting women because there is a niche group of women who really desire unnaturally big dudes

2 upvotessilent_dominant2 months ago

Amused mastery is key, just like everywhere else.

2 upvotesgixxerthouguy2 months ago

I fucking love this post. Simple truth, put simply.

2 upvotesKorrangar2 months ago

I don't know if it's the right place, but what do you guys wear ? I feel like wearing a suit is hiding all the muscles and women won't really notice that you're lifting. On the flipside i think wearing t-shirts is showing low status.

2 upvotesCleopatrus2 months ago

Wear nice t-shirts, and accessorize. Beats are fashion maxxing like crazy today with their collared shirts and expensive outfits lol

2 upvotesMrSaiyan_333_2 months ago

I'm not muscular (yet) but I'd wear nicely fitting (possibly tailored) slim fit long sleeved shirts with rolled up sleeves.

2 upvotesfapfapfapnot2 months ago

May I know which program worked the best for you? which one you're currently using and which one do you suggest for beginners?

2 upvotesLawItUp772 months ago

This was definitely encouraging. My muscles are sore, but I know consistency is the key. Thank you.

2 upvotesPimpinLikeIceberg2 months ago

Great point.

She finds your muscles attractive but she won't tell you at first.

Watch how they confess that they thought your muscles were sexy when they first saw you, once you've fucked !

2 upvotesivy1762 months ago

Why would anyone think they appear as a slut by saying they like muscles? Muscles indicate a masculine frame and presence if testosterone, not sure why anyone would feel uncomfortable to say they like a guy with a muscular frame.

2 upvotesrussbussdp2 months ago

I often hear, "I very hesitantly need to tell how hot it is to feel your muscles when we fuck." They don't want to to be overt l, but they really do love it.

2 upvotesmetallicdrama2 months ago

Women say nothing of value. Usually do the opposite of whatever they're suggesting. Or do nothing. Never act on what a women claims to feel or "think".

2 upvotesTMal332 months ago

What do you do when you hit a plateau?

6 upvotessurfingjesus2 months ago

Not bad advice but there are way too many out of shape, flabby, weak men on Pornhub Community to make it seem like exercise is mandatory. Exercise for your own benefit, because this is more likely to happen in reality

11 upvotesRedFlatEars2 months ago

The missing part of the meme is when you don't lift you don't get complimented by anyone.

Better to be complimented by men and receive a confidence boost, and maybe some new friends who can introduce you to even more.

0 upvotessurfingjesus2 months ago

you don't get complimented by anyone

But you do especially if you are well dressed or/and have great hair. Even better if you can dance or have some other creative artistic talent. I don't recall Michael Jackson or Prince ever looking like they could do more than 10 pushups and yet they made stadiums of women faint.

3 upvotesDrakane12 months ago

you're not Micheal Jackson you're not Danny devito you're not Larry David you re a 9 to 5 work on your shoulders and trap

1 upvoteswowmansohacked2 months ago

You have the remember we are talking a out the average guy here not someone with God given talent. The average guy will never out grow the need to form a baseline of fitness to be attractive to women.

0 upvotessurfingjesus2 months ago

So nice hair and clothes that fit are God given talents? Alright lol. I actually wrote another response to this with examples, but deleted it because you guys just know it all. Keep lifting weights and racking up those male followers on IG.

Hey here's an idea. Look up your favorite male bodybuilder, and check his female to male follower ratio lol.

1 upvoteswowmansohacked2 months ago

I'm saying there is a base line and the majority of women won't give a man a second look if he seems out of shape. Also, way to move the goalposts. First it's having a cool talent and now all you need is nice hair and clothes to be Micheal Jackson. Okay buddy.

10 upvotesNighthawk_Black_2 months ago

It's true about guys giving more verbal compliments but big arms or whatever gets women touching you and shit.

