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Woman drops boyfriend because he lives frugally. Later finds out that he's a heir to a fortune based on oil.

by Schrodingersdawg on /r/TheRedPill
27 October 2014 09:12 PM UTC
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Warning, extreme hamstering ahead.



New link because redditlog is kill

It's amazing how, if you read her post, she completely flips the script and blames him for not telling her anything. Even though she left him because he "lacked career/life ambition", it's his fault for not revealing his wealth.

Some gems:

I have Facebook and am on it every day, usually when work is slow.

Work is slow every day? I wonder what this woman does for a living? Probably HR or some other liberal arts degree related job.

Lately my newsfeed has been filled with my peers getting married, buying houses, having babies, and other various accolades. I can't help but feel jealous by this; it seems like everyone but me is making significant gains in their lives and relationships.

Accolades. Gains. It's almost as if she's viewing this as a videogame and wants the high score.

Three weeks ago, after seeing a girl I knew from high school buy her 3rd property with her husband, it felt like my relationship with Will was juvenile and had no future.

Oh, the joys of social media. Apparently because all her friends are doing it, she decided she had to do it too! Apparently her boyfriend should be judged against her friends' boyfriends / husbands! Could you imagine how that would go over if it was the other way around. I can imagine some Jizzabel cat lady now:


after he served me potato soup for dinner and was torrenting a documentary for us to watch later

She says that to make him sound cheap, but if the dude can cook, has money, and knows how to save it instead of throwing it away and living in a perpetual cycle of credit card debt like so many Americans.

When I finished talking, he said "fine by me" and asked me to leave. I went to hug him on my way out, instead he just guided me out the door and slammed it shut behind him.

I haven't heard a fucking word from Will, even after texting him multiple times and calling him once.

Dude realizes she's not the one for him, makes a clean break. Respect to him.

To this, one friend chuckled to himself and walked away. I asked the other friend WTF

Sounds like Will's dealt a few gold diggers in his time.

If a man with disposable income meets a woman he likes, doesn't he want to treat her?

And that is an example of how widespread BP mentality has become in our world. We are to be seen as nothing more than walking wallets.

Surprisingly, the commentators rip her to shreds.

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145 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

51 upvotesasdfghjkltyu5 years ago

All of the "I want motivated men" talk is basically just hamster for "I want someone who can earn money for me". Women will sometimes settle short term on someone who isn't currently wealthy as long as they have prospect of becoming wealthy long term. Even if he is currently a bum you can bet if they knew he'd be in a 5 figure job in 5 years time women would be lining up.

25 upvotesCSMastermind5 years ago

5 figure job

That's not exactly an accomplishment .....

72 upvotessidewalkchalked5 years ago

I'm a ten-thousandaire and I disagree.

3 upvotestrped5 years ago

Depends where you live. In Europe €60k+ is pretty good.

1 upvotescat-tasrophic5 years ago

In Africa $60+ is pretty good.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Sorry, not everybody can get a 6 figure job.

10 upvotesCSMastermind5 years ago

I understand that, I'm just saying 5 figures is a pretty low threshold. Making $10,000 / year is something everyone should be able to do. And not something I think people would be lining up for.

3 upvotes1independentmale5 years ago

You'd be surprised. I see a lot of hot acquaintances on Facebook dating complete bums who are barely holding down part time jobs.

3 upvotesont_anon5 years ago

Agreed, but no one should expect to be taken seriously if they live in a first-world country and brag about/announce that they're making a 5 figure job. I mean, yes, making $99,999/year is impressive, but most 5 figure earners aren't in that part of the stratosphere.

3 upvotesasdfghjkltyu5 years ago

I think I confused the '5, 6" figures stuff.

2 upvotesgarlicextract5 years ago

You're kind of a pretentious asshole aren't you, CSMastermind? I'm sure the CS stands for computer science and you'll be happy with your $100k+ job. But try not to be such a condescending asshole about it.

1 upvotesnuesuh4 years ago

Depends on what country/currency we're talking.

1 upvotesSrwilliams235 years ago

6 figures maybe? 5 figures can be made working at McDonald's

1 upvoteskragshot5 years ago

True. 10K a year is a "five-figure job."

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Yeah I was agreeing with her about how he has no motivation and that would be turn off for me as well if a woman was that lazy - but now it's all about the money. This guy has the exact same motivation/ambition yet now she wants back in. Not a gold digger my ass.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Lmfao! I hadn't even realized that

361 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I dated him for 10 months when I thought he was penniless, proof I'm not a fucking gold-digger.

LOL! Please tell me this is a troll. How delusional can this bitch be? She proved the exact opposite of that!

He could've said something, ANYTHING during our break up when I was explaining my doubts about our relationship. Instead he said nothing, and now he refuses to talk to me. It makes absolutely no sense.

Why would he? You just outed yourself as a gold digger. What is he going to say? "Please stay with me, you're wrong, I'm filthy rich!"

This is just too good to be true. It must be a troll.

78 upvotesTransmigratory5 years ago

Hamsters be hamsterin'.

No matter how exposed we are to them, they have the natural propensity to shock us.

37 upvotesPosition5hero5 years ago

Throw me any single situation and I'll hamster it for you, as well as a woman could, or better.

Just go ahead. Anything.

Once you spend a lot of time with women, you understand how they see the world.

This is the final step in TRP man- is learning to see through their eyes.

Once you do that- you made it. They have nothing on you at all.

18 upvotesKaribouLouDied5 years ago

I got one:

man texted female cousin, your woman doesn't know about this cousin and thinks you are cheating.

aaaannnddd GO!

84 upvotes1independentmale5 years ago

This actually happened to me. Wife accused me of cheating on her with my cousin. I shot back, "You have got to be fucking kidding me. Did you forget she's my COUSIN?!" She backed off but then hamstered that I must want to leave her for someone that's like my cousin because "you two get along so well."

Bitch accused me of cheating for years. I never did, true to my word I was faithful to her even though I had every reason to not be. When I finally sent her packing the truth came out, she confessed to an affair.

117 upvotesAlphaAccountant5 years ago

Projection. She did it so you must have. I think it's a way of living with the guilt.

74 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesGhostOfAladdin5 years ago

She was subconsciously telling you what SHE had done.

It would be beautiful if a man could take half of a cheating wife's stuff.

1 upvotesBuchloe5 years ago

Sometimes I worry that I'm missing opportunities to bone babes because I don't want to cheat on my girlfriend, when I might find out later she's been cheating and kick myself.

1 upvotesKaribouLouDied5 years ago

I've heard the ones that accuse the other of cheating often is normally the one with the story to be told.

11 upvotesPosition5hero5 years ago

What you even have to hapmster here


'That my cousin girl I ain't trying to have kids with flippers for feet'

6 upvotesicheah5 years ago

You don't hamster that. You escalate. If my girl tried that with me i would do everything in my power to make her feel like garbage. Lower than garbage. Fucking worm shit.

2 upvotesIll_mumble_that5 years ago

Even better, they'll think you are psychic. You can predict their actions and even words, before they do. Because awalt.

1 upvotesTransmigratory5 years ago

You can see things their way, yet still be amazed at how far they'll go to rationalise themselves.

17 upvotespcadrian5 years ago

Fuck that goddigger part hamstering was absolutely hysterical. I wouldn't be surprised if this was true though. I've been on dates with a few chicks from my school lately, and they are so out of touch with reality it hurts.

-6 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I don't get the gold-digger thing... I hate to say it but she seems right to me, if she was just after money why would she date a poor guy for 10 months?

She wanted someone with some ambition, which he didn't seem to have.

9 upvotesbodmon5 years ago

Ambition = future earning potential

5 upvotesSkiffbug5 years ago

Why do y ou think she was after someone with ambition? For the bucks, right?

Otherwise, if he kept his easy-going life and they never felt any financial hiccup, what is the downside?

Career ambition only serves 2 purposes:

a) to prove to yourself that you can make it in the corporate world, and

b) to make money to live a comfortable and relatively care-free life.

If you already have b), what's the point of killing youself in the office, if you don't have the drive to? The man does what he likes, and I didn't hear her complain that she doesn't like the type of life he lived. I read her complaining about the future (of the money she wanted to get her hands on).

3 upvoteskragshot5 years ago

She was happy until the "hamster wheel" started turning.

When she was kicking it with him and wasn't worrying about the money and other people's expectations, they were having the time of their lives. But she started buying into that "bigger, better deal" bullshit that so many women get into. They see other women getting bigger, better things and then get jealous of those other women.

It never fails and it is the same thing with a lot of women but it manifests in different ways. The most common way that the "BBD" shows up is when a guy starts a LTR. You could have been in the worst dry spell of your life where women don't even want to serve you at McDonalds. But the moment you start seeing a woman on the regular, suddenly you have all kinds of women who didn't give you the time of day when you were single, suddenly checking you out and throwing the "P" at you.

It's because they see that this one woman has latched on to you, so they want to find out what's so special about you that they have missed out on. They realize that one woman has found out that you might suddenly be the "bigger, better deal" and want to find out why that is.

It's literally the Aesop Fable about the dog, the bone, and the pond. She had a good man, but looked at another woman who she thought had a bigger, better deal, so she started barking about how she wanted what the other woman had and dropped her proverbial bone in the pond, losing it.

6 upvotesOsoFeo5 years ago

This is just too good to be true. It must be a troll.

There must be some hamster version of Poe's Law.

2 upvotesioncehadsexinapool5 years ago

It's not though. I witness shit like this all the time just talking to people in know. It's fucking unreal

0 upvotesjustskatedude5 years ago

I'm going to stop the circle jerk for a second. If she knew he had life ambition or security then she might have stayed with him. Does that make her a gold digger for wanting a man who has potential and instead of a man who seemingly just has a personality?

3 upvotesaguy015 years ago

Does that make her a gold digger for wanting a man who has potential and instead of a man who seemingly just has a personality?

Yes. This is the kind of bitch that will be ruthless when you fall on hard times and barely give you any time to get your shit together before she starts trying to take half of what you have left so she can afford to gargle other men's cum. She wants a plow horse. She doesn't give a fuck about him.

76 upvotesRedPill1155 years ago

Surprisingly, the commentators rip her to shreds.

She violated the golden rule of gold digger club - you never talk about gold digger club.

I think that's why she's being attacked. Had she phrased it as vague "feelings" without being obvious that it was actually money, she would have gotten support despite it actually being the same story about money.

That being said, women in general also care a lot less about money than they used to. It's easier for women to critisize other women because they don't care as much. All of the players I know - ALL of them - are either poor or have money but live like they're poor. Guys with jobs who aren't as entertaining aren't getting to be players. (Not saying it's that way everywhere).

11 upvotesConcord_Fight5 years ago

I think that's why she's being attacked. Had she phrased it as vague "feelings" without being obvious that it was actually money, she would have gotten support despite it actually being the same story about money.

Exactly, fake or not, had she (he?) been able to frame this more about trust and lying then she would have gotten sympathizers in droves.

3 upvoteshumankin5 years ago

Seems to be about scarcity of positive attributes. BB is so common that it doesn't do shit to attract pre-wall women. How effective is AF in poor countries? I hear stories of American and European men marrying foreign women way above their native SMV. Those women could be with much more alpha men.

This has no effect on how men need to act but it could be that the specific sexual strategies used in TRP are really only applicable in the Western world even if the core insights are universally applicable e.g. hypergamy.

6 upvotesRedPill1155 years ago

"alpha" is a term that is subjective to your environment. I don't think foreign women are looking for nearly as much sociopathic behavior as american girls are in order to rank highly on their alpha scale.

1 upvotesHS-Thompson5 years ago

Being American is like playing for the winning team. In many contexts the simple fact of being from the USA can move you up the status ladder. This shouldn't be surprising to anyone I wouldn't think.

1 upvotesAlgermas5 years ago

The thing is many women from poor countries tend to be far more pragmatic, they understand acutely that they're trading their youth and beauty for his wealth and security. An American or Western European woman has no need for such an arrangement because not only can she earn her own money she has the ultimate BB to catch her if she falls, big daddy government.

Not so for a Ukrainian or Filipino woman, she either gets it right or she goes back to the family farm/streetcorner.

To be sure you still need to be a man rather than a spineless fuckwad but you don't have to give off "danger zone" vibes like you do with attractive western women.

3 upvotestallwheel5 years ago

So much this. I wasn't surprised by the comments either.

40 upvotesgohammer35 years ago

Saw this on the misc, this guy knows how to weed out bitches.

196 upvotesPosition5hero5 years ago

significant gains in their lives and relationships.

Red flag : Measures her value in terms of how wealthy a man she can marry.

Anyways good for will.

Odds are he flashes the money when he wants a one night stand, and keeps it under wraps for LTR.

What a trooper

170 upvoteserqos5 years ago

Odds are he flashes the money when he wants a one night stand, and keeps it under wraps for LTR.

TL;DR: Dude has abundance mentality because he's rich; weeds out golddiggers by serving watery potato soup for dinner and watching artsy documentaries for entertainment.

142 upvotesKaribouLouDied5 years ago

Dude's a fucking TRP genius.

18 upvotesAlphaAccountant5 years ago

The caveat, which few have spoken about, is that, at least from her side of the story, he seems like a loser. If TRP is about bettering yourself, he clearly omits this trait, since he's already "made it".

97 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

He drives what he likes, plays guitar and shit tests women, of which there have been more than a few.

He seems just fine to me.

