The default reaction when a relationship breaks down is that it is somehow the man's fault. When men display negative behavior, society is way more willing to hold him accountable, whereas when women display negative behavior in a relationship, society is way more prone to excuse their behavior or somehow blame men for triggering them. This is from the default belief that men are way more likely to do deal breaking behaviors in relationships. However, an analysis of lesbian relationships shows that women are the ones who are most guilty of this.

Studies of gay and lesbian divorce show that lesbian divorce is way higher than gays across different countries. In some cases the lesbian divorce rate is 3 times higher

This is proof that women are either more likely to do dealbreaking behavior, or they are worse at conflict resolution than men.

Another damning statistic is that 44% of lesbians reported experiencing intimate partner violence, compared to 35% of straight women and 26% of gay men

If men were really the problem in relationships as society tells us, then lesbian relationships should be a utopia. But statistically they are more chaotic than straight or gay relationships. This is proof that women are the problem in relationships way more than we would like to admit