9 upvotesHuffnagle2 months ago

First of all... Comparing porn to real life is absurd. Male porn actors are chosen for 1 thing, their big dick. Period. They are not chosen for their attractiveness to females because (most) porn is made for men.

And... I’ve been both a little fat and somewhat jacked. The difference is huge. I don’t give a shit what they say, when you’re jacked the girls will find a way to get you alone and gargle your cock. All you have to do is not fuck it up by acting like a retarded beta sperg.

There is a reason that lifting is the #1 piece of advice on here.

Your meme is bullshit.

0 upvotessurfingjesus2 months ago

Do you know what Pornhub Community is? They are regular people fucking in their bedrooms lol.

edit: Ugh I just read your whole comment. Please go take your Adderall.

5 upvotesHuffnagle2 months ago

Did I just get shamed for not knowing the nuances of the “watching other people fuck community”?!?

I’m crying... lmao!

I stand by every word I said. Nobody on TRP has ever said you can’t get laid without muscles. But there’s a damn good reason it’s the #1 piece of advice, by a lot.

0 upvotessurfingjesus2 months ago

Did I just get shamed for not knowing the nuances of the “watching other people fuck community”?!?

Nah, for the cringy choice of words in the second paragraph.

6 upvotesTruedemocracy62 months ago

Yes and no. If you're a guy going from not lifting to gym 3-4x a week and diet will make a HUGE difference. Firming up the jaw line, having a chest that sticks out further than your gut, shoulders wider than your waist, and fitting into clothes properly will make a big difference.

After that the returns depreciate quite a bit. But any gym rat usually falls in love with it for himself

4 upvotesNabroleonBonaparte2 months ago

But that’s the thing, women notice when other men respect you. When they see a bunch of dudes worshipping you, it means you’re alpha.

That’s why a king doesn’t need a 600lb deadlift to rule, the fact that an entire kingdom listens to his orders vouches for his alpha cred.

Edit: This comment means that muscle isn’t the only form of SMV, another form is respect of men. Try to build both.

-1 upvotessurfingjesus2 months ago

"Alpha" lol. You're playing word salad. Speaking of Kings, El Chapo was a short, average looking chubby guy. You could not look at this man and guess he was one of the most powerful drug lords in history. He's the opposite of your visual representation of "alpha", yet he has the respect and command of an army. But do what you want.

5 upvotesNabroleonBonaparte2 months ago

You literally just repeated what I said.

-1 upvotessurfingjesus2 months ago

No I didn't. Kings are born into privilege by birthright. El Chapo grew up poor, dropped out of school at 9 years old, and sold oranges to support himself. He was abused by his father and got picked on as a kid. That's not the background of a King.

4 upvotesNabroleonBonaparte2 months ago

You’re missing the point because you’re thinking literally and not paying attention to context.

I replied to a comment that joked that getting buff only makes men compliment you instead of women.

I used the king analogy to demonstrate that having men’s respect indirectly gives you SMV points with women.

-1 upvotessurfingjesus2 months ago

having men’s respect indirectly gives you SMV points with women

Mark Zuckerberg is pretty respected among men in the business world, no? so why aren't these women swooning over him. But keep going this is fun.

4 upvotesmegamorphg2 months ago

Is there something unique to lifting?

Is it the muscles or just an overall high level of fitness?

I'm thinking of doing kung fu and martial arts 2 hours every day--which probably will only tone my sick pack and
naturally ectomorphic physique. I personally don't want to be muscle-bound and inflexible in my joints since I value it for yoga and martial arts.

4 upvotesLLL3peat2 months ago

It's more or less that you show fitness, dedication, and leanness rather than being a lazy bum. Every woman wants that adventure to go camping/exploring/hiking/etc for the gram for wanderlust. The leaner you are and the more muscle definition you have, the higher the sex appeal you have with more defined jawlines and being lean is associated with high qualities and income. Poor people are associated with health issues and obesity. This is a multivariable answer.