19 upvotesOsoFeo5 years ago

Who cares what she thinks? Being a man is doing what makes you happy, not your Facebook "friends".

I have a 6-year-old car that is nothing stylish but gets decent gas mileage and is great for my dogs, and most importantly, it's paid for. I own my non-mansion-sized house outright (in a decent neighborhood in a tight coastal US housing market). I don't necessarily love my job, which some might perceive as somewhat unsexy, but it pays well while having flexible hours and it beats 95% of other jobs available to most men.

In short, fuck what other people think.

5 upvotesRedditor0425 years ago

Can I ask what your job is?

(20, and trying to find something worth striving toward)

3 upvoteshumankin5 years ago

Done right, it's counter-signalling his relationship value.

1 upvoteskick65 years ago

"Bettering yourself" takes many forms. In this sub, we didn't to highlight those forms with the highest odds of attracting women. For this dude, bettering himself might just be writing better code, and being a better guitar player.

1 upvotesRyokurin5 years ago

If TRP is about bettering yourself, he clearly omits this trait, since he's already "made it".

No he's fine with who he is and what he stands for. He didn't let money change him, or as a tool to keep people around. And he clearly know's he wants someone who has a similar opinion about it. This is what Bettering yourself means, Make yourself credible and don't let someone or some thing change you.

43 upvotesHumanSockPuppet5 years ago

Will is basically using the strategy I plan on using when I come into my own wealth. It's fun to see the strategy it being put to use (and to see it working perfectly).

I'm convinced that this is the only real way to live as a wealthy man whose goal it is to filter quality, self-actualizing women from the gold-digging hamster marathon runners who think of themselves as open-minded and compassionate, but who prove to be less-so when the time comes to turn words into action.

13 upvotesjizzeel5 years ago

Odds are he flashes the money when he wants a one night stand

I doubt it.

7 upvoteschillmonkey885 years ago

I'm saving this post thread as my redflag checklist... I need to get away from chick's that are addicted to face fucking their phones...

Edit: yes this is how financially sound and secure people are born... inheritance or not, less is more when it comes to living and material things that guide the herd... will proves that in her description.

19 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

18 upvotesbigsnakejake5 years ago

I know some chicks who write the stupidest shit all the time and get at least 10 likes every time.

"I feel like watching netflix tonight."


12 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Then they seriously talk about how many likes they get in person or post about it...so fucking cringeworthy

3 upvotesaguy015 years ago

Yea that's the most fucked up thing. I've had multiple girls just start talking about how many likes their selfies get verse how many likes their group photos get verse their posts verse random pictures and they aren't even honest, they embellish the numbers. These women are garbage.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesloddfavne5 years ago

I also censor women on Facebook a lot. My reason is that I got a lot of "strong" women that needs to post a lot of men-humor and statements about how strong women are. Some of them are useful in my life, so I can't unfriend them.

484 upvotesJP_Whoregan5 years ago

What gold digging sluts will never understand is that, usually, men are rich because they live frugal lives.

See, this is solipsism gone wild here. She looked at this man through the prism of how SHE would live her life if SHE had a bunch of money. She would be spending like a drunken sailor on designer beach condos, flashy cars, Louis Vuitton handbags, make-up, designer clothes, and a closet full of shoes. She would make it very obvious to everyone around her that she had money.

Men usually feel no such compulsions. We may splurge on a home theater or maybe a nicer car, but when a rich MAN spends money, he's spending it on things/occasions that provide utility to him. And he sure isn't spending whimsically on the desires of some slut simply because she granted access to the holes between her legs.

62 upvotesOjisan15 years ago

Great quote from an old Simpsons episode, maybe early 2000s. Bill Gates was one of the characters and he said, "Hey - I didn't get rich by writing a lot of checks."

19 upvotesJihadDerp5 years ago

Poor people sign the fronts of checks. Rich people sign the back.

7 upvotesthe10thrider5 years ago

Nah. I don't sign the back. I've got a stamp for that. ;-)

83 upvoteswidec5 years ago

And all that money the men save go towards investments, which make their fortune grow even more. I dream of one day (hopefully sooner than later) living off the interest of my investments while keeping that original capital intact.

14 upvotesshould_5 years ago

Oof, any leads? I graduated from art school a year ago and thought business people were gross, now I'm a frugal penny-magnet reading every single investment book I can get my hands on.

9 upvotesWindowToAlaska5 years ago

They're taking about investments like businesses and start ups where they get real equity. Idk about stocks.

9 upvotesshould_5 years ago

Yeah that's what I meant. Not really into stocks as much as real estate and business; more reliable capital.

11 upvotesDathisofegypt5 years ago

I would check out r/investing. And get an account with vanguard while also contributing your max to a IRA. If your interested in investing in a startup I would look around for entrepreneurs in your area and only invest in those you truly believe in and can do background information on.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Investor here: my stock portfolio has killed it the last 5 years, tripling in value. My real estate portfolio has done OK--up ~30%. With some extra cash I had, I bought equity in a friend's startup; they were "in the process of selling it" for two years and eventually just gave up. Total loss of investment.

Stocks kick ass if you're not a dumbass about them.

3 upvotesorbj5 years ago

if you are really serious, suffer through intro level micro and macro economics and finance courses. there are free resources available on youtube however if you are willing to shell out a few hundred or even a few thousand to sit in a classroom, it will be worth every penny. having a general idea of how an economy operates is very important.

2 upvotesCrayolaS75 years ago

It really depends on where you are and stuff. In my country the short-cut to wealth is through real-estate investment because there are huge benefits in terms of taxation, that said it is still a long-term payofff. Personally I have made good money from investments in bank shares (dividends were as high as 11% of the value in 2011-2012 when the prices were still low. Now the price of the shares has increased I would make a bunch if I sold them but instead I get about 6% per year which is much better than a savings account. Now, banks in your country may be a risky investment but the point is that you should look for shares where you can make a return regardless of the markets direction. Even when there have been crashes, the market eventually recovers. As long as you aren't forced to sell when it's low you won't actually lose out just because the price decreases. (Unless the company goes bankrupt, I guess, but I'm talking blue-chips here).

As for simple things that anyone can do, make sure you savings/checking account is as cheap as possible, look for banks that reward you with bonus interest for online savings accounts, you can often get all the fees waived if you deposit something like $1000/2000 per month (your wages). Mine even gives me free withdrawals from any ATM rather than just my own bank.

Secondly, it's rarely too early to start thinking about tax minimisation. Obviously it will depend on your country/laws but it is sometimes possible to for example, have your mortgage/car-payment deducted straight from your salary by your employer. The cost of the repayment remains the same but because you never personally received it your taxable income will be reduced.

2 upvotesPrecocious_Kid5 years ago

Read "A Random Walk Down Wall Street" by Burton Malkiel. It's the intro to investing that a good deal of banks and wealth management firms require their interns/first-years to read. It'll give you a good understanding of the vehicles for wealth management you have at your disposal and it'll also help you to avoid the get rich quick kind of books.

1 upvotesshould_5 years ago

Nice, thank you! This sounds like a particularly useful book for a lot of reasons then. It's really cheap on Amazon too.

2 upvotesomnipedia5 years ago

You're doing the right thing. Read every investment book you can get your hands on- this is one area not to be frugal about it. A terrible book that manages to save you one bad trade will pay for itself in the saved commissions alone!

Personally I like the Timothy Vick books about warren buffet, and Mary buffets' "buffetology".

One thing to be aware of is there is a lot of nonsense out there. Diversification is kinda nonsense- assumes your an idiot throwing darts. Real estate can be good if you avoid bubble situations, look at direction of neighborhood, buy cheap not when things are hot.

When people tell you it's a bad idea, that's the time to buy. I passed on apple at less than $1 a share! If I'd put $10k in- which I had at the time- it would be $1M. Sigh.

1 upvotesshould_5 years ago

Thank you so much for these leads!

1 upvotesComplecs5 years ago

A friend advised me to put some money into bitcoins when they were less than a dollar a piece, had an easy 15k I could've invested. Lesson learned!

1 upvotesPornography_saves_li5 years ago

Art IS a business. You are doing the right thing reading all you can about business.

3 upvotesRainymood_XI5 years ago

Art CAN be a business (and hobby, much like investing) but it's very hard to make a nice living off of art. Because a) you want to create art you love b) if you want others to buy it, THEY must love it as well. This does not always overlap.

1 upvotesPornography_saves_li5 years ago

Nope. No more than a hair salon, or retail clothing outlet, or any otherproduct.

You want to increase your income? Learn how to sell effectively (become comfortable with the idea that the 'correct' price is the highest your clients are willing to pay.

And if they aren't willing to pay, either improve or find another line of work.

Just like any other business.

Art is both a creative process and compulsion. But like any compulsion, it either works for you, or against you.

4 upvotesgeminimini5 years ago

I've always wanted to own car parks, easy to maintain, no need to hire too many staffs, and you get paid a shit load by people parking there. At least that's what I fantasized about in my head. It's probably not easy to purchase a car park.

20 upvotesSchrodingersdawg [OP]5 years ago

Exactly. Look at Warren Buffet.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Some of the anecdotes in his life are so hilarious. He wouldn't waste the change for a phone call by putting in a quarter for $.05 or $.10 cost, they almost missed their flight.

3 upvotesDumpyLips5 years ago

I'm sure you have, but have you seen his house? The dude is straight up a role model.

48 upvotesSchrodingersdawg [OP]5 years ago

"Making money was an early interest for Buffett, who sold soft drinks and had a paper route. When he was 14 years old, he invested the earnings from these endeavors in 40 acres of land, which he then rented for a profit."

My god, why was this never told to me at a younger age?

37 upvotesneedless_pickup_line5 years ago

Good luck buying 40 acres of land with money from a paper route, but I get what you're saying.

It's not too late to start now. A buddy of mine with a bio degree is having trouble finding work. Instead of being content with his current retail job he's scoping out biomedical stocks so he can invest.

9 upvotescolovick5 years ago

40 acres in the Midwest isn't as bad as you'd think, but you definitely need to do more then paper routes... Pressure washing is a pretty good gig you can do around that age... A few hundred startup cost for equipment (you can rent it for your first gig) and people usually pay about 2 grand for 2 days worth of labor... Get a friend and you can do 1 house per day pretty easily.

5 upvotesPlanB_is_PlanA5 years ago

Honestly, the best investment I've made so far has been buying a house. I know, hear me out first. I'm 22, fresh out of college. Illinois gives $7,500 to first time home owners right now on top of low interest loans and only 1% down. I took a small sum of my inheritance and bought a 2 story house in Wicker Park, Chicago (a trendy upscale neighborhood). Got a fair price on the home since the market is shit. Now i live on the first floor with a roommate and collect rent from 3 other tenants. I basically live for free (rent covers mortgage, util., etc.) with another $1,000 profit on top each month. It was the best decision I've ever made. So good im looking into buying another small place to rent out. Being a slumlord is actually kind of fun anyway. Just kidding.. but seriously, it was a great investment and I encourage anybody with a bit of disposable income to do the same.

1 upvotesloveallcreatures5 years ago

scope out biomedical stocks? while he's unemployeed? makes no sense.

2 upvotesthrownaway_MGTOW5 years ago

That is and yet also isn't true you know.

Yes, he still has that modest house (and old truck) when he's in Omaha... and for quite a long time that WAS all he really owned personally. But now it's maintained more as a museum like "image/myth" -- for PR purposes.

Because for like 30+ years he has also had an array of various vacation properties & condos & stuff, and rides around in limos and other stuff too... the man's not STUPID with his "frugality". (Of course he also isn't a Richard Branson style "showoff".)

1 upvotesthe10thrider5 years ago

I liked his watch better; men of his status tend to have watches that are in the stratosphere in price.

He wears a steel Rolex Day Date President. You can go into a pawn shop and buy good one for a couple thousand.

12 upvotesjohnnight5 years ago

My savings are fuck you money. It's there for safety.

If I got fired today, I could go on for exactly 30 months (or 60 months if I went completely frugal). I actually had a lengthy period, when I survived off of the savings.

I saved this up, because I am a cheap asshole, who does rent a cheap apartment and was driving a shitty car and now uses public transport. It's a matter of personality. Buying luxury is painful for me.

Also, no college debt. Taxpayers payed for this.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

That is a very good emergency fund you got there. 30 months!

I have mine sitting at about 3. Haha. Continuing to build it though.

How long did 30 months take you to build?

2 upvotesjohnnight4 years ago

Less than five years. It was a combination of a cheap rent (usually the biggest cost of living) and a few high payout contracts.

I guess that's because I didn't have a steady income or else I would feel comfortable spending more per month. My base income was low and I adjusted spending to it. The bonuses were high and rare, so it didn't feel safe to increase consumption, when I got them, because the next payouts were not certain.

No wife and no kids either, very cheap car.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 4 years ago

That's really good. Nice work indeed. You have inspired me.

Definitely hear you on not letting momentary increases in income throw you into a spending binge

Good stuff and thanks for the info. Will be following your path for sure.

28 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

31 upvotesJP_Whoregan5 years ago

I think Chris Rock put it best when he described the difference between rich and wealthy

13 upvotesSchrodingersdawg [OP]5 years ago

Better than being a stereotypical rich boy and blowing granddaddy's fortune on hookers, drugs, parties, and planes.

1 upvotesbluedrygrass5 years ago

He risked, on the bitch part.

