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Men on reddit are being systematically disinformed.

October 27, 2022

This comment by a female redditor states that every post on men's heights is filled with women saying height is not a concern for them (which is a correct observation). She implies this is true because after all, women say so.

[...] only semi-related but I don't know why Reddit insists that "all women demand men be 6' or more but they lose their minds if a man says no fatties" when every post on men's heights is filled with women saying it's not a concern for them. [161 likes]

A comment below confirms her statement:

[...] he encounters some woman who says she likes tall men, and rather than think, "guess she likes tall men; that's not me, so I guess I'll go find someone to date who doesn't have that preference," he decides all women everywhere won't even LOOK at a man who's under 6' and every woman who says otherwise is lying or settling. [121 likes]

Whenever the question of external characteristics arises, some women will come up and deny that they care about those characteristics. The same women will then accuse men of objectifying women and shaming them for preferring women who are young, skinny, full-breasted and so on.

Let's fact check this. I would like to present the following study:

The height of choosiness: Mutual mate choice for stature results in suboptimal pair formation for both sexes (2013)

The sample consisted of single men and women paying a fee to attend a speed dating event, indicating that these individuals were genuinely searching for a mate (and contrasts with many other studies in which speed-daters received a reward for participating in the form of, for instance, money or course credits). Both men and women had to provide some information about themselves before the speed dating began, including their height preferences. There was an balanced sex ratio during the event. After potential partners interacted with each other both parties discretely register their interest in the other person by indicating either ‘Yes ’or ‘No’ on a designated scorecard. The sample size was very large with 5782 individuals attending the event.

Men over 1 inch (2.5 cm) of women's preferred height had a 65.2% rejection rate (meaning a ‘No’ was given).

Men who are of the height women prefer had a rejection rate of 67.7%.

Men who are an inch shorter than women's preferred height have a 76% rejection rate.

Men who are 5 inches (12.5 cm) shorter than women's preferred height have a rejection rate of 85.1%.

Men who were further below the height preferred by women hardly had any chance. Their rejection rate was in the 90% range.

It can thus be deduced that height is not only a very significant factor, but in fact a major deciding factor. No matter what character traits a man might have, if he's too short he's hardly going to be successful in dating. Women value external characteristics over internal traits when it comes to dating. Moreover, men, in contrast to women, preferred partners of average height.

Reddit is a toxic misinformation machinery. Women lie to manipulate the dating market in their favor. They blame men for what they do themselves. The average reddit male is completely naïve and is instrumentalised by these women to act against his own interests.

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