13 upvotesCoolrubbings [OP]2 months ago

Let me put it this way. Your body is a machine that adapts to stress.

When you lift, you put your muscles under stress, and your body uses that as a sign to make them grow stronger than before.

I lift, I also do kickboxing and yoga, so flexibility is only an issue if you let it be.

Also somatotypes(like being an ectomorph) are a myth, just lift and eat correctly.

Do martial arts if you want, but as a complement to lifting. It’ll change your life, trust me.

1 upvoteschang3up2 months ago

I'll second yoga here; it's helped with my stiffness and it's good for mental stress too.

-2 upvotesmegamorphg2 months ago

Somatotypes are not a myth. They are equivalent to ayurvedic doshas. Anyway I eat like a fatass over past years sometimes and always stay the same due to my metabolism even on months of lack of real exercise. Thank for the clarification though... Muscular stress must have some primordially beneficial design including neurotropic.

2 upvotesNot_CSR2 months ago

That is some rich irony in the first two sentences.

2 upvotesIamthespiderbro2 months ago

Strength training releases testosterone and does provide another level of confidence you don’t get with other types of exercise. If you are passionate about martial arts, definitely keep doing that, but I would suggest also incorporating a strength routine that is compatible with it. You don’t have to be a full on body builder, but if you start looking like Bruce Lee, you’ll have women all over you.

1 upvotesgrandmasbroach2 months ago

Is there something unique to lifting? It's all about this thing called linear progression. Most lifting programs, you need a PROGRAM to follow, have you add 5lbs to your lifts each time you go to the gym. You need to constantly increase weight to increase muscle mass. It shows how disciplined you are as well. Not only do you have to drag your ass to the gym. You need to have your diet on point. The biggest part of it is adding more weight every workout. That takes incredible discipline to physically will your body to create more muscle tissue through exercise. I also find it hilarious that you're making excuses before you even start. How about, if you even can lift to the point of getting "bulky" as you say, you worry about it then? You're talking YEARS of body building to get to that point. Not to mention, the only reason your flexibility would impede weight lifting, is because you neglect it. Do 5x5 stronglifts or something similar.

Kung fu is a waste of money. After ten years, a blue belt in jiu jitsu will hand you your ass with almost zero effort. Go to a real MMA gym if this is the route you want to go. If you don't believe me, find me some videos of a Kung fu master actually beating someone who competes in MMA. They lose almost everytime.




2 upvotesthe_green_grundle2 months ago

Can someone post some of those studies that came out and proved this, I have a skeptical friend.

4 upvotesiCeeYouP2 months ago

Isn't lying a natural phenomenon in women like getting hard is for men?

8 upvotesCoolrubbings [OP]2 months ago

In their mind it isn’t « lying » per se, it’s just that there’s things they can’t admit to themselves for fear of seeming shallow.

3 upvotesherpaderpadont2 months ago

Yes. Women must care about how they are perceived. I can’t count how many times I have had an ONS tell me “I usually don’t do this.” Or “I’m not a slut”. Okay sweetie.

2 upvotesWhiteGhosts2 months ago

100% agree, tho sometimes the lack of motivation stops me from going to the gym, my mind makes all these bullshit excuses

5 upvotesCoolrubbings [OP]2 months ago

The human brain doesn’t like change. It wants things to stay the same, it’ll trick you into staying where you are.

I haven’t been motivated in so long, but I still get my ass to the gym.

Why? Because I look good naked and want to look even better naked. My plates love it. And I love it.

No excuses bro. You’ll respect yourself more in the end.

2 upvotesWhiteGhosts2 months ago

Yeah I'm motivated to go it's just that I have to force myself to go sometimes. The reward will be always satisfying nevertheless

1 upvotesVaN__Darkholme2 months ago

Don’t lift for whores, bro.