5 upvotescolovick5 years ago

Investing a car payment in mutual funds averages 5m over 40 years (working lifetime). Throw in house payment and student loans and you're looking at 20m. Having the foresight to pay ahead of time and using that savings well, does in fact make you rich.

3 upvotesLeatherJacketQ5 years ago

imma need to see the math behind that one. On an average mutual fund with a historic range of 40 years.

1 upvotescolovick5 years ago

go to any investing calculator, set the rate to 12 or 13% and contribute roughly 500 per month. See how your numbers come out.


This is a pretty simple one... setting the annual contribution to $6k and rate of return to 12% gets you 4.6M, whereas 13% gets you 6M. Both at a 40 year time span. Assuming for the other figure, you have a combined mortgage and student loans of 1500 per month (really not unreasonable), that raises the annual contribution to $24000 which nets between 18 and 24M based on those same rates, which are the average rates of the market over the last 80 something years, and it's safe to say that you want to use funds that are out performing the market within their specific type of fund.

The math is solid. You don't need to follow such a plan precisely since you still need to come up with the cash for the car and house, and you have a few other things to plan for, but you can fund somewhere between those 2 figures pretty easily on a 60k per year income.

Also consider the fact that while you'll want to cut back on your risk once you hit retirement age, cutting back to 8% growth and drawing 4% (leaving enough growth to keep up with inflation), you're sill looking at drawing between 200k and 960k per year while leaving enough to setup several generations for long term wealth.

7 upvotesLeatherJacketQ5 years ago

How the fuck are you getting 12 - 13% every year for 40 years are you insane.

2 upvotesSpookybear_5 years ago

You need to take inflation into account

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesKJL135 years ago

rate of return to 12%

That's a pretty high rate to count on.

1 upvotesNakedAndBehindYou5 years ago

Maybe Warren Buffet can get a 12% return every year, but normal everyday people are going to be lucky to get half that consistently for decades on end.

1 upvotesSandkasten5 years ago

This is a big lesson! Living a frugal live won't make you rich. Most people won't risk their money and remain poor because they're so afraid to lose their saved up pennies.

18 upvotespaynehouse5 years ago

Love the plurality of "holes." Lol.

3 upvotesBoyMeetsHarem5 years ago

Me too. No, really. I do.

6 upvotesGeneralCal5 years ago

You and OP are just hitting all the nails on the head.

What gets me about gold digger types is that they expect everyone else to act responsibly for them while they go running around spending up everyone else's hard earned cash. It's like some perverse Kim Jong Il situation, where you should be the dirt eating people of DPRK and she gets to hang out with Dennis Rodman - I mean her girlfriends - while you hear about it on state tv and pay for it with your days at work.

2 upvotesThe_Punned_It5 years ago

Very relevant user name for this thread

2 upvoteslloopy5 years ago

This is how lots of people think.

When I was a child, and I dreamt about having lots of money, it was always dreams of how I'd spend it. There's a song out right now about a guy who wants to be a billionaire. The entire song is how he'd quickly get rid of all of his wealth, but somehow still be wealthy.

1 upvotesgarlicextract5 years ago

Great, great post - but Dan Bilzeran, RP Poster Boy, is the exact opposite of what you're saying. Maybe we should pick and choose our TPR role models more carefully.

1 upvotesEminiel5 years ago

men usually feel no such compulsions

You can say RP men, don't delude yourself into thinking all men are frugal, financially responsible geniuses. I know many who'd show off if they were rich and I'm probably one of them. Your average nerdy guy probably won't spend his money on expensive stuff unless he's into collectibles, but someone who likes dressing nicely and buying stuff impulsively (which includes both men and women) isn't going to live a frugal life.

1 upvotesJP_Whoregan5 years ago

Hence why I stressed the word "usually". Financial irresponsibility knows no gender boundaries, just as it is possible for a man to have a rationalization hamster. I'm just saying it's more common in women on both fronts.

It's also important to note that, just as in OP's example, "income" rarely equals "wealth". There are thousands of families in this country making north of six figure incomes annually; however, they choose to live in 4,000 sq ft McMansions, drop $10K for a pool in the backyard, and have a couple of Escalades in the driveway because they're trying to "out-luxury" the neighbors in their gated community. Despite all of the money they make, they're so financially extended they are still literally one missed paycheck or one job layoff away from foreclosure and/or bankruptcy.

-21 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

That being said though, why the hell is Will not using his wealth to up his status?

I mean if you're loaded and drive around a fucking 1997 Toyota and "pre-drink" before going out to hit the bars, sorry brother but you are cheap as fuck.

It seems like that, along with the description of him being shy, makes him out to have severe insecurity issues. He probably fears people using him for his money; he is failing to take accountability of the new responsibilities his fortune has bestowed upon him.

Perhaps he wants a simple life, but he is a fool if he is truly loaded with riches for life to not max out and live the Bilzerian lifestyle.

That is the fucking RP dream. And he's sitting at home, watching shitty movies on Netflix and having... Potato soup for dinner?!

This is what we all want to work for here, to be successful, as rich as possible, good-looking, fit, and as masculine and dominant as we ever can: this will either guarantee you your own top-notch personal harem of beautiful women to have your way with, or the top 1% of women to reproduce with and "gene-proof" your legacy with high-quality genetic material.

As for gold-digging whores, you have only one-itis to worry about, and your RP frame will filter them out easily. Leaving only room to fuck them a couple of times on the regular and dump them as quickly as their eyes start glittering with gold.

And honestly, I do not blame the woman for dumping him. We all talk about women wanting a mixture of alpha and beta traits in men, and this undoubtedly includes the role of provider. She fucked this guy for 10 months, but she's an older gal and she knows she wants to ensure the highest mate she can before she hits the wall, and this means a dominant, exciting, resolute, BUT also financially successful male. I cannot in good conscience condemn her decision to want to have a mate who at least instills on her some financial security, because this is a major psychological provider role that must be fulfilled in her life.

We know this is true, and this is also the reason we advise young men here to focus in their career: because this will allow them to be independent, sure, but it will also allow women to feel safer about their commitment with his man and in turn make him a wonderful choice for the type of women he wants to have in his life.

This is basic, amoral, sexual strategy. She might try to rationalize it but she didn't cheat, she didn't manipulate him into submitting to her. She was simply unsure of her future with this man, and this is understandable as it is understandable to us not wanting to commit to a slut as a serious relationship partner because of the uncertainty our future may hold in spite of it.

23 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

9 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Spot on, I was just about to type this until I read your comment.

I see the Red Pill as a way for unhappy men to be happy. For most of us that requires money, hobbies, and women. But if this man is happy living a simple life style, than he has life figured out. That's what the Red Pill has done for me. It has given me the tools to be a happy man.

13 upvotesMGTOW_player5 years ago

Maybe the guy is already high status with looks and game.

Maybe the guy uses the money to hire escorts to film raunchy home-made porn movies.

Would you rather spend $70k on a car that will be "old" in a year or two or drop $50k travelling Asia/Europe for a year or two, banging smoking hot women daily, pro or non-pro?

I argue it's much smarter for a man to just BUY the women directly instead of spending up to $100,000-$1,000,000 to buy something which MAY attract women via "Beta Bux", which may DELAY your lay.

Get it?

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I'd lease a brand new car and stay current with a new model every two or three years, and I'd travel wherever I could, whenever I wanted.

The thing is, if he is already high status with looks and game, he won't be perceived as "beta bucks" because of his wealth, he will instead be the ultimate prize for women, and this gives him immense SMP power.

Which, again, takes us to the same conclusion as has been previously stated: either he has massive insecurity issues about his wealth and what that means to him socially, or he probably has some nice money stashed around but nowhere near wealthy enough for a truly playboy-esque lifestyle.

If it's the latter then he's probably maxing out his capital and living frugally while figuring out what to do with it. If it's the former then he is a true fool or perhaps the next Dalai Lama.

8 upvotescolovick5 years ago

Leasing is the most expensive way to operate a car. Rich people pay cash for one and only for a price they can throw away. Cars go down in value. Period. If yours costs more than half your annual income, you're throwing too much into a bad investment.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

It's also one of the most hassle free ways to own cars. And if you have an oil inheritance on your hands, I doubt the cost of a lease is worth considering compared to the hassle of buying and selling cars every once in a while.

2 upvotesthrownaway_MGTOW5 years ago

I'd lease a brand new car and stay current with a new model every two or three years, and I'd travel wherever I could, whenever I wanted.

You have a LOT to learn about financial things.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

And you have a lot to learn about context and reading comprehension.

I wouldn't lease a goddamn car probably ever. But if I had a giant oil inheritance? Sure I don't give a fuck!

1 upvotesthrownaway_MGTOW5 years ago

I argue it's much smarter for a man to just BUY the women directly instead of spending up to $100,000-$1,000,000 to buy something which MAY attract women via "Beta Bux", which may DELAY your lay.

Besides he got 10 months of company and even apparently some free puusy & blow jobs, etc out of this gal... and it basically didn't cost him a dime (Ok maybe a couple of dimes, but not much more).

10 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

You are so off base. It's laughable.

18 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

3 upvotesWindowToAlaska5 years ago

Please tell me you're not marrying when you say settle down...

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesKaribouLouDied5 years ago

Wow man, you need to start reading this subreddit more often... You sound beta as fuck.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I do read it often. Honestly this seems like one of the cases where everyone is up on the "yeaaaa fucking gold digger cunt" circle jerk instead of being realistic.

Unless you are fucking dark triad or extremely socially adept, you will not keep around high-quality, higher-class women for long. Women don't date down, and hypergamy is always a factor.

If you want to go ahead and believe in your "true love" that prospers in poorness and sickness, good luck with that. But women will value a man that brings the whole package higher than other men.

Believing otherwise is the blue pill fantasy.

1 upvotestallwheel5 years ago

you will not keep around high-quality, higher-class women for long.

Who they fuck wants to be in an LTR with a quote-unquote "higher-class" woman anyway? In all likelihood she will try to spend you into oblivion - emotionally and financially.

2 upvotesHusky__Assassin5 years ago

If he spent all his money though he would no longer be rich. By saving his money, he can live off the investments and can retire for the rest of his life.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

We're talking about an oil inheritance. OIL. Possibly in the millions of dollars. I think the guy could at least afford something other than potato soup and a fucking 1997 Toyota.

1 upvotesRpalt5 years ago

We're talking about an oil inheritance. OIL. Possibly in the millions of dollars.

"Yeah, we heard. The thing is, Will's loaded. He inherited his grandpas land which is leased to oil and gas companies."

He rents land to Oil and Gas companies. That doesn't mean the family deals in Oil. It could be anything from a storage yard to processing plant to which they own the lease to the land it's on.

1 upvoteschillmonkey885 years ago

What the fuck are you talking about?

1 upvotesDoctorWelch5 years ago

I agree with you, dude is cheap as fuck but maybe he is happy being that way so thats perfectly fine. As long as he understands that women aren't going to go for him when you look like a lazy bum with no motivation or personality, then I guess there is no problem.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

That's what I'm saying man. Seriously who would get married and have kids with a guy that looks like has 0 work ethic and can barely support himself?

5 upvotesRpalt5 years ago

That's what I'm saying man. Seriously who would get married and have kids with a guy that looks like has 0 work ethic and can barely support himself?

We read the same thing? I don't see where it sounds like he was struggling.

To me it just sounds like the dude is content with his life style. She wasn't and rather than talk about it, she just used it as an excuse to get out.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

He displayed zero ambition, or intention of moving up in the world. You might see it as "yeeeh he was jist content with his perfect lifestyle bro" but women see it as mediocrity.

And rightfully so. If it wasn't for the inheritance and his good eye for action dates, he sounds like a minimalist loser who does not care for developing neither a profession nor a business and advancing his life.

1 upvotesDoctorWelch5 years ago

Yeah, it's not that he HAS to change, but we are supposed to be the ones who understand women. What she is doing here makes perfect sense.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Yes. She is behaving exactly how hypergamy and female sexual strategy would dictate. Blaming her for acting in her best self-interest -especially when she wasn't duplicitous about it and the premise is quite reasonable- is useless.

If I had a sister and her boyfriend was a total loser like this Will guy seemingly is, my parents would advise her (not force her to, of course) to drop it and find a man who has his shit together. And my parents are traditional/conservative.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Most people who land high paying jobs do exactly what you're suggesting. They live up to their status. The end result is ya they might have a bigger house, a BMW or Lexus & spend $100 each on clothing, but they are no better off financially because everything's financed and the bills are immense.

So in reality they are the same as the wearhouse worker living in the shitty apartment, they just have a bigger house, better car, better clothes - but still up to their eyeballs in mortgage and other payments they'll never escape.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Did you even read my post? Do these people you talk about have a fucking huge oil inheritance on their hands or are you talking about Steve from accounting who just got promoted to middle-management?

I'm not talking about the upper-middle class. Financing a lifestyle you cannot afford is stupid and detestable. I'm talking about being loaded with money and not living up to it.

0 upvotesTsilent_Tsunami5 years ago

I'm talking about being loaded with money and not living up to it.

When did this become a requirement? If you're happy with your life, then get a large amount of money, are you suggesting that you now have to abandon the life you enjoy to live up to other peoples expectations for you? Are you serious?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Not other's expectations of you, but your own changing expectations. Now with money, you'll find that you can try new things, and this starts changing your life/lifestyle over time. It's a natural progression.

I'm talking about living up to yourself. Adapting, evolving. You think I'd be in a chair typing this right now if I had millions in the bank? You think I'd be watching Netflix on a Saturday night?

Nah I'd probably be mountaineering somewhere in Asia or doing a worldwide photography expedition. Those are the sort of things I'm talking about. Living up to your ambition, potential, and your dreams.

1 upvotesthrownaway_MGTOW5 years ago

That being said though, why the hell is Will not using his wealth to up his status?

Who gives a crap about "status"?

You do realize that most "status" things -- rather than being a sign of actual wealth -- are generally the sign of the opposite: a growing pile of debts, right?

Than again... you probably DON'T realize that.

As to why he doesn't spend it... well, even oil & gas money won't continue to flow forever; he's still pretty damned young, and has a lot of life left to live... he's probably investing to make certain it lasts for the long haul.

That's really smart... no it's beyond "smart", it's WISE.

As to this dumb bitch, she -- apparently a lot like you -- is obsessed with "status": the appearance and trapping that you THINK indicate "wealth" and/or getting ahead...

Rather than the reality of what is actual wealth: stability, calm, order, quiet... doing what YOU want/enjoy instead of trying to impress others and get validation from posting "status" update bullshit on FB or Pinterest or Tumblr.

-1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Who cares about status?

Um. Everyone. Status is a key point of the Red Pill. Females always go for the higher status males. Men respect higher status males. Society admires high status males.

Your life will be dramatically improved IF your status increases. That whole line of thinking, "fuck status man I'm perfect just the way I am" is precisely one of the biggest blue pill schemes used to hold men down.

Now don't go getting in debt you can't handle to increase your status but by God if a huge oil inheritance lands on your shoulders by all means live it up.

Don't bury your fortune and continue living as you did. Be smart with your money, sure, but also enjoy it.

44 upvotesSpace_Ninja5 years ago

The best part of this is that you know this woman is going to regret this for the rest of her life.

11 upvotesaguy015 years ago

Haha yep. She is going to pine over this guy forever.

20 upvotesHumanSockPuppet4 years ago

Original redditlog link is dead.

Here's the original link, saved via archive.today.

96 upvotesIProbablyHaveEbola5 years ago

I smell a troll. It reads like fantasy revenge porn.

41 upvotesdoritoesNcoffee5 years ago

Yea posts like these make me think that someone on TRP just loves to go over and create 'hamsters in an overdrive' stories. Even if this particular story is not real, it has happened to someone and will continue to happen in the future.

17 upvotesIProbablyHaveEbola5 years ago

It reads like a bad rom-com script. I can picture Matthew McConaughley in the lead role.

18 upvotesbigsnakejake5 years ago

I was...weedin out bitches...long before anyone paid me to do it. I just liked the way it felt...

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

No woman talks like that. Even gold diggers hide their intentions.

1 upvotesConcord_Fight5 years ago

On the upside, Generally you'll still get someone in the comments saying how they had a similar situation and they at least sound sincere.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Just looking at that username

2 upvotesIProbablyHaveEbola5 years ago

WebMD says it's ebolacancer. I have about 3 minutes to live.

28 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Holy Christ. This is quite telling:

Lately my newsfeed has been filled with my peers getting married, buying houses, having babies, and other various accolades

ACCOLADE?!!!! Surely she is referring to some special honor or achievement? No, just taking part in voluntary ceremonies, purchasing something that everyone purchases, and shitting out another mediocre human being that about half of the population at some point will have the capability to do.

2 upvotesthrownaway_MGTOW5 years ago

ACCOLADE?!!!! Surely she is referring to some special honor or achievement?

She thinks FB "likes" and comments from others about "Whoa, that's sweet!" are "accolades".

Shes like a karma-whore.

2 upvotestallwheel5 years ago

Yep. For most women and some men, that's how one "wins" at life. TRP teaches that there is so much more.

35 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

26 upvotesDoctorWelch5 years ago

She is not a gold digger, she is a woman. Can we please stop this circle jerk. She is acting like all women, if you want to say all women are gold diggers then fine by me, but I'd rather leave that term for the girls who ONLY look to date guys who have money and wouldn't even give him the time of day without it.

14 upvotescptspiffy5 years ago

Agreed. Too often, many of you guys get into this "yeah, women suck" spiral and it's not productive at all. She's not devious or evil, she's just being what it is in her nature to be.

3 upvotesteachbirds2fly5 years ago

yeah I feel this sub could greatly benefit from everyone knowing this. Too many post just descend into a circlejerk of hate and anger for the actions of women, it's really off putting and adds nothing.

2 upvoteslycanthr0py5 years ago

Yes, but this is a bullshit cop out. Compare it to a serial killer with frontal lobe damage. He's just being what he was naturally meant to be, it's not evil! This is called a naturalistic fallacy. The behavior by the bitch in the op is fairly termed immoral, shifty, evil etc. I agree with accepting it and not being bitter, but lets call a spade a spade.

1 upvotescptspiffy5 years ago

My favorite analogy is to compare them to dogs. When your dog gets into the trash, you address the behavior.. but you don't hate a dog for being a dog.

It benefits a woman to seek BB; she is only trying to maximize utility as she sees it. Similarly, we are attempting to do the same, from our perspective. The more you can remove the subjective from your analysis of the situation, the better you will able to get what you want.

1 upvotesHandsomeXan5 years ago

she's just being what it is in her nature to be.

... which is "shitty". Shitty by nature still means shitty. Typical cliche women do fucking suck. A lot. Literally and figuratively.

1 upvotesBrothaTom5 years ago

As a supplemental opinion, I argue that very often, it is also (or moreso) in a women's "nurture" to act this way.

18 upvotesnourathrowway5 years ago

She left him because he was happy with his life but she wanted to own 3 properties. She states plainly that he should have been buying her love with his money. If that aint gold digging then wtf is?

27 upvotesDoctorWelch5 years ago

She is being a woman. All women want your money, your power, your success. They all want to take part in everything you are and will dumb you if you aren't maximizing what you can be. She is no different than any other woman. This is a core part of the TRP.

If you want to say that all women are gold digging then fine, but I would rather leave that term to define a girl who only dates a man when and because he has money.

5 upvotestallwheel5 years ago

I would rather leave that term to define a girl who only dates a man when and because he has money.

By your own definition, she is pretty much a gold digger. She left him because he doesn't have money, and when she found out he does she pretty much wanted him back.

1 upvoteslife_manager5 years ago

More on top of what DoctorWelch said, she didn't dump him because he immediately didn't have any money, she dumped him because he did not have any future prospects for money or a career. She thought he'd be living that same lifestyle in the future, and she wanted more, that was the difference.

1 upvotesCryptoOrchid5 years ago

If all women want money then by that definition all women are gold diggers. A good woman wants you to be the best you can be, but you don't have to be rich to have love. She clearly said something like 'wouldn't he want to be spending money on me' that's gold digger.

A woman naturally wants stability in her life eventually I think.. But that's different from what she is saying.

1 upvotesDoctorWelch5 years ago

From my perspective you're still stuck in the blue pill fantasy a bit, but we will clearly disagree on that. I simply would not expect any women to stay with me if I seemed poor and unmotivated and I don't blame her for that.

1 upvotesaguy015 years ago

What about all the women that settle down with construction workers / fire fighters / cops that can hardly support a family. This woman is a gold digging whore.

1 upvotesthe99percent15 years ago

That's not gold digging.. its hypergamy, ie women are always seeking to cash in on the best man they can whilst they still have their looks..

Put yourself in her position.. If your man isn't making any improvements, living like a poor man, too comfortable with your life, etc. As a woman, what would you do?

continue banging your head on the wall, or walk?

I don't blame her. She was missing that final vital piece of information. People are ripping her to shreds, if only others had an understanding of why she did what she did, they would be less hard on her.

1 upvotesnourathrowway5 years ago

I don't blame her leaving him if she was unhappy, that's fine. It's her reaction afterwards that shows her true feelings.

1 upvotesexit_sandman5 years ago

She is not a gold digger, she is a woman.

Thank you. I think it's totally legitimate to dismiss a woman who think she's entitled to some super-awesome lifestyle and resents her man who isn't able to provide it even though he works his ass off (in fact, I know several woman from several generations who are like that); and - assuming the post is legit, which quite possibly it's not - it reflects badly on her that she thinks she deserves a life similar to the highlight reel of her friends just because. But it's another thing if she doesn't want to spent her life with some lazy semi-hobo who apparently doesn't have his shit together and no plan B for the time when his websites don't generate money any longer. Of course, love might have conquered that if she had been willing to work herself for both in case his source of income runs dry, but let's be honest here - that's not how most women are wired.

His tactic is of course awesome for weeding out golddiggers, but the way he did it, he'd probably also miss out on quite a bunch of women who are decent yet foresighted enough to not marry the first guy they're into if he doesn't show any longterm potential. I mean, honestly, would you rationally want to marry a woman you were in love with, yet who you knew to have extremely poor spending habits and who would probably burn through your bank account in no time?

13 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

36 upvotesDenswend5 years ago

The fact that comments are negative to OP, even in 2XC, and that I see a lot of TRP lingo and some TRP posters, makes me kinda feel weird. Just saying.

12 upvotesthrough_a_ways5 years ago

I know that feel bro

it's a good feel

20 upvotesDenswend5 years ago

I wouldn't call it good. The less TRP overflows to, and I will use my cultural privilege to appropriate a "safe" word, toxic subreddits, the more butthurt will it generate, and in turn the more SJW (who sadly, have a significant presence on plebbit) into shutting TRP down - censorship under the guise of "hate speech".

TRP won't work on rabid SJWs, much like it wouldn't work on a religious zealot. It will work for a common average man, who is not really sure of his position in the world, and who only superficially satisfied with the answers of the current religion of "progress". 2XC is the last place one would advertise to.

6 upvoteswatersign5 years ago

this is one of those situations when even the BP betas can see through this bullshit, even the feminists.

4 upvotesthrough_a_ways5 years ago

That's why it should only "overflow" in a subtle undetectable way. Through stories, anecdotes, and comments that support the basic principles of human sex differentiation (and sex differentiation in general)

6 upvotesSchrodingersdawg [OP]5 years ago

Exactly. As the feminists slowly turned the tide by using covert methods to spread their rabid lies, so must we spread the truth.

Take their tactics, and employ it against them tenfold.

5 upvotesabcd_z5 years ago

Yeah. It was a little odd seeing the term "shit test" there.

3 upvotesMisteralcala5 years ago

I replied to that thread! I want to believe it's real! I WANT TO BELIEVE!

9 upvotesthrownaway_MGTOW5 years ago

She doesn't get it... she failed HIS "shit-test" (except of course it wasn't a shit test, it was a "show me who you are" thing).


Also, other than the fact that he is too young, Will life sounds a hella lot like mine.

5 upvotesSchrodingersdawg [OP]5 years ago

The female equivalent would be wearing a fat suit at all times and not taking it off until marriage

7 upvotestallwheel5 years ago

Maybe a closer equivalent would be a decent looking woman, but who has frizzy hair and wears dumpy clothes. After you break up with her, you find out she was doing some modeling on the side, and when she tries, she actually looks smokin' hot. She just chooses to take it easy and not worry about fashion and looks too much in her private life.

4 upvotesthrownaway_MGTOW5 years ago

Nah... that would be false. Being "frugal" is the reality of this guy, as another commenter ITT noted: that is how you get (and/or STAY) "loaded" (relatively speaking anyway) -- if you piss it away on crap then you generally don't/won't stay loaded for long.

What even this guy's friends may not be aware of is that even oil & gas rights money doesn't continue to flow forever. Will almost certainly learned to live his frugal (and easy-going) manner from his father and grandpa -- and no doubt they also advised and taught him to save up/invest for the day when that oil/gas money WILL run dry.

1 upvotesAnotherLostCause5 years ago

The female equivalent would be acting like a typical American woman then turning into June Cleever after the marriage.

48 upvotesKeninishna5 years ago

I ain't sayin shes a gold digger but.... she ain't datin no broke nigga

17 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Oomph, someone got the radio edit

25 upvotesHonesty05045 years ago

You can definitely see TRP bleeding into other subs in some of the comments now

33 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

TRP ideology is just an unfiltered masculine view of modern society. Every once in a while, a woman will anger a man just enough to unveil the filter from his eyes, and his true masculinity will shine through. Sometimes it never goes back on, sometimes it does.

10 upvotesSchrodingersdawg [OP]5 years ago

Will we have been the prophets of our time, brother?

1 upvotestallwheel5 years ago

We even got a mention in the comments this time.

17 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Satisfying read. I'm surprised people on TwoXChromosomes ripped into her. I thought that subreddit is all about support.

She's not gold digger on the level of V Stiviano, but she is using a typical woman trick -- using break up to get what she wants... assuming she didn't lie to lessen the gold digging-ness of her post.

This is actually an "accepted" power struggle practice according to many women, as my female friends, who were undoubtedly on my side, have suggested that pulling something like this on my girlfriend (at the time) was "okay". I didn't get it back then, but I get it now.

One thing I learned through out my dating and relationship mishaps, is that whatever you learn from women, becomes a tool that you can also use as well. Yes, this "pretend" break up trick works disgustingly well against women, because you are then speaking their language. I would say it works better against women than it works against men, because women know this is just a way to tell them how important an issue is, where men will just think WTF this chick is breaking up with me. Plus women tend to enjoy drama, and what's more dramatic then break up-make up?