1 upvotesWhiteGhosts2 months ago

Its more like anxiety bre. Seeing the same people in a small gym can be annoying. I try to be a social person but u honestly dgaf about other peeps in the gym

2 upvoteshoopingblob2 months ago

I've been going to the gym for a year now and I ate as much as I could but I am not gaining anything. I get hungry so fast that I can't keep up with cooking

1 upvotesRapante2 months ago

This sounds like you're not working out correctly. Too little intensity/volume.

1 upvoteshoopingblob2 months ago

Might be that. Alltough I got muscles I just can't put any fat in them for some reason

2 upvotesbrownhercules2 months ago

'I am an Indian' - is the crappiest excuse you can give for being a skinny fat loser. You need to drop the carbs dipped in high calorie oily curry and start having more protein rich food. There's no reason why you can't be fit and aesthetic.

3 upvotesCleopatrus2 months ago

Tbh that’s not anywhere near enough. Me and a couple of other high SMV Indian friends noticed that dating apps got a lot harder in 2019 after we graduated college. At this point I’d say most Indian guys need to either gear up or give 150% at the gym to get natty-jacked to get quality pussy in the west now.

Looks like you hopped on test. How did that go lol

1 upvotesbrownhercules2 months ago

Tried a cycle two years ago. It was pretty great tbh. 14 week cycle and 5-6 weeks of PCT, gained around 15kgs and retained around 8kgs until sometime ago when i had to take a break due to travel plans. Nevertheless, it helped me realise my true genetic potential and i plan on doing a cycle again this year soon. I agee with you. I'm sure their natty test is already low to begin with, considering their crappy lifestyles and poor diets.

1 upvotesCleopatrus2 months ago

Did you get bloods pre, during, and after? What did they say? If you didn't you should for the next cycle

1 upvotesCoolrubbings [OP]2 months ago

I agree.

I’ve heard too many guys adopt that loser mentality and let it get in the way of proper training and diet.

1 upvotesgrotness2 months ago

Bahahaha fuck this is gayer than aids. Don't think I've ever cringed so hard reading through a thread in my life.

1 upvotesgrukalar_1 month ago

It's so stupid, jesus christ lmao

1 upvotesl4w_z0ne2 months ago

5x a week? Just do a PPL, bro

1 upvotesChanceCancerman2 months ago

Grapple/box/wrestle for good training as well. I hit each discipline once a week for cardio and it might not put on mass but the strength benefits coupled with the mental benefits are great

1 upvotesBrownGummyBear2 months ago

Bro my abs have gotten crazy thick ever since I started doing jii jitsu 3 months ago

1 upvotesHotHead1212 months ago

Yeah just returned to the gym after years and im going 4 months now. Its a slow proces but i look good i have great genes. And i dont know if women started to notice me but i see them stare sometimes for a few seconds with a poker face then look other way. 6 months ago they werent looking at me at all.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 months ago

What is people's opinions on alcohol? I probably have 50 pounds to shed before getting to 10% BF. Was 260 pounds and every 20 pounds I have dropped I have noticed a completely different world to how people treat me. I need to get to 10% ASAP. I eat clean otherwise.

1 upvotessefqef2 months ago

All you ripped folks are making me jealous.

I'm 6' 80kg. Got a bit of a dad bod but the recent gymming has given me biceps and triceps. I'm not attracting chicks left and right just by someone looking at me, but they do get pretty into it once we start talking.

All your talk of muscles is making me think that when I get my freak on with a girl she won't enjoy it because I'm still a bit flabby and not rock solid. If a girl gets physical with me knowing full well I'm not ripped, would she still enjoy it? Someone let me know, it's giving me a bit of a complex

2 upvotesCoolrubbings [OP]2 months ago

There’s nothing to be jealous of, you could accomplish this if you tried.

She can enjoy it, but muscle will make her enjoy it more.

That’s it. I like big tits. If a girl has small tits it can be fun, but bigger tits would be better

1 upvotessefqef2 months ago

I know I could accomplish this. And I am trying and to some extent succeeding.