IMHO of course, my personal experience is just a small subset of what's out there, so maybe I just have the luck of picking the ones that like drama.

One caveat, as with any gamble, is that you should be prepared to lose whatever it is that you are betting.

This chick didn't realize that part.

9 upvotestallwheel5 years ago

I especially like how she calls it a 'bad break-up', when actually, from Will's perspective it sounds like a pretty damn clean break to me. Dude showed her the door and went no contact. Sounds like a great break-up to me.

7 upvotesCasanova-Quinn5 years ago

It's a "bad breakup" in her view because she didn't get a second chance at his money.

8 upvotesAerobus5 years ago

Here's a thought, why instead of breaking up with him, did you not have a sit down and talk to him about what was bothering you?

Nah shit testing is the path she chose and it totally backfired on her.

RP terminology in a default, FEMINIST, sub. Man I'm happy.

She got what she deserved. Out of respect for the woman, I hope she learns her lesson and doesn't screw up in the future. Props to Will for not being a complete idiot with his money. He kept it safe from the gold-diggers out in the world.

9 upvotesIllimitableMan5 years ago

So much vicarious schadenfreude in reading this post. That's why this is getting upvoted so much. Not really very educational, but very satisfying to read. This is like porn for anger phase guys.

31 upvotesDoctorWelch5 years ago

I don't blame her at all, she is a few years away from hitting the wall and needs to know she is with someone who can provide. C'mon people this is Red Pill 101.

It's one thing to be frugal and it's another to be cheap. I mean, if he is happy doing what he is doing and that's all he wants then fine with me, nothing against him. And it seems like from his reaction to her he understands his position in life and is happy with it.

With the nature of women we can't just expect her to be happy when it seems like this dude is a poor bum with no motivation. Seems like you guys don't understand the basics and want her to be something she isn't. As long as he realizes that then everything is fine here. Nothing good or bad, just obvious. I wouldn't really say there is any hamstering going on here, just her understanding her biological need and him not showing he can fulfill it in any way.

19 upvotesdenmaur5 years ago

I agree. I think she saw a life time of potato soup for dinner and him not trying to better himself. She's probably better off anyway. People that cheap don't change.

I knew an old lawyer once who would walk three blocks from his office to make copies because he could save 5 cents per copy. And it wasn't a whole lot of copying so he probably saved 50 cents per trip on average.

6 upvotestallwheel5 years ago

I see this as more of an RP example than a "women behaving badly" or "hypergamy gone wild" story. Yes, you are right that it is natural for women who are nearing the wall to seek someone she knows can provide.

Thing is, feminism and the general 'you go girl' attitude created guys like Will. Dude lives how he wants, and when she told him she wanted to break it off, dude handled it like a boss. Hell, the way I see it, bitch was practically a plate and just didn't know it. I'll bet Will will be screwing another bitch in no time - if he isn't already - and he will break it off with the new bitch too as soon as she becomes no longer worth the trouble.

Yes, this is the world we now live in, so it's hard to be too surprised about the way she acted. Still, I think most of us here would have a hard time not feeling a bit of schadenfreude seeing examples like this where the old deal between the sexes is clearly crashing and burning. One may feel sorry for women in the crash, but this is the pond feminism led them to, and they all chose to drink from it. They can either try to repair the system (good luck with that) or live with the consequences of it.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

This is the same as a man finding out his girlfriend is a slut, only not with him.

15 upvoteskombatunit5 years ago

Can a woman turn a man into a millionaire? Yes, if he starts as a billionaire.

7 upvotesw_t_f_15 years ago

TRP is so gripping... So about 2 years ago, I'm very close with this couple (family friends). Husband owns a small business making millions per year. Enough to send the kids to an expensive private school, buy them new cars, etc. The kids will have to work when they're older, but they always treated their kids (and family/friends) very well.

Wife? She works a fairly easy job full time, doing something she's passionate about. Her ol' boss used to let her work different hours so she'd be out of there by 3 most days.

Did I mention she did the books?

Keep in mind he's getting old and was ready to retire.

At some point ol' husband gets a tad bit suspicious when there's no money to pay the bills. How could this be? The wife had "cooked" the books up the whole time they were together.

Now, I don't know their exact financial situation at that point other than they were either in debt or had nearly nothing except the value of his business. One thing that he did mention was that she had literally hundreds of shoes in her closet that had never been worn ONCE.

Anyway, you know what's coming next. She pushed for divorce as soon as there was no more money. They got divorced, and Mr. I'm Going to Retire Soon is still working 2 years later with no end in site.

Take away? If nothing else, don't let your wife do the books.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Will's the rare type of guy who can inherit a great deal of wealth and not turn into a retard. That is discipline and true non-neediness; nearly everyone you meet will on some level care about "showing off" what they make to their GF / wife so they can feel successful. This is the level you should aspire to - in fact, if you truly want to enter relationships where you aren't the beta bucks, you have to be at this level. If you are at the point where you'd rather the relationship die than you have to play the BB role for 1 second... that is when you're ready to move on from plates to LTR.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

When I finished talking, he said "fine by me" and asked me to leave. I went to hug him on my way out, instead he just guided me out the door and slammed it shut behind him.

I haven't heard a fucking word from Will, even after texting him multiple times and calling him once.

Wow, major respect for this guy.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I've recently gotten an interesting job opportunity that is going to make my net worth sky rocket in the near future. It's gonna be really interesting to see hamsters like this coming out of the woodwork.

9 upvotesSchrodingersdawg [OP]5 years ago

It gets even better with age, some women hit that "mental wall" fear at 23 according to my older male cousins. Suddenly the fact that you're smart makes them realize how "great" you've always been. Props to them though, it's a lot easier getting off the CC at 23 than 32.

5 upvotesioncehadsexinapool5 years ago

care to explain that a bit more?

1 upvotesSchrodingersdawg [OP]5 years ago

It's like a facebook version of critical mass. A few friends from HS/college get married, and it drives all the other girls into wanting to get married too, and before you know but pictures are flooding facebook. This generally happens to less career driven women (nurses, teachers).

Basically? my extended family all lived in the same area so my cousins all went to the same high school. When the dudes hit 23-24, started buying homes, showed signs of stability, girls that had always ignored them started talking to them. Generally, a few marriages on facebook paved the way.

Beta bucks, but in a milder form.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

5 upvotesjohnnight5 years ago

I can't help but feel jealous by this; it seems like everyone but me is making significant gains in their lives and relationships. Three weeks ago, after seeing a girl I knew from high school buy her 3rd property with her husband,

If a man with disposable income meets a woman he likes, doesn't he want to treat her?

I could understand treating as in buying small gifts, tokens of affection. But the way she understands male-female relations is that the man works, buys her property and these are 'significant relationship gains'. The woman does not have material success on her own. She does not work to get what she wants on life. She gets it by getting it from the man. If she can't make her man get it for her, she is jealous of the other women, who got it.

Women castigate men for feeling entitled to sex. Well, the amount of entitlement she showed here is off the charts.

8 upvotesIVIaskerade5 years ago

Also, she's known him for a year. I wouldn't even be thinking about marriage until 3 years in minimum.

8 upvotesmuddynips5 years ago

The truly talented ones can hide the hamster for a decade.

2 upvotesAndrewAtrus5 years ago

And this example vindicates that cautious approach.

5 upvotes_VicBoss5 years ago

Walking wallet...rather kill myself than adopt that as an official title.

5 upvotesamillwouldbeill5 years ago

Clearly this person is just trolling.

4 upvotesthe99percent15 years ago

Will is mgtow. Wouldn't be surprised if he frequents TRP himself. His gym friends are pretty alpha too. If you have guy friends like that, keep them. Unlike BP men who will shame the rich guy for not spending, they know it is ultimately his choice to live his life and the bitch deserved it.

Anyways, don't be too harsh on the bitch. She was just deploying her hypergamy and her need to find a rich partner. With her ticking time clock and Wills great ability to hide his wealth, his friends not letting out how rich he is, combined with his frugal lifestyle, the bitch didn't stand a chance in recognizing the jackpot she scored.

5 upvotesbluedrygrass5 years ago

I have an immense respect and admiration for that man. He did everything perfectly.

He hid his wealth to be able to see his girlfriend's real nature. He held frame and immediately dumped her as soon as she showed how miserable and interested she really was. Slamming the door.

He never answered to her obsessive/compulsive calls. This is the cherry on the cake.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

And here guys is a terrific example of a true ALPHA:

The next time I was over at Will's ... I ended the relationship ... He sat and listened to everything, seemingly unmoved by it. When I finished talking, he said "fine by me" and asked me to leave. I went to hug him on my way out, instead he just guided me out the door and slammed it shut behind him ... I haven't heard a fucking word from Will, even after texting him multiple times and calling him once.

5 upvotesJaereth5 years ago

Maybe dude just realizes a fancy car and possessions won't make you happy in life.

2 upvotesother_worlds5 years ago

To a man, being jealous of a friend's accomplishments on Facebook will drive him to be more accomplished himself.

To a woman, being jealous of a friend's accomplishments on Facebook will drive her to break up with her man, if he can't accomplish it.

The thought that she should strive to accomplish these things never even enters the consciousness of anyone in that main thread.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

My step-grandpa would definitely befriend "Will". He gets mistaken for a homeless man on a daily basis, but little would you know that he is actually a multimillionaire from tobacco stock. People's (and especially women's) perception of rich people isn't what it usually turns out to be. They may seem as if they were godlike people with corrupt amounts of political power and fancy watches, but most of them (and the wisest) live just like us.

5 upvotesFrozen_Tundra5 years ago

I dated him for 10 months when I thought he was penniless, proof I'm not a fucking gold-digger

He never took me out for fancy dinners or anything.

If a man with disposable income meets a woman he likes, doesn't he want to treat her?

He could have easily kept our relationship alive by being forthcoming (he be loaded)

Such entitlement. And gold digging. And she can't see it?

5 upvotesIVIaskerade5 years ago

I've always held that people with large fortunes don't necessarily spend a lot. There's a reason they have the money in the first place.

This is more true for self-made people. Lottery winners and Old Money tend to be into the extravagant stuff.

10 upvotesmirinrustles5 years ago

In my opinion it's the new wealth and lottery winners. The old money in my area have million dollar homes and still drive Camrys. The new money are the ones with Lambos and Ferraris. Then you have the ones in homes in the 750-1000k. Those have Maseratis, Bentleys, and whatever six figure car is flashy. Signs that "you've made it" y'know?

5 upvotesthrough_a_ways5 years ago

The old money in my area have million dollar homes and still drive Camrys.

I'd much rather have a nice big house than a nice car.

8 upvotesthrownaway_MGTOW5 years ago

I'd much rather have a nice big house than a nice car.

Big houses are overrated.

They're either a bitch to maintain & clean, or you have to hire staff to do it for you; same with the outside.

And for the most part they end up just being a building with a lot of empty, unused rooms. What use do you or will you really have for 7 bedrooms? If you don't have lots of kids, then where's the value? Plan on having a lot of parasitic house guests? Using them as servants quarters for a live in valet or maid or chauffeur?

No? Well then they'll basically end up just being rooms to store shit in.

The same thing kind of happens with a lot of the other rooms in big houses, the formal dining room; again unless you have a large family or plan on giving "upscale dinner parties" (and seriously who actually does that anymore? I know quite a few people who have large homes with formal dining rooms, and they don't do that -- the rooms simply don't get used... the rare occasions when they do have a "party", they either do it at some rented hall with catering... or they grill out on the patio/deck and maybe the "sun-room" or "Florida-room" as it is sometimes called).

Face it, if you're like most people, the REAL reason you have fantasies about "a nice BIG house" is that you think it would impress OTHER people (i.e. look at me, and how successful I am with my big dick erm, I mean my big mansion-like house). You've never really envisioned what it would be like living in one of the things on a daily basis.

1 upvotesthrough_a_ways5 years ago

Face it, if you're like most people, the REAL reason you have fantasies about "a nice BIG house" is that you think it would impress OTHER people (i.e. look at me, and how successful I am with my big dick erm, I mean my big mansion-like house).

lolwut. Sounds like someone's projecting.

I just like having a lot of space, it doesn't need to be a mansion.

1 upvotesthrownaway_MGTOW5 years ago

lolwut. Sounds like someone's projecting.

Nope, not at all. I actually own and am extremely happy with (having lived in it now for nearly a decade and a half) a relatively modest house (purposely sought out in exactly that form) -- and even that arguably has wasted room that encourages/enables "junk storage" that I would probably be better off without.

I am simply observing what people (especially women, but alas many men as well) "fantasize" about, and what (when they can get the ridiculous credit-derived funds) they all too often actually buy/build -- which ends up mostly as an expensive and fancy "facade" (literally), what the real estate industry refers to as "curb appeal" -- and then a lot of empty (and oversized) rooms to store unused junk & collect dust.

I just like having a lot of space, it doesn't need to be a mansion.

Except that "a lot of space" for a single individual (or even a couple) -- especially with modern appliances and conveniences -- really doesn't require that the house be very "big" at all; in fact anything beyond 500 to 1,000 sq ft of "house-living" space per person is simply wasted... it's only "value" is ostentation & vanity, it has zero utility.

And BIG houses happen when rooms get multiplied and then ridiculously oversized (i.e. the fairly recent trend to have a massive "master bedrooms" {planing multiple dangerous liason style orgies are we?} and commercial-sized or mansion-like kitchens with oversized separate dining rooms as well as parlors & gaming rooms, etc: useful for all of those really large catered parties that you won't actually be hosting, and of course entirely necessary for the bevy of live-in house-servants to work in to craft the daily feed for the on-site estate-workers to maintain the massive grounds, gardens, and carriage house & horses, as well as the various associated rental farms and fields that you won't have; not to mention providing daily meals for the large, extended, multi-generation family of grandparents, multiple siblings, plus the collection of a dozen or more children that will not be living with you).

4 upvotesthebornotaku5 years ago

I'd much rather have a modest but nice home, and a few proper nice cars.

Granted, cars are my passion. If I had my way, my garage would rival Jay Leno's.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I'd rather have a modest house and a reliable but cheap-as-shit car and my trusty ol' Ninja 250.

In 2008 I was still a poor university student while working full time. By 2010 my income had doubled. At this time it's doubled since then.

I've still never owned a car. I still never eat out. I'm a biologist now, but I still split expenses living with my brother and my living expenses are so low they're almost negligible.

I live frugally and I'm pretty utilitarian. I don't purchase anything I don't use.

I spend money on karaoke bars but most of my other hobbies are cheap/free (performing music, gardening, hiking, camping, rock-climbing, etc).

At this time I have zero plans to buy a car until I start having children.

Oh, and I don't pay for dates. When I take a girl out, I take her out while I do something that I would already be doing anyway (those hobbies above). I cook the food and bring the food I cook instead of eating out. I bring the drinks.

If the date pans out, I had a great time. If the date sucks, I still had a great fucking time and just don't take the girl out again.

At this point I just ask myself: what can I even spend money on that I would want? After buying a desktop PC and a Ninja 250 there's nothing else I can think of to buy.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I hope this is fake. If it's real then this girl is a bitch. She dumps him, and now she's butthurt that he didn't tell her that he's fucking minted, but he kept his mouth shut. Good for this guy. I wish I won the lottery if only so I could pull a stunt like this. I love how she's upset that he's not upset about the break-up:

He could've said something, ANYTHING during our break up when I was explaining my doubts about our relationship. Instead he said nothing,

What the fuck should he have said? "Please, don't dump me! Stay with me! I'M RICH!"

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

What the fuck should he have said?

don't you know that he was obligated to spend that money on her?

If a man with disposable income meets a woman he likes, doesn't he want to treat her?

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Does this woman realise how entitled she sounds? Even if he had opened his wallet more often, I bet my ass she'd have come to expect it. She probably would have proposed to him.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

LOVE stories like this. The ownage is priceless.

3 upvotessikballa5 years ago

Wow commenters ripped her to shreads. GJ TwoX you just might be on the right path.

3 upvotesIupvoteforknowledge5 years ago

Cept all the commenters are dudes.

3 upvotessikballa5 years ago

Female readers of TwoX find themselves unable to hamster out of their way through this mess and stayed silent?

2 upvotesIupvoteforknowledge5 years ago

Perhaps. I didn't think of that.

3 upvotesgetfuckingreal5 years ago

It's nice to see the others on 2X calling her out as a gold-digger.

3 upvoteszephyr1415 years ago

Mmm dude creamy potato soup with spam. Now that is delicious.

3 upvotes-Strider5 years ago

Man, I love Will. This is how wealthy guys should deal with women (well, if it's a LTR you want). Sounds like a good guy. Of course, if you're not after a LTR and just sex, you can pretty easily have a nice stream of gold diggers, get them in then out, if you know how to deal with them

3 upvotesskoobled5 years ago

He's probably intentionally frugal so as to weed out gold digging friends/women. I'm sure if you're loaded and deeper than a puddle then this must be a constant problem. In this case guy did well, props to him. Clearly loaded and smart, what more could a guy need?

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

How can she be annoyed when she broke off the relationship? If she was going to stay if he explained the money he had, then she as just with him for his cash. If she actually liked him then she wouldn't care about his finance. Some day he will likely get married to some nice woman who doesn't know about the oil and likes him for him, and she will be very pleasantly surprised.

3 upvotesDishmayhem5 years ago

this is just beautiful. her hamster must be dizzy in that wheel

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I actually agreed with her somewhat until she dropped this fucking line: "If a man with disposable income meets a woman he likes, doesn't he want to treat her?"

yes honey, it really was all about money to you

3 upvotesrelish-tranya5 years ago

Many rich people stay rich because they don't throw it all into lifestyle.

12 upvotesNewdist25 years ago

Seems fake, shitty morality tale.

Also, and downvote me for this if you like, it's reasonable for a woman to care about the financial status of a potential future husband. He doesn't need to be a oil heir, but he needs to have a plan for how they are going to afford health insurance for their kids and live in a good neighborhood.

28 upvotesSchrodingersdawg [OP]5 years ago

Thing is, she didn't seem to ask him about any of this, she just decided it was over and told him.

2 upvotesTelly_Valentino5 years ago

Totally. The circle jerking in this thread is fucking ridiculous. People in here are not thinking critically or being rational.

As if having money is a good reason to sit on your ass and do nearly nothing. Moreover, this jerkoff isn't redpill in any way other than the fact that told her to hit the bricks when she complained.

He should still be living an awesome life, whether he does it frugally or not.

8 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Who is saying he doesn't have an awesome life?

7 upvotesRpalt5 years ago

He should still be living an awesome life, whether he does it frugally or not.

We know nothing about his life aside from her biased version, think about it critically. She's burnt, trying to justify herself. We won't hear about the fun they had, we hear about him being a homebody. She says it herself that when they started he liked getting out and hiking, pre-drinks before clubbing and walks.

Living an awesome life is subjective. I am sure things I find entertaining would be different from what you find entertaining.

1 upvotesTelly_Valentino5 years ago

Ok, so it seems that the evidence you have is that she's likely lying. Maybe she is, but to consider it a forgone conclusion is absolutely not an example of critical thinking. And if he liked going on hikes "in the beginning", that's proof that he's not handling his business.

That's not good enough. She also described him as shy. This guy is a beta. And listen, that's fine. TRP isn't for everybody. But we don't need to be his white knights just because some dumb broad got whiny. They are both fucksticks IMO.

This sub needs to stop acting like the cunty ass feminists who champion any woman who's in an adverserial situation with a man. This is just the mirror image of that and This kind of shit makes me ashamed to count myself among the people here.

I can only assume that those that share your opinion have a completely distorted view of the fundamental aspects of TRP.

1 upvotesRpalt5 years ago

That's not good enough. She also described him as shy. This guy is a beta. And listen, that's fine. TRP isn't for everybody. But we don't need to be his white knights just because some dumb broad got whiny. They are both fucksticks IMO.

Again, that's you using something subjective as a measuring stick and making pretty huge assumptions based solely off what a jaded female is saying. I'm not defending how the guy acts/treats his own money. That's entirely on him.

YOU how ever proceded to tear the guy to shreds because of the bitching of a hamster and then tell everyone else they're not critically thinking?

4 upvotestallwheel5 years ago

He should still be living an awesome life

Sounds like he was to me. How do you know he isn't happy as fuck? Look at the way he handled the break-up. Dude sounds pretty damn secure in his life the way it is, bitch or no bitch.

2 upvotesbitchdantkillmyvibe5 years ago

Who are you to say his life isn't awesome? Just because he doesn't piss away his fortune on materialistic bullshit like a spoilt teenager with their dad's credit card? The dude sounds like he has very firm ideas on what makes him happy and what he enjoys and... guess what... they don't happen to involve much money. They usually don't. Dude sounds like a solid bloke.

A woman can be concerned about pursuing a relationship with a guy she thinks is uninspired or unambitious, but she sure as hell shouldn't get all indignant when he cuts her shallow ass out of his life when she dumps him without any conversation surrounding her concerns.

There is no circlejerk here - god people love to use that word to shut down conversation and people's opinions. If this story is true, it's pretty obvious this guy lives what many on here consider a 'red pill' lifestyle. TRP has very little to do with money. Go back to the sidebar.

2 upvotesjustatwinkle5 years ago

But if she was only concerned about his lack of ambition, it wouldn't matter to her that he had a large amount of money because he simply inherited it. Maybe the guy is a loser, but that isn't really the point. It's that she thinks somehow he owed her some of his money while they were dating even if he didn't enjoy doing those things.

1 upvotesTelly_Valentino5 years ago

Yeah. I don't disagree with any of that. I'm only defending her choice of dumping him. Im not saying he should've spent that dough on her. The sentiment here seems to be that he was in the right just cuz he had money and the woman turned out to be shady.

I'm not even saying he's some kinda bad person. I'm only saying that in light of this subreddit, he's subpar.

0 upvotesnourathrowway5 years ago

I think you're missing the point. He was happy as-is. She could have worked hard and made a lot of money regardless of him. She had no apparent reason to think he was in dire financial straits (obv cause he wasnt).

Her specific commentary wasnt "i loved him and want him back if we can be financially-secure /r/frugaltards together". Her criticism was very specifically "he should have been spending all his money on ME!"

2 upvotesTelly_Valentino5 years ago

On the contrary, I think you're the one missing the point. You're having some lapses in logic with the points you're making. For example, you claim that she had no apparent reason to think he was in dire straits because, in your words, "cause he wasn't". Do you think that makes sense?

As far as being happy as-is, fine. But his as-is seemed very blue pill. So why should she accept a pussy blue pill? She described him as shy. That's beta as fuck.

Furthermore, your opinions are indicative of someone who's not only missed the point in this particular story, but you don't seem to even understand TRP as a whole. This forum shouldn't be a place where men come to complain about women and be passive aggressive. That's so disgustingly blue pill, it turns my fucking stomach.

It's immasculating behavior and I find it pathetic.

3 upvotesKettleMeetPot5 years ago

I've got wealthy friends who are "shy". They're not really, and are alphas. They pretend to be "shy" and are frugal because they don't want their money to attract women, they want to attract women who like them for them. The way he just let her go was alpha as well. He just walked her to the door and peaced out. Look how insane you're getting here, I bet if a chick turns you down or doesn't text you immediately after you text her you lose your shit. You're acting beta as fuck kiddo.

Moral of the story is, guy wasn't worried about money, was doing wtf he wanted to do and how he wanted to do it. Chick wasn't happy because her friends were doing all types of shit new money people do and were flashy with it, and she wanted that, figured she would never get it, broke up with him, found out he had no worries as far as finances go, and is pissy about it.

You're bad at TRP brah, go home.

0 upvotesTelly_Valentino5 years ago

So I strongly emphasize that TRP is not about being a pussy via complaining about women and you construe that as me being the type to complain about women?

You're a straight up bullshitter. You don't even believe that. You're just trying to insult me because you're emotional.

PS - Extra points for hamstering like a woman with concepts like "I have friends that are shy but they're not". Oh holy fuck. That's priceless. They are or they are not. You're bullshitting again.

-1 upvotesTelly_Valentino5 years ago

Oh shit. I forgot you said these alphas want women "to like them for them". If you don't realize that is the opposite of TRP, you don't understand this place at all.

1 upvotessirolf5 years ago

Scrolling down this far reading (mostly) the same dumb shit, hoping for someone with some sense... you! Thanks for bringing balance, brains and respect to the table.

1 upvotesnourathrowway5 years ago

By dire straits I mean he wasn't having hus car repo'd, he wasn't getting harassed by bill collectors, wasn't begging her for money, etc.

He was living comfortably and securely, but that wasn't good enough for her. She wanted a more extravagant lifestyle "like her friends". She wouldn't have stayed with him even knowing he was rich, because he wasn't spending it on her.

I'm not sure what him being beta has to do with anything here. The point is how she misdescribes her situation and feels entitled enough to his money to whine on Reddit about it.

8 upvotesevafha5 years ago

I work in a field that serves some really rich folks as clients (billionaires and hundred-millionaires) and you can tell that the ones who met their wives before they got rich are extremely loyal husbands and don't hire identical twin prostitutes or anything, since their wives are the only person in the world who isn't looking for a handout from them. And the ones who weren't married before they got rich, are always suspicious of women like this guy in the OP's story rightly was.

Why do you think Mark Zuckerberg wifed up Priscilla? Why does Eminem keep getting back together with Kim even though that relationship clearly doesn't work? Because they're the only women who they can ever be sure loved them for who they are, not their money or status.

5 upvotesMechbiscuit5 years ago

Okay, this one pissed me off. TRP doctrine fundamentally believes that AF BB. In fact, the entire theory revolves around the idea. But, when a woman, surprise surprise, confirms the theory, it's quoted like it's a finger pointing contest.

Jesus fucking Christ guys. I fully accept the theory of hypergamy. We all do. In this instance we know that she's lying to herself and looking for a way to justify that she isn't a gold digger when she is.

Either TRP needs to accept that there are double standards and shut the fuck up about it, or not. In the latter instance I'll be leaving the community because in that context this sub is about masturbation of the ego and not self improvement. Any in-between is contributing to a feminist like circle jerk that makes it us vs them.

I say feminist like because that's what feminists do. They say "They have it soo much better. We have it soo much worse!" It's a self defeating thing to say. You are making TRP into this bullshit victim mentality that points to vaginas to say "see! See! They're all like that! Aren't they terrible! Men are not like this!"




We are better than that. Men do not blame a scorpion for stinging a frog because it's in its nature. We accept the fact and move on because that's the only way we can better ourselves.

If you dwell on the advantage women have, you lose. Simple as. Do not waste time nodding in confirmation about how this bitch is whining out of the loss of a fucking fortune. You gain nothing.