Something inside me just won't accept that if I have game then a girl would find me hot despite the moobs. And I like to think I have game and I can chat anyone up. The moobs are fucking with me way too much

1 upvotesNoaRanger2 months ago

Thanks for the post, this is very motivational for me.. I do have some small question, hope you can answer me those in DM..

1 upvotesMkGlory2 months ago

can proper protein intake be achieved on regular diet without funny recipes or shakes?

2 upvotesCoolrubbings [OP]2 months ago


Chicken, ground beef, fish etc.

1 upvotesRPOpenUp1 month ago

Women do this cuz they are afraid your smv will become too high and they will lose you.

1 upvotescrypto_sui2 months ago

Just came home from my second workout today and reading this, wanna hit the third :)

1 upvotes666turbograzer2 months ago

I think this has always been my issue with women.
I appreciate it, I understand it. I don't want to feel spiteful about it, but I do.

I am an angry dude. sorry to let my feelings out here, I wouldn't know who anyone e here is, u could all be bots. I just don't know if I care enough. the conservative traditional nature of this sub which I appreciate as mens help, but don't visit often, might disagree with me. I do love women, and I think of them all the time.

5 upvotesCoolrubbings [OP]2 months ago

I’ll tell you something man.

I’m 5’9, I’m black as fuck, and the hardest wake up call was to realize that I NEEDED to improve if I wanted anything out of my life, there are no free meals.

Be angry. Use that anger as fuel. Use that fuel for the engine that is your body.

Your body is the only thing that you will ever own 100%.

I was angry at first, when the girls that ignored me suddenly wanted to fuck.

When the girls that friendzoned me wanted to « go out for drinks ».

Anger can be a dangerous emotion, but in my experience, it is the emotion that drives change.

Use it. Channel it. Become a better man.

1 upvotes666turbograzer2 months ago

bro I do appreciate your kind words. I understand again, the importance of health and appearance. and acceptance.

what do YOU do when those same people, ask you out?

rightnnow, I cant not hold a grudge. not something evil or violent. I just feel...disgusted by it?

I know I am a hypocrite and relationships, or even sex, is complicated.

extra weight is not good for my body, although there is no way I could NOT improve and add muscle mass, that shouldn't interfere with my apnea, or fuck with my knees which are in poor shape.

there's no free meals, I understand. just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I feel like there always might be an excuse for some broads, I don't want attention from hideous personalities no matter what they look like, or attention from hideous hippopotami.

I know nothing is easy, I know, I know.

1 upvotesFoxesAndMuffins2 months ago

I'm a bit confused because you're acting like you've changed and become really muscular and that the girls are all over you for that, but by the pics you've posted you just look.. well no offense but you really just look like you gained weight, not really muscle. You consider yourself muscular?

1 upvotesFalgo2 months ago

I approve greatly of the sentiment but I wouldn't advise novices to just go into the gym and lift. You might spend a huge chunk of time fucking around and not making any progress unless you have at least some semblance of what to do. Personally, I would advise anyone who doesn't know what the fuck to do to educate themselves first, I am biased towards Starting Strength myself but there are other good linear progression programs out there. Read first, then put it into practice, follow a diet appropriate for your training and your current shape and you will get results. Keep reading, watch videos, ask questions and lift. Build some foundation of strength and then repeat the process with focus on the next goal you want to achieve.

1 upvotesbringer_of_glory2 months ago

You signal beeing Chad, but the way you write and respond to comments is not Chad. It's the basic trp-normie style. Predictable, lame, recycled

1 upvotesbodybuildingdentist2 months ago

I’m stacked and it has been the single best thing for me to become successful in my interactions with women. I feel way more confident knowing I am always one of the most jacked guys in the room. And that confidence has diffused into every aspect of my life. Be fucked jacked guys. It’s amazing

1 upvotesRightHandWolf2 months ago

This post almost begs for a clip from the Rocky Horror Picture Show audience participation soundtrack. Dr. Frank N. Furter is showing off his creation, and he asks the two normies who have blundered into his clutches for their opinion.