2 upvotestallwheel5 years ago

So then we shouldn't post RP examples in this sub? (Keep in mind, there's a flare for it.) And we aren't allowed to have a bit of schadenfreude when we see TRP confirmed?

2 upvotescthulhucumsicle5 years ago

The whiny bitching is OTT in this one though.

0 upvotesMechbiscuit5 years ago

So then we shouldn't post RP examples in this sub?

I like field reports and articles. They tend to be interesting stories and entertaining to boot.

It's more the dickwagging that goes on with posts like this one.

And we aren't allowed to have a bit of schadenfreude when we see TRP confirmed?

A certain kind of person enjoys the misfortune of others.

2 upvotesab_roller5 years ago

But this is like a field report told from the perspective of the hamster. It all helps to cement redpill theory.

2 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

Ya we do.

Then we get blacklights so we can see ALL the scorpions.

Then we kill ALL of them that are in our way.

We gain everything now: we learn the pattern so we can eliminate EVERY threat instead of acting blindly one at a time.

1 upvotescthulhucumsicle5 years ago

Dudes don't want to hear it.

2 upvotesiluminatiNYC5 years ago

I'm thinking this is a troll post, but either way, this is gold. While I wouldn't say she was a straight up gold digger, at least in a traditional way, she was looking for a meal ticket. He did the right thing.

2 upvotesLoveUnderWill5 years ago

To quote the great Biz Markie: "Damn it feels good to see people up on it!"

2 upvotesThe_Americano5 years ago

I would do things slightly different than this guy but regardless this guy is winning at life. At the end of the day he seems happy and has firm boundaries and doesn't get stepped on/taken advantage of. A strong handshake where ever he may be,carry on...

2 upvotessuperyay5 years ago

Taking bets on her calling him and crying about how sorry she is and how she wants to get back together.

3 upvotesoleksey5 years ago

"lacked career/life ambition" - That's a good reason for woman. I wound't try to explain everything with logic. Women are emotionally driven. She felt unsure about their future, she felt unsecure with him. That's the reason. At least I think so and this is my opinion. And yeah, I am not going to argue or discuss it.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

With prior boyfriends, we'd still talk or text a bit after we'd be broken up. Sometimes we'd even still hook up.

This is important. Most women don't view a breakup as the end of a relationship because they are so used to being able to throw themselves at their ex boyfriends and use sex to get back together. This leads them to view a breakup as an ultimatum they can use to force a guy's hand.

4 upvotesDiabolo_Advocato5 years ago

This is fake, 100%. I am sure something similar to it has happened at least once, but seriously not this troll post.

The account is 22 hours old and didn't even bother to try to disguise it as a throwaway like a vast majority of others, nor is it a legit account due to obvious reasons.

Anyone who believes this troll-bait needs to figure out how to think critically and understand what they are reading.

2 upvotesLS_D5 years ago

This is par for the course

i grew up amongst a bunch of 'will's' and if one thing is certain, it's that goldiggers are not welcome ...

this dude is what you'd classify as "Sigma"

the Alpha's hate him coz they can't understand his confidence! The girls love him for the same reason! lol

and IF they want to talk about 'love' ... well, 'love' is right now, not 'later', so don't be banging on about 'later' IF you're truly 'in love'

I actually know people who have committed suicide becoz they couldn't find 'real' friends outside of their 'rich friends' peer group!

2 upvotesWalktillyoucrawl5 years ago

What if this dude really just isn't that rich.

3 upvotesSchrodingersdawg [OP]5 years ago

Then even worse because of how badly she's hamstering over his perceived wealth

1 upvotesthrownaway_MGTOW5 years ago

On the actual scale of things, he probably isn't very rich -- he's almost certainly not "Warren Buffett" or "Bill Gates" rich -- he has some decent (maybe even high 6 figure) passive income that he's inherited.

And he is apparently living accordingly (investing, and living a care-free, comfortable, but slightly frugal manner) -- in other words he's engaging in a rather pragmatic manner with a nice passive income flow (which probably won't last forever).

In a certain sense, she is/was correct -- he ISN'T "ambitious" in the sense that she is, and they DO want different things in life -- she wants to "climb" a social/economic ladder and to post status updates and get "accolades" about it by comparing her own progress versus her friends. She'll probably never be satisfied, because she will always be comparing herself to others (and there will always be someone else who has more in some manner).

By contrast, he's found (an in many ways been "gifted" with) a nice satisfying life -- he doesn't HAVE to work, and he doesn't seem all that concerned with trying to impress others or compare himself with them. So in that sense, his "ambition" is more to continue to enjoy life in a relaxed peaceful manner; it doesn't mean he won't EVER become passionate about something, but OTOH he isn't driven by some neurotic need to seek validation of himself through it.

Which is actually far more sensible to my mind. He's probably pretty happy with where he is at... why people (the kind who are going to therapists, reading self-improvement books, and popping all kinds of pills in order to try to be "happy") think there is something wrong with that... well who gives a shit what they think?

1 upvotesalisonstone5 years ago

It's actually quite possible that he only has an above average amount of income. His friend says "more than my salary in a quarter". So it depends on what his friend makes. Maybe his friend makes $40k/year, so this dude makes $160k. Chances are Will's friends are not exactly high income earners because it would be unlikely that they would have met Will (ex: engineers tend to meet other engineers through school and work, Will is a musician that doesn't eat at nice places, his friends are probably similar except that they don't have the big inheritance). $160k is pretty good, but not enough to buy 3 houses and nice cars.

Also, that oil field doesn't last forever. At some point, it'll run dry. Oil prices have been very high in the past few years, but recently it has plunged to a multi-year low. Depending on how the rights/royalties work, the checks might not come if the oil company decides it is not profitable to drill at current prices. If he inherited such a volatile source of wealth, you can bet that his parents and grandparents taught him how to manage it. Rich kids are typically not the spoiled brat stereotype you see on TV.

He's probably at a level where he realizes it doesn't make sense for him to bust his ass to make money, but he knows he can't just piss it away because he needs it to last his lifetime and he probably wants to leave some to his kids.

1 upvotesUdudude5 years ago

The girl has a point. If he does the bare minimum at his job, if he never talks about his desire to attain x position or gain x skill set, then that's a warning sign and she may be in the right for breaking up with him. I wouldn't marry a girl who doesn't clean up around the house or have a job just because "oh, well she actually has a secret legion of nannies and is a millionaire".

6 upvotescocaine_face5 years ago

Yes, but she didn't discuss it with him, except to break up.

2 upvotesI3luee5 years ago

I partially agree with the woman.

Yes, she's 80-90% a gold digger, but the fact that after abour 1 year she decided to end the relationship because it didn't go anywhere; well I find this logical.

I ended my previous relationship because it felt like a hassle, it wasn't going anywhere and I knew I could get someone better that would want to improve both herself and motivate me also.

She was facing a complacent guy that seemed like a schmuck that had no goal, ambition, dreams, etc (which is what TRP is promoting you to have).

The way I see it, she genuinely liked him, but she saw that his SMV was stagnating/ degrading due to the same routine/ behavior/ etc.

I kinda believe it was his fault for being a boring lazy ass guy (that's how she makes him sound). OR he's so intelligent (and stupid) that he shittested her for almost 1 year and that eventually drove her away.

Hell if my whole relationship would be/ feel like a shitttest, I'd give it up in 1 month tops.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

This is very inspirational. Thanks for the post, OP.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesSchrodingersdawg [OP]5 years ago

Possibly because he had already established them as true friends and that he valued them enough to let them know? For all we know, he might've been planning to show her the check the night she dumped him.

2 upvotesthrownaway_MGTOW5 years ago

Possibly because he had already established them as true friends and that he valued them enough to let them know? For all we know, he might've been planning to show her the check the night she dumped him.

Or had she talked to him along the lines of "I want to have a future with you, but I'm concerned about finances... how would we manage, pay for kids, etc. while still letting you live the life you enjoy."

And done it WITHOUT the ultimatim/shit-test of "Oh, and I've already decided to break up with you because you're such a luzer!"

Then he might have considered letting her see behind the proverbial curtain, and letting her know (at least partially) that he had some "passive income" and investments that she need not worry about the future.

Which if she really was into HIM -- as who he already was/is -- that would/should have been sufficient.

1 upvotescthulhucumsicle5 years ago

"Really into HIM" - look at the romantic here. Thought hypergamy and AWALT was the established facts of this subreddit.

Agreed through that she needed to be direct, "I'm thinking kids, kids need more than potato soup, how will we manage?"

Edit - Typo

1 upvotesthrownaway_MGTOW5 years ago

Thought hypergamy and AWALT was the established facts of this subreddit.

It's the overly-simplistic dogmatic view yes.

It is true in the sense that AWALT & hypergame are applicable to the vast majority of women that are indoctrinated and/or buy into feminist mantra stuff -- which is 99.99999% of those who remain available into their 20's and 30's (much less beyond), and of course also applies to a significant percentage of the ones who got "hitched" prior.

But the purported NAWALT "unicorns" actually do exist -- it's just that they get hunted and captured and taken off the market VERY early -- typically long before they reach college, and they become increasingly rare after that.

Then of course there is the "confirmation bias" of the fact that those few who do exist will generally either be corrupted by "online" dating, or else be appalled by and entirely avoid those things -- giving the very real impression that they do not exist at all (because there is no obvious evidence of them).

Agreed through that she needed to be direct, "I'm thinking kids, kids need more than potato soup, how will we manage?"

IF that was her actual concern, then yes she would have framed it that way.

But in this case (as in the overwhelming majority of others), that really wasn't her concern -- it's simply a faux-justification that she attempts (vainly) to tack on top of her actual "status" seeking rationale.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

God dammit I hate it when women are like this

later on who will tell the hordes of betas to stop one upping each other to death and ruining everything for their pedestal pussy? fucking noone.

which means all the more LMS for a guy who hates bullshit even more strongly than the next one to pass the bar.

well guess you can't blame them, the few ones who have a screw loose and don't have the gold digging instinct (had a girl literally explain it to me in terms of "feeling like a woman" one time) don't reproduce with the alphas hence get slowly eroded from the genepool (which is a puddle of shit by now if any of you geeky short asian guys feel inferior to some BBC wielding drug dealer , remember that its just a string of organic acids you’ll freely edit in 20 years)

1 upvotesreiduh5 years ago

Jack is a lucky man. Sounds like he knows how to take care of a lady, too.

1 upvoteskanaduhisfruityeh5 years ago

That's why money always comes before bitches. Women will reject you if you have no money. Women will take all your money or expect you to live a lifestyle you can't afford to impress them. Then when your money is all gone they'll drop you like a hot potato and go suck and fuck the next fake high-roller who is going broke to try to impress them. You end up broke and broken hearted with no money and no women.

That's why it is better to put money first before women. If one woman leaves you cause you don't want to waste money on her it doesn't matter. Because you can get money without women. And once you have money you can get a whole bunch of new women to replace the old one(s).

1 upvotesjoshw2205 years ago

My grandpa is crazy rich, but lives cheep. My dad said how do you think he got so rich. Most responsible rich people will come off as poor and many smart ones will not tell women of their wealth so they can find true love. I saw a relationship advice things about a year ago where the guy had millions and was driving a honda hatchback and got married and it wasn't till like 6 months after the marriage the girl found out he was loaded.

1 upvotestallwheel5 years ago

He sat and listened to everything, seemingly unmoved by it. When I finished talking, he said "fine by me" and asked me to leave. I went to hug him on my way out, instead he just guided me out the door and slammed it shut behind him.

Dude handled that like a boss. The only part I might change is the door slam, cause that comes off a little needy and angry. On the other hand, maybe he just did it for emphasis so that she knew he was serious.

I'll handle my next break up pretty much the same way. As I learned from Rollo, having a willingness to break up at any time is advantageous in a relationship. When my GF starts talking about being unsatisfied, or wanting to break up, and she becomes more trouble than she's worth, I will calmly show her the door and next her.

1 upvotesDoraNijoku5 years ago

All I can say when I saw the posts is R.I.P. her Karma! XD

1 upvotesclear_lights5 years ago

Holy shit, what a ridiculous thread. Some women are just real pieces of work.

I love how she's trying to find a light in the darkness of it all. The way his friends reacted was the nail in the coffin.

Gold digging bitch got what she deserves.

1 upvotesDoomsday_5 years ago

This dude is fucking brilliant. He knows he could flash around his wealth and score easy pussy, but instead he screens hard for a woman who will be satisfied with him alone.

1 upvotesGeneralTry5 years ago

Wait , I really want to read her reaction to finding out he was a multi millionaire

1 upvotesSyn3rgetic5 years ago

This is the best thing ive read all day.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Did he take her back? I really hope he didn't cause he can have probably any other chick he wants now.

1 upvotesPolite_Insults5 years ago

Not if he cleanly broke up like he did. Not to mention he could always have someone he wanted but thats not the point. He wants someone real not a gold digger and she was acting it.

1 upvotesdgillz5 years ago

My favorite RP post ever. Many thanks.

1 upvotesStinkfished5 years ago

I wish I were based like Will.

1 upvotesleethal595 years ago

Lol what a comedy goldmine. Loved every response

1 upvotesJ25015 years ago

I could tell that same story with a bunch of girls =D

1 upvotesMalachhamavet5 years ago

It's nice to see one of us make it out before the child anchor stage sets in and you are tied together at the quantum level.