Frank: Well . . . Brad and Janet . . . what do you think of him?

Janet: I don't like men with too many muscles.

Audience: Just one BIG one!!

1 upvotesIllusion9112 months ago

Girls don't lie. Look at her body language

1 upvotesNightwingTRP2 months ago

In other news, straight women rather like a bit of hard penis. You could write a piece on that and it goes in a very similar fashion.

0 upvotessadomasochrist2 months ago

I'm late to the show here but there is some truth to the statement "I don't like muscles."

Women prefer functional strength. That is, they are able to detect actual functional strength visually. This is because women are evolutionarily wired to have an interest in men who are actually stronger, not ones who are better at showing body fat percentages.

This is why strong men type guys and other "strong fat" types still rope in women but weak men rarely do unless they have good facial symmetry or are "lanky" (tall).

What can you learn from this?

Lift. It's good, even if you're overweight. Cut calories, burn fat, but still, don't be afraid to increase strength. She'll notice. It's studied, and the relationship is linear.

Meaning, women ALWAYS prefer men who are stronger, and NEVER less.

1 upvotesCleopatrus2 months ago

Dating apps would disagree

0 upvotesshawndamanyay2 months ago

yeah I don't entirely agree with this. Like 100% of married men pretty much don't look ripped at all. I even know poor guys that aren't ripped that still get women. I think sometimes it is where you look for women.

Now tell me this, would you LIFT 5 times a week or Lift 1 time a week, plus hike 4 times a week with a lady that submits to you (in a good way)? Stay healthy, she'll do anything for you, and not control/manipulate you. It's often where you are looking.

At the gym. NOPE

At the bar. NOPE

At the mall. NOPE

At a dance club. NOPE

Church. Depends on what kind.

Conservative Christian groups. Better.

1 upvotesBrownGummyBear2 months ago

1) unicorns don’t exist, religion means shit nowadays. 2) so you won’t lift as much because you got a girl who’s content with your physique... that’s beta as fuck

0 upvotesshawndamanyay2 months ago

On the other hand, you are lifting to impress women. Who is ruling your drive? I get the sammich and the back scratch. I don't need to lift.

1 upvotesBrownGummyBear2 months ago

I lift because I train MMA, getting strangled and having your ass kicked every week by bigger men is an unrivalled motivation. Nice way to project your beta mind on others though, you chump

-1 upvotesshawndamanyay2 months ago

If you are getting into a fight every week, I think you have problems. It has nothing to do with alpha or beta. You can be totally alpha and never get into a fight.

1 upvotes_sadboyloko2 months ago

Not saying don't lift, but look at sssniperwolfs boyfriend. Total fatfuck that still got a hot woman.

0 upvotesRP_Throwaway_4U2 months ago

Read the fine print guys, this only applies if you’re already tall and/or good looking.

1 upvotesPhasmaFrank2 months ago

So you rather look like total crap? Or max what you have

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 months ago

Woah woah woah, FIVE times a week? Most ACTUAL bodybuilders lift 2-4 times a week. If you're lifting heavy you NEED rest period to gain muscle.

Rest is fairly accurate tho.

2 upvotesgixxerthouguy2 months ago

Twice a week does not make you a bodybuilder.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 months ago

Is that exactly what i fucking said? Don't take everything exactly.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 months ago

Correction, twice might be a bit too low but my brother is a bodybuilder and he works out 3 times a week. So 3 is definitely fine. Not 5 or whatever the OP said.

You have to have rest periods if you're lifting heavy.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 months ago

[permanently deleted]

0 upvotesrevaforce2 months ago

TLDR: Don’t listen to what they say.

-4 upvotesCornelius_Rex2 months ago

5 times a week?

Twice a day, every day.

1 upvotesMasterShake7772 months ago

What if everyone just thinks Im a roider

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