1 upvotestheJFKshow5 years ago

I have Facebook and am on it every day, usually when work is slow. Lately my newsfeed has been filled with my peers getting married, buying houses, having babies, and other various accolades. I can't help but feel jealous by this; it seems like everyone but me is making significant gains in their lives and relationships. Three weeks ago, after seeing a girl I knew from high school buy her 3rd property with her husband, it felt like my relationship with Will was juvenile and had no future.

Blah. Makes me fucking cringe.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

The man hiding his value is a trope of storytelling, so much so that she needs to step back and see who she is in this Grimm's Fairy Tale.

1 upvotesdraketton5 years ago


1 upvotesHrodrik5 years ago

I'm hard at the justice and the replies in that. I want to meet and congratulate Will.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Frugal types don't mix well with spendthrifts--for either party.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

I'm reminded of that Night Court episode where hamster ditches dorky fiance for wealthier man. She comes back to said "dork" when he finds out he has more money (heir to the inventor of the drinking helmet).

Woman: "You don't mind if I'm marrying you for your money, do you?" Man: "As long as you don't chunk up."

1 upvotesitspinkynukka4 years ago

I just don't understand how she honestly didn't see how much of a gold digger she actually was

1 upvotesrockumsockumrobots5 years ago

Typically, I would empathize with a woman who doesn't see the right strengths necessary to be a strong father figure to their children and give them what they need to excel; good school, sports equipment, tools, college fund etc.

I want to give all the things my father gave me to my children on the condition they work for it and then some. For instance, when my kids grow up I want to have a chunk of money set aside and they can "pitch" to me what they want to do with it, like shark tank. I never had this opportunity and work for every penny I need to put into education, businesses, investments etc.

However, the woman makes NO mention of his "character" only his drive to get money. She is in love with money, not a strong character and "Will" saw right through that. I give him credit for that.

1 upvoteszodar5 years ago

She absolutely did the right thing. If you want to get married and have kids and your significant other doesn't, you should shake hands and part ways like adults. Sure, she's a gold digger, but she does have one thing right : if she wants the "I use Facebook as a PR platform to try to make my friends jealous of me" lifestyle, she needs to find a new partner who wants the same thing.

1 upvotesSoUrLovin5 years ago

idk the only thing that bugs me is she had a discussion with him about the future and dude said it included her but never gave details. this chick sounds like she had RP mentality when it came to this. let's be honest here you can't have a marriage or a grown mature relationship based on love alone, and she had the love part down cuz she was goin out with dude for dumb long thinking he was broke. but when it came down to it she was like ok but what about real shit? like how are we going to raise a family and have a home and make a life? all that requires income, and when she tried to find out what was good with that, the dude didn't say anything. her post is titled asking for an explanation of dude's actions, i don't see anything wrong with her confusion...

-11 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

This story is about being beta and getting dumped by some chick. I'd dump him too. Sorry but doing nothing because you have some inheritance is very bluepill. You didn't earn it- guy was a loser.

Status and wealth are intrinsically connected. Being cheap is not worth it- it's not DHV. You can have a good career and enjoy nice things and maximize your SMV. I will buy drinks at bars (these are businesses too that have bills and staff- don't mooch), drive a nice car, and have a nice house with nice furniture while saving for retirement. Don't be stupid about it- invest wisely (security fund, roth/traditional ira, passive income sources, etc). Go make money- don't be afraid to spend some. Don't sit around and mooch off your grandfather's life work so much so that your girlfriend dumps you. If I were this guy, I'd be building businesses, investing wisely, and being even a bigger pimp than I already am. Can you imagine getting a yearly salary without doing shit and then being this cheap (frugality and cheap are very different).

Also, plot twist: Friend was likely lying if this is true just to shove it in her face for dumping him.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

This is inevitably going to get downvoted for the sole purpose that reddit culture is very frugal/cheap minded. The idea of wealth and money and status is looked down upon although peridoxically it's a red pill tenant. People are ok knowing that chad thundercock can score by being ripped, but the notion that money plays such a powerful role is too much. That's one part that gets barfed up when taking the pill.

The reason is that creating wealth is super fucking hard. Going to the gym for a year to get some muscle is easy and available. That concept is acceptable.

You can't have red pill without understanding the sheer power of money and wealth. TRP is not all feel good - 'be alpha- you can do it with just a gym membership!!'. We want to raise up the everyman and have a populous message. As soon as you bring wealth in, you alienate everyone here and nobody can accept it.

1 upvotesSchrodingersdawg [OP]5 years ago

invest wisely (security fund, roth/traditional ira, passive income sources, etc). Go make money- don't be afraid to spend some. Don't sit around and mooch off your grandfather's life work so much so that your girlfriend dumps you.

Except we don't know what he does with his money. For all we know he might be doing all those things, just not making a big wave out of it.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Why does everyone assume your version but not mine? Mine is actually more likely. You don't spend nearly a year with someone and don't figure out if he is driven or not. Calls it 'juvenile', 'rarely worked', 'run some websites' and play guitar all day. Shy. I mean come on, if he hadn't inherited a bunch of money we'd all say he was a dope. No one would set him as an example of behavior.

However, this is mental porn for this whole sub. The idea of being super wealthy but living very bluepill life (alpha is disguise) gives us the tingles. We want to be that super wealthy guy stumming a guitar all day and chilling. This is an illusion though and a bit dangerous. Real life you have to fight to earn anything. Noone is going to give you oil inheretance money so you can live your hipster life in your old house jamming with your bros.

In the end, who cares. TRP is just as easily manipulated as any other group. At least, it gets it right most of the time.

2 upvotesjeepdave5 years ago

Some people who run websites make bank.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

That's true but those people are incredibly rare and most of the time they are very, very driven and highly technical. You don't just create a successful website by accident. Maintaining them is a bitch. Most that do become successful have a trail of blood, sweat and tears behind them- not to mention a lot of astute business and domain knowledge.

That's the thing with this kind of fantasy posts- they are just feeding an ideal that if followed will 99% of the time lead to failure. Not only does our hero inherit wealth and effortlessly own the 'gold digger', but now he runs a successful website almost effortlessly just chilling out strumming guitar.

Here's the secret to becoming this guy: work your ass off. Master technologies, network effectively, seize opportunities, and execute. Fail repeatedly until, if you are lucky, you get a foothold. Then, you're still statistically going to fail. Entrepreneurship doesn't just happen, it is won through trials.

1 upvotestallwheel5 years ago

Dude could be alpha as fuck for all we know. He plays the guitar and does whatever the fuck he wants every day. Also, he handled that breakup like a boss. He might have lots of dark triad traits. If nothing else, he had something that attracted the gold digging bitch to him. One doesn't need to look wealthy in order to be alpha.

0 upvotesGaslov5 years ago

Large inheritance doesn't change the fact that he lacks ambition. It's a waste that large sums of money go to someone like that. It's one thing to be wise with your money, it's another to be a waste of space.

0 upvoteshamstercide5 years ago

They're both idiots and they deserve the lose-lose situation they brought upon themselves. If he really liked this girl the guy is an idiot for not assuaging her fears that he could provide for the future. Pretty sure that if you want kids, every woman is going to ask about that. It's not really something you can ignore if you're serious about building a family.

Reversing the roles, the equivalent would be dating a girl who has a great personality but otherwise wears a burqa and you have no idea what she looks like (i.e. how hot she is). When you tell her you're looking for good genetic material in a mate and can't continute without knowing what she looks like, she says "fine by me" and drops you. Then you find out on Facebook she's a bombshell. Well, no love lost.

The girl did the right thing and is better off moving on. It bears mentioning also that the guy is just an heir and not self-made.

-3 upvotesbrmlb5 years ago

I'm on her side. She said she was with him for over a year thinking he had no money. Not a gold digger. It was the lack of ambition that killed whatever she thought they had.

This guy is just a lazy douche that inherited a lot of money and spends all his free time "finding himself".

I'm sure she regrets the missed fortune. The guy was correct in hiding his fortune from her, but I'm also sure he's just lazy, so you can't blame her.

-8 upvotesTelly_Valentino5 years ago

You guys are just as bad as the fucking feminists. Disingenuous liars. This guy is a fucking bluepill with money. Fuck him.

-3 upvoteswhitey_male5 years ago

I'm going to go against the grain. I think this guy is a prick. Women only have a small window in which to procreate without any problems. She put in the 10 months of some modest life and he should have been at least telling her about some solid plans for a decent life.

5 upvotesOKJaded5 years ago

Any reason she can't be the one to bring in the income? God forbid she use her "facebook" time at work to advance her career.

1 upvoteswhitey_male5 years ago

Well these overpaid soft skill jobs getting paid as much as real work pisses me off too. Then these feminazi cunts have the gall to tell the world that women live in poverty. But I'm not going to advocate women being the soul bread winners. If they want to fine.

7 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

You're an idiot. This guy's finances would be destroyed by her & she didn't even like him.

A modest life is a good life. Spending money like it's free is stupid. Her solid plans were to spend money she couldn't earn and that's a stupid, bad plan.

2 upvotesSchrodingersdawg [OP]5 years ago

As other commentators have already stated, maybe she could've asked him where they were going instead of just flat out dumping him?

0 upvoteswhitey_male5 years ago

I thought she'd already done that and he just didn't seem terribly motivated.


2 upvotescthulhucumsicle5 years ago

Level up: Man 2.0 achieved.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

With prior boyfriends, we'd still talk or text a bit after we'd be broken up. Sometimes we'd even still hook up. I dunno, I've just never had a 'bad break-up' and always try to remain on good terms. I haven't heard a fucking word from Will, even after texting him multiple times and calling him once.

She never had a bad breakup because the rest of her bfs were alpha. She wuldn;t still be fucking them after breakup if they weren't.

0 upvotestortue_genial5 years ago

+1 for the link -1 for the analysis

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 5 years ago

Yeah, she's hamstering. But you know what? Women like men with money, power, and ambition. It's like men's infatuation with beauty. Sure it's shallow, but that's just the way it is.

From reading these comments it seems like a lot of people are willing to label any woman who cares about wealth a gold digging whore. Newsflash: almost EVERY woman cares about wealth. Remember AWALT? It's part of what a man brings to the table.

Our role as men is to identify and avoid the women who care EXCESSIVELY about wealth. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this woman wasn't one of those women. She broke up with a guy who gave every indication of being a loser.

0 upvotesbojackhorsemen5 years ago

Women are batshit crazy. This bitch is an entitled money grubbing whore.

-7 upvotesSoUrLovin5 years ago

i'm reading all these comments and i understand why some ppl think red pillers are misogynists. i'm sorry but the chick ain't do nothing wrong here. everybody is getting at her for saying she is not a gold digger because she went out with him for 10 months thinking he was broke, and they are pointing out that her ultimate decision makes her a gold digger. no. she's absolutely right she's not a gold digger because gold diggers don't go out with dudes thinking they are broke. period. not for 10 months, 6 months, 3 months, 2 weeks, 1 day, out to lunch. there is also red pill theory for women, and that is why i say the chick is a red piller and the dude is a blue piller or beta. is he going to continue living like he is broke and also has no job, thinking that he can find a chick that will like him for him and that that will be enough to keep her? that notion itself goes against the male red pill theory. from a woman's standpoint it makes no sense to stay with a guy simply because you love him. fuck it, from a biological/evolutionary stand point. you really are going to get at her for this?

3 upvotesSchrodingersdawg [OP]5 years ago

I'm getting at her for completely changing her tune after finding out he has money.

1 upvotesSoUrLovin5 years ago

yeah but she's not changing her tune. look at the title of her post, she's asking people to explain dude's actions. and quite frankly i'm a little bit confused as well. UNLESS dude is a hardcore rp guy and she was just a plate but like his main squeeze and he was just acting weird but in his head he was like "bitch is getting too nosy about the dough" and so he just cut her off. this is especially dope if it's what happened cuz dude played it so well that it ended up being her action on the part of him not being ambitious or whatever that ended the relationship. so he got to maintain the control. like how he got to just tell her to be out and just slam the door behind him and not say a word to her ever again and she's all wondering like wtf??

0 upvotesSoUrLovin5 years ago

even at the end of her post she says that he could've kept the relationship alive by being forthcoming. and again referencing that he said he wanted her in his future. honestly she seems like a loyal down ass bitch (you never with these hos though what will happen once u drop some shit on em like u are a oil field heir) and i think that dude could've easily just broken it down to her and told her what was up but then followed it up with explaining that he's about his money and keeping it so that's why he lives frugal and that he wants her in his future but that the future entails a life of vast wealth but also great modesty. he doesn't spend any damn money on himself and he sure as hell aint spending money on a girl. that right there would've told you the substance of this girl even tho she did go out with this dude for 10 months thinking he was broke

2 upvotesoldredder5 years ago

From a woman's standpoint it should make sense to be with a guy because the guy, not his money, is good, and from a man's standpoint a woman who doesn't think this way is always a parasite and should be thrown out, removed, sooner the better.

Damn right I'll get on her for this & every other woman.

We live in a world where men have lost earning power, status & privilege for HER benefit. Because of that, because of her power to earn her own living, I expect it of her. I will not have my income potential sliced in half to suit her only for her to REFUSE TO EVEN USE IT, because now I'll never get back what's been denied me, and then the lazy bitch wants to siphon off what's left because she's still lazy?

Oh HELL no.

Women wanted feminist equality to earn the same as me, go fucking do it. I'm not your ATM